The facts behind the story

A few years ago to spice up our sex life we created the wish jar. It was New Year’s Eve and I suggested the idea of a wish jar, into which we agreed that we could both put 6 sexual wishes. This meant with the 12 wishes we would draw one out each month. My wife was very nervous and made me swear that the wishes were not too extreme and only involved us two. By the end of the year, we had done all of the 12 wishes, mainly because none of them were too far out. The wishes included:

69 sex with my wife swallowing my cum (the first time she had ever swallowed a guy’s cum)

Spending an evening watching porn before we fucked

Her being tied to the bed and blindfolded

Spending the day naked together at home

Buying a range of vegetables to use on both of us (My wife’s were to be inserted into her, mine were to be hollowed out to take my cock)

An evening naked massaging each other

Watching each other masturbate

Do a photoshoot of my wife

To go out for a walk and flash each other

To fuck in other rooms apart from the bedroom

To fuck with the bedroom window open …. My wife hated the idea of others being able to hear us as we fucked.

For my wife to be blindfolded and to pretend she was being fucked by another guy

As can be seen, none of them were anywhere near being extreme. The following new year’s eve I suggested doing the same but my wife wasn’t keen as she said she had exhausted her ideas, and she was worried that either we would have to repeat what we had already done or the wishes would become more extreme.

Now the Fantasy

What I was hoping for, and what my wife feared, was that I would suggest more extreme things. I had wanted to have at least 3 of our 6 wishes each to have included other people. This is what I wanted to do. We would both again get 6 entries into the Wish Jar. However, half of them were to include other people. We agreed there would be no real limits but the wish had to be realistic

My wife was adamant that the involvement of others had to be low key and she would decide which ones she wanted to do. She then surprised me and said that she had no interest in seeing me with another woman and therefore her wishes and mine had to include another guy. I had no issues with this as my fantasy was always to watch my wife with another guy. There was a twist to the wish jar. The wishes were to be on folded paper and numbered … my three involving another guy would be in red ink, numbered 1-3 with one being the least extreme and three the most extreme, and the same with my wife but now in green ink. My wife suggested this as we would need time to arrange a guy so if our desires were for immediate gratification it shouldn’t include another guy. This gave us the option.

A few weeks later my wife drew out a wish … it was unnumbered. It was one of hers and she liked that it was. Her wish was to go into town for dinner, but then on the way home stop in the nearby wood where she would ride my cock. If only she knew one of my wishes was the same ….. but included meeting a guy to let him watch and maybe join in. That night her wish was fulfilled, but I didn’t have any time to secretly arrange for a guy to be there as well.

The next month my wife pulled out my wish number 1 the mildest of the ones involving another guy if it really did include another guy. My wife was shy about being seen naked by other men so my wish was for her to spend a whole day in the house with me, both of us being naked, but this was different from the milder one from last year … this year my wife would deliberately put herself in places where she could be seen naked by our neighbors or passing buses. The lounge curtain could be drawn but all other rooms had to have the curtains open (last time they were all shut). Throughout the day I would give her tasks to do in one of the rooms. Our neighbor John moved in about 5 years ago. We didn’t really know him that well but knew he was single and he worked from home as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. As I worked at home on some days as well I got to know John had a routine that included a walk around his garden mid-morning, lunchtime, and mid-afternoon. I made sure my wife was naked in the spare room which overlooked the garden changing the bed sheets. I was secretly peering out and when I saw John was outside I told my wife to stand in the window, with her bare back showing. When I knew John had seen her (and she didn’t know he was outside and could see her) I told her to turn round and start to play with the curtain pole. As she lifted her arms up she gasped but carried on doing it. She quietly said ‘John is looking up at me from the garden’. I said ‘I know’ and then went and stood behind her and reached round and started to play with her tits and kiss her neck. She seemed mesmerized for a minute or so and then suddenly turned round and moved from the view of John. ‘I can’t believe I have just let John see me naked’ she said but when she looked at me she saw my cock was rock hard, I was so turned on that another guy had seen her naked.

