Halloween 2017

We had one previous MFM encounter, but our last encounter had been such a tease, leaving my wife with a real thirst, so we decided to turn things up a notch and head to a swingers club. We had never been to one before, and decided, almost at random on the Velvet Rope. It was Halloween so we were sure that there would be a lot of people. Being a sporadic occasion, neither of us had much of a costume. I had jeans, a jean-colored button shirt, and a red bandana, so I made a make-shift Bruce Springsteen costume, while my wife just put on a tight short summer dress without any panties, some high heels, and painted her pace as a sugar skull. We got to the door and signed all the customary papers, disclosures, waivers, or what have you, and headed on in. It was still rather early so there weren’t as many people, so we looked around and then decided to go upstairs and get a drink. As we waited in line more and more people started showing up. We chatted with a few people and took a look around upstairs; couples were chatting and seated in a room with porno on a big screen and there were a few beds around the corner. We finished our drinks and headed down to the couple's area.


In the couples area there was a bed surrounded by seating, on the bed was a couple, a pale-skinned redhead, with a very nice body and large breasts; she was playing with her partner who had a chiseled build and a large member. My wife and I sat down on the only available seat, a loveseat that was right next to the bed, we didn’t mind the incredible view. My wife was on my lap, I hiked up her dress and started to play with her pussy as she rubbed my cock through my jeans. A woman dressed as a sexy police officer asked to join the couple on the bed while her husband watched. The couple agreed, and then the police lady asked and was granted permission to suck the redhead’s partner’s cock. The police lady sucked for a while, but seemingly had her fill and backed off, she thanked them and she and her partner made their way somewhere else. The redhead and her partner also got up from the bed and sat on the side benches. Two couples soon took their place on the bed as I and my wife watched. By now my wife had taken my cock out of my pants and was stroking it in plain view. One of the males on the bed was gathering inspiration as he watched me rub my wife’s pussy, as he viciously fucked his partner from behind. He was staring straight at my wife’s wet snatch as he eagerly pounded his way to completion. My wife and I decided to change scenery and went back upstairs for another drink.

Upstairs we made our way to the back and passed the big screen porno, where there was an orgy happening on a large bed, we watched the action as I once again hiked up my wife’s skirt ******** her plump, yet firm ass and started to caress it. A young slender man almost begged to touch it, but my wife refused; she was not yet in the mood to be touched by strangers. However, as she turned around to deny his request she noticed a tall, dark, and handsome individual that was dressed as some sort of gladiator, with the body of a spartan to fill the role. She made eye contact with him and smiled as we were making our way back downstairs. She asked me what I thought about the situation and I told her that if she wanted to play with him it was ok. He most certainly noticed her smile and eye contact as not before long he was downstairs. My wife can be quite shy, so I told her to ask him if she could touch him as she wanted to feel his chiseled abs; the type of abs I have been working to get for years to no avail. We went up and introduced ourselves and he said his name was Vladimir, which I assumed was a moniker. She asked to touch him and he agreed without hesitation; as she was feeling out his abs he asked if he could also touch her and of course she said yes. He gently caressed her cheek and I lowered down the front half of her dress ******** her breasts which he immediately began to feel out; I suggested we find a room so that we could all get more acquainted.

We found a room and closed the door behind us, and I immediately started to passionately kiss my wife while ******** her bare ass to our new friend. I encouraged him to squeeze her voluptuous ass cheeks and he was much obliged. As he was fondling and caressing her ass, breasts, and body, I peeled her dress off and turned her around to face him, like an offering, while I kissed her shoulders, neck, and cheek. I undressed myself as did he and we were all standing there naked. However, my wife and I soon stood in awe as our new friend unsheathed a massive cock. Now in my adolescence, like many, I was curious as to where I stood amongst men. My high school girlfriend was also best friends with a close female friend of mine who I trusted to be truthful with me no matter how brutal the truth may be; my high school girlfriend was satisfied with my size, as were many girlfriends to follow. My wife too has always been satisfied.

That being said, I have done my research, I have read the articles, I’ve seen amateur porn, I have been undressed amongst others in locker rooms, and quite frankly, based on research and observation, I have always felt pretty adequate, and confident about what I have come to know is my perfectly average sized cock; a run of the mill 6 incher. However, at that moment, I was beginning to question if this was such a good idea. His cock was massive, probably twice as long as my run of the mill 6 incher, and probably more than twice as large if we are talking about girth. My wife, mouth a gap, started to explore it with her hands, plural, as it took both hands. I encouraged her to get on her knees and I slipped my cock into her mouth. She eagerly started to suck, but did not let go of his cock, nor stop eyeballing it for an instant; it was obvious what she wanted. Then, she asked, she asked him if she could suck his cock and of course, he said yes. I could see the puddle on the floor leaking from her sopping wet and eager pussy, I stood beside our new friend, not only so that my wife could easily switch back and forth from cock to cock; or how I felt in the moment, from Cock to weenie, but also to get a sense of scale. I wanted to see the size difference; his cock dwarfed mine, and there was no comparison; I realized that Vladimir was indeed a moniker, and probably a play on Vlad the Impaler.

