Shopping for a New Car

It was a family affair when my wife and I shopped for a new car. This would happen every three years or so, based on our lease. We were just getting along financially and needed to make the best and most affordable deal possible. Despite the uncomfortable and uneasy experience that car buying or leasing usually is, or was, we just had to do it.

Our children were nine and six years old at this time. We took the kids with us in the past, but this time, Lenora’s sister Kim was available to watch them. It was a great help. Kim had something to do later that night, but we figured we’d be back in plenty of time. Lenora did all the talking and negotiating anyway. I was ordered to “keep my mouth shut” while she negotiated.

I had confidence in Lenora because she was quick and intelligent regarding these negotiations and used to work in the business. When she was just out of school, and before we met, she worked at a car dealership and sold cars.

She knew the game, and we knew when we started, at least at the time, that this would take all day, but she always got us a deal we could afford.

This particular time was in the early summer of 1995. In the Northeast, the weather was beginning to get warm and muggy. We decided to look at a particular type of car, and we selected the closest dealership, about twenty minutes from our house. We both knew it was going to be a very long day. That’s just how it was in those days.

Lenora was in her mid-thirties. She had a pretty face, dark eyes, and dark brown hair that came below her shoulders. It was thick and bounced around when she walked. So did her breasts. They were a little larger than average with long dark nipples, which were always noticeably erect, especially in an air-conditioned room.

She was thin and shapely when we met, but her body became a little thicker and shapelier after the kids. She had a nice round ass and always looked sexy, at least to me. And much to my delight, she had recently shaved her pussy! I found out earlier in the week when we had sex. When I asked her about it, she just said, “I read about it and thought I’d try it. What do you think? It’s great”, I replied.

I was surprised at how Lenora was dressed today, though. She was dressed pretty nicely for a day at a car dealership. When I asked her about it, she shook her head and replied, “Don’t worry about it. You are clueless though Ed,” and she giggled. After she said that, I realized she always dressed nicely when we went car shopping. I didn’t think anything of it before. I was dressed in shorts, a tee shirt, and sneakers.

Because it was warm that day, she wore a pink floral mini sundress that came to the middle of her thighs and white flip-flops. I had walked in on her when she was getting dressed and noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra, but the dress kept her plump breasts from bouncing too much. I also noticed she wore a new pair of bikini panties in pink pastel.

She had the beginnings of a nice tan from being outside with the kids. We had just attended a family affair a few days before. For that affair, Lenora had her fingernails and toenails freshly painted with pink nail polish. She looked pretty hot for a young mom.

As we pulled into the dealership, the place looked crowded. I was surprised because it was about three thirty in the afternoon and a lovely day. I thought more people would enjoy the day at the beach or a park or something. We parked and began to look around. We were just waiting for the inevitable salesman to approach.

We walked around the lot, looking at different cars and doing the usual thing. A young salesman, looking messy and wearing a jacket a little too oversized for him, approached us. “Good afternoon! My name is Jeff. Can I help you with anything?”

In unison, Lenora and I said, “We’re just looking right now, thanks,” knowing that we needed to get something today. He smiled and said, “No problem. Let me know if you need anything,” and walked toward another couple.

We continued looking around the lot and found a sedan we were interested in. That was the plan anyway, as we went there with a particular car in mind, hoping we could afford it. As we were looking at the car, a middle-aged salesman approached us. I noticed him watching us, but more specifically, watching Lenora as she looked at the car. Lenora and I were wearing sunglasses, so I don’t think he saw me watching him.

As he approached, I noticed he was a big guy, probably over six feet tall and well-built. I’m only five foot six, and Lenora is even shorter, around five foot two, so he towered over us. “Hi there, folks! My name is Jim. This is a great family car and would be perfect for you,” he said. He asked, “Do you have any kids”? I blurted out, “Yes, 2,” Lenora scowled at me. He then began rattling off all the benefits of the car and how it was perfect for a family of four.

Lenora said, “Yes, it’s a nice car, Jim. So, let’s cut to the chase, what can you do for us?” Those were the magic words.

Jim said, “Why don’t we go inside and take a look? I’m sure we can work something out,” and we proceeded to walk toward the showroom.

Jim led us into his office in the back of the showroom where most of the other salesmen had desks that were on the showroom floor. As we walked down the hall towards it, I noticed it led to the back, where the service area was and the car lot. The door was open, and I could see workmen and shoppers walking in and out of those open doors.

Jim took his seat behind his desk, facing the hall. The wall had a half-glass partition to see into the office. 2 chairs faced Jim’s desk. Lenora took the first seat, and I sat in the second chair. The usual questions were asked by Jim, with Lenora answering them as briefly as possible. I caught Jim making faces at her responses, but that was Lenora’s tact: annoy them until they wanted to deal. I got more bored with each question and told Lenora I would look around the showroom. She said it was okay because she didn’t have to worry about me saying anything stupid.