I told her to go and lean on the windowsill looking out, but she wasn’t sure. I suggested that John was probably back inside now and after gentle coaxing my wife went over to the window and bent over. She said she had kept her eyes shut as she didn’t want to know if John was still there. I moved behind my wife and started to finger fuck her and she let out little moans. I then pushed my cock along her pussy lips and then slid into her. As my cock became completely embedded in my wife I looked out and saw John was still there and watching. Knowing I was being watched was such a big turn on I didn’t last long and my balls emptied into my wife. As I pulled out my wife stood up and moved from the window …. ‘do you think John saw us; she asked and I said ‘I am sure he didn’t’ but knowing full well he had been watching. My wife went and showered and to my surprise, she spent the rest of the day naked doing the tasks I asked, and we know that John saw her again as she loaded the washing machine in the kitchen, bending over and showing her large ass and her dangling tits. The most people to see her was when I suggested she went into our bedroom after it was dark. I told her to put on the light so she could be seen, and I timed it right so that the hourly bus drove past and anyone on the upper deck would have had a good look into our bedroom and seen her.

That night in bed I asked my wife how she had felt and she said it had been a ‘naughty’ feeling as if she was doing something she shouldn’t and she had quite liked it. I asked her how she felt knowing John had seen her naked and she said she didn’t mind. I then told her that John had seen us fucking- she went red but then said ‘well, we all fuck don’t we, so I shouldn’t be embarrassed’.

It was a few weeks later that I was in the garden and saw john over the fence. We hadn’t really talked much but I said hello and he seemed keen on chatting. We chatted for about 5 minutes and then I said ‘I am sorry if we embarrassed you the other week, but my wife is rather shy and we were trying a naked day at home’. John replied ‘oh, I don’t mind and it was fun seeing your wife naked and free, and she has nothing to feel embarrassed about’. I told john that was what I was telling her. Over the next few weeks, we chatted a bit more and I decided to invite John over for a beer. I didn’t tell my wife and knew she was going to be working a bit late. When she got home she seemed a little annoyed but she quickly joined us when I got her a drink. We all got on and I suggested we order a takeaway. After we had eaten we drank some more and then I told my wife that ‘John had seen her naked in the window and says that she shouldn’t be embarrassed as she had a great body’. If looks could kill, then the one my wife just gave me would have been deadly. I was saved by John saying that it was a shame that people in this day and age should feel body conscious. He added that he ran a monthly life drawing class which sometimes used semi and fully naked models and they came in all shapes and sizes and all were attractive. When John left my wife asked why I had brought up our naked day, and I said it was because of John’s comments to him and that she shouldn’t be embarrassed at being a BBW.

The next item on the wish list was one not including another guy – it was a night of massages and sex toys.

John seemed to have now become our friend and said hello over the garden fence and even went to the pub a few times. It didn’t surprise me therefore when my wife said she was going out one evening as John needed some help. She said she would explain all when she got home. It was about 3 hours later I heard her car pull in. She entered and asked me to get her a big glass of wine while she ran to the toilet.

We sat in the lounge and my wife explained how John had been let down at the last moment by his model for this evening’s life drawing class. He asked her if she would be up for trying it. She could be clothed, topless or completely naked, it was her choice. She said she had planned to go and remain fully dressed. However, the atmosphere was very relaxed and the class consisted of men and women of all ages. The evening was broken into three sessions when the artists could try different approaches etc. They would make preliminary sketches which they would take home and work up into full artworks. At the end of the first session, and without being asked she removed her top and bra and sat in the room of strangers topless, having them all concentrate on her breasts. She said she felt liberated and a little turned on so at the end of the second session she stripped fully and the artists started to sketch her nakedness. She saw John was also drawing her. I listened and was a bit disappointed as I hadn’t been there but it was so erotic hearing her say what she had been up to. That evening we had a great fuck.

