3.pngMy wife and I had been going through a hectic couple of work weeks, and both of us were feeling somewhat burnt out. We realized it was high time for us to unwind. We arranged for a babysitter and opted to head out for a few drinks. After getting ourselves ready – taking showers and dressing up – my wife decided to put on a lacy crotchless bodysuit as her shirt, put on some jeans and a jacket.

We intended to keep things spontaneous, allowing our plans to develop as the evening progressed. In a somewhat unplanned manner, we ended up at a "hip, rustic lounge with a focus on cocktails" that had a slightly upscale atmosphere near Ladd's Addition. We enjoyed a delightful meal along with a couple of drinks. The bar had a lively ambiance since it was a Friday night, although it wasn't overly packed. While the food and drinks were enjoyable, the overall atmosphere didn't precisely match what we were aiming for.

My wife exuded an adventurous energy, not limited to just dinner plans. Her excitement was palpable, and I was equally eager for some thrill. I had long anticipated her unrestrained nature. Despite my modest dance skills, we chose salsa dancing. She, in contrast, was an adept dancer. This also allowed her to showcase her sensuality and enjoy the attention of several dance partners while I admired the scene. Familiar with a vibrant salsa spot in the Lloyd District, we made our way there.

We arrived fairly early, and the place wasn't too crowded yet. After getting drinks, we found a table. A man came up to us and politely asked if he could dance with my wife. She agreed, even though he wasn't her type and seemed rather ordinary. As the night went on, more people arrived, providing her the chance to dance with several partners. Her sensuous and alluring dancing started to attract notice. She caught the gaze of an African man who invited her to dance, and this time she agreed with greater enthusiasm. He matched her preferences better than the previous partners – tall, dark, handsome, and with a good physique. However, like me, he wasn't much of a dancer. As they danced to the rhythm of bachata, she took the lead. In their dance, she moved provocatively, encouraging his advances. Gradually, his hands began to explore her body, moving up and down, and soon they were tightly embraced, sharing a kiss on the dance floor; his hands now resting on her buttocks.

IMG_5544 Copy.JPG
When the music paused, she told him she needed to take a break from dancing but asked him to stick around, as she intended to resume dancing with him later so he left to get a drink at the bar. All this time, I was watching from afar. She checked in with me via text to discuss our plans. I encouraged her to keep dancing and flirting, hoping he might agree to take us home with him so I could continue to watch. This was always the trickiest part of engaging in unconventional activities in vanilla settings – you never knew how someone might react. You see, to this guy, my wife was just a gal seeking a little excitement at a club, but in reality, she was playing the role of a hotwife, something we later discovered he had never heard of before.

She returned to the dancefloor, finding him there with eager anticipation. As they danced on, the noticeable firmness in his pants conveyed his excitement for her return. His hands continued to explore her body, I watched with excitement as once more he grasped her buttocks, and he playfully hinted for her to reciprocate, which she did, as he took her hand and directed it towards his bulge. His enthusiasm prompted him to suggest stepping off the dancefloor for a brief conversation. He asked if she would like to go to his car, all the while, discreetly rubbing her crotch area through her pants and even attempting to venture beneath them. She didn't voice any objection, yet subtly encouraged him to exercise discretion.

Simultaneously, she clarified that she wasn't alone; a "friend" accompanied her. This choice of words, drawn from past experiences, carried less weight than the term "husband." She elaborated that the friend (referring to me) was primarily there to ensure her safety as she was out for a night of fun but didn’t like to go alone. She believed that she could divulge more about the nature of our relationship if necessary as the evening unfolded. His enthusiasm remained unshaken, and he persisted in conversation, attempting to persuade her to leave with him.
As the night progressed, their playful and amorous demeanor grew more pronounced. Their escapades even led them to the restroom. I discreetly followed behind, where I could see both of their feet beneath the stall as he boldly made advances. Later she disclosed that he unsheathed his member and put his hand atop her head encouraging her to engage intimately and orally. Yet, she chose instead to tantalize him, using her fingertips to playfully caress the sensitive and slimy areas of his pre-cum laden head between the foreskin of his cock, avoiding the direct act he proposed. In response, he mirrored her teasing by unbuttoning her pants and slipping his hand inside of them only to encounter her crotchless bodysuit, he found her wetness and stimulated even more arousal.

