The basis for this story.
Last week my computer had a major malfunction. I contacted a local IT guy and they sent me a link which once I had accessed let them look at my computer via their computer screen. They found the problem but said I needed to bring my computer to their office as they needed physical access to it.

The problem with the computer meant I couldn’t clean it up, either my search engine results on Google, or my folders which contained not only downloaded porn but also nude photos of my wife and our sex videos. I was nervous as I was not too sure how much I could trust them but they have repaired my computer a few times in the last 6 years without incident so was not too worried that they would snoop.

I got the computer back in working order and no fallout from what was on my computer. However, it got me to start fantasizing.

Now the fantasy
After repairing my computer I told the computer guy that I worked from home on Mondays and Tuesdays. The first Monday after the repair I got an email telling me there was an urgent issue with my computer and that they needed remote access to my computer. I was worried but as they had already had remote access it didn’t bother letting them do it again. The email had a link and it said to be in the link at 11:30. I was waiting at exactly 11:30 the computer repair guy took control of my computer. In the text message box, he said that they had ‘accidentally’ copied the folders on my computer to their server. He had been about to delete them when he saw the title of some of the folders and when he opened them he was delighted to see naked photos of a lady he assumed was my wife. He then added, ‘When your computer was with us we did check out your internet history as sometimes that helps us diagnose a problem if a bug had been downloaded from well-known websites. I noticed that you spend a lot of time at websites that discuss cuckolding and wife sharing so I assume you two are into this.’

I told him that it was none of his business and he had overstepped. He responded ‘Really? If you are a cuckold I want to own your wife. I want to start by having control over your photos and videos, and eventually, I want to fuck her as you watch. Again, I told him he was being obnoxious and I was going to report him. His reply was ‘Really, you want to report a guy who has nude photos of your wife and the knowledge to spread them throughout the internet for millions to see. And if I do this I will tell your wife and imagine how hard life will be for you. Therefore you better play along!’

To be honest, I was getting angry by the guy’s tone and his belief he could do anything, but I was also getting aroused by the potential I might ‘lose control’ of my wife’s pictures. I asked him what his plans were. He said once a week I was going to have to let him have control of my computer. He would watch the videos and look at the pictures of my wife and I would have to watch him cum as he wanked and shot his load. I would also have to give him answers to any questions about my wife. In truth, this didn’t seem too bad, and I had already done similar with strangers.

I told him that that would be OK. He said ‘Good, now watch’ and his cam came on and I saw a naked man stroking his cock as he watched my wife in a video on another computer. He told me to tell him how it felt pushing my cock into her pussy and he stroked until he shot a large load. He then said ‘’it wasn’t that bad was it?’

This type of interaction went on once a week for 3 months and I would have to watch him wank for 60-90 minutes. He then started to see how far he could push me. One week when I logged on he was on screen and I could hear him talking. He was saying ‘OK the woman’s wimp of a husband has joined us. Would you let other guys see your wife like this?’ He then said to me that he had a couple of friends online who were also naked and were going to wank over my wife’s videos as well. With that, my screen flickered and I now saw three cams, the usual one of the IT guy, but there were two more cams with strangers on them, naked and stroking their cocks. For the next hours I had to listen as the three guys discussed my wife and what they wanted to do with her. I saw all three shoot substantial amounts of cum. The two new guys then left and the IT guy asked if I had enjoyed sharing my wife’s videos with other strangers. I confessed I had, but I had already shown her videos to more than one guy at a time in the past, but in those instances, I had censored the videos so my wife’s face was blurred.

Over the next month, he started to push my limits. One day when I logged in he was on a website where you could post your wife’s picture. When he knew I was watching he uploaded an uncensored nude photo of my wife. It was only up for a few minutes but 25 guys saw it before he removed it. Then he posted another one and this time he left it up for over 30 minutes as he wanked and shot his load.

Then he decided to see how far he could go. He told me that he would need to meet me in person one night. We agreed on a place to meet and he arrived on time. He told me to get into his car and we drove in silence. That surprised me as I was angry with him, but clearly, I was becoming conditioned to be the cuckold. We drove into the nearby city, about 25 minutes away. He got out of the car and he told me to follow him. It was a part of town I didn’t know at all. He told me he did some IT work for a few companies in this area and tonight one was going to do him a favor. We turned a corner and there in front of us was a dark street, with all but one shop with a closed shutter. As we approached I saw it as an adult cinema.