A week later our doorbell rang and it was John with a large packet. I invited him in and we went into the lounge where my wife was sitting watching TV. He handed the large wrapped package to my wife and looking at me he said ‘I hope you don’t mind’. My wife pulled off the paper covering to reveal a framed painting of her naked that john had completed. He wanted to give it to her as a thank you for stepping in. She blushed but I liked the picture. I asked John if he wanted a drink and we sat chatting. Initially we talked about general things and then I asked if my wife modelling at his class was good. He said she was perfect in every way – patient and willing to push her boundaries. He then added ‘and it helps that she has the perfect body’. I asked him how and he said that sometimes they had thin models but it was the mature, larger model that was better as she gave more shadows, curves etc. making her more interesting to paint. I asked John if any of the guys ever get erections in his classes and he said yes, but not very often. My wife asked us to change the conversation.

Later in bed that night I asked my wife where we should put the painting. She said it now embarrassed her to think about her modeling naked, and I said she shouldn’t be as the painting was very good. I suggested we hung it in our bedroom and my wife said ‘let’s wait and see!’ I asked if she would ever think about modelling again and she said she wasn’t sure.

A few days later I saw John in his garden and we chatted. I said my wife wasn’t too sure about modelling again, but I then shocked John by saying that maybe he should invite my wife over one day just to model for him. He asked if I was sure and I said it was her decision, but it was just posing as a model so nothing really untoward.

A few days later I was at work and my wife called me from home. She was working from home today but had bumped into John in the garden when both were taking breaks. She said he had asked her if she wanted to model again for his class and she had said she wasn’t sure. She then said that he suggested that she could model just for him for a few evenings as he needed to create a new painting for an art exhibition. My wife was calling to ask my thoughts. She wasn’t sure it would be wise being naked with just one guy, nor was she sure she wanted a nude painting of her being exhibited.

I said she needed to think about it, but if she was happy to do it, then I would be happy as well. I said as this weekend is one of the Wish Jar weekends maybe this could be my wish. She could go over on Saturday and model for him while I ran the chores.

When I got home she asked why I would see this as a wish Jar activity as it wasn’t sexual. I said that for her it wouldn’t be sexual but for me, the thought of another guy looking at her naked body, especially at every detail as he painted her, was a very erotic thought. She then said she had already phoned John and told him she would be free this coming Saturday. He was happy that she had agreed but he then said he probably needed more than a few hours of her modeling as the entry date was very close so was she able to stay for 5 or 6 hours on Saturday? My wife said she could.

On Saturday morning my wife dressed normally and then said she was just popping next door. It sounded as if she was just going for a coffee but we both knew she would soon be naked in our neighbor’s house as he painted her. After running the chores I sat at home thinking about my naked wife next door. It was turning me on knowing our neighbour was studying my wife’s body as he painted her.

When she got home she said it had been very relaxed day, but that was probably down to the several glasses of Wine she had had. She then added ‘I hope you don’t mind but John said it would help him finish off the painting if he could take a couple of photos on his phone, and I let him’. My first thought was what a sneaky guy and how lucky he was to now have photos of my naked wife to wank over. I asked my wife if she was Ok with that and she said he promised to delete them once the painting was finished. When my wife went to have a long soaky bath I texted John and asked him if he would send me copies of the photos which he did quickly, with a reply ‘I hope you don’t mind, but I will delete them when painting finished’ I replied I didn’t mind, and it wouldn’t bother me if he didn’t delete them but then added ‘I am sure you will find a use for them’. He replied ‘?????’. I replied you know what I mean, I am sure you will at some time stroke your cock looking at them. I was deliberately being forward to gauge his response. He replied ‘OK, you got me ….. I was going to wank over them tonight – do you mind?’ I replied ‘No – have fun’.

In bed that night we fucked and as we recovered I said ‘I bet John is enjoying your photos he took’. She looked at me quizzically and I said, if he is a normal red blooded male he has probable fantasised all day about fucking you and tonight he will be in bed looking at the photos as he strokes his cock. My wife said that I had a filthy mind and John wouldn’t do that. The thought of him being a few metres away and possibly wanking over my wife was such a thrill.

