He was not my wife’s “type,” if you can say she has one; but she is usually into a man around her age (at that time 28) that is tall, with a basketball player’s build, smooth in the many senses of the word, clean-shaved, dark-skinned and handsome. He was certainly tall and handsome, but he was an older white man, 51 to be exact, with a hairy chest, a rugged look, and a tan that indicated he was an outdoorsy type. Although he was older, he took care of himself, or as he put it “spends a lot of time at the gym.” He was a fit 6 '2,'' and around 215lbs with grey-blue eyes flanked by crow's feet. He had a full head of salt and peppered dishwater blond hair which he kept faded and kind of long on top. He had a matching 5 O’Clock shadow that bordered on a beard that covered a well-defined jawline. He reminded me of Timothy Olyphant’s character in The Mandalorian.

He responded to an “MW4M Summertime fun” post we made involving a particular fantasy of ours - going out dancing followed by some backseat car fun on the way home - but when we saw his profile picture, which was just another buff faceless body, we were hesitant to even open his message lest we be greeted by another thoughtless one-liner like “I want her” or “hey what’s up?” Or even something vulgar showing that they didn’t bother reading the very first line of our profile saying we will not respond to such messages. Perhaps we were jaded from past interactions.

Nevertheless, curiosity must have gotten the best of my wife; she noticed his age and mentioned that he had a nice body for someone his age and remarked that she had never been with anyone that much older than herself. Before we even opened his message we decided to check out his profile to see what he had to say for himself. His profile was very descriptive and thoughtful, he said a lot about himself, his interests, kinks, and fantasies. He had face pictures and not all of his photos were of his naked body, member, or past sexual conquests either. Indeed there were plenty of those photos, but there was a good mix of outdoor adventures, fully clothed photos, scenery, past sexual conquests, and of course some dick pics; which judging by the photos seemed quite thick and large. We opened his email and were greeted with a thoughtful message. He read our post and our profile and was sure to acknowledge me, the husband, before complimenting the wife. Perhaps it was the fatigue of trying to find a decent third, but my wife decided to give an older guy a chance and we wrote back to express our interest.

After a few emails, we decided to create a group chat on Kik to keep the conversation going. We let him know that we were in no rush, but that patience would be rewarded; in fact, we chatted with him for a good month before making plans to meet up. Our conversations started pretty vanilla, e.g. leisurely activities, favorite bars, and restaurants, we sent him some PG face photos, and finally, we started asking those important questions about sexual health status. Once we were all comfortable we started exchanging stories about the lifestyle and past sexual experiences.

Although we waited over a month to meet up, it was only a good 2 weeks before he and my wife started sexting - at my suggestion. I suggested to my wife that she ask him if he wanted to see some naughty pictures and of course, he said yes when he received them he complimented how beautiful she was and then went on to describe in exquisite detail the things he wanted to do to her without being particularly vulgar; it seemed he was quite the romantic. He asked her if he could send her back a few photos and she agreed, so he sent her back a few pictures; a naked full-body pick, he had quite the physique with nice abs, a close-up of his hard cock, and one of himself stroking his hard cock to the photo she had just sent him. Then he asked her what she thought about the photos and his hard cock and what she would like to do with it; as one could imagine, the conversation only heated up from there.

At that point the anticipation was starting to become too much to bear so we decided to set up a date. Supposedly it was just going to be a meet and greet to see how we all felt about going any further as sometimes the online experience is far different than the in-person experience. We set it up for a Friday night at a bar across town that was said to have good seating and a dance floor. We all agreed to show up by 9 pm.

Friday night arrived and although the wife and I had a couple of MFM threesomes before, I could tell she was a little nervous about this, or perhaps eager. We set up the meeting to be more like a date between her and him, and she hadn’t been on a date in years. I reassured her, telling her that it was going to be fine and I let her know how excited I was for her. She said that she was also excited. She didn’t know what to wear. She wanted to wear something fun, yet casual that bordered on the edges of elegant, sexy, and slutty, but she didn’t want to look like a ****** or an ******.