As their passion escalated, they discreetly left the restroom, returning to the bar area of the club. There, they ordered fresh drinks and engaged in further conversation by the partition. While he fetched his drink, she messaged me to discuss the next steps, as he expressed interest in bringing her home. I sat at a table within sight but at a reasonable distance and told her that the night was hers, and she should do with it as she pleased. She conveyed her strong desire to accept his invitation.

Nevertheless, she made it clear to him that her safety was a priority. She informed him that she wasn't comfortable going to his place alone with him in his car and would require a ride from her "friend." During this conversation, she also revealed the true nature of our relationship. She explained that we were more than just friends, but that we are in an “open relationship” and conveyed that I enjoyed observing her in intimate situations with others. This revelation surprised him, and while he was a little bit taken aback, his desire for her by this point was too strong. He ultimately agreed to let me accompany her to his home, but he expressed reluctance to have an audience.

Anticipating an exciting evening, we made our way to his place. As we pulled up to the house we could see his car parked there, illuminated by the porch light. This was our last chance to change our minds but had both made it this far and decided that we were not going to turn back. We recognized the delicate nature of the situation, we understood that he wasn't an experienced Bull in the hotwifing lifestyle, but rather a newcomer. This was his first experience involving a hotwife, and taking that into account, my wife chose to enter alone initially. She planned to gauge the situation, and if necessary, share the evening's events with me and maybe even capture a few photos.

She approached the door and lightly knocked on it. Through the glass pane in the door, I had a clear view of him as he came closer, opened the door, and welcomed my wife inside. They instantly embraced. Behind the glass, I could vividly see this scene unfold – his hands found their place once again on my wife's soft buttocks through her jeans. Without breaking their embrace, they slowly moved out of my sight, heading into his living room.

Meanwhile, I sat in the car, filled with a growing sense of anticipation. At that moment, my mind was buzzing with imaginative thoughts about what was happening inside. I envisioned a scenario where he couldn't contain his excitement, hurriedly undressing her with contagious enthusiasm. Similarly, her hands might have trembled with a mix of nervousness and desire, adeptly unfastening his shorts as his eagerness prompted him to remove his shirt and gently assist her with her clothing. Later on, I would come to find out that this scenario wasn't too far from reality.

Once their clothes were shed – my wife was still adorned in that lacy, crotchless bodysuit, a choice tailored for just this sort of intimate occasion – they moved with an air of grace towards the eagerly awaiting couch. However, before they progressed further, she asked him if I could join them indoors, escaping the chilly outdoors to partake in the unfolding spectacle.

His response held a touch of uncertainty, yet the desire to avoid an abrupt conclusion to this night of shared passion likely urged him to acquiesce. And so, he tentatively agreed. In a text, she invited me inside to relish the forthcoming exhibition. Swiftly replying, I encouraged her to commence without awaiting my arrival, granting her my blessing to proceed and assuring her that my absence later in the evening was of no concern. Exiting the car, I silently traversed the distance to the entrance and, without the need for a knock, quietly let myself in. Stepping into the living room, my presence was unobtrusively established as I beheld the scene before me.

 Salsa Night 8.jpg
From that point, with my iPhone held firmly in my grasp, I found myself cherishing the captivating tableau laid out before me. I was poised to immortalize it through the lens of my phone, ensuring its everlasting presence. He had already put her onto her back and was standing tall above her, his desire was evident by his full erection. I heard him whisper words of awe, confessing that she possessed the most beautiful pussy. With deliberate ardor, he knelt before her, his tongue embarking on a journey of passionate exploration of her wet folds, bestowing his devoted attention upon her most intimate parts.

After indulging in his passions, his excitement became overwhelmingly apparent. Earlier that evening, while they were in the restroom, he told my wife he could provide evidence of being STI free, his most recent test results living on a shelf at his home. With this evidence now at hand, he requested permission for intimate engagement without protection. Regrettably, she declined due to concerns about pregnancy. Despite his disappointment, he reluctantly chose to use protection and ardently united with her. His thrusts, fueled by intense eagerness, were a testament to his fervor as he sought greater depth.