I walked around, grabbed a coffee in their kitchen area, looked at some cars, and circled back. I walked into the service area and looked around. A few people were there waiting for their vehicles. There were these big black couches all over, with a couple of TVs. When I walked back, and although I couldn’t hear them, I noticed Lenora, Jim, and a tall black man laughing. The black man was Jim’s manager, Cameron. It also seemed to me that Lenora had her legs crossed, but like a guy would, not like a woman would. I initially thought to myself, Jim probably has a great view of her panties, but then quickly forgot it.

When I poked my head in, Cameron said, “Hello Ed, my name is Cameron Smith, I’m Jim’s manager,” and extended his hand. I couldn’t believe how big it was as I shook it. His hand engulfed mine, and it seemed he could have crushed it. I said hello, waited a minute or two, then left and returned to the floor.

Every once in a while, Lenora would come out of the office looking for me to ask me for some information about my job, which Jim needed. She also asked me for my wallet at one point. I noticed Jim going in and out of Cameron’s office, I imagined the old “I have to check with my manager” routine was occurring. We were there for hours, I couldn’t understand what they talked about in that office for so long.

AT about 8:45 the place was nearly empty except for a few lingering salespeople who looked about to leave since the dealership closed at 9, the service area was already closed, I was tired, hungry, and couldn’t wait to leave.

I went back to Jim’s office to see what was going on. “So, what’s the story?” I asked Lenora while Jim was in the office with Cameron.

"He's giving me the "I don't think I can do it, and I have to check with my manager" bullshit. Cameron was in here talking to me too. I told them I wanted to put nothing down and pay $249 a month. They want $2000 down and $289 a month. We’ll see, we’ll get the car tonight either way. You should go home so Kim can go to her thing we had told her we’d be home by now.”

Our finances at the time were extremely tight, and we needed to pay as little as possible. Lenora always seemed to get it done in the past, so I was confident in her. “Are you sure you want me to leave you here alone?”

Lenora looked at me and said, “C’mon, Ed, yeah, it’s fine. If you stay around, you may fuck this up,” she giggled.

I walked down the hall toward the car lot passing the service area, I heard faint music on a radio in the service area, but no one was there. The doors were closed now I pushed one open got in our car and took off for home, about 5 minutes down the road, I stopped at a Hess station for gas. As I was filling up, I noticed Lenora’s pocketbook was in the car. How was she going to close this deal without any ID? I also remembered I had left my wallet with Lenora for the ID stuff when she asked me. I had cash on me for the gas so that wasn’t a problem. I saw a pay phone and called Kim to let her know what was happening. Remember, there were no cell phones then. Kim said not to worry about her as her thing fell through, and she was fine watching the kids until we got home. I paid for the gas and headed back to the dealership, all in all, about 20 minutes had passed.

When I was driving up to the dealership, it looked closed. It was around 9:30 p.m. and I could see Jim’s office lights were on when I pulled in. I parked in a spot right near those outside doors and hoped they weren’t locked. I tried the doors, and they opened. as I walked towards Jim's office, carrying Lenora’s pocketbook. I passed Cameron’s office his lights were off, no one was in Jim’s office, but it looked like all the paperwork was done, as there was a pile of documents in front of the seat where Lenora was sitting, along with my wallet.

I was confused as to where everyone was. I heard faint sounds from the service area, so I started towards the sound. As I walked into the service area, I passed the desk where you would schedule your appointment. The desk bent around, leading to a kitchen area with a coffee machine and snacks. The snacks were plentiful and were displayed across the kitchen countertop. I thought of grabbing some snacks as I was starving but continued toward the sounds. Around another turn and through an open doorway was the waiting area with those black couches where you could sit and wait. The sounds were more precise now and there were voices, I was getting anxious now but slowly peeked into the waiting area.

What I saw blew my mind! Jim was without his pants stroking his cock, it was large, thick, and looked around eight inches long! Lenora was sitting on one of the couches directly in front of Jim staring at his cock. Cameron was there, too, standing behind the couch, I didn’t realize how tall Cameron was when we met, but he was a good three inches taller than Jim, “C’mon Lenora, you said you would blow us both if we meet your price, you saw the papers are all in order waiting for our signatures. This was your idea. Oh, and take off that cute little dress, too, I gotta see your tits!"

Lenora stood up and flipped down one strap of her sundress, then the other. She shook a little, and her dress fell to the floor around her feet. I immediately saw her erect nipples, and so did Jim and Cameron, "Damn," said Jim as he moved closer to Lenora, putting both hands on her shoulders and pushing her to her knees. Lenora, looked up with an intense look on her face as she grabbed hold of Jim's cock her small hands made his cock look even more prominent as she held it and started to lick the head and opened her mouth wide, and began sucking Jim's cock.

Our sex life was predictable, meaning a weekend fuck, maybe two but pretty lame. Lenora sucked my dick once when we were dating, which seemed like ages ago, and never again, she said she didn't like it but it looked like she did while sucking Jim's cock and this brought to mind that I didn't know much about her life before we met.