We entered into an adult shop and he was greeted by a guy behind the counter. He introduced me as his friend, and the shop guy said everything was set up. The IT guy smiled and told me to follow him and we went to the back of the shop where there was an open door and a short hallway. At the end was another door and we walked into a darkened room where a porn film was playing. It was a small cinema with stepped seats and I followed the IT guy to the back row. As we went I saw about 20 guys in the room and most had their cocks out, stroking them. The film was nearing finishing and a couple of guys shot their loads, stood up, and left. When the film finished the room went dark, with only the fire exit signs illuminating the room.

I was wondering why the IT guy had brought me …. But then it became apparent. The next movie started and even though it had a scrolling title, I recognized our bedroom. The titles stated:

Amateur Home Productions brings you a sexy mature BBW. Watch as she plays with her husband imagining she is with other guys.

My naked wife then filled the screen. The IT guy edited the videos to create a 90-minute film combining several of our movies. I watched my wife’s open pussy fill the large screen and the guys in the room wank as they watched my wife on the screen being fucked by me. The IT guy had his dick out and so did I. In the end, 20+ guys watched her and shot their loads over her. It was only when we were walking back to the car I had a shocking thought – someone in the room might have known my wife.

On the drive home, the It guy asked me how I had found it. He explained the guy owed him a favor and he wanted to share my wife’s video. I said in the cold light of day it shocked me that someone she knew might recognize her. He told me to keep that thought in my head, as her video was going to be shown for the next 6 nights so it is likely over 100 guys would wank her and there would be a greater chance of her being recognized. He told me to think every night when it got to 9 pm that the video would be starting. It was out of my hands and without telling the IT guy I went back a few nights later and watched a roomful of guys again wank over my wife on the big screen. It was a real turn-on.

The weekly ‘chats’ started to include new guys and eventually, I was being ordered to make new content for them to watch. There were instructions of what they wanted to see both in photos and in film and now with new content they became very graphic about what they wanted my wife to do. The IT Guy also started to post some videos online, but luckily my wife and my face were blurred.

Then the IT guy wanted to push the boundaries. He told me to take my wife to one of the local pubs. When I knew when and which pub I was to text him and he would pop into the pub so he could see my wife in ‘the flesh’. I was very wary but when I showed hesitancy he said it was either that or he would upload some uncensored videos and pics. I arranged an evening out and texted IT the time and pub.

I was nervous as we entered and was relieved as he wasn’t there. It turned out to be quiz night and my wife wanted us to enter. As we were halfway through our first drink and the start of the quiz neared I saw the IT guy walk into the pub. True to his word he went straight to the bar, sat on a stool, and ordered a pint. I saw him looking over at my wife and just before the quiz started he came over to our table. He said ‘Hi, I think I have repaired your computer recently, it is Peter, the IT Guy’. I said hi and confirmed it was me who brought my computer to him. He then said he better get back to his stool, but as he arrived late he thought the person he was supposed to be meeting had gone home. Without hesitation, my wife said he could join us as we needed another team member for the quiz as we had gaps in our knowledge. He agreed but said in return he would buy the next round and he went to the bar. I told my wife I hardly knew him but she said it was wrong to leave him on his own. All I could think was that here was a guy who had regularly wanked over pics and videos of my naked wife talking to her and could easily spill the beans

The quiz went well and Peter the IT guy helped us get third place. When the quiz finished my wife said she needed the toilet and when she left the table I asked Peter what the hell he was playing at as he was only supposed to come and look at her, and not chat with her. He said he knew but what was I going to do about it? When my wife returned she suggested I get more drinks in, but by now there was a long queue at the bar. I was gone for over 10 minutes and when I returned they were laughing loudly. I asked what was funny and my wife said that she had asked Peter about his work and when she asked if he ever snooped on other people’s computers when repairing them he said that they always looked at the internet browsing history as they can often identify if the computer has picked up any bugs from websites – he added some are well known for infecting computers. He then added that you can learn a lot about a person from their browsing history. With a twinkle in her eye, she said ‘I have always wondered what my husband looked at on his computer – I hope it wasn’t too weird or just pornography’. Peter looked at me and said ‘Do you think I should tell her ‘ I responded trying to call his bluff by saying ‘You could say anything and she wouldn’t believe you.’

