The Club

I grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn in the 1980s when I was in my early 20s most of the young guys in the area had a social club, we paid the rent It was a place for us to hang out, drink, and have parties, most of us were there every night. On Friday and Saturday nights, my friends and I would meet at our club, have a few drinks, and then head to a dance club or bar to pick up girls, again, this was the 80s and things were different. We would bring girls back to the club when we could to have a good time. In addition to a long bar, stereo, and a dance floor complete with a spinning mirrored ball it had couches and other stuff to enjoy.

Our club was at the bottom of an apartment building with eight apartments. The apartment building had two storefronts a smaller group of guys we knew had the other storefront as their club. If you were a tenant in the building, you would enter the front door between the two storefronts and walk up the stairs to your apartment. Our club had our own front door, but the other didn't have one they had to enter the apartment building and walk through the hallway to their front door making their club more like an apartment.

Our club had two doors: a front door and a back door, our back door was across from the other club's front door in the hallway behind the staircase. The rear doors leading into the hallway were always open, and we were all always going in and out between the clubs, it was a great setup, our club had a bar with a dance floor and music and was brightly lit most of the time. The other club was set up differently when you walked in from the hallway, there was a small room with a countertop and stools, just like a diner. They had a stove and grill and would make food on the weekends during our card games. They charged for the food to help with their rent. My friend Tony would sit behind the counter all day, smoking pot and making food, most of the guys in the club were potheads, but they were all our friends. During the week or on weekend afternoons, we'd go in there to smoke pot or bullshit with the other guys when we were all hanging out. They also had a few rooms with couches that we would use when our club had parties. We would bring girls into those rooms to get laid or get blow jobs. The place was always full of pot smoke, the girls liked that.

We knew these guys had cut slots into the walls so they could look in when one of the guys was in a room with a girl. They placed framed pictures over the slots, so behind every hanging picture, there was a slot. All you had to do was slide the picture to the side, and you had a great view of the action.

The first room with the countertop and grill was the biggest and had the most slots in the walls. There was one slot where Tony could look in from behind the counter and other slots behind the framed pictures on the long hallway leading to the other rooms. There were three rooms after the kitchen area where guys never brought their girlfriends only girls picked up for one-nighters because we knew about the slots.

The club had a Halloween party in October 1986. I had been dating my girlfriend Lenora since the summer of 1984. We met on the Jersey shore, where she lived. She would come North and stay at her sister's house in Bayonne on occasion, and this was one of those times. I would pick her up in New Jersey and drive back to Brooklyn for parties and other events.

On this night I picked her up and headed to the club, Costumes were optional for the party but not for the members it seemed like the whole neighborhood was coming. We loved it because these parties brought in money for the club but made a good image of us and our little club and the more money we collected from parties, the fewer dues we had to come up with, and it always seemed like everybody owed their dues.

As a member of the club, each member, or at least a few, had to take turns as bartenders. I was working a shift at this party. Lenora knew this and was okay with it. She knew my friends and would hang out at the bar while I worked. Lenora and I had issues that began that summer but were still going together. There was boredom in every part of our relationship and we were headed for a breakup, I was surprised she made the trip north for the party to be honest.

When we arrived, the place was already packed. More than half the crowd wore costumes; some were nice and imaginative. We had a DJ, and he was blasting disco music, people were dancing, partying, and having fun. Lenora didn't wear a costume that night. The weather was excellent for mid-October, it was warmer than usual. I was dressed as a police officer, complete with a tie, badge, and toy gun, I looked pretty authentic.

Lenora is 5'2", thin and shapely. She has a pretty face, dark eyes, and highlighted brown hair that came well below her shoulders. Lenora was a natural brunette but colored her hair, it was thick and bounced around when she walked as did her breasts, 34-D with long nipples that were very noticeable when erect, especially in an air-conditioned room, she had a nice round ass too. Tonight Lenora wore a light-colored blouse over a black mini-skirt. She wore a black onyx necklace, which I gave her, and peep toe mules with 4” stiletto heels. She wore loop earrings that hung from an inch-long chain in each ear. On her fingers were numerous gold rings. She looked very hot.

