In the spring of 2004, my brother-in-law got engaged. At the time, my wife Lenora and I had been married for about 15 years and had led a pretty normal life. We had 3 kids and they took up most of our time. Our sex life was pretty boring and we got to it when we could. We did not experiment or do anything sexually exciting; I would perform cunnillingus on her, then we’d fuck in the missionary position, then we’d go to sleep. Despite my attempts for her to blow me, it never happened. I know it sounds pathetic but what can I say.

It was a nice party and as we didn’t go out much, we intended to have a good time. My wife Lenora is a brunette with shoulder length thick dark brown hair, a nice figure, size C breasts and a round ass. She was a gymnast when she was younger and kept herself in pretty good shape. She was still pretty flexible too. She is very attractive and I know it. She wore a black dress with black stockings and looked very hot.

When she has a few drinks, she becomes a bit of a tease with men. It never bothered me before and it would actually turn me on a little.

Her brother was marrying a Cuban girl and the engagement party was held in a local catering hall. My wife’s family is small and aside from the 2 of us, her 2 sisters and their husbands, and her mother attended. Sara, my brother in law’s fiancé, had a larger family and they outnumbered us 2-1 in attendance. Two of Sara’s cousins who attended the party lived close to the hall and we hung out with them. We were drinking with them and doing shots and having a great time.

I could see Lenora was having a good time and getting blasted with all the shots we were having, but we didn’t do this often and we wanted to have some fun.

The party was ending and one of the cousin’s, Hector, invited us to go out to a local bar that wasn’t too far from the place. It wasn’t too late so we accepted. We actually were the only ones on Lenora’s side to go.

We were pretty inebriated so we left our car in the parking lot and went with the group in another car. Uncle Juan, who was Hector’s father and didn’t drink, drove the car. It was Lenora and I, George and Hector, and Yoli, Hector’s girlfriend.

The bar wasn’t in the best part of town, but considering these guys knew the place and said they were regulars there, I thought it was ok. Lenora was ***** and could care less anyway. Uncle Juan dropped us off. He lived a few blocks away from the bar. Lenora and I would call a cab to bring us back to our car when the evening was over.

The place was like the old neighborhood bars I used to hang out growing up in Brooklyn. The bar was long and made of dark wood and there were booths and tables all around. It was dimly lit, and the guy behind the bar was an old Spanish guy. You got your drinks from him and either sat at the bar, which had some stools, or sat at a table or booth. There was a modern looking juke box in the corner where Latin music was playing.

There were 2 guys at the end of the bar who I assumed were local guys. They were talking loudly to each other and seemed as ***** as we were. Both were Hispanic, one had long black hair and a mustache. The other had darker skin, actually he was black and had a shaved head and a huge neck. He looked like a bodybuilder. Both looked over at the group as we walked in, particularly at my staggering wife. One of them yelled out, “Oye, Jorge, ¿qué zorra caliente nos has traído esta noche”?

Oddly, I didn’t see any women. Lenora and Yoli were the only 2 women in the place.

We all went to the bar and ordered drinks. I stood at the bar while Lenora sat down next to me. George pushed his way in next to me, between Lenora and I. Hector and Yoli sat on the other side of Lenora.

The guys at the other end of the bar obviously knew George and came over to our side of the bar and started to drink with us. I was ordering another drink when George introduced them to Lenora, but not to me. I was a little ***** too but thought it odd that he did that.

I asked George who those guys were, and he said, “That’s Tomas, with the long hair, and Tito. They’re always in here looking for ‘la panocha’,” and he laughed. I didn’t know what that meant, but I had their names now.

Then George went back to talking about the party and how ***** he was and what a nice time he had.

I didn’t realize how big those guys were until they came over to where we were. They both were clearly over 6 feet tall. I’m only 5’6” and Lenora is shorter at 5’1”, so they towered over us.

Everyone was having a good time. I was still talking to George. He was buying shots of tequila for everyone. Lenora was still drinking and talking with the Tomas and Tito. I couldn’t even see her because of George and Tomas, but I heard her laughing. Hector was now farther down the bar with Yoli. It seemed they were distancing themselves from the group for some reason.

I would catch George talking in Spanish to the old bartender every so often. The old man would glance at me, then at Lenora, then smile slyly and nod at George. George also spoke Spanish to Tomas, and Tomas would look at me then go back to talking to Lenora.

I had to go to the bathroom to take a piss. I was going to tell Lenora but I couldn’t get her attention. She was too busy talking with those guys.

I walked to the bathroom which was in the back past the bar. It was small with a sink, one urinal, and one stall. It was very tight in there, especially if more than 2 people were near the sink. As I walked there, I noticed that on the other side of the tables and booths there was a room. It had a large window with blinds that were closed. On the door there was a sign that read, “Private”.