The following Thursday my wife told me that John was close to finishing the painting but wondered if she could pose for a few hours that evening so he could get the last few bits right. I said I didn’t mind but she then said ‘your comments about John wanking over my pictures has worried me, do you think he wants to fuck me and will he try anything on’. I said of course he wants to fuck you but he wouldn’t do anything to make her feel uneasy so I don’t think he is preparing to pounce on you tonight. She agreed to go.

She was over at the next door neighbours house when I got home so I prepared a salad for dinner, not knowing how long she would be. This turned out to be the right decision as my wife returned home at 8.30. She told me that John had asked her to come earlier than she was expecting as he wanted to capture her in natural light. She was rather subdued for the rest of the evening and we went to bed earlier than normal as I needed to fuck her as my balls had filled up thinking about her being naked with John. As we laid recovering my wife then said ‘I have a confession. After I had posed for John for an hour I told him that something had been playing on my mind. I told him that my husband thought that he would have wanked looking at the photos he had taken. He went a bit red and then said that he hoped it wouldn’t affect her modelling for him, but yes he did wank as he found her sexy. His answer didn’t shock me and instead made me feel more sexy as he thought I was worthy of wanking over’.

I said did it affect how she modelled for him and she said no. But then added ‘When he finished correcting the painting he told me I could get dressed. I don’t know what came over me but I started to tease John a bit, saying that once I had gone he was going to have a wank over my photos again. This time without any embarrassment he said he probably would. I looked at him and told him to forget about the photos, if he wanted to wank he could look at me naked as I would like to see him cum. He immediately moved closer and dropped his trousers. He was now in touching distance so I told him he couldn’t touch me. I watched as he stroked his cock and when he said he was about to cum I told him he could shoot over my tits. I watched as several long thick jets hit my tits followed by a lot of dribbles.’ My wife then said ‘if you text him now telling him I have told you everything, he will send you photos he took of his cum on my tits’. I was flabbergasted and turned on. I quickly texted him and within a minute he had sent me several photos of my wife. One was a close up of her tits with cum on, one was from a distance showing her full nudity and another was a close up of his cock resting on one of her tits. I looked at her and said ‘I thought you said he couldn’t touch you’ and she replied ‘well he was taking photos and it just seemed to naturally come to rest there.

I asked her how she had felt and she admitted she had been really turned on, and then felt guilty afterwards as she had cheated on me. I told her to forget about the idea of cheating as I am all in favour of her pushing her boundaries. I asked what she regretted about tonight. She paused and then said at first I regretted I did it because it could have affected our relationship, but later I now regret I didn’t help John release his cum over my tits’. She added ‘I now wonder what it would be like to suck or cock or in fact have him fuck me ……… but I don’t think I will ever be in the position to try this’. I didn’t want to push her, but this was the first sign that maybe she would be willing to fuck other guys.

We didn’t really talk much about john for a few weeks, which I think was my wife trying to work out in her head what she wanted. Then it came around to the weekend for the next Wish Jar draw. She pulled out a wish, and this time it was for us to be naked in front of a naked guy and let him watch us play if the mood took us. I suggested we find a guy online and invite him over for a naturist evening and see where it went. She was nervous and wanted it confirmed that if we invited a guy over it would just be for nudity and maybe play in front of him and I said yes. It was my wife that suggested we invite John over …. He had already seen her naked and sort of seen us fuck, so this was just a natural progression. I said if it was to be John then she would have to invite him.

When I got home on the Friday from work my wife told me she had called John and invited him over on the Saturday night. She explained it was to be a naturist evening and if things went well he might get to see us two fucking. She told me that john was unable to come over on the Saturday night as it was the evening of the Art competition that he was entering the painting of my wife. My wife had therefore invited him over that night. She said he would arrive at 8pm so we needed to eat, wash and be ready by then.