I got behind the bar, and Lenora found a spot and stood in the corner of the bar on the side where I was working. People were squashed all against the bar. I knew most of the people at the party but not everyone. People invite other friends, so you only know some people. There were a couple of guys right behind Lenora at the bar. I didn't know them, and they were wearing costumes. One was in a pirate costume with a black eye patch and he had a mustache, he was pretty tall and wide. The other guy was dressed as a zombie and was pretty smashed. He was around the same size as the pirate, and his costume looked pretty good. The music was so loud you really couldn't hear very well. I could see Lenora getting annoyed with the crowd and the pushing and shoving, I got her a drink quickly, and she was okay. We had three bartenders working at a time, so we had the party under control in that regard, even though we were drinking, too I wasn't too worried if I had a little too much because Lenora could drive and she didn't usually drink a lot.

Most of the people ordered easy-to-make drinks. We also made pitchers of kamikazes for people who wanted shots. It was an excellent way to get plastered quickly for a dollar a shot because they were easy to drink and loads of people ordered them. While working the bar, I noticed Lenora talking with the guy dressed like a zombie. It looked like he kept pushing into her because of all the people and she looked pissed, and it seemed like she told the guy that. He was pretty smashed and laughed at her after she turned away from him. The guy in the pirate costume ordered a few rounds of kamikazes occasionally and would hand them out to everyone around him, including Lenora. He was also talking with her, it looked like he was trying to make peace with her over his friend, and it looked like it was working, I even noticed him light one of her cigarettes.

There was always a line for the bathroom when we had parties because of the crowd, and there was only one bathroom. The club next door was open, so if the members needed a bathroom break, we could head in there. Tony was there when we had parties because he could make some money, too. The grill was open, and everyone was always hungry. Not everyone was allowed in there, only people Tony knew from the neighborhood or our club because of the smoking, among other things.

I mentioned to Lenora when we got there that if she needed to go to the bathroom, she could go next door and tell Tony she knew me. The party was roaring, and I was halfway through my bartending shift. Lenora looked okay and seemed like she was having a good time and those guys weren't bumping her anymore and were still buying shots for everyone. I had to piss, so I told one of my friends behind the bar and headed off. I noticed Lenora was not in her spot and figured she had gone to the bathroom. The party was still crowded and people were having a good time. A few people were waiting for our bathroom, so I went to the other club.

"Hey, Tony," I said as I entered the club.

Tony was grilling something since no one was in there, I figured it was for him, "Eddie, How's the party?"

"It's going well, did you stop in? I didn't see you, but I've been working behind the bar and have been swamped. This is my first piss break."

"No, I've been busy too, making a few bucks, actually, a few guys have been using the rooms," he laughed. "Bobby was in here earlier and now this guy, a friend of Donny's, (Donny was one of the members of Tony's club.) is in there with some girl, I've been checking it out when I can," he laughed. "I'm fuckin' starving, making myself a grilled cheese, you want somethin'?"

"No thanks. I gotta get back to the bar, I'm gonna piss, then I'll take a peek," I ran to the bathroom and took care of business. On the way back, I moved one of the pictures on the hallway wall and looked in the main room. The view from the slot I was looking through showed Lenora bent over the back of the couch with her mini-dress pulled up over her back. Her black panties were down around her left ankle, and the pirate was fucking her from behind! The room was well lit, and a waif of smoke filled the room. Her head bounced wildly, and I could hear moaning despite the blasting disco music next door. Her head was turned my way, and I could see her mouth open and her eyes rolling. Her earrings were flying this way and that. The pirate, with his black eye patch still on, had his hands on her naked hips, thrusting into her viciously. As I watched, and much to my surprise, my dick started getting hard. It was like watching a porn movie but with my girlfriend in it! As I watched, the pirate pulled his cock out and aggressively turned Lenora around to face him. Her black onyx necklace bounced up and down, as well as her breasts. I could see then that he had a big cock, much longer and thicker than mine, as it stood up, still rock hard. As she turned around with her back against the couch and her neck straining up at him, the pirate lifted her left leg quickly and pushed his big hard cock back into her. I saw something fly up, it was Lenora's left shoe and panties that flew into the corner of the room. Holding her leg up, he began fucking her with that same fast rhythm as before. Her head bounced wildly again, and her moans started louder than before. Her bare left foot pointed up, quivering with each pirate thrust, one of her hands was against his chest, while the other gripped the arm holding her leg. I didn't want to leave, but for some reason, I didn't want Lenora to know I was watching either. I put the picture back and went to talk to Tony.