Fortunately, it was summer so she could afford to wear something a little more revealing without it being too conspicuous. I told her I would help her find something to wear. I searched through her closet and grabbed a few items, a tube top and a miniskirt, a garter and leggings, and some high heels but of course, this was too slutty for her liking. She on the other hand chose a nice dress, but it was way too nice for a bar scene and we didn’t want her to stand out too much. We settled on something a bit more casual; a loose spaghetti-strap summer dress with a floral print that she had in the back of her closet. It was one of her favorite dresses but had shrunk in the wash and she felt it was too short; it reached the top of her thighs and if she moved around enough it would ****** her pussy and her butt cheeks. She also had some lacey suspended pantyhose, the kind with an open rear and front, that came up high so that the dress didn’t appear too short, and she also wore short heels.

She jumped in the shower and when she got out I noticed she had a freshly shaven pussy for the occasion. She did her hair and make-up in front of the mirror with the towel still on and then started to put on her outfit. She was putting on a bra but I told her to leave it off so she did; I also told her not to wear any panties to which she responded “I thought this was only supposed to be a meet and greet” to which I responded, “yes, of course, but you did shave your pussy!” She gave me a devious smile. She got dressed and put on a light summer coat. She was looking irresistible so I started to kiss and feel her up a bit and we had a small make-out session with some heavy petting; she was already wet and very horney. I lifted her dress and was caressing her ass and whispered in her ear that a princess needs her crown jewels and showed her a small blue princess butt plug I had bought for her! She was hesitant at first, but she was so hot by then that she agreed to put it in. We were running behind so we texted our friend to let him know we were on our way, but would be there a little late; by the time we got there, it was just a quarter over 9.
Our friend sent us a message saying that he was already there and had a table at a booth. We were kind of nervous that we might be recognized by someone, but we were across town so it didn’t seem likely; nevertheless, we decided to go in separately and act like we didn’t know each other. She went in first, ordered a drink at the bar, and found him at the table. I soon followed and ordered a drink and stayed at the bar, from which I could see their table.
It was a Friday night so the venue was kind of crowded; my view was occasionally obstructed for lengthy periods. At first, my wife was nervous and tense, she was seated at the other side of the booth. Meanwhile, he was relaxed and casual with one arm up, stretched out over the booth closer to her. After some conversation, she started to loosen up. I could see that they were hitting it off as he would say something and she would smile or laugh and brush her hand through her hair in a flirtatious manner and he would gently touch her arm or shoulder. My view was obstructed for a moment so I sipped my drink, but when I could see them again they were sitting much closer. I noticed that his one arm was beneath the table; he must have had his hand on her leg. They finished their drinks and he got up to go order some more. While he was doing so I texted her to see how things were going.

She said that things were going great and that he was very charming in person. I then asked her what she thought about having a threesome with him. She said I had a one-track mind, but hopefully sooner rather than later; winking kissy-face emoji. Since it was a busy night it took a while for him to get drinks so my wife and I kept texting. I told her how exciting it was to watch her flirt and that it was ok with me if she wanted to turn it up a notch and be a little more affectionate with him, or if she wanted to kiss or make out with him. She then asked how I felt about them playing tonight; I was surprised but then said that it would be ok, and told her I look forward to watching. She texted back that she was gonna have to put on a show for me.
He made it back to the booth with some drinks. They carried on in conversation and by this time were a little more affectionate; he had his arm around her and it seemed that she had her hand on his thigh (later on she revealed to me that she started rubbing the inside of his thigh, occasionally, accidentally but on purpose, brushing her hand and fingers against and over his cock, but then started to give it a little rub). It was around 10:30 p.m. and the action was picking up on the dance floor; my wife texted me to go to the table and watch their things while they danced. I made my way over while they finished their drinks and when I got there they immediately went to the dance floor; the booth was near the dance floor and a little bit above it so it had a good view.

On the dance floor things heated up. All the people obstructed my view but at times I could see she was twerking and grinding up against him and he was exploring her body with his hands. At one point I saw that she straightened up her body and he ran his hands down the front and side of her body, as his hands caressed her hips. He must have realized she was not wearing any panties the way she backed up on him with her ass cheeks, and I am sure that he could feel her butt plug pressing against his cock which I could only imagine was rock hard by this point. They had been dancing for about maybe half an hour when they disappeared from my sight. He brought her to a darker corner of the dance floor by a stack of speakers just out of sight from the crowd, except for maybe his back.

