Be careful what you wish for...PLEASE!

I know a lot of you men out there have fantasies of your wife being with a black man and maybe eventually being "owned" by a black man. I also had that fantasy and it became an obsession for me because I knew I would love seeing my gorgeous wife being fucked by a black man with a big cock!

You see, I have a small dick and I wanted to see how my wife would respond to a big dick. Deep down, I knew how she would, because we had been married for over 20 years at the time and I had seen the way she reacted when I slipped an extra finger into her or found a large vibrator to use on her.

When I shared my cuckold fantasies with her, she didn't have a positive reaction but she didn't look disgusted, either.

Not long after that conversation, she told me about a job she had with the forest service, when she was in college; where she would collect water samples in different streams and lakes. She told me how that job offered her a lot of time in the Montana wilderness, by herself, and she would get out in the middle of nowhere and suntan topless or naked as nobody was around. She told me about a time when she had fallen asleep tanning, only to wake up to hearing something rustling near her. Thinking that it was an animal, she pulled her 45 out of its holster before opening her eyes, then turned to see a large black man, peeing. He hadn't noticed her until that moment and was as startled as she was.

"Maam, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there and I just stopped to relieve myself so I didn't wet my pants on the way to town!"

She told me he was "hung like a horse" and she just stared for a minute, with her mouth hanging open, before telling him it was okay, and she was sorry if she startled him.

She said, he didn't put his cock away immediately, and she didn't look away. He finished and zipped up his pants, tipped his hat, and told her to have a good afternoon, returning to his car. Throughout the day she couldn't get the image of him out of her head and felt aroused all afternoon. That evening Dee had sex with her boyfriend at the time and he commented that he couldn't believe how horny she was? She told him that she was thinking about him all day and was missing him today but the truth was she was imagining he was the big black man fucking her.

Fast forward 25 years and Dee found that fantasy playing itself out in her head after I shared my fantasy about her being with a black man. Dee was first seduced by a black man named Byron, at the age of 44 (she has written a story about it. Look up, "Seduced by a 30 year old black man.") That was the beginning, her blacking. After that relationship ended, Dee didn't like the idea of going out and flirting with strangers, but the desires that were kindled by Bryon didn't leave her.

On this day, Dee told me about a young man from the local college that flirts with her every time she goes to the grocery store, and that he was getting into her head and making her think about what it might be like to be with him? She told me that he may be open to the idea of my presence as a first cuckold experience for us if we decided to pursue him. I could tell by how excited she was about the possibility, and by the look in her eyes and body language, she wanted to pursue the young man.

Understand that our marriage has always been pretty open. We have talked openly about people we were attracted to. That might be a bit on the wild side for some but it works for us very well. I had often told her, even before she ever had her first affair, that if she had an opportunity to fulfill a fantasy, I wanted her to go for it! As long as she felt safe, I did not want her to pass up an opportunity because of me, but I would love to hear about it later!

That is how I first heard about her affair with Byron. She told me about it after they had been having sex for over a week. But, as I said, that is another story.

To paint a clear picture of the dynamics of our relationship - I am an MMA instructor, Martial Arts, (Not all cucks are pathetic wimps as some like to claim. I don't say that as an insult to the way anyone else enjoys their fantasy, but just sharing my story.) Some of us enjoy the lifestyle as we are submissive in our relationships, but not in our day to day, professional life. I, for one, have always loved submitting to DeeAnna. I get aroused seeing the woman I love having a great time and mind-blowing orgasms with other men (and a couple of women) and can appreciate and enjoy the cuckold/hotwife/bull lifestyle without letting my ego ruin an exciting love life.

As a teacher, DeeAnna had also told me that if I had a chance to experience intimacy with one of my students, as I have a lot of single mothers and women in my martial arts classes; I should feel free to enjoy myself if the opportunity presents itself. I have a thing for the more full-bodied short women, and I get turned on by a woman with thick thighs according to Dee, I am not sure why, just seems sexy to me!

Mostly, I am embarrassed about the size of my dick, as I have been in enough locker rooms to know that I am smaller than average and that has kept me from being too bold, sexually, but it has led me to offer DeeAnna an almost open door to find more well-endowed men for her needs.

Once she had her first big cock, she told me she had never cum so hard in her life and the first night she was with Byron she reported having five orgasms, each seemed to be more powerful than the one before!

I was stiff hearing her talk about her experience. She told me that "During our time together, I have come to realize that I am a size queen, I get off hard when a man has a thick cock." She also said that she has realized that she finds black men very handsome.

"Tom, I just find myself unable to resist when Byron looks into my eyes. I WANT to suck his dick and he has me on my knees in seconds, every time we're alone!"

Now, back to the story about the man at the grocery store: When we went to this grocery store, Dee went in alone and to my disappointment, she came out quickly leading me to believe he was not there, he was and he was about to get off work. Dee had an address and phone number with an invitation to come help him shower!?

When I first told my wife about my fantasy, she was at first conflicted and later more enthusiastic than I thought she would be. I thought the idea of me being present would get one of those disgusted looks but she smiled at the thought after a while! Now my head was reeling, it was going to happen! 24 hours ago, this was a fantasy I had not told her about and now it was about to happen!