He was eating the grilled cheese he had made, I could see he was high, he was always high in the club.

"Wow, pretty hot stuff," I said, pointing back at the room. "What's the story with them?"

Tony nodded, swallowed a piece of food, and smiled, "Yeah, I smoked a joint with the guy, we were bullshitting for a while and then the cute girl came in and was about to ask me something when the pirate guy said, 'The bathroom is down the hall, Lenora.' She seemed ***** because she was staggering a little." She turned to the guy and said, 'Thank you very much,' in a snotty way, and started down the hallway. I didn't know why she said it that way, but she was *****, and what the fuck do I care, he knew her maybe she was his girlfriend or ex or something, he is Donny's friend, so. He was watching her walk down the hallway, said, 'I’ll see you later,' and suddenly ran down the hall after her," Tony laughed, "I heard the door to the next room close, so I figured she never made it to the bathroom, ha ha ha! Then when I got a chance, I looked in, and he was fucking the shit outta her!"

Even though it was a phony laugh, I laughed and walked back down the hall to take a final peek. I returned to the picture I used and moved it to the side again.

This time, Lenora's legs were straight up against the pirate’s shoulders. She was still leaning against the back of the couch, and her hands gripped his forearms. His hands were rubbing her breasts through her blouse. I could see her nipples protruding through as both her bare feet bobbed in rhythm to the thrusts. It seemed her moans were even louder, I guess she lost her other heel, too as they had been fucking for a while now. I knew I had to get back, but I couldn't stop watching. As I was about to shut the slot, all of a sudden, the pirate pulled out, let Lenora's legs fall to the floor, and pushed her to her knees. With one hand, he held the side of Lenora's head, turning her face toward his cock she tried to move away but it happened too quickly. With the other hand, he was furiously jerking his massive cock. I heard him grunt as he shot all over Lenora's face, He was saying, “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.” I could see his cock spraying streams of cum at least three times, a gob of cum shot onto her face, the front of her blouse, and her neck, during the fucking she was dressed except for her flying panties and shoes.

I quickly walked toward the door of the club saying goodbye to Tony as I exited. When I got back behind the bar in my club, I heard a little shit from my friend but returned to work, the first drink I made was for me. Not too long after I got back behind the bar, I saw the pirate come back in. He looked at me as he passed, and I think he was smiling. He was still wearing that fuckin' black eye patch! I watched him as he went over to his buddy, the zombie, who was by the dance floor and told him something in his ear, and they laughed. They high-fived each other and came to the bar, luckily for me, it was the bar away from where I was.

It was still busy, so I didn't see Lenora return. She was back in the original spot at the bar. I went over to her and asked, "Hey, everything okay, I haven't seen you for a while?"

She nodded, then came closer because it was hard to hear because of the music. "Yeah, I'm fine. Some jerk spilled a drink on me, and I was trying to clean it in the bathroom."

I said, "Oh, so you met my friend Tony?" She stared for a second, then said, "No, one of the guys buying the shots before was in there, and he showed me where the bathroom was, I did see your friend, though."

After the party, I drove Lenora to her sister's house. It was pretty quiet on the way back. When we got there, it was late, and I kissed her goodnight. I was tired and wanted to get home and get some sleep. On the way home, all I could think about was how Lenora got fucked that night, my cock was hard the whole way home, and I jerked off as soon as I got home.

We broke up just before Thanksgiving that year. I don't know if she ever saw the pirate again after we broke up, but it's funny how things work out. We did get back together, though, and we married the following year. That's when the adventures really began…

to be continued.
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