When John rang our doorbell my wife was already in the living room, with the curtains closed, sat in her dressing gown. I showed John in and offered him a drink. As I left the room to get the drinks I heard my wife say ‘lets get naked’. When I returned both my wife and John were naked, sat opposite each other. I handed John and my wife their drinks, I stripped and sat down next to my wife. At first it felt a bit awkward but eventually the conversation flowed. Eventually, I asked him if he had enjoyed studying my wife’s naked body when she had modelled for him. He said it had been a joy and I asked did he ever get hard looking at her. He said ‘not when she was modeling, but of course, you both know I had gotten hard looking at her pictures afterward. Then there was the time I unloaded my balls on her tits’. I asked if he found her sexy and he said yes. I then asked if he would want to watch us play and fuck … he could watch but no touching. He liked the idea.

I started to kiss my wife and she closed her eyes as I fondled her tits and started to finger her pussy. I think she closed her eyes to try and forget she was being watched. My fingers easily slipped inside her pussy… the thought of being watched was clearly turning her on. I looked over at John and he was stroking his rock-hard cock looking at my wife. I held her pussy lips open so John got a better view. My cock was also rock hard. I told my wife to get on all fours and I fucked her from the rear. Her tits swung with each of my thrusts and John had a good view of this. I then got off her and laid on the floor and told her to ride my cock. I saw John get up and move closer and then my wife signalled for him to get closer. She took his cock in her hand and then started to lick his knob. She then started to suck his cock. That was too much for me and I blew my load deep into her pussy. As she sucked his cock my cock stayed inside her and I started to finger her clit, bringing her to an orgasm. I looked up when John said he was about to cum and saw his balls tighten as his first jet went deep into my wife’s throat followed by several more jets that my wife aimed at her tits.

It became a bit awkward for a while as my wife took a seat on the sofa, my cum oozing from her pussy and John’s cum dribbling over her tits. John sat opposite her to get a good view as my wife sat there with her legs wide open. To break the awkwardness I asked John if he had enjoyed my wife’s mouth and he said he had, and had fantasised about her sucking him for many months now. We sat for an hour or so chatting. One of the conversations was about the art competition and he said that the works would be exhibited in a local gallery and there were two prizes – the first was the artwork voted to be the best by the people who attended, and the second was the one that raised the most money. We hadn’t realised that someone might buy the nude painting of my wife. John said that the bidding process was in sealed envelopes. The entrant with the highest sealed bid would then win a prize as well. John said he had some tickets if we wanted to join him. We said we would think about it. . About 90 minutes after the sex John said he had better go home. When he left I asked my wife why she had sucked his cock and she replied it just felt the right thing to do. We went to the bedroom and we fucked her again, kissing her mouth that tasted of his cum, and his dried cum on her breasts catching on my chest hair.

In the morning we talked about the art show. I wanted to see what the painting of my wife looked like. She wasn’t sure how she would feel watching people looking at the painting, especially if they recognised that she was the model. In the end, my wife texted John saying we would like to join him that evening to see if his painting won.

For the rest of the day I joked with my wife that maybe she needed to give John a reward if his painting won. When she asked what could she give him? I suggested her body for an hour to play with. She laughed and said ‘seriously’. I said ‘yes. Maybe this is the challenge – if other people like your naked body in the painting by either voting it to be the winner, or for it to earn the greatest sale price, then John has done your body proud. As a reward, he should be allowed to sample the full delights of what he had drawn. My wife asked what I was expecting and I said it would be up to what John wanted but I wouldn’t be opposed to him fucking you as his reward. My wife said I was a pervert.

We decided to take one car to the art gallery and I volunteered to drive so John and my wife could drink. On the way my wife asked John what he thought his chances of winning tonight were and he said he didn’t think they were that high as there were some very talented local artists and as it was an open category meaning the paintings could be of anything, portraits, landscapes, animals, etc. it was hard to gauge who was entering. My wife then said ‘John, my husband thinks that if you win tonight then I should also reward you and he thinks that your prize should be me letting you fuck me’. John laughed and said that would be a great prize so it was a shame he was unlikely to win. My wife looked at him and said ‘Ok, if you win or the painting makes the greatest sale price you can fuck me tonight’.

