Travelling through Atlanta during a business trip, I had my wife with me because she wanted to get out of the house for a while. So, when this trip came up, she was eager to go along because she’d never seen the town before. Atlanta is a great place to visit but like any big city, there are bad parts of town, like the West End.

I’d spent the day in meetings and showing clients around the sales division, while my wife, Brooke, had been in the hotel all day. It was a great suite in a really upscale part of Atlanta, but other than the pool, bar and restaurant, you needed to go out for entertainment. And not knowing the town well, Brooke didn’t feel safe venturing out on her own. Couldn’t blame her.

But when I got back to the hotel after work, she was itching for a good time out on the town. She was already dressed in a slinky, little black party dress with a swooping neckline and black spikey heels. She was a knockout, her blonde hair done up nicely and perfect makeup.

She had it all planned out. Reservations for dinner at a five-star restaurant and then a movie at a plush theater. I noticed the theater’s address and although it was in another very upscale neighborhood, getting there from the restaurant would take us through a seedy part of town in the West End.

But she had spent the day planning the whole thing, so I went along with it and hoped for a super nice night of entertainment for her first night in Atlanta.

“Babe, you did a great job planning this,” I told her.

“Thanks, handsome. Who knows, maybe you’ll get lucky too!”

Sounded good to me.

The restaurant was spectacular and featured a wine bar with many local wine labels. Brooke found one she particularly liked and we finished off two bottles before dinner was over.

She’s an easy ***** and after her third glass of wine, she was deeply under the influence. She also gets pretty frisky when she’s drinking wine, so much of the meal she was reaching under the table and fondling my hardening dick through my pants.

She went to the restroom once and when she came back, she handed me her lacey white panties. I raised my eyebrows at her and she lifted up the edge of her dress and showed me her bare pussy.

She was right, I might get lucky tonight.

As she staggered out to the car from the restaurant, I had to hold her around the waist to keep her from stumbling and falling. She was giddy. A couple times she flipped up her skirt and gave me and another couple a nice view of her bare, waxed pussy.

“You naughty little strumpet,” I said.

She giggled and jumped into the car flipping her dress up and showing off her attributes, which were phenomenal.

I hopped in and we headed for the theater. Brooke was in heat. She kept pulling her dress up and showing me her pussy, which was making me hard as a rock.

She kept at it until I reached over and grabbed her now swollen lips and sunk my middle finger into her drenched pussy. I fingered her that way for several miles, also trying desperately to keep my eye on the road so we wouldn’t crash.

Soon she started bucking on my hand and came with a squeal and a groan. She pulled my fingers out and licked them clean as I pulled up to a stoplight.

“I’m going to need more than a finger, hot stuff,” Brooke said with a sultry look on her face.

“We’re only a few miles from the theater. What do you want me to do, put it in park and fuck you right here?”

“Mmm, sounds good to me. Anyway, there’s a theater right there,” she said pointing across the street.

“That’s a porn theater, baby. And this happens to be the bad part of town.”

“A porn theater!? Oooo, that sounds sexy. I’ve never been to one of those. Let’s go!”

“Babe,” I said looking earnestly at her, “Porn theaters are not sexy. They’re usually really dark, full of dirty old men, and kind of smell. The floors are usually sticky from pervs jacking off all the time. And like I said, definitely not a good part of town, especially for whites.”

“Awww, I wanted to see my first porn theater.” She still had her dress pulled up and started rubbing herself. “Are you sure you don’t want to go? I could suck your dick while you rub my pussy again. Then we could go back to the hotel and fuck like bunnies!”

A more interesting offer I hadn’t had all day.

“A blow job? Hmm, okay, I’m weak. I’ll take you in but if things don’t look good and I say we have to go, then we have to go right then, okay?”

“Yes, master. You’re in charge and I will obey you…while I suck your dick.”

“God, you’re a naughty little cocksucker, aren’t you?” I said gazing at her sloppy wet pussy.

“Light’s green,” she said.

“Oh, yeah, right.” I said pulling away from the light.

I found a parking spot about 50 feet further down the road. It was listed as parking for a donut shop right next to the theater but the shop looked like it was gutted by a fire years ago, so I parked there.

We got out and I helped my ***** wife walk the 50 feet or so to the porn theater. She was still giggling and staggering quite a bit. The guy at the ticket window took $30 bucks from us and pointed to the door.

The lobby was dark and the concessions stand was closed.

We pushed through the double doors to the theater and looked for seats in the dark. The only light was from the movie screen where a guy with a crooked dick was fucking a middle-aged brunette in the ass. The sound was loud and she was moaning like there was no tomorrow.

There were about eight people in there, all men and all black. I could see a couple of them working on relieving themselves so I picked a couple seats in a row with no other patrons.

Of course, our shoes were sticking to the floor. Great ambience.