Beginning in a horizontal embrace—the missionary position—he later adjusted by lifting himself slightly. This allowed him to cradle her legs over his shoulders, aiming for increased depth. In this altered angle, she experienced a more profound sensation of him penetrating, with each forceful thrust reaching against her cervix.
Salsa Night 6.png
He continued this way for several minutes, sweat forming on his forehead. As fatigue set in, they decided to switch positions to allow him to recover. Now, she took the lead. Guiding him back inside, she began to rhythmically and smoothly move back and forth, taking control. She leaned back, placing her hands on his knees, adjusting the angle to feel him deeply, though with a more controlled intensity. He expressed his admiration for the view, appreciating her form and the sight of his penetration. Amid the enjoyment and sensations, his desire for more grew.

Craving a change, he pulled her close again, sharing a passionate kiss before flipping her onto her back. Picking up the pace, he lifted one of her legs, placing it atop the other, shifting her onto her side. The thrusting continued in this position, and then he signaled for her to transition onto her hands and knees—it was time for a new angle; doggy style.

My wife, positioned on her hands and knees, felt him enter from behind. He firmly grasped her hips, pulling her closer to his pelvis as he fully penetrated her. Their rhythm was marked by intense and eager thrusts, the sound of his skin meeting hers echoing with each motion. As the pace quickened, it became evident that he was reaching the edge of climax. However, he abruptly halted, unable to proceed further. In response to her inquiry about the sudden pause, he confessed that achieving orgasm was challenging with the condom on. He then proposed a solution: he vowed to withdraw and refrain from ejaculating inside her if she agreed to let him continue without the condom. After some hesitation, she relented, considering his verification of being infection-free. She stipulated that he must still withdraw when he was close to climax to ensure her safety.

Salsa Night 4.png
He assured her that he would pull out before climaxing, and removed the condom. He then rubbed his bare member between her wet folds for a brief moment, teasing her pussy with the head, and then slapping its entirety on her ass cheeks, savoring the feel of flesh on flesh before re-entering her from behind. They couldn't deny that this arrangement simply felt better. He resumed his previous pace, and she started to moan in pleasure. He held onto her hips again with the same intense passion he had shown during their initial encounter. She could tell he was on the edge from his breathing and movements. He confirmed he was about to orgasm. So, she reminded him not to ejaculate inside her. He asked where he should cum, and she told him to do so on her buttocks. Just before the climax, he pulled out, took a few final strokes, and then released with a groan, ejaculating across my wife's back and buttocks. The warm fluid covered her entire backside, ending a night of anticipation in an instant.

He let out a sigh of satisfaction as he squeezed out every last drop, ensuring they fell on her back as if purposely avoiding that they land on his couch. Then, he eased himself onto the couch, his energy spent. My wife repositioned herself onto her stomach; the evidence of their intimacy formed small pools on her back, trickling and edging along her contours. Casting a glance towards him, she noticed his contented gaze, as if he were appreciating the abstract pattern of his creation upon her form, much like a Jackson Pollock artwork.

Being a true gentleman, he gracefully stood up and fetched a towel to meticulously clean up the intimate aftermath. Afterward, they embraced once again, sharing tender kisses. As a brief interlude, she got up to fetch a glass of water from the kitchen, creating a momentary pause in their shared experience. When she returned from the kitchen with a glass of water in hand and reentered the living room, a sense of uncertainty lingered within me—were their activities concluded, or was this just a pause?

Exhausted, she was visibly drained from their time together. While she dressed, both of us watched her, and he continued to shower her with compliments about her body. Grateful for the passionate evening, he extended an invitation for us to spend the night. However, she politely declined, explaining that we needed to leave. I decided to exit first and returned to the car, where I could observe them through the glass panel of the door. After putting on his underwear, he escorted her to the door, and there was a fervent exchange of kisses; once again, his hands found their place upon her buttocks. The intensity of their night of passion remained palpable as she retraced her steps back to our car. Just before getting into the car, she leaned over and planted a passionate kiss on me, expressing her gratitude for allowing her such a remarkable evening.

Upon returning home, while I remained in a heightened state of desire, she was pleasantly sated. Because it was quite late, we chose to call it a night. When I woke up after a refreshing sleep that lasted well into the afternoon, she charmed me with a vivid account of everything that had occurred from her perspective. The entire afternoon was devoted to reclaiming and reconnecting; strengthening our bond. I skillfully led her to experience orgasms that only I, with my distinct expertise, could induce—something she teasingly recalled. All in all, it was a weekend of incredibly gratifying moments.
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