It was strange in the gallery. There was some really awful artwork, but John had done a great job of capturing my wife naked. It was so much better than the one he had given us. My heart started to pound as it was clear John’s painting was one of the best. I was stuck between the excitement that John might ‘win’ my wife for a fuck and the dread that my wife might be going to fuck another guy. My wife liked the fact that she was clearly the model in the artwork and she talked to a few people. One of the guys even asked me if I minded my wife posing naked for the artist. John had a few drinks and my wife had a few more than he did. All those attending had a vote for their best painting and the three judges would make their choice which counted for 50% of the total vote. The winner of the judge’s vote got a minor prize. My wife and I both voted for John, Yes I voted not only because he was the best artwork there, but also I wanted John to fuck my wife. It was about 10 pm when the winners were announced. John’s painting of my wife won by a landslide vote. My wife, who was now a bit tipsy, squeezed my hand and said ‘looks like I will have to offer John my pussy tonight… hope you don’t mind dear!’. She went over to John to congratulate him and whispered something in his ear and he smiled. Then they went round the room putting up the prices each painting had sold for. One of my wives sold for £1000, £300 more than the nearest other painting.

My wife said to me ‘darn, I think the way we agreed on it, John was to fuck me if he won the competition or if he won the biggest sale price, but I think this probably means he gets to fuck me twice doesn’t it? I told her to wait and see how the first fuck went and she replied ‘oh, so you are wanting me to fuck him still?’ I said it was a bet and she had to honor it, adding that I think we would both enjoy it.

John had to stay for a while taking all the congratulations and he was introduced to the buyer of the painting. John introduced him to my wife so that he could chat with John’s model, the woman whose naked form was now going to be in a painting hung in his home.

My wife had a few more drinks and eventually, the event wound down. By the time we got back to my car, I was sober, John was a little merry and my wife was very tipsy. I was thinking about how we arranged for John and my wife to meet up for a fuck but my wife clearly had other ideas. Instead of getting into the passenger’s seat, she got into the back with John. I pulled the passenger seat as far forward as it would go… partly to give my wife more legroom, but there was a selfish reason which was I could see more of her in the rearview mirror.

It was hard driving home trying to see what was going on in the rear seat as well. However, my wife was clearly talking loud enough for me to hear. She told John that as per the bet, as he had won both the competition and received the largest payment for an artwork that night she was giving him her pussy for 2 fucks. She then said ‘but I am very nervous about this as your cock will be the first one inside me since I met my husband, so if I don’t grab the bull by the horn tonight then it will be harder for me to do it’. She then started kissing him passionately. I could see his hands as they groped her tits and I saw her hand fall into his crotch. They stopped kissing for a little bit as she undid the belt to John’s trousers, undid his zip, and pulled his trousers down to reveal his hardening cock. She then bent forward and started to suck his cock. After a few minutes, she stopped and said ‘I don’t want to make you cum too early’. She slipped her knickers off from under her dress and John quickly took the opportunity to start to feel her pussy. The groan from my wife made it clear when his fingers went inside her. He finger fucked her and kissed her, making her orgasm, and I was finding it hard not to crash the car. I pulled off the road into a layby which was hidden by trees and was empty. I put on the car’s internal light and watched the two of them kissing and playing. My wife then got out of the car, pulled her dress over her head, and took off her bra. She was totally naked apart from her shoes. She told John to follow her and he pulled up his trousers and got out of the car. She went to the front of the car and bent over the bonnet and she told John to fuck her. I got out of the car and luckily it was a full moon so I could see what was happening. John got behind her and started to rub his cock against her pussy, and then with one push he slid his whole length deep into my wife. I stood stroking my cock watching our neighbor fuck my wife. As my wife started to orgasm I heard John grunt and knew he was unloading his balls deep into my wife. As he withdrew I took his place and pushed my cock into my wife’s slippery pussy and used John’s cum as my lubricant as I reclaimed my wife. I didn’t last long and shot my load into her.