“What do you think?” I said to her.

“I think that guy’s dick looks too big for that poor girl’s ass!” she said laughing.

It was but she wasn’t complaining.

Brooke reached over and rubbed me through my pants.

“Ready for me to suck you?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

She fumbled with my zipper so I helped her free the monster. Trust me, not that big, but that’s my nickname for it.

When it was free, she immediately dropped her head into my lap and started sucking me for all she was worth.

God, that feels fantastic.

Her head bounced happily up and down on me, her perfectly coiffed hair getting mussed but her makeup still looked fine.

I reached over and slid my hand up her dress and found her sweet spot again. She groaned and wiggled as I worked her over. Her groaning while sucking my dick was an amazing sensation.

The scene on the screen changed to a black guy starting to have sex with a blonde white girl. She was built pretty well and after a minute she popped the cock out of his pants.

Holy shit, it was a whopper!

That thing looked 12 inches long at least. He started abusing her mouth with it as his ‘real’ monster hardened.

I was enjoying the show because I have a real thing for interracial porn and with my wife blowing me in a darkened theater on the bad side of town, it was quite titillating.

Just then someone entered our row, another black guy. I almost tapped my wife’s shoulder because of the new patron but I was so close to cumming I couldn’t stop her. The black guy sat down a couple seats away from Brooke and started watching us. He watched my hand lifting up her dress, showing off her pretty white pussy as I fingered her. He was a big dude and looked like a pro football player but if he was, I couldn’t place him. Within seconds, I blew my load and Brooke sucked it all down. She nearly screamed with my dick in her mouth as she came from me softly pinching her clit.

I love my wife.

Brooke sat up, licking the remnants of my orgasm off her lips. She had a big smile on her face as I pointed to the guy now sitting two seats away from her.

“Oh shit,” she said burying her head in the crook of my arm. “Did he see me sucking you?”

“Oh yeah,” I whispered in her ear. “He was watching you since he sat down.”

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed!” she said, just then noticing the action on the screen.

“Wow, that’s hot,” she said staring at the blonde girl trying to stuff a foot long black cock into her mouth.

“Yeah, I was watching that while you were sucking me. I came like crazy. Thank you for that, by the way. You’re so fucking sexy when you’re ***** and horny.”

Just then, I saw movement and realized the guy in our row had pulled his cock out and was starting to whack it while he watched the movie. I nudged Brook and nodded my head his way.

She looked over and gasped. He had an impressive big, black cock.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “Look at that thing.”

I did.

It wasn’t as big as the guy on the movie screen but still it was now about 10 inches long and as big around as a beer bottle. His hand worked up and down his shaft, sliding the loose foreskin along with his strokes. I was stunned at its size.

Apparently, so was Brooke. She stared at him stroking that big thing, while rubbing my dick again. It felt good but I had just cum so not a lot of action there.

She kept grabbing my crotch like she was stroking this guy’s man meat. He even looked over at us once and smiled and she didn’t even turn away. She was mesmerized.

“You really like that, huh?” I whispered to her.

“Uh, God yeah. I’ve never seen a real cock that big before. And I’ve never seen a big, black cock before either. Are they all that big?” she said, still staring.

“Hell, I don’t know. They have a reputation for it but there’s no way they can all be that big. Still, that one is definitely huge.”

“I know. I’d love to touch it,” she said.


“Yeah, I mean, it’s just so huge and looks like it’s made of black velvet. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that but Jesus, just look at it.”

“I am. It is impressive.”

Her saying that really got me thinking. I would give anything to see my wife atop a big, black cock like that but I knew it would never happen. But, shit, she was really taken with his cock, and rightly so, it was astounding. I had to go for it.

“Why don’t you sit by him and ask him if you can touch it?”

“Are you serious?!”

“Yeah, sure, why not? I doubt he’ll turn you down and you seem like you really want to.”

“Oh, I do,” she said rubbing herself.

“Well, give it a shot. I’ll be right here if anything goes wrong.”

“Goes wrong? Like what?” she asked looking concerned.

“You know, if he grabs you and carries you off to the back of the theater and jams that big hunk of black cock inside you and fucks your brains out.” I said laughing.

“What? Oh, you fucker. I thought you were serious. I almost came on myself when you said that.”

“You’d like that, huh?”

“I don’t know. It sounds sexy as hell and is damn erotic watching him rub that big thing. But the reality might be totally different. Who knows?”

“Well, you don’t have to go that far. Just ask him to touch it. Could be fun.”

I could tell she was mulling it over. Thinking about it, then looking at his cock again. Thinking some more then looking again.

“I’ll do it!” she said in an excited whisper. “Should I?”

“Yeah, go! Have fun!”

She got up from her chair and staggered over towards him. He saw her coming. She plopped down in the chair next to him and said something to him. He smiled and nodded.

