Based on the metadata of a photo I took, I can confirm that this happened on the night of March 31st, 2017, which was a Friday. We had arranged to meet up at the Spare Room Restaurant & Lounge, which turned into a lively dance club at night. I had made plans for us to meet with a guy I had connected with on Craigslist, back when that platform was still popular.


The man I had arranged for us to meet was around my age, 36 at the time, and had a very typical Portland style. He was a tall, white guy, standing at 6'2" with a slender, athletic build. He wore a button-up flannel shirt, a beanie, slender but not skinny jeans, and lace-up chukka boots. His hair was a dark full set with a medium-length fade, and he had a short, well-kept beard that added to his overall stylish appearance. He had nice clear pale skin, pleasant eyes, a chiseled jaw, and a very symmetrical face. All of these features aligned with what my wife finds attractive in a man. To top it all off, he had a thick 8" cock.

My wife had just left the Ali Wong show downtown and I picked her up and we headed to the Spare Room. On the way, in the car, I had her remove her bra and panties so that all she was wearing was a jean jacket, a red spaghetti strapped shirt, a short floral skirt, lacy thigh-high stockings, and mid-calf boots; keep in mind this was only supposed to be a meet and greet.


When we got there, there was a line, so I texted our friend to let him know; he was with a female friend of his, but to my knowledge, she had no idea what the three of our intentions were. When we finally got inside, we sat at a table and I texted him to let him know where. My wife had a large purse, inside of which were her bra, panties, and a mess of other things that she didn't want to lug around. I told her I would take it back to the car and texted our friend to go ahead and introduce himself while I was away. He and his female friend found my wife at the table and started chatting; he sat down by my wife. When I got back, which took a while because of the walk and the line outside, I found them all at the table. His female friend had to leave so I offered them to continue chatting while I got us some more drinks; another lengthy task.

Interestingly enough, although handsome, he was a bit socially awkward, he was a self-described nerd, and it took a bit to get the conversation going, but in the end, he seemed nice enough. My wife loves to dance, so I suggested they go ahead and hit the dance floor while I finished my drink, which I purposely drank extra slowly, before deciding to join them. I watched them dance, bump and grind, for quite a bit before I decided to join the fun. It looked like my wife had to continually reassure him that it was okay to get frisky and caress her on the dance floor, but I saw that he finally got comfortable as they started grinding extra close; I got the sense that he realized she wasn't wearing a bra or panties as he started grinding more tightly gyrating against her ass from behind with his pelvis and letting his hands explore her body as they danced.

When I got to the dance floor he became a little more reserved as if he was still not sure if it was cool or not for him to be touching my wife like that; however, he seemed to get the message that it was ok as I move his hand from her hip to her inner thigh and then we both ground against her. It started getting late so we took a break from the dance floor to pay our tab. He let us know that he was supposed to meet his female friend, who I now suspect was more than just a friend at the bar down the road, so my wife and I decided to call it a night and head home.

However, when we got home my wife was extra horny and asked to see if our new friend was able to come over. In hindsight I suspect that he went to fuck his female friend as he was hesitant to come over citing a fear that he wouldn't perform as well because he was too tired and inebriated; however, after explaining how horny my wife was for his cock he couldn't resist.

When he got to our house we invited him into our guest bedroom. My wife stood in between us as both our bodies pressed against hers and we began to kiss and caress her softly and slowly. I turned her to face me and kissed her passionately while lowering her spaghetti straps and shirt ******** her breasts and then lifting her skirt ******** her bare ass cheeks to our friend; he started cupping and caressing her breasts from behind, kissing the nape of her neck, and cupping and caressing her ******* ass cheeks. I turned her around and told her to kiss him, which she did with a similar passion. I undressed, while he continued to kiss her, cupping one breast with one hand, and her ass cheeks with the other. She began unbuttoning his shirt.

