in the summer of 2012, Lizzie and I traveled to our nearest giant, out-of-town "retail experience" to shop for clothes. To be honest, I was there as a pack mule and driver, but I quite enjoy these trips if for no other reason than I get to see my wife trying on a lot of outfits, some of which were extremely sexy - so it's not a bad day out for me.

This particular day was very gratifying as, with a holiday coming up, bikini and lingerie shops were on the agenda, among other much less interesting things. Lizzie always buys new lingerie when we go away, mostly for my benefit with the hope that someone else may get a view if we happen to have an "adventure", and lastly, she says, in case the plane crashes... I can't elaborate on that.

When we arrived at the lingerie shop, after lunch, I was pretty keyed up and could tell Lizzie was too from the way she held my hand continually and the slightly glazed look in her eye. This was because earlier, when trying on bikinis in three different shops, we had teased each other a little in the fitting room - nothing major - some kissing, a lick of her nipples when she removed her bra, Lizzie just grazing her hand over my semi-hard cock through my jeans - that kind of thing. I'd also been running my hand over her knee under the table over lunch. In short, we were both pretty horny.

Lizzie had selected matching white French knickers and a balcony bra, both trimmed with lace - a large price tag attached to reflect the obvious quality. She was wondering aloud whether to add the matching suspender belt - obviously, I was very encouraging on this topic. If there is one thing that gets me hard fast, it's a suspender belt.

Lizzie, of course very aware of this, was teasing me. She did, however, have a genuine reason for pause - she'd bought a tight skirt - black, mid-thigh - and despite her obvious comfort with her body being admired by strangers, she didn't like, as she put it, " being ogled like a tart", so she didn't want the suspenders to be obvious when wearing them with her new skirt and she decided the skirt was too tight. To my disappointment, she took the two items only and we headed to the fitting rooms, where they were checked by an immediately embarrassed youth, I assume working his Saturday job, who reddened as he looked at the lingerie, then at the mischievous smiling Lizzie. He stammered that Lizzie was not allowed to try on “personal“ items. Lizzie, mock-serious, held the knickers up to his face, “these?”, she said, ” Don’t worry, I’ll just get naked and hold them up against me to see how they look.” Flustered, he pointed us at a cubicle and, not wanting to miss out on this particular try-on session, I joined Lizzie behind the curtain in the wardrobe-sized space.

I pulled the curtain behind us, making sure to close the gap tightly, and turned to face Lizzie, who was standing with her back to me, facing the full-length mirror. She’d already pulled her t-shirt over her head and discarded it on the floor and was reaching behind herself to fiddle with her bra. I undid the clasp and it, too, dropped between her feet. I watched transfixed as Lizzie put the new bra on, looking critically in the mirror, before dropping her jeans, wiggling them over her hips, and pulling her knickers down her thighs, over her lovely long, toned legs to her ankles, stooping to take them and hand them casually to me. I immediately raised them to my nose, inhaling the scent of her. Lizzie smiled at me in the mirror. “Good? I was a bit wet earlier so..”.

“Really, really good”, I said as I inhaled deeply.

Lizzie, meanwhile, pulled the new knickers up and, standing first one way, then the other, tried to get as much of a glimpse of her arse as she could. “Well - how do I look?”, she asked me.

“Amazing, as always,” I grinned at her. She did, too - French knickers have always suited her and are my favorite, which, of course, she knew full well. Twisting and turning to get a better view of herself in the mirror, she looked up at me, standing behind her and reflected in the mirror, and gave me a smug little smile - she knew what she was doing to me.

I dropped the bags and grabbed her hips, pulling her toward me, feeling her arse grind into my hard cock as she pushed against me. I kissed the back of her neck - which she loves - and slipped a finger under the elastic at the top of her knickers, reaching further around her and moving towards her cunt.

When my fingers found the place, she was wet. Lizzie moaned softly, putting her left arm up to reach behind her and touch my neck and face, arching her back a little as she did so. I slipped first one, then another finger easily inside her and she gave a soft, “fuck!” as she watched herself, fascinated, in the mirror. My hand was stretching the knickers away from her body as I fucked her with my fingers. Suddenly I remembered - we hadn’t bought them yet! I stopped, laying my hand flat against her cunt to stop it dripping onto the knickers as much as possible. “Lizzie - you need to take these off.” I said, “You don’t own them.”

Lizzie grabbed my hand and started frantically trying to push my fingers back inside her. “Are you serious? I’ll buy them - please, keep going, just keep going.”

Needing no further encouragement I put three fingers inside her and, holding her against me with an arm around her neck and shoulders, her head resting against my chest, I resumed fucking her hard and fast with my hand. When Lizzie came her legs buckled and I had to support her. Just at the last second, she looked directly at herself in the mirror, which seemed to intensify her orgasm. I felt her squirt a little into my hand, which I raised to my mouth and licked clean, making Lizzie shudder with pleasure as she watched me in the mirror. “We have GOT to get a full-length mirror”, she said, a little out of breath still.

Lizzie started, her focus moving away from her own body and to something else, she could see in the mirror. Suddenly the dreamy look in her eyes was gone as she stared intently into the glass. I turned to look behind me and was momentarily stunned.

The young shop assistant was standing just outside the fitting room, a thick, long, and very hard cock in his hand. He had been watching us through a gap he’d made in the curtain and masturbating, but right at this moment he was looking furtively over his shoulder at the empty fitting room and the shop floor behind - something had spooked him as, without turning to look at us he started to try to shove his cock back into his trousers.

“Hey - don’t do that, come here..”, said Lizzie.

The kid jumped as if he’d been poked with a stick, staring at Lizzie, then me, then back again - his face reddening, his cock still in his hand.