I could see an almost sadistic pleasure on our new friend's face as my wife struggled to suck and fit his massive cock in her mouth, one that might have been mistaken for smugness if he were not such a gentleman. She moved her mouth up and down, barely reaching the shaft as she passed the head with her mouth; she used both hands at the same time to stroke the shaft; there was plenty of room to move each hand freely. This was the most erotic sight I had ever witnessed at that moment and I do not believe my cock could get any harder. She began licking his cock up and down, drooling all over it and then started licking his balls, and as I watched I slowly began to stroke my own; this was indeed a real live porno. Our new friend desired a taste of my wife’s sweet pussy and had her lay on the bed, he spread her legs and began licking and sucking her juicy, succulent, sopping wet pussy. I made my way to the head of the bed and put my cock in her mouth; with ease, this cock almost fit entirely. She was probably as horny as she has ever been and sucked my cock with great enthusiasm while she was being eaten out and although the angle of her suck was uncomfortable on my end, it was still probably one of the best blow jobs I received from her ever.

I was still in a sort of state of shock and awe and perhaps still held some skepticism, so I called on our new friend to the head of the bed so that she could provide a double blow job, and I could get another glimpse or rather a comparison. She was able to fit both of the heads of our cocks in her mouth, albeit lopsidedly. She flicked her tongue in an almost serpentine way between our two cocks and then encircled the heads, I then backed off and made my way down to lick her pussy. As I did so, I looked up at the lovely sight of my wife sucking and stroking that massive cock. I got up and inserted my cock into her pussy as if I were trying to get one last feel of its tightness before I gave it away to be stretched and resized by that massive cock. My wife was on birth control at the time, so I went in bareback, and I was in such heat at the moment I could feel my cock wanting to burst. I backed off and asked our new friend if he would like to trade places, and I handed him a condom.


He opened the package, and fit as much of his cock into the regular-sized condom as he could; it still did not cover the entirety of his shaft. He then made his way down the bed and in between my wife’s legs. I now had a choice to make, watch the point of insertion, as he struggled to inch that massive piece of meat inside my wife’s tight little pussy, or watch my wife’s face grimace and cringe with a down-turned mouth as she tried to adjust her tight little pussy to accommodate the immensity of his gargantuan cock. I presumed, based on the sheer size of the thing, that I would have time to see both. Much to my chagrin however, my assumption was dead wrong; he stuffed his monstrous cock inside my wife’s pussy with such speed and ease, it was as if he assumed that she was already accustomed to taking such enormous cocks! In almost an instant his cock disappeared; he was balls deep inside of my wife. I concernedly looked up at her face to an even more surprising scene; no cringing, no grimacing, no down-turned mouth, in fact, quite the opposite; she had the look of pure ecstasy. I could only think to myself, “My wife’s a size queen.” It was quite a realization, made all the more evident as he picked up the pace and pounded her now not-so-tight, now not-so-little pussy into submission! Plop! Plop! Plop! Plop! His balls slapped against her taint, his black shaft now slathered in a contrasting white cream. She moaned, louder and louder, “fuck me” she screamed almost insistently, “fuck me!” “fuck me!” “Harder!” “FUCK ME!!!” “HARDER!!!!” “OHOOOOooooooOOOHoooo!!!”

She started to quiver and spasm; she had an orgasm, something almost akin to a seizure. Our new friend was edging, “Where do you want me to come?” “Where do you want me to come?!?!” She was speechless at the moment and signaled with her hands to her breasts. Meanwhile, I was stroking my cock on the sideline and tried yelling out, voice half cracking, “All over her pretty face!!” He withdrew his cock, ripped off the condom, and gave out a groan, or rather a growl, slammed his hand against the wall, and shot his load all over my wife’s beautiful titties. I have to say that I was kind of disappointed in the minuscule load he produced, as I expected to see my wife covered in a vast quantity of cum; he must have pregamed. He collapsed atop my wife and they kissed passionately for a few moments. He got up and I made my way between my wife’s legs only to witness a gaping flesh hole, lips tattered and swollen, pussy all stretched out, and the dim light glimmering off of the wetness of her shaved cunt.

My cock was sooo hard, and now it was my turn. I expected to slide my cock into a gaping hole and probably have to move it around in circles just to get the feel of any one side, however, it was quite the opposite, her insides were swollen and puffy, and it was quite a soft feeling that encompassed the entirety of my cock; her insides were fluffy like some sort of airbags after a car wreck. Indeed her pussy was a wreck. After all that excitement, I could only last but a few moments; I whipped out my cock and added a more massive load to my wife’s chest. My load to his, was like his cock to mine if you had been watching, and left the room for a moment and came back to these two loads you probably would have assumed that mine came out of our new friend. Our new friend then excused himself as I and my wife lay there both in ecstasy. But this wasn’t the end of this night, only the beginning… to be continued.
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