She later told me that when he brought her there he began to kiss her passionately while he slipped his hands up beneath the back of her dress to squeeze her voluptuous ass cheeks; he was sure to comment about her but plug saying “Well aren’t you a naughty girl” and even pressed on it a little bit with his fingers while cupping her ass cheeks as they made out. Also, because he had the reach to do so, he managed to slip a finger inside of her pussy from behind; she was sopping wet and her pussy juice was running down the insides of her legs. All the while she was caressing his cock through the front of his pants. She got worried that they were being a little obvious so they made their way back to the dance floor. At this point, she texted me to say that they were done dancing and were coming back to the table and when they got there I should go get the car ready because our friend would be coming home with us.

When they got back to the table they acted like I was merely a kind stranger who agreed to watch their things while they danced and thanked me; “no problem, anytime” I said. I went outside and got into the driver's seat. My wife texted me to let me know that they were just picking up the tab and that he would be riding home with us as he arrived in a cab. It was just around 11 O’Clock when they both slipped into the back seat of our car and continued their dancefloor shenanigans. I started the car and pulled out of the parking lot. It was a long drive home, but even so, I was sure to take the back roads and to be extra cautious, following the speed limit, or driving more slowly if necessary, taking my time at stoplights and stop signs, and especially to check my blind spots and rearview mirror.
Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 8.18.17 AM.png
Not long after we pulled up to the first stoplight I checked my blind spot and could see them in a full-on make-out session; he had the straps pulled down from her dress cupping one of her ******* breasts. The light turned green so I put my eyes on the road but enjoyed the symphony of slurps, gasps, groans, and slatherings. We arrived at a stop sign; another chance to check my blind spots. This time he had her legs spread eagle, and he was playing with her sopping wet pussy and clit; it was so wet that I could see the street lights reflecting off of it and I even caught a glimpse of her blue princess butt plug shimmering between her ass cheeks. I was rock hard, but I returned my eyes to the road and pressed the gas. This time I heard the sound of unbuckling and unzipping followed by some slurping shortly afterwards. For once in my life I was cursing all of the green lights until finally, we hit another red one. I looked back again and saw that he was leaning back, I could see her side body twisted over him; she was bobbing up and down. The top of her dress was fully down and his hand was caressing her bare back, but he started to move it upwards towards her head. The light turned green. I couldn’t quite make out what he had whispered to her, but it sounded like he said “Try going further down on it.” We came to a stop sign, I peeked back and saw him pushing down on the back of her head. I returned my eyes to the road and pressed the gas. I heard a glugging sound and a gasp. Then I heard her say “That’s as far down as I can go, it doesn’t fit all the way” and he told her something like she was “Such a good girl” for trying before they started kissing again.
Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 8.17.13 AM.pngIMG_9670.png
I continued driving and I could hear them making out again and the indistinguishable sound of a hand, or hands, stroking a cock, and her telling him “Your dick is a lot bigger in real life” and that she was “so ready for it.” He said he was going to give her “all of it in her tight little pussy” but also that it looked so much bigger because of her small hands: plural. I should take this time to say that my wife is indeed a smaller woman; she is 5’0 tall and 140 pounds that she carries in her legs and ass; she is thick and curvy although with smaller, yet subtle, and perky breasts.

As we came to another stoplight I couldn’t help but rub my hard cock through my pants as I checked my rearview and saw his head leaning back. At the light, I turned around and saw that she was on her knees in the backseat and could see that she was sucking his cock again. While she was slurping, he was groaning, whispering, almost growling “Yes, suck that cock, stroke it while you suck it, yes, just like that, long strokes,” all the while, with his big hand and long reach, he was squeezing and slapping her ass cheeks, fingering and rubbing her pussy, pulling and pushing on her butt plug. At one point, he had even removed the butt plug and replaced it with part of his middle finger up to the second joint, finger-banging her asshole. The light turned green. I could hear them still going at it.