I tried to be as quiet as I could while I watched, Jim had his hands behind his back at first and was letting Lenora take control. He started to pump his hips as Lenora’s brown hair flared, “That’s it, Lenora. Suck it good," my cock began getting hard watching as Cameron who hadn't said a word, started to take his pants off and moved closer to the couch wrapping his arms around Lenora from behind, grabbing her nipples. She was startled by this and removed Jim's cock from her mouth long enough to say, "No touching, the deal was a blow job for each of you," Cameron backed away but had an angered look on his face.

As I observed, I felt like a pussy watching my wife sucking someone else's cock and doing nothing about it but I was riveted and hoped none of them saw me. Jim took his hands from behind his back, clutched both sides of Lenora’s head, and began quickly pumping into her mouth, face fucking her. He was seconds away from cumming, and Lenora grabbed his hands with hers and tried to pull away, but it was too late. Jim grunted loudly as he shot his load down my wife’s throat! His grunts continued, and his hips shook until he was done. Lenora’s eyes were tearing after swallowing the last of Jim’s load causing her to gag.

Lenoria then stood up to get her bearings and that is when I noticed that Cameron was now completely naked. He was muscular with an even more enormous cock than Jim's that drooped before him and looked to be eight inches long, soft! As he walked around the couch toward Lenora the visual image of him towering over her was shocking to not only me but Lenora looked him up and down, and her eyes widened in awe at his size and cock. Cameron said, "My turn, Lenora," as he grabbed her by the neck with his left hand and bent toward her face, she tried to pull away, but he was too big and strong. He forcefully tried to kiss Lenora, and she tried to pull away, but she couldn’t. He tried to stick his tongue in her mouth, but she turned her face away and kept her lips closed. He was sliding his tongue across her tightly closed lips, and laughing while he brought his right hand down and grabbed the corner of her panties. In seconds, her panties were ripped off, and that giant right hand of his was massaging Lenora’s pussy. I didn't blink as I watched this, but I could feel the pre-cum in my wet underwear.

As Cameron slowly, methodically fingered her, Lenora was losing control, she was like a rag doll in his hands. Jim was standing on the side watching, jerking his slowly growing cock. With Cameron's mouth pressed against hers, Lenora tried to say "No," but she couldn't, when she opened her mouth to protest, it was all Cameron needed. Still holding her neck with his huge left hand, he slipped his tongue into her mouth and began to kiss her violently.

Cameron changed speeds quickening his fingering of her pussy. I could see her juices splashing from his hand and hear her moaning. She was kissing him back now, she must’ve been cumming?! Cameron's cock had hardened and looked like a flag pole. He lifted Lenora from under her arms and slowly impaled her on his ten-inch cock, she lost her white flip-flops as her pussy was slowly lowered onto him. Lenora’s groans filled the room as she wrapped her arms around Cameron’s neck and let him pound her. They kissed like old lovers his cock appeared and disappeared again and again inside of her, white foamy cum from her pussy was glistening on his cock that I could see from twenty feet away, it was obvious from her moans she was loving it!

Cameron picked her up off his cock, and placed her feet on the ground, then quickly turned her around and pushed her down into the black couch her ass up, and he re-entered her from behind and continued to fuck her furiously. The sound of his huge balls slapping against her ass echoed throughout the waiting area. My cock, hard as a rock now, shot a load with every cry I heard from Lenora as her loud whimpering filled the room.

Jim walked to the other side of the couch facing Lenora's back and continued to jerk his hard cock as Cameron’s cock seemed to be fucking my wife forever at that moment, I looked at Jim who was looking right back at me, I was caught! Jim smiled as he looked at me and said, “Fuck her good Cam. She needs it badly, look how she’s cumming, she loves your cock!”

Cameron started grunting, I saw Cameron's ass cheeks clench as his hips quickened. I knew what was next, I knew his big black cock would explode into Lenora. It sounded like he roared as he emptied himself into my wife's stretched pussy and almost on cue Jim's cock erupted a stream of hot cum onto Lenora's back, Jim never took his eyes off me as his last spurts hit her.

I slowly backtracked to my car. I left my wallet there and carried Lenora’s pocketbook with me hoping Jim wouldn’t say anything to Lenora about seeing me. I knew it would take them a little while to get dressed and sign the paperwork. As I got into my car, I noticed the wet stain around my crotch area but did not put my headlights on until I was off the lot. I drove home and spoke to Kim, securing my T-shirt was pulled over the wet spot. I told her she could stay until Lenora got home, but she wanted to leave and kept asking about the car I told her Lenora was getting a good deal and was signing the final paperwork when I left.

When Lenora finally got home about a half hour later she was driving our new car. When she walked in she looked beat. "Long day, huh?" I asked.

She nodded, "I got a terrific deal, though. Not only did I get the lease price we wanted, but they added extra miles annually and Cameron told me I would get free oil changes if I brought the car in personally.”

“Wow, you are the best at this car stuff,"

“Are the kids okay?

"Yep, Kim left about a half hour ago."

"I need to shower," she said as I followed her into the bedroom. As she removed her dress, I saw her ass, knowing what had happened to her panties. She turned around and saw me and blushed, “My panties ripped when I went to the bathroom at the dealership, I had to throw them away.” I smiled as I pulled my T-shirt down far enough to cover the stain.
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