My wife said that she was now intrigued so Peter told her that what he found mostly related to football and podcasts but there were a couple of very interesting websites that seemed to be regularly visited. Before I could say anything he said, one was about cuckolding, one was about videos of men sharing their wives and another was about group sex with black men. He was right, these were my favorite sites but my wife shouldn’t know this. I tried to deflect by saying ‘Good one, I think she will know you are joking’. But the grin had gone from my wife’s face. When Peter went to the toilet my wife said she could have guessed these were the kind of sites I would look at and asked what Peter must have thought about her.

When Peter returned my wife’s self-composure had come back and she asked if he ever found any interesting files on computers. He said in the past his company had reported people for inappropriate things, and as he also worked with companies some staff had been sacked. In general though there was usually a porn folder or two on men’s computers which he was now blasé to but he did occasionally find folders of homemade nude photos and porn videos and these sometimes were very interesting to look at. My wife knew I kept intimate photos and videos of her on my computer but I was surprised when she openly asked Peter if he had found my hidden stash of home-made material. He looked at me and then back at her and said ‘That would be telling’. She said ‘ok tell me’. He said he had found it and yes he had seen her naked photos. I thought my wife would be mad. Instead, she said that she was surprised another man would want to see her BBW figure without clothes. Peter said he found her body very sexy from what he could remember but he would like to see a reminder before making any other comments. My wife looked at me and said ‘I know you have some nude photos of me on your phone – show Peter’. I got my phone and found the photos and then handed the phone to Peter. He looked at the pics and then at my wife. He said she was very sexy and shouldn’t be worried about what people thought about her naked. She responded by saying she didn’t believe him especially as he had probably seen hundreds of photos of more sexy wives in his job.

To my surprise, Peter was very forward and said ‘If I was allowed I would love to play with your body, to caress it, to fuck you and make you cum. You are very sexy. My wife told him to shut up as I would probably punch him if he continued. To be honest I was getting turned on by this conversation. The last order bell rang and my wife said ‘We have to go. Shame you will never know what fucking me would be like. We said goodbye and on the walk home, my wife asked me why I hadn’t said more. I told her I had found it a turn-on that this guy was talking so openly with her, and she was clearly in control of the situation. I then added, that if she had wanted to fuck him I probably wouldn’t have tried to stop it. In bed that night we had a great fuck.

The next morning I asked her about Peter and his comments and she said she had found it very flattering but there was no way she would ever want to fuck him. I said if she wanted to she could but she couldn’t understand why that would turn me on.

A few days later Peter emailed me and said he had had a great time and had found my wife very pleasant. He was surprised at how relaxed she had been with the conversations that night. I told him we had chatted and I had even suggested she could fuck him but she wasn’t interested. He asked me if he could try to persuade him. I told him to go for it.

Contact with Peter dwindled over the next 4 weeks so it surprised me when he emailed and said we needed to chat. We set up a Skype call and we talked. Peter told me that he had been in email contact with my wife. He had gotten her email address from my computer when he had repaired it and then emailed her to thank her for a pleasant evening. She said she had been a bit embarrassed that he had seen her naked photos but never questioned how he had her email. He said he suggested to even the field that he send her naked photos of him and he did that – some showing his hard cock. She seemed to like that and they exchanged nude photos several times a week, hers being new selfies she had taken just for him. He said she then had sent him a video of her wanking using a dildo, so he responded with a video of him watching her video and shooting a load of cum.

Peter then asked me how far could he go. I asked him how far he wanted to go and he replied he wanted to fuck her. I said I didn’t think she would do that but it was a big fantasy of mine watching her fuck another man so if anything happened I had to be there watching.

A few days later Peter contacted me to say my wife had agreed to meet to fuck him. He said that unfortunately when he suggested that her husband was there to watch she had been adamant the only way it could happen was without her husband being present. Peter then said they had arranged to meet tomorrow at his house in the morning. He had a plan that if I could get there before my wife I could hide in his built-in wardrobes that had slated doors. He would also have a hidden camera filming everything if that didn’t work. Part of me wanted to stop it from happening, but a part wanted to watch my wife getting fucked. I agreed and he gave me his address.