We were drawing closer to our neighborhood, but were still a good 5 to 10 minutes' drive away; I thought that maybe I could stretch it to 15 if I drove even more carefully. At this point, she climbed on top of him, but he wasn’t inside of her; she was merely teasing him, and perhaps herself, sliding his shaft between her wet pussy lips. I watched her ass and hips grind forward and backward as he grabbed and spread her ass cheeks, I could see that he had put her butt plug back in as it was glimmering like a disco light right above his balls. We were merely blocks away from our home.

Our friend had proven early on that he was STD-free and vasectomy safe. We told him that if he were able to do so, then we might be ok with him playing bare; he took advantage of this opportunity in our driveway. We live on a “flag lot” so we are outside of the view of any neighbors, especially when we park on the side of our house as we did. When we pulled up, I backed into our side driveway. At this point, she was still just sliding up and down his shaft with no penetration. My wife knows how much I like to watch as she takes a new cock for the first time so she waited until we were in the driveway. She made it clear telling him that she wanted him inside of her and lifted on her knees he maneuvered his thick cock right beneath her sopping wet pussy and she, with her arm stretched behind her back, guided it into her; I saw the head and shaft disappear as it was consumed by her beautiful, wet, shaven pussy!
Screen Shot 2023-06-25 at 8.17.13 AM.png
She gave out a sigh of lust and relief as she slipped down the shaft. His cock did indeed seem larger in real life than in the photos, although it was big by any measure, it wasn’t the length - in fact, he told us that it was “just” 8 ½ inches,- but the girth. It was very, very thick and had a muscular and veiny look to it; my wife’s pussy gripped and stretched onto it like a sock leaving a foot on every outward pull to thrust. They were working in unison, as she lifted he pulled down, and when she came down he pushed back up meeting her thrust with his own. They started soft and slow, as were their moans and groans, but as their moans and groans grew harder and faster, so did their thrusts!

The inside of the car was echoing with the sounds of colliding flesh and heavy breathing, grunting, and moaning. By this time my pants were halfway down and I added to this symphony of lust the sound of my hand stroking my cock voicing “Oh yes, yes” as I encouraged them and egged them on, asking my wife “Do you like the way that big cock feels mi amor?”

“Si, si,” she responds.

“Yea, fuck that beautiful pussy!” I tell him, “Give it to her!”

Although my wife had already had a few orgasms, we were all edging at this point, and all felt cramped up in the car so we decided to take our fun inside. As we made our way down the hall we tossed our clothing aside like jetsam before making it to our bedroom. My wife still had on her lacey suspended pantyhose and heels; these two items would remain on the remainder of the evening. I layed down at the head of our bed and my wife crawled up with her head between my legs and started sucking me off; face down and ass up. Our friend crawled up behind her and started licking her pussy from behind; he removed the butt plug and started rimming her as well and was sure to slip some fingers inside of her causing her to suck my cock with more intensity.

He stood up and I could see how much more massive he was compared to her up close; he was quite muscular, so much so that it was easy to tell from his silhouette in the dim light. He slid up behind her and teased her pussy with his cock, and slapped her ass cheeks with it before he thrust it back into her. He gripped her hips and gave a good thrust, my cock fell from her mouth as she gasped and cringed a bit, her eyes closed tight and her mouth clamped down, but soon enough she turned that frown upside down. He started by giving it to her hard and fast, maybe even just a little too rough, or perhaps just rough enough as she was thoroughly enjoying it. He was thrusting, gripping her hips, and slapping ass cheeks while my wife struggled to keep my cock in her mouth; she finally gave up and then grabbed onto it for dear life with both hands, so much so that it was slightly painful.

I could tell that he wanted to come, but decided to delay his gratification; perhaps at his age, he didn’t want to waste an erection. He pulled out - my wife not wanting him to stop - and he flipped her over saying it would be a shame not getting a better taste of such a sweet pussy. He started eating her out, being sure to slide in some fingers and I took advantage of this eye-of-the-storm moment to get up on my knees and slide my cock into her mouth. I could tell by the way she was eagerly sucking that she was in pure bliss and ecstasy. He continued to eat her out and brought her to another orgasm.