I was fully naked and at this point, I helped him remove all of her clothing so that she and I were both fully naked; she had already helped him remove his overshirt while I was undressing, and while he removed his undershirt, she unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear ******** a semi-erection that was already as big, if not bigger than my fully erect 6-inches. They lay on the bed in a sort of half spoon and continued to kiss passionately. His left bicep was beneath her back with his forearm propping her up towards him sort of pinning her arm against her own body and his other hand was free to explore her body. Her right arm was almost behind her own back with her hand wrapped firmly around his cock, stroking it. His right leg was almost entangled but resting upon her right leg, I pulled her left leg out so she was spread-eagle, giving him better access to her extremely wet and shimmering pussy. I encouraged him to play with her pussy and he started rubbing her clit before sliding a couple of his large fingers inside of her; her breathing grew heavier and she stopped kissing him momentarily to give out a sigh of pleasure before returning to kiss him with even more passion.

I sat and watched and stroked myself while he began to pick up speed penetrating her with his middle and ring finger. I moved a little closer and reached in to play with her clit bringing her to her first rather vocal climax. At this point, he told her that he needed to taste her.
She laid on her back with her legs spread dangling off the edge of the bed and he began to hungrily devour her pussy. I continued to watch and stroke myself but then I moved closer to her and she reached out and began to stroke my cock as he ate her pussy; she then demanded my cock in her mouth. She twisted a little to the side and eagerly started sucking my cock, but at this point, she wanted to be split-roasted.

I handed our friend a condom and told him to put it on while my wife got on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed. However, quite unexpectedly, instead of plunging into her pussy, he knelt and began rimming her asshole. Although a bit surprised, she was rather enjoying it. She was no stranger to having her asshole eaten out, but just wasn’t expecting it from a stranger on a sort of first date. I just needed to watch this near stranger devour my wife’s tight asshole for a few moments before slipping my cock back into her mouth.

It turns out he was digitally and orally fixated on my wife’s pussy because he was having a hard time getting up (or probably getting back up as I am sure he probably fucked his female friend before coming over). So I encouraged him to put his cock in my wife’s mouth to see if she could suck it back up for him while I fucked her from behind. However, before I did that I told her that I wanted to see her suck both of our cocks simultaneously which she willingly and eagerly agreed to do. She laid on her back and took turns stroking one while turning her head to suck the other, but then he and I both moved in closer, tip to tip, so she could slip both heads into her mouth.

We propped her up with a pillow just a little bit more to try and go in a little bit deeper in her mouth but it wasn’t working from that position so we decided to give her a proper split-roast. But rather than having her get back on her hands and knees, she laid in the same position propped up against the pillow, and continued to suck his cock with her upper body slightly twisted to the side while I fucked her in the missionary position. I was hunched over her trying to maintain my balance in a somewhat awkward position while pounding her and could hear her eagerly slurping up his cock. I needed to see this so I raised back up and leaned back. He was still only semi-erect but it was still visually too hot to bear so I pulled out to avoid cumming as I didn’t want the fun to end too soon. I was still hoping our friend would get fully erect and asked him to trade places.

He tried putting a condom on again but just wasn’t able to get it up, but since we already traded places my wife went back to giving me head and he started to finger and eat her out again. He had big hands and long fingers, and somewhat thick, so while he was penetrating her pussy with his fingers I reached down and rubbed her clit. He managed to slip in his middle, index, and then ring finger all of which together may have been around 6” thick in circumference; the same thickness as her large dildo. He started to penetrate fast like he had the first time while I rubbed her clit, all the while she was still sucking my cock. However, as she grew closer to climax she stopped sucking my cock and allowed herself to orgasm loudly. He managed to make her squirt with his fingers leaving a wet mess on the bed.

Since it seemed he wasn’t gonna be able to get it up I moved down and started fucking her missionary and didn’t take too long before I came inside of her. I gave out a loud groan and collapsed onto her and then rolled off to the side. Our friend decided it was time to go, thanked us for the good time, and apologized for his inability to get fully erect. We told him we understood and let him go on his way. I fucked my wife one more time and then we made it off to bed.
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