The Club

From Lenora’s point of view

I was intrigued but slightly embarrassed when my husband Ed told me he was writing stories about us. This is the first story I was able to read, and we decided to see what I thought and write my version of it.

I love my husband and always have, and I know he loves me. When we were dating, we had our share of problems, like anyone else. We met in 1984 and dated until 1986 when we broke up. We got back together and eventually married in the fall of 1987. We raised a family and are proud of our sons and their accomplishments.

Our sex life changed when the boys grew up and left. We became more adventurous, or I became the way I was before we met, and Ed went along with it as long as he could be there. Sometimes, I would describe it to him when he wasn’t there because of work. That was fun, too.

I reverted to my days before Ed and I met. Well, that’s not entirely true. I did play around while we were dating, but only for sex, but that was in the year we broke up. I had a lot of boyfriends before Ed and always had fun. I liked to be the life of the party. This was in the 1980s.

When we discovered a swinger/cuckold-type lifestyle, we both enjoyed it. And it primarily began by accident, and I believe Ed told that in another story. But when this story happened, we were young and didn’t know what life would eventually bring us.

The Club

From my recollection of that night

On a weekend in October 1986, I went up north to stay at my sister’s house in Bayonne. Ed’s club was having a Halloween party in Brooklyn. We had been dating since the summer of 1984 when we met. Ed lived in Brooklyn and would come and stay at my parents' house down the Jersey shore, and on occasion, like this one, I would go up north. We both lived with our parents at this time.

The summer before, me and Ed had some issues. It was more my fault. I was getting bored. I loved Ed, but I was twenty-four years old! I felt I was missing stuff with my friends and the fun I used to have. We never discussed our lives before we met, and I was glad.

With Ed, I was very sexually conservative. I don’t know why; I just was. I didn’t even let him kiss me until our third date! Even having sex with Ed, I was very traditional. I think I gave Ed a blow job early when we were dating, but I never did again. I told him I didn’t like it, and he never pushed it.

Before dating Ed, I loved all kinds of sex, and I mean all kinds, and had many boyfriends. I liked to play around and loved to be naughty sometimes. Maybe I was trying to straighten myself out when I met Ed. I don’t know why I changed.

Now, my recollection of the club thing. I remember Ed picking me up in his costume. He was dressed like a NYPD policeman. He looked like an actual cop. I was dressed in an off-white blouse and a black miniskirt. I remember it was hot for October, and I was glad I didn't need a jacket. I was also glad it was warm because my nipples used to get erect with the slightest breeze of cold air. I was self-conscious about this, too. I wore these open-toe pumps I just bought and had a recent pedicure. My toes were painted pink, like my nails. I also wore my onyx necklace, favorite loop earrings, and rings.

When we got to the club, it was beginning to get crowded. When you entered his club, you were on the dance floor. Ed led us to the back, where the bar and his friends were. I knew them all, and we said our hellos. I found a spot where Ed was bartending and tried to get myself comfortable. He got me a vodka gimlet, my drink at the time. When he gave me the cocktail, Ed pointed to the door to the other club and yelled, "Tony." I knew what he meant.

There were no stools because there was just no room. People were everywhere, it seemed. The bar was crowded, and I kept getting pushed up against the bar, which annoyed me.

This guy, dressed like a zombie, kept pushing against me. I think he even touched my ass. I turned to him and told him to stop pushing and to keep his hands to himself. The music was so loud, and he was bombed, so I don’t even think he heard me. He smiled and nodded, but he was oblivious.

A few of Ed’s friends came over to talk because they saw I was alone but quickly moved on. It was a party.

This other guy, dressed as a pirate, was buying shots of kamikazes near me. He was tall with a black mustache and wore a mask over his eyes. He came over and offered me a kamikaze. I smiled and took it from him. He asked me my name, and I told him. I expected him to tell me his name, but he didn't; he just said, "Hi."

We all drank the shots, and everyone yelled. Everyone seemed to be having fun. The pirate guy kept buying shots and gave me one every time he ordered them, which was nice, but after the second one, I started feeling it. I wasn’t a big drinker anyhow.

Then, out of the blue, he said, "You should lighten up Lenora. It’s a party, and there’s a lot of people. There’s gonna be pushing and shoving; you shouldn’t be so stuck up about it.” I was surprised that he said this to me. Who the fuck was he?

I smirked and said, “Really? Well fuck you, I’ve got a boyfriend.” He laughed and walked away. I don’t know why I said the boyfriend part, but I was pissed at what he said.

Many people were ordering drinks, and Ed and all the bartenders were working hard. I thought of saying something to Ed about the guy but changed my mind. We were already headed for a breakup, and I didn’t think that would help.

I considered going to the bathroom, which wasn't far from me, but there was a huge line. Then I remembered what Ed told me about the club next store. I hesitated because I had never met Tony, but I decided to do it.