“I… I need to get.. back.” said the kid, vaguely, as if getting caught by a naked woman and her husband with your cock in your hand at work was not his biggest problem right now.

He was now openly staring, open-mouthed, at my naked wife. I could see why. Her nipples were erect, her legs slightly apart revealing her completely hairless cunt and a trickle of her come ran down the inside of her thigh to her ankle as we watched.

“No. You don’t need to get back, you need to come here. Right now,” said Lizzie. I was beyond excited, trying as hard as I could in the tiny space to blend into the background, Neither of them was looking at me - in fact, the kid has barely acknowledged my existence once he’d looked at my wife.

My cock jumped in my jeans as Lizzie, never breaking eye contact with the kid, slowly knelt, holding both hands out to him in beckoning him forward.

In a trance, he shuffled toward Lizzie, one hand still on his cock, When he got so close it was directly in front of Lizzie’s face, she had to push it out of the way to see him - it was getting harder and bigger - not just erect but completely upright, pointing at the ceiling, swollen and purple, veins throbbing so I could see them from where I was.

“Goodness, Frank (glancing at his name badge), you have a truly beautiful cock - you know that?”

Frank mumbled something that sounded a bit like “Ok thanks”.

“Do you wank a lot, Frank? I bet you do. You smell of come - did you even shower this morning?”

Frank said that he hadn’t had time, or he had had time but actually, he preferred to use that time to make himself come before getting up for work,

Lizzie was fixated. “Frank - how many times do you make yourself come each day? How often is it as hard as this?”

Frank hesitated then, “All the time.”

Lizzie trembled and closed her eyes, squirming to push her thighs together. “Jesus…Frank..”, she murmured, and reached out, taking his cock she pulled it into her mouth, using both hands to pull his shaft as close to horizontal as she could, then having to kneel up further to get it into her mouth - it was too solid to go all the way down to meet her.

I moaned a little myself and pulled my cock out of my jeans, leaning against the wall I started to stroke myself as I watched Lizzie work as much of this teenager's huge cock into her mouth as she could.

I could see her mouth was wide open, her lips stretched around it as she put her hands on his hips and started to help him fuck her face.

Frank groaned within about 30 seconds and came - I could see his cock pumping his come into Lizzie’s mouth as her breath came raggedly through her nose and her throat worked as she swallowed rapidly. Frank’s cock did not soften one tiny bit.

Lizzie kept right on going. I stepped forward and grabbed Frank’s hands, which were awkwardly hanging by his sides, and placed them on the back of Lizzie’s head. He took the hint and started pulling her toward him as he thrust his hips.

By the time he’d come another two times, Lizzie took his cock from her mouth, come dripping down her neck. She worked her jaw, trying to ease the stiffness caused by her mouth being ****** open so far for so long.

She still held Frank’s cock in one hand, and looked at me, her eyebrows raised in a question. As I nodded at her, eagerly, Frank came again, hitting Lizzie’s face and hair before she caught the rest of it by quickly going down on him again and swallowing.

Standing, Lizzie turned her back to Frank and place her palms flat on the mirror, opening her legs she presented herself to him, her cunt visibly dripping wet.

“Fuck me, Frank..” She said, hoarsely.

Frank moved closer but was a bit out of his area of expertise, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody as excited as he was. After some fumbling around, Lizzie looked pleadingly at me in the mirror, so I stepped forward, took his cock in my hand - it was like grabbing an iron bar - and pushed its head between my wife’s cunt lips and just inside her.

Lizzie moaned loudly as the Kid inexpertly pushed into her to the hilt and started bucking and thrusting, breathing like a marathon runner. He came again within seconds, I could see his balls contract as he pumped into my wife, but he kept on fucking her, his hands on her hips now, getting into a rhythm.

I saw Lizzie come - she let her face rest against the mirror, cheek pressed to the glass, her breath fogging it as she closed her eyes, her thighs trembling as she stood on tip-toes to get as much of his cock inside her as she could. She was just calming down when he came again, which made Lizzie come again - moaning loudly this time and shaking all over.

I was stroking my cock hard and could feel I was close. I moved to Lizzie and pushed my cock toward her face. She took my cock in her mouth and swallowed my come hungrily, starting to come on Frank’s permanently hard cock again.

In a few minutes, she put her hand behind her onto the kid’s thigh - gently pushing him away. He stepped back and his cock, as hard as ever, was followed by a long stream of thick, white come as he withdrew. The come fell to the floor between Lizzie’s legs as she rested against the mirror, her breathing ragged and deep. Frank muttered something and was gone before either of them even realized he was leaving.

The changing booth looked like a glory hole. There was a large puddle of come, a mixture of Lizzie’s and Frank's, on the floor, spreading and cooling, various items of clothing either soaking in it or trampled, and a very well fucked naked woman bent at the waist, supported only by a floor to ceiling mirror, which by now was steamed up and had small drips of come on it too.

Recovering, I helped Lizzie clean up and get dressed. The new knickers were ruined - drenched in come on the floor, as was the bra. I knelt and used them to clean the come from Lizzie’s cunt, although I must admit I had a good few minutes with my tongue inside her first. The kid’s come tasted unlike any other I’ve ever licked from my wife’s cunt - heavy, musky, almost but not quite, rank. It was weirdly exciting.

I also used the new knickers to wipe as much come from the floor as I could, but it wasn’t very effective. The place stank of sex.

We left hurriedly, hearing, for the first time in ages, other voices in the shop and the booths around us - like we’d been in a tunnel and were only now emerging.

As we walked past Frank it was clear his erection had gone nowhere. Lizzie pressed the drenched, warm, and sticky lingerie into his hand, saying, “I’ve decided not to buy these, thank you.”

When we got home, we fucked like teenagers.
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