As I took a piss, George came into the bathroom and started washing his hands. He started talking to me and asking me questions about Lenora, like where did we meet, how long were we married and small talk stuff.

As I finished and washed my hands, I was a little confused by all these questions. I was ***** too and not really listening to him anyway but he was annoying now. More annoying was that he was kind of blocking me so I couldn’t get out of the bathroom.

I finally got past him and left. As I was walking back to the bar, I noticed that Lenora was standing up now, not sitting on the stool anymore and she was shouting. I didn’t see Hector, Yoli or Tito. The bartender was gone too!

Lenora was *****, as I could see her swaying with her back against the bar. The bar was actually holding her up. She was pointing up at the Tomas and shouting. I could hear her slurred, drunken voice, “Don’t touch me! Who do you think you are? Keep your hands off me!” She was trying to push his hands away from her but kept missing them. He kept grabbing at her breasts. I could hear him laughing at her drunkenness.

Tomas said, “You want me to play with you Lenora. You have been wanting me to touch you all night, puta. Now I will give you what you want. And a little more.”

I started to walk quickly towards them and yelled out, “Hey what’s going on?”, when someone hit me in the head from behind. I fell to the ground about 10 feet from Lenora and Tomas.

Tito grabbed me as I laid on the ground and turned me over. He grabbed me by the shirt with his left hand and put the index finger off his right hand over his mouth to say, “Shush”. He was smiling.

Still dazed, I grabbed his hand on my chest and tried to get up and he slapped me across the face! His slap was powerful! It knocked me back down to the ground. I was disoriented and my eyes quickly teared up. He still clutched my shirt and pushed me down.

From the bar, I heard the sound of another slap, and I thought, oh great, now Lenora slapped Tomas. But I was wrong. She was the one being slapped!

When I looked over, I saw Lenora as she received another slap across the face. Tomas must’ve had enough of Lenora’s yelling. *****, and dazed from the slap, Tomas now held her against the bar with his left arm. His left arm was across her chest and his left hand was holding her left breast. She was pinned.

I heard her slur something that sounded like, “Stop it. No. Stop it. No.” She looked around, then she said almost whispering, “Ed. Ed. Ed where the fuck are you?” Tomas, replied, “Ed? He’s watching us right now. He won’t help you. Let’s have some fun.”

And then Tomas reached under Lenora’s black dress with his right hand and started to pull down her black panties.

Through my cloudy eyes I could see him tearing her panties off. She was protesting, but Tomas was laughing as he ripped them off. Lenora tried to grab at his hands and he slapped her again.

Then he went to work on her. Lenora was limp now and barely able to stand without Tomas’s help. I could see his hand moving and feverishly rubbing her pussy. Her head was moving from side to side and she was saying moaning, but in a low voice. I could hear the slapping sound of his hand on her pussy as it was getting wetter. The swishing sound rang out through the empty bar.

The music from the juke box was lower now. I didn’t see anyone else around. Where was everyone? What happened to George? I hadn’t seen him since the bathroom. No one was in the place except me, Lenora, Tomas and Tito. It also looked like it was darker now in the place.

I could see the front door from where I lay and the sign that faced me said “Open”. They had locked the door and put the “Closed” sign up.

I could hear Lenora whimpering as Tomas’s fingers were rubbing her clit. My wife was being fingered in front of me by a stranger. In between her squealing from his fingerfucking, she cried out lowly, “No, stop. Stop. Stop.”, but she stopped talking and moaned louder. Tomas had no intention of stopping.

Tito released my shirt but looked down at me menacingly. Even though that was my wife and I wanted to do something, I was frozen and too afraid to move.

Tomas started to unbuckle his pants. I watched as his pants dropped to his ankles and his naked ass appeared. His right hand, the one that was previously fingering my wife, now gripped his large cock. I know because he turned toward me and showed me it. His left arm was still holding her up against the bar.

Tomas released his arm from across Lenora’s chest and she wobbled. Before she could fall, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. She couldn’t protest as she was too ***** and she went right down. Once on her knees, Tomas put his left hand behind her head and grabbed a fistful of her thick brown. The force of it made her scream out.

With his right hand, he rubbed the bulbous head of his cock on her red lips. She tried to turn her head from side to side to avoid his cock, but every time she, Tomas pulled that fistful of hair!

She finally stopped protesting. He slowly pushed that big cock into her mouth. He pushed slowly until it was nearly all in her throat. I never saw my wife do anything like this and was dumbfounded.

Once he felt comfortable, Tomas put both hands on the side of Lenora’s head and began face fucking her! She was not sucking his cock; her mouth was being fucked! He pumped faster and faster. I heard her gagging and could see the spit and saliva flying all around as Tomas held her head steady.

He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of her mouth. It bounced and I saw Lenora’s spit dribble and fall to the floor. Lenora looked like she was in a fist fight with tears streaming down her face and her mouth covered and dripping with saliva.