The following day I kissed my wife goodbye in the morning knowing we both had the pretense of going to work. I had phoned in to say I was ill and did not know the excuse my wife had given her bosses. I quickly drove to Peter’s house and parked the car a few streets away so my wife wouldn’t see it. Peter showed me to his bedroom and he had cleared out the bottom of his cupboard and had put a seat in there for me to use. When he closed the doors I had a good view of the room through the slats. He closed the curtains and turned on the side lights to the bed and as he left he said that the low light should mean my wife couldn’t see me in the wardrobe.

I opened the door and waited and it was about an hour later I heard his doorbell ring. I heard him talking to a woman and they went into a room downstairs. I got myself ready, and already had a rock-hard cock so decided to remove my shoes and trousers to make it easier to wank if I needed to. I shut the wardrobe door and waited.

It seemed ages but was only about half an hour before I heard Peter coming up the stairs. He entered the bedroom followed by my wife. I could hear her saying that this was the first time she had ever done anything like this and she was feeling guilty. Peter asked ‘Would your husband mind you fucking another guy?’ to which she answered that she knew I wanted her to fuck other guys as I watched but she wasn’t confident enough to do that. She also couldn’t understand what would turn her husband into having another guy fucking her. Peter then told her to keep in her mind that her husband wants her to fuck other guys. He put on some soft music and then started to kiss my wife. She hesitantly at first kissed him back, but this hesitancy went when Peter started to caress her tits through her top.

Peter told her to stand up and strip off as he watched. My wife was a bit shy at first and then I saw she was wearing the sexy underwear I had purchased for her a few years early. Soon she was completely naked and Peter said her photos had not done her justice as she was so much better in real life. He stood up and stripped off revealing a massive erection. Without asking she moved over to him and started kissing him as she stroked his cock. She then went onto her knees and started sucking him. She wasn’t keen on sucking my cock so this surprised me.

After a few minutes, Peter told her to stop because if she continued he would cum. He led her to the bed and pushed her onto it. He then knelt on the floor and was able to open her legs and lick her pussy. I was trying not to breathe hard but was so turned on I was stroking my cock. I then heard the unmistakable sounds of my wife nearing orgasm and then her groans and thigh thrusts as she had an orgasm. It was too much for me and my balls emptied onto the floor of the wardrobe.

Peter lay on the bed next to my wife as she recovered, with her holding his cock. They were kissing and then I heard Peter ask if he could fuck her and she said yes. He asked if she wanted him to wear a condom and she said she would prefer bareback. Peter positioned himself so his cock was at her pussy entrance and as he pushed into her pussy he raised a hidden thumbs behind his bottom for me to see, knowing my wife was now no longer just mine. He fucked her slowly like this for what seemed ages and then he suggested she ride his cock. I saw him pull out and got a good view of her open pussy. Peter laid down and I watched as my wife got on top and mounted his cock. I had a great view of his cock inside my wife and for the first time in my life, I heard my wife talking dirty during sex. She was telling him how his big cock was filling her pussy, how she could feel his knob hitting her cervix, and how she wanted to feel his jets of cum inside her. She sped up with her riding and I heard Peter say he was about to cum, and then watched as his balls tightened. His grunts told me he was cumming inside my wife, and I shot a second load of cum with excitement. My wife rode him and then screamed out in another orgasm and collapsed on top of him. I watched as his cock softened and slipped from the grasp of her pussy, followed by a stream of cum.

They cuddled for a few minutes but then my wife jumped out of bed and started to get dressed. She said she had made a mistake. Peter stood up and held her. He asked her if she had enjoyed herself and she said yes. He then asked, ‘If your husband was here and had watched what just happened what do you think he would have said?’. She delayed and then said ‘I think he would have been wanking madly watching and he would have enjoyed it’. Peter then said that is all you have to think about. They went downstairs and she left about 30 minutes later. Peter came back into the bedroom. He was still naked and I could see his cock had dried cum and pussy juices on it. He looked at my cock and I apologized for the mess on the floor of the wardrobe from my 2 cum shots.