Then I watched my wife reach over and grab onto that massive black cock.

Her hand looked so small as she started stroking up and down his shaft. And her small hand made his cock look that much bigger. She couldn’t even get her hand all the way around it. She squeezed it as she jacked him up and down. When she hit the base near his balls, she gave it a shake and watched it shimmy and wave back and forth in front of her.

He had closed his eyes and I’m sure was enjoying the feminine contact on his huge cock. I pulled out my phone and took a picture of her stroking his cock. That was one hot photo. The foreskin was bunched up around the head, which was plum sized by now. I was hard again watching her work his manhood.

Then, as I watched, without opening his eyes, he reached up with one hand, rubbed her neck a little and then ****** her head down, sinking his black cock into her mouth.

I started to jump up but noticed she wasn’t fighting him.

She struggled briefly but there really wasn’t much fight. She was relatively small framed. He was huge and muscular. And I think she really wanted to suck it anyway and he picked up on her vibe.

She really started going at him and he held the back of her neck pushing her pretty face back down on his cock every time she came back up for air. I took another picture of his big, black fingers interlaced in her blonde hair as he ****** her to suck him. She was really slurping at his cock now, and I could hear her moaning.

I leaned way forward so I could see his cock going into her mouth and I took another picture with the phone camera. There was a small flash and he looked over and saw me watching them. He gave me a sly, knowing smile as Brooke’s pretty mouth sucked up and down his huge shaft. I smiled and nodded to him.

Why the fuck did I do that? Hmm.

He grabbed her neck and pulled her mouth off of himself and said to her…

“I’m going to fuck your pretty, white pussy, lady.”

She nodded.


He put his big, black hands under her arms and lifted her with ease. Her black, party dress flared out as he spun her to face him. And with one easy move, he ****** her pussy down on himself.

Her head shot back and she was going to scream as his meaty cock entered her.

But he clasped a big hand over her mouth just as she let loose. Fortunately, what little of the scream made it past his big, black hand was covered by the girl on screen letting out a similar gasp.

I’ve never seen anything hotter in my life.

Here was a large, dark black man thrusting his giant-sized cock into my wife’s sopping wet little married pussy. He thrust her up and down on himself, all the while with his hand covering her mouth. Her eyes were closed and she was grunting enthusiastically with each thrust, the grunts muffled by him gagging her.

I could see her dress flipping up and down with the force of his thrusts and the whiteness of her legs and ass showed each time.

I set my phone’s camera to video, hit the play button and let it run. I was mesmerized watching them, listening to my wife’s ecstatic grunts. I came again in my pants just watching them.

She started saying something while he was fucking her but I couldn’t understand her for his hand covering her mouth.

I guess he couldn’t hear her either so he said “Shhhhh” and took his hand away. She lowered the volume but we could both now hear what she was saying.

“Fuck me hard, nigger. I love your big, black cock.” He started fucking her harder.

Wow! Was that my wife?!

“Fuck me hard, nigger,” she said louder, “I love your big, black cock!” she said louder.

He clamped his black hand around her neck, choking her until she couldn’t speak. Then he really started slamming his meaty cock into her. Both hands now around her neck and barely audible croaks coming out of her. I could tell she was trying to scream as she came but his choking silenced her.

I could hear him grunting, starting to cum himself. He pulled her face close to his and he whispered in her ear. I could hear it as well.

“Take my cum, you white bitch. Feel my nigger dick dumping hot cum deep inside your pussy…inside your womb. Take it all,” he said as he lunged in for the last time and groaned loudly.

He held her close, one hand still around her neck, as he finished off cumming inside her. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she shivered uncontrolled.

When she stopped shaking, he lifted her limp body off himself and cum poured out of her pussy onto the floor. He sat her down in the chair next to him and it sounded like a wet sponge being thrown onto the leather seat.

He clearly said, “Lick the cum off my black dick.”

She leaned over and he shoved his cummy black cock back into her mouth, working her head up and down until he was satisfied that she’d licked him clean. As she as leaning over, I could see her naked pussy under the edge of her dress. An unbelievable quantity of his cum was flowing out of her. The edges of her dress were stained with it.

He yanked her mouth off his cock and sat her back up in the chair. He zipped up, stood up and looked at me.

“She’s all yours now, mister. Hope you enjoyed the show as much as she enjoyed performing it,” he said and he left the theater.

Her head was laying back on the seat. Her head rolled to the left as she looked at me.

A drunken smile was on her face, as well as some of the cum this guy had smeared across it. She looked at me.

“Wow!” was all she said.

I got up and carried her limp body out of the theater back to our car. There was cum all over my arm that was under her legs as I carried her. I sat her in the car and buckled her safely in.

She was looking at me when I said to her “Bad part of town.”

“Yeah, I think I like it,” she said with a smile.
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