As we pulled out of the parking lot, we began a leisurely drive toward the area of town where the address was. Dee looked at me and smiled, she seem very excited bouncing in the seat like a schoolgirl.

"I am so turned on, Tom, I can't believe we are doing this!" She blushed!

When enough time had passed and she called him he was just getting home, I headed for the address with purpose now while my wife flirted openly with him on the phone and I loved it!

When we pulled up to the apartment Dee said "I need to go in alone."

I started to protest, but she held her finger to my lips.

"20 minutes, baby, you come up and knock on the door in 20 minutes, okay?"

I nodded my head, she got out of the car and walked away as I watched her... I had a feeling as I sat there watching her go that tonight our lives were about to change in a big way!

I wasn't going to just sit there in the car for 20 minutes, so I pulled out of the parking lot, checked the clock, and began one of the longest 20 minutes drives of my life! It seemed like it was hours when I arrived at his door a minute early and knocked.

A deep voice called out "C'mon in man!" I prepared myself for what I might see when I opened the door and as I stepped in I nearly tripped over my wife's shoes, jeans, and panties laying on the floor, and just beyond lay his entire work uniform, right down to his shoes and socks.

My wife was in his kitchen and the young black man was standing next to her in a towel I had a feeling I was being taken for a ride by Dee and this black man, I had a feeling this was not her first time in his place?

"Honey, this is Eric", she smiled, "Eric, this is my husband, Tom."

He came over to shake my hand and I noticed that he was somewhat muscular and very casual about greeting the husband of a woman that was standing in his kitchen bottomless making him a sandwich, while he was in nothing but a towel. I'm sure my face was red, I felt intimidated and turned on at the same time. My imagination was reeling! What had they done before I got here and again that sense that this was not her first time, that she had been here before tonight as they seemed way too comfortable to have just met!

"You want a sandwich, Tom?" Eric smiled "Or do you just want to watch your wife suck this black dick?"

He unhooked his towel and let it drop to the floor. I couldn't help it my eyes went straight to his dick, It was nine or ten inches long and thick. Dee came around the counter looking HOT! She had a plate in her hand with his sandwich and a glass of milk. They moved over to the couch, and she set the food and drink on the coffee table. Here is my wife of 20 years serving another man, and I was trembling with excitement!

"I wanna watch her suck your dick!"

She stepped into his arms and he kissed her long and deep. I watched his hands glide down her back to her sexy ass and caress her cheeks. She broke the kiss and sat him down handing him half a sandwich and kissed him one more time as she got on her knees between his legs.

Many of you that desire the cuckold interracial lifestyle will share a similar story, or experience, sometime soon I hope but here's what you need to know now before then if you have this fantasy. Be prepared for the total subjugation of your wife to the lifestyle, She will develop something of an obsession with black men and/or women.

So cuck be prepared to get up late at night and take your wife to her boyfriend's house, where they will make you wait outside while your wife goes in to give him a blowjob because he wants a blowjob before going to sleep or because he can't sleep. Be ready when on occasion on one of these late night oral gratification runs your wife or her boyfriend calls from inside the house and tells you to go home because she's staying the night or when they invite you in, just in time to help DeeAnna get dressed (Without being given the gift of cleanup duties) so you can take her back home.

One of my favorites is the thrill I get when DeeAnna tells me that she has to go buy new panties because she keeps leaving them at her boyfriend's house and they have disappeared (on to eBay no doubt).

Byron (Dee's first black BF) approached me with one of his friends, once and handed me a pair of Deewear's panties. "Your wife left these in my car" was all he said, and walked off. Rest assured that all of his or her friends will know, so be prepared for black people of whatever sex she is into of all ages to give you their phone numbers and invite the two of you to "parties." if you are with your wife or not, some will just wink and tell you to have your wife call them.

Black men will look almost pitifully at you... Sometimes you will see men talking and laughing looking in your direction and often pointing. Black men or women will openly flirt with your wife in public like you aren't there and other white or Latin women of all ages will always want to have hushed conversations with her, Your wife will love all the attention but you will worry every time she is late, you will be suspicious. You will have to buy her new clothes and lingerie, stuff she will never wear for you, and finally, watching your wife with other men will be more exciting than you thought possible!

There may be stories that will come out of her past that will upset you a bit as what happened with me when I learn Dee had a taste for dark Chocolate before me and my desires. These stories may lead you to conclude that two college friends, who would or do come around your place (We have a working ranch) in an official capacity as well as an unofficial capacity...

There is no doubt in my mind that I do not know about all of the times she got together with her black lovers, or even when they started. I suspect it was a couple of months before I found out? I ache when I think about missing that first time she met each one and how excited they both were, how DeeAnna would have kissed him with passion and pleaded with him to suck his cock, before he pushed her to her knees and slapped her across the face with his big, hard cock, stuffing it in her mouth.

Don't think it will be any different for you - your wife is not going to tell you everything because she will want to meet him sometimes and be ultra-naughty without you watching. She needs her time to show him her dedication to him and how she is choosing his cock over your penis.

If you're lucky, she will share some of those encounters with you on cold winter nights, when you are cuddling together and she decides to tease you...
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