We all made ourselves decent, my wife just pulling her dress over her head, and continued on our way home, in silence. When we got home we said our goodbyes but my wife kissed john quite passionately and said ‘thank you’. John went to his house and we went inside ours. I followed my wife upstairs and noticed a very large wet patch on her dress, she removed her dress and threw it onto our bed, and went to have a shower. I picked up the dress and looked at the wet patch… John and my cum mingled together and it smelt of sex. After my wife had showered we went to bed and chatted.

To my surprise, my wife said that tonight had been one of the best sex experiences of her life. It was pure animalistic sex and her two orgasms had been the most intense she had ever had. We kissed and cuddled and made love … it was so different. In the morning I asked her if she was going to go through with the second fuck with John as she had promised her. She said she would have to … but with a naughty grin on her face.

It was a few days later when I got home and I heard voices and laughter coming from our bedroom. I went upstairs to find my wife and John, in the bedroom, but both were dressed. I entered and said that I hoped I wasn’t interrupting. My wife said no and in fact, they were waiting for me to come home. She said that she and John had been talking over the last few days. They had initially met over a cup of coffee and she had told John that she couldn’t understand my fascination with wanting to watch her fuck, other guys. She said that even though I had explained why I wanted to have her fuck other guys it was not until John explained it from an impartial viewpoint that my wife understood. John had explained what cuckolding was and felt that I was wanting to be cuckolded, rather than a hot wife and stag experience. He had come to the obvious conclusion that it was my fantasy to watch my wife being fucked and then reclaiming her used pussy afterward – it was that thrill in reclaiming that I was after. Therefore tonight they wanted to provide the best viewing experience possible. However, tonight, once John had fucked her there would be a twist at the end.

My wife had brought a chair into the bedroom and told me that I could strip it off and sit on that chair. She would allow me to take photos on my phone as well. I was not to move from that chair. They then stripped off and for the next 90 minutes played with each other. She brought him to the edge of an orgasm several times and he used his tongue on her clit to make her orgasm several times. My wife told me I could stroke my cock, but if I wanted to reclaim her I couldn’t cum. They changed position many times making sure I got a good view of his cock pounding her pussy. Eventually, my wife said that she wanted John to lie on his back and she would ride his cock. Her pussy would not release him until he had pumped his seed into her. It was great watching her slowly riding him, speeding up and slowing down. Then he said he was about to cum so she sped up a little. It was great watching his balls tighten and I knew from that and then his grunts that he was filling my wife. She stayed on top of him for a while kissing him, and I could see some cum dribble from her. He then slid out as did a gush of cum.

He wriggled out from under her and she told me to take a good look at her pussy – I did to see it was gaping and there was still cum inside her. She told me to fuck her and I did, pushing my cock into her in the doggy position. I didn’t last long and my aching balls filled her.

I pulled out and John held her pussy open for both of us to see. My wife then told me to get dressed. When I was dressed she said ‘Now the surprise... John and I are going to stay here and play a bit more, but you must go downstairs. You can listen but not see anything. I started to protest and she told me to be quiet as this was now her fantasy… She wanted to tease and torment me.

About an hour later John came downstairs and said goodbye. I went upstairs and my wife was lying on the bed. She looked at me and told me to reclaim her again after John’s second use of her pussy. We made love slowly and both had great orgasms. As we lay in the afterglow my wife said ‘John and I have been chatting. He thinks the Wish Jar should now go. He would like to arrange things for us once a month to push both our boundaries. He will generate a Wish List and already has one item on it – the guy who purchased the painting has been in contact with John to commission him to paint a nude picture of him. John has told me that would be fine, but for a bit more commission he would do a second painting of me and the purchaser naked together. The guy liked the idea and we are to pose for John next week.

John also asked me about some of my fantasies and I have been honest with him. I told him I wanted a gangbang and he says he can arrange for 5 guys to join him to fuck me as you watch on. If you want he can organize this for next month. I also told him I prefer bareback so if it is OK I want all the guys to cum inside me, but just imagine my pussy afterward waiting to be reclaimed by you. John also suggested that maybe once a month I can join him in his bed for a night while you stay here. So what do you think?’

Was I ready for my wife to become a full-blown slut?
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