He grabbed her shoulders and lifted her to her feet. She staggered and, surprisingly, attempted to slap Tomas in the face. He moved back and avoided it, then slapped her with his left hand. Her head violently shook.

Then in between Lenora’s legs he moved his right leg, then his left, and spread them wide. He moved closer and because he was so much taller than she was, lowered himself, rubbed his cock across her pussy slit, and pushed his cock into her. As he did, he lifted her up off the ground and her legs dangled.

Her head whipped from side to side and she moaned louder. He pushed his naked ass up into her. She groaned loudly! She had no choice but to wrap her arms around his neck to hang on.

Tomas started to thrust slowly at first but quickly his thrusts picked up speed. Lenora’s head bounced, then shook from side to side as Tomas’s ass moved in and out. I heard her making guttural sounds and the squishing sound of his cock sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Her head bounced violently from the pounding and I saw her look my way but I wasn’t sure if she saw me lying on the ground. Her eyes rolled as she was clearly cumming on this stranger’s big cock.

She stared down at where I was with her glassy eyes. Her lips were open slightly and it looked like Tomas’s slaps drew blood as a line of it trickled down the side of her lip.

As Tomas’s thrusts quickened, he put his arms under Lenora’s legs and held her under her arms. Her black shoe dropped off her left foot, and her bare foot dangled and swayed with each of his thrusts. Her moaning grew louder and she brought her hands up to grasp Tomas’s arms firmly. She had surrendered to him and Tomas knew it.

She stared into his eyes as his cock slid into her like a piston. I knew she was cumming again and again from the way she moaned. Tomas said with a slight accent, “You are so wet. You like my cock, hmm? It seems your man Ed likes it too,” as he looked back at me and smiled.

She stammered to him, “Yes. Oh Yes. Yes. Oh. it’s so big. Oh, it’s so big and hard.” She moaned, then suddenly realizing I was there, she looked down at me on the floor. Her glassy eyes were almost apologetic, but her writhing on this stranger’s cock contradicted the look. The swishing sound her pussy made was reverberating throughout the bar.

As I watched this erotic but humiliating scene, I had started to rub my cock through my pants. Tito had mysteriously vanished and even though I could’ve now made an attempt at stopping Tomas, I did nothing! I just continued to watch Lenora being impaled.

Tomas’s ass suddenly spasmed violently, and I knew he had just cum inside my wife. He forcibly kissed her. She tried to pull away, but she couldn’t escape his tongue forcefully rolling around in her mouth.

He grabbed her hand and said aloud, “C’mon.”, as he headed toward the private room in the back with Lenora in tow.

Lenora, with one shoe on and her dress in disarray, hobbled along with Tomas. She slipped off her other shoe so she wouldn’t hobble and staggered toward the private room.

I slowly got to my feet. I glanced at the phone behind the bar and thought about calling someone, but decided not to. I started toward the room. I was still dazed from that slap and was a little dizzy. As I approached the room, I heard the sound of something being ripped or torn. I opened the door slowly and entered the room. The lights were very bright, much brighter than I expected.

They were in the middle of the room. Tomas was pulling and tearing at Lenora’s dress. Tomas was naked and must’ve undressed before I got there. In the brightness of the room, I could see he was a muscular guy and had lots of tattoos on his back, arms, and chest. His large cock drooped down in front of him.

Lenora tried to stop him from tearing her dress. Each time she tried, Tomas held her and slapped her. She would’ve fell down from each slap had he not held her up. This happened twice. Finally, she stopped fighting him and said, “Ok. Ok,” and he pulled off her dress and it crumpled to her feet.

Tomas went for her black bra next. He pulled it down to ****** her breasts. Her long nipples were standing up and he laughed. He was like a wild animal as he forcibly sucked first her right, then her left nipple. She groaned. Then he just tore her bra off. His cock bounced up and down as he laughed at his conquest. Lenora wobbled as she looked up at him with still glassy eyes.

Lenora was naked now, except for her black stockings. Tomas yelled at her to take off her stockings. She was still confused, and I guess didn’t move fast enough for him and he suddenly grabbed her by the arm, and ripped one of her stockings down. It tore easily and was quickly in shreds on the floor. He did the same to the other stocking. Lenora’s black dress and stockings lay in a shredded pile on the floor. She was completely naked now.

He ran over to the couch and moved it to the side. Behind it was a mattress. It was covered with a couple of blankets. He pulled it to the middle of the room. I guess this was also a fuck room for this place.

He lifted Lenora up off the ground and carried her toward the mattress. He dropped her onto it. I was still near the door and moved slowly towards a chair that was adjacent to the mattress. I was still dizzy.

Tomas looked at me and said, “Hey. Take off your clothes.” I looked at him surprised. “Now!” he said. I started to undress. When I got down to my underwear, I hesitated. He yelled again, “Everything off motherfucker!” Lenora watched as this man humiliated me.