When I moved off the bar and started pushing through the crowd, I realized how much those shots had affected me. I was trying to keep my balance, and the four-inch heels didn’t help. But the crowd did. I could use the crowd to get to the door without looking too *****.

I opened the door and crossed the hall to the other club. I pushed on the door, and it opened. As I walked in, I remember the whole room smelled of pot. There was a small counter, and behind it was a guy with long hair and a beard. It must be Tony. I was just about to ask Tony if I could use the bathroom when the guy in the pirate costume said, “It’s that way, Lenora,” or something like that as he pointed down the hall. I didn’t even see him when I walked in, but seeing him made me remember what he said earlier.

I nodded to him and started strolling to the bathroom. I wasn't sure where I was going and didn't want to fall, so I walked slowly.

It was a long time ago, but as I remember it, the pirate came behind me and grabbed my arm. He said, "We have to talk, Lenora," and pulled me into this side room. I tried to slap him, but he was tall and held my arms. I also remember I was afraid of falling on those heels. He was rough with me, which excited me. I felt myself starting to get wet.

He said, "You need to be taught a lesson on how to speak to people," he turned me around and pushed me against this couch. I held my arms against the couch, trying not to stumble. I remember that clearly. Then he lifted my skirt and tore at my panties! I felt them fall between my knees.

I tried to turn around, but his arm was across my back. Then I felt his hand reach under and start to rub my pussy. His hands felt large and callous. He rubbed and massaged my clit, and I started to get wetter. I tried not to scream out.

He reached down and pushed my panties to my ankles. Then he pulled the panties off one foot to spread my legs apart. He didn't wait long as I started to feel the head of his cock rubbing along my slit. It felt huge. I remember this because he didn't wait and pushed it in. It hurt as he had a big cock. Much bigger than Ed's. I remember nearly screaming out loud, but he put his hand over my mouth and said in my ear, "It'll be fine, Lenora. Wait and see." I remember his breath. It smelled like weed.

This I remember well; as my pussy got wetter and wetter, it did get better. I started cumming. It was unbelievable! His cock was so big, and I don’t remember cumming like that since before Ed. It’s not that I didn’t cum when me and Ed fucked. I did. This was different. It was way more intense! He fucked me hard and rough, not like I was used to. And as I said before, it had been a long time since I had a cock that big. Well, not that long ago. I had some fun earlier in the summer.

I was about to cum again, and he pulled out! He turned me around and lifted my leg against his chest. He lifted my leg so hard I remember my shoe flying off. He fucked me this way for a while, it seemed, and it felt so good. I was never fucked like this before. He was angry but passionate, I thought. I was a little scared, but that made me cum harder!

Then he pulled out again and stepped back. He was so tall, and my head came to his chest. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his cock. It looked like a wet flag pole, straight up and hard! I must’ve looked disappointed because he smiled widely and said, “Don’t worry. I’m not done fucking you yet.”

Then as he said “Start sucking my cock, Lenora.” he put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down. As I remember it, I didn’t even resist. I grabbed onto his cock with both my hands; it looked even bigger with my small hands around it, and I opened my mouth as wide as I could. Even though I blew Ed years ago, I hadn't sucked a big cock like this in months. That’s another story.

I could only get the head in my mouth, and I remember I wanted to do my best to please him. I don’t know why, maybe because of how good he was fucking me. Anyway, I jerked his cock with my two hands as I sucked the head of his cock.

He seemed in a hurry because he raised me by my shoulders, pushed me back against the couch, put one hand under each of my legs, lifted me and them, and entered me again. This time I couldn’t believe how easily that big cock went into my pussy. He slid it in slowly but pushed it in all the way. He went right back to fucking me hard and fast. I remember my head bouncing wildly, as well as my feet.

I remember feeling so ******* to this stranger, with my legs up and him fucking me so hard. But I didn’t care! I was cumming all over everything. I remember everything seemed wet. I remember him looking down at me and his cock going in and out. But that cock! I loved it! It was just like before I met Ed.

I remember gripping his arms and looking at his eyes through that black mask. His big cock felt fantastic inside of me. Then he pulled out again and pushed me down to my knees.

As he held my head, his cock erupted all over my face, blouse, and skirt. I was drenched in cum. What I remember vividly afterward was him helping me find my shoes, never saying a word. I never found my panties.

After, he told me the bathroom was at the end of the hallway. On his way out, he said, “Your pussy was very tight, Lenora. Well, it used to be.” And he smiled and walked out of the room. I got myself together and went to the bathroom to clean myself up.

I didn’t feel guilty when I returned to the club. I remember looking at Ed and, at that moment, knew we would break up, and we did a few weeks later.

Ed and I discussed many things after we got back together later that year. My life before him and his before me, and even some stories about me when we were dating. And we learned a lot about each other. I was surprised to learn that he saw me that night in the club and never told me.

One thing Ed knows about me now, with our new sex life, and from before him, was how much I like big cocks!
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