He stood back up, and then I stood up and suggested we give her pussy a break and let her suck on both of our cocks. My wife thought that this was a good idea. We both stood in front of her which also gave me a chance to see the size difference. Although his cock was already a good 2 ½ inches longer than my own, it was the girth that made mine look so much smaller; his cock was probably as big around as it was long. My wife sucked one at a time switching back and forth between them, but then I suggested that she try getting both in her mouth, but she could only fit the heads. Even so, she slithered her tongue around and between both cocks as we vied for space in her mouth; both of us reaching down to caress her breasts, upper back and body, and head. I then told him that he should lie down and let her get on top of him.

She climbed on top of him and started riding, wasting no time getting back into it. She started to lean back and grab on his knees for support but I climbed up behind her not only to hold her up but to take the opportunity to caress and fondle her and kiss her from behind. I wrapped my body around a bit and kissed her mouth, but then came back behind her and whispered in her ear that I also wanted inside her pussy and to lay forward. She laid forward on top of our friend and started to kiss him passionately ******** her cock filled cunt; her pussy was so stretched to the brim that I was doubtful that I was even going to be able to fit. I gave it a shot, initially, my cock did nothing more than slip from side to side on the massive piece of meat my wife was sitting on, but eventually I was able to pry the head in. From there my wife was so wet that it was quite easy to slide it in.

And there it was; our first DP. It was sort of a strange sensation as my cock and balls were pressing up against his cock and balls, yet we were both engulfed by my wife’s hungry pussy. Initially all three of us sort of just sat there motionless, as if preserving this perfect moment, but this was also a very fragile situation; any wrong move and my cock would just slip right out again. And sure enough, it did, but I was able to get it back in. We started slow, and then we found our rhythm. My wife was the most free to move, so we both kinds of followed her lead, but he was also strong enough to get some thrusts in from beneath; I kind of just followed him. The way my cock was stuck to his, made me feel like my cock was one of those fish that attach themselves to a large shark waiting to get a free meal when the shark attacks its prey; his cock was the large shark, and of course, my wife’s pussy was the prey. There was something about this that was just so primal and dirty.

I started talking dirty to my wife. “You like that?”

“Oh si, yes,” I asked her how many cocks she had inside of her: “Two”

“Two what?”

“Two cocks,”

“Do you like having two cocks inside of you?”

“Yes, I love it!”

“Say it,” I told her, “tell me what you love,”

To which she replied, “I love having two cocks inside me!” Hearing her say that was too much, I couldn’t hold it any longer, I had to pull out and came all over her back, and rolled off to the side.

At this point, our friend went all out. Her rolled her around and got on top of her and started fucking her as hard as he could. My wife’s moans grew louder and longer, as her breathing got faster and faster and I thought she was going to wake the neighbors! “Fuck me!! Fuck me!!” she screamed, or rather she demanded, “Fuck me sooo hard!” It was a rhetorical statement as I don’t think he could have fucked her any harder! He was going full force. Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! This went on for a minute or two, or maybe more; he had great stamina but was starting to sweat. I could tell he was getting there; my wife was already there having yet another orgasm akin to a seizure, her eyes rolling to the back of her as she let out an intense moan! His grunting and groaning grew heavier and faster until he finally: released. Uuuuuhng! And then a second and longer Uuuuuuuuhng! And then a few smaller, more sporadic “Uungs” with some spasms as he collapsed on top of her, after having filled her with his vasectomy-safe seed.

He lay there with his massive body atop my wife, her hands gently caressing his back as their breathing returned to normal. He rolled to the opposite side with my wife sandwiched between us on her back. Her legs were up, bent at the knees. I wanted to get a look at the carnage so I got up to see. Her pussy was gaping and glimmering in the dim moonlight and I could see his come dripping out of her. It was a massive load, fitting for a cock of that size; it was a beautiful sight. I layed back down beside her and gave her a long passionate kiss, and told her how amazing she is, as he lay there sort of half spooning her, gently caressing her body; I then did the same. My wife then reached down and grabbed our wet, sticky, and limp cocks and asked; “are you guys up for another round?”
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