I was naked. I felt so embarrassed. Standing there with a hard on. I was hard from watching Lenora getting fucked by Tomas. My cock looked so small and inferior to Tomas’s huge member.

Lenora was lying across the mattress now and looking at me. The look of disgust in her eyes burned right through me. Tomas knelt down on the mattress and with each of his hands gripped Lenora’s legs under her knees and spread them. He put his face into my wife’s wet slit and began eating and licking her pussy like a starving animal. The slurping sound he was making made my cock even harder.

He licked her pussy bringing her to orgasm many times. I assumed she was cumming because I never heard those moans before or saw her move her body that way. I don’t think she ever came when I ate her out. Lenora moaned and moaned. She pushed her pussy into his open mouth, all while looking at me. She grabbed and pulled at Tomas’s hair with both hands when she came.

She wasn’t fighting him any longer. She hadn’t said anything to me but her look said enough.

I had sat down on the floor now and watched. My cock was straining and I wasn’t sure if I should jerk off because of the way Lenora looked at me.

Tomas grabbed Lenora and pulled her to the couch. As she passed me, she said, “thanks for protecting me Ed”. Tomas sat down and had Lenora sit on his cock. Both faced me. Lenora still looked *****, wavering and wobbly. Tomas held her up or she would’ve collapsed.

He rubbed his cock on her pussy and it slipped right in. They started to fuck again. She was looking at me as her head bobbed up and down as she rode him. She was enjoying this now it seemed. Her frightened eyes were gone and all I noticed was her enthusiastic movements on his cock! She slurred out to me, “You like this, don’t you Ed? Your little cock likes it too, you pussy!” I heard Tomas laugh.

Tomas then put both his arms behind her legs, then her head, and she fell back onto him, totally ******** her pussy and ass to me. She was in a full nelson position and his cock was rapidly moving in and out of her. Tomas’s shaft was glistening with her white cream. Lenora’s eyes were rolling and her moans were so loud now that they were almost screams!

Finally, I heard Tomas groan and his hips spasmed. I knew again this fucking stranger had discharged his load in my wife.

He pushed Lenora off of him and she fell onto the couch. She was on her side and I could see his cum dripping out of her glistening pussy.

Tomas walked back to her and stood there; his 8-inch cock in full display. He was getting himself hard again by stroking it. He told her to sit up and she complied. He looked over at me then grabbed her hair and held her head in place and started to slap her in the face with his cock.

First the right side, then the left. Over and over, he did this. After a few minutes of this, Lenora began moaning after each slap and relishing the slaps. She looked up at him as his cock slapped her again and again. I just stared at her, still confused and afraid. Tomas looked at me as if to say, “your woman is mine now bitch”.

Tomas started to rub the head of his cock on Lenora’s lips. She still looked up at him, but then she glared at me and said in a still ***** slurring voice, “You liked watching this man fuck me, Ed? Good. I liked having his big cock inside of me too! His cock is so big!”, and she grabbed Tomas’s cock, opened her mouth wide, and began to suck his cock.

This woman, my wife, never sucked my cock! Now she was sucking this stranger’s cock like a porn star!

Tomas looked at me too and laughed. He said, “maricon” as he laughed at me. Both of them looking at me as my wife engulfed his cock with her red lips.

After a while, Tomas groaned in his familiar way, as I was used to his sounds by now, and discharged his cum down Lenora’s throat. I was witnessing things my wife did that I had never seen before. Then he fucked her from behind on the floor, as she faced me. She was on all fours right in front of me now, staring into my eyes. I put my hand on top of one of hers.

Lenora came and came on his cock, her rolling eyes telling me so. As Tomas fucked her, she whispered to me, “Oh Ed his cock is so much bigger than yours!” as she moaned and moaned.

I couldn’t take it any longer and started to jerk off. I had one hand on Lenora’s hand and the other on my cock. I was jerking off like a teenager and I came in minutes. My cock stayed hard.

Lenora was fucked in all different positions, again and again, and Tomas came in her, again and again. The only cum on the floor was mine.

When it was finally over, we got dressed and got ourselves together. Lenora’s dress wasn’t in as bad a shape as I thought but her stockings and panties were torn to shreds.

Tomas had not spoken, but still had that menacing look. I asked him if I could call a cab from the bar phone to take us back to our car. He nodded and I did.

The ultimate humiliation came when our cab arrived. Just before leaving, Lenora gave Tomas our home phone number. She said, “My husband Ed seems to like watching you fuck me. Please call me this week and we can plan our next meeting. That meeting will be at our house. In our bed. Maybe Ed can help.” She giggled and turned to me with a defiant look on her face.

Then Lenora said to me, “Let’s go Ed”, and I opened the door of the bar and we got in the cab.
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