We chatted over a cup of tea and Peter told me what a lovely lady my wife was and what a sexy body she had. He then surprised me by telling me that when my wife rode him she had used her pussy muscles on his cock and it felt like she was gripping his cock.

I went into town and waited until I could drive home and arrive home at the normal time I would after work. When I got home my wife was already there. She had washed and she was busy preparing dinner. I went upstairs to the bathroom and there was a faint aroma in the bathroom. I would not have noticed it unless I had witnessed my wife fucking another guy earlier. I opened the lid of the wash basket and she had hidden her underwear from earlier below other washing. When I pulled out her knickers her crotch was coated with dried cum and it was giving off the smell. I gave it a good sniff and then replaced it.

The evening went by as normal and when I asked her about her day she said it had been normal and nothing had happened. I knew differently. When it came to bedtime I got into bed naked. When my wife came to bed she had already changed into her pyjamas. I started to kiss her and after a few minutes of kissing, she commented on my hard cock. I said it had been a while since we had made love and I was hoping that I could fuck her. She said she wasn’t sure but after caressing her and undressing her it was clear she was becoming aroused. I then buried my head in her crotch and started to lick her clit. All I could think about was Peter had done this earlier and I was licking her pussy so soon after another guy had fucked her. It didn’t take long before I made her cum and then we fucked missionary and I reclaimed my wife’s pussy by flooding it with my cum.

A few weeks later Peter emailed me. I was at work but the email left me in a quandary. He said my wife had just emailed him to say she needed a fuck and could he get home in the next hour. Peter said he replied saying he could and was about to go home, but he wasn’t sure if I could get there in time. Unfortunately, I couldn’t as I was about to go into a meeting that was going to last a few hours. He said he could contact my wife and cancel but I said he should go ahead and fuck her, as long he got videos and took pictures. I told him to send me a text message when she had left and to include a few photos of her pussy full of cum.

Throughout the meeting, my head was spinning. I knew my wife was fucking another guy, being given orgasms, and taking his cum. My cock was hard under the desk thinking about it. About 20 minutes before the end of the meeting my phone vibrated. I took it out and opened it. There was a message from Peter who just said ‘Wow… great fuck. She made me cum twice. I opened the 2 photos he had attached and one showed my wife’s face coated in his cum and the other one her pussy dripping with his cum.

I had to stay at work for a few more hours and arrived home at the usual time. My wife was cooking dinner and had had a shower recently. I asked her why she had had a shower and she said she needed to relax after a difficult day at work. She told me about an incident at work that had left her very angry and frustrated. She didn’t tell me that to relieve that anger she had gone off and fucked Peter.

When we went to bed she got into bed naked and instigated a fuck session unlike anything I had had from her before. She was dominant telling me what to do. As I kissed her I couldn’t get the image from earlier of Peter’s cum all over it, and when I licked her pussy, I knew that only a few hours earlier she had taken a load of cum inside it. Both of our orgasms were very intense and she commented on how much cum I had shot into her pussy.

A week or so later my wife said there was another quiz at the pub and maybe we should enter a team. I agreed but was then thrown by her request to invite Peter to Join us. The evening came very quickly and we met Peter in the pub. About halfway through the evening, Peter said he needed to go for a wee. My wife suggested I go and get a round of drinks in and she went to the toilet as well. It took a long time for me to get served and when I got back to the table my wife and Peter were there, my wife looking a little flustered. I asked her if everything was ok and she said it was. I went to the toilet and when there my phone pinged. I looked at it and there was a message from Peter – ‘You won’t believe what just happened! Your wife took me outside and gave me a blowjob behind a bush in the car park. She swallowed my load when I came – Maybe you should give her a kiss when you get back.’

I returned to the table and Peter made an excuse to go away. I bent over and kissed my wife passionately and I believed I could smell Peter’s cum on her. I saw there were some white globules of what was probably sperm in my wife’s hair by her ear. Peter returned and we did the quiz. We all drank a fair few pints and when it came to closing time we all left together. Peter had to order a taxi, and I told him to wait a minute. I suggested to my wife that maybe Peter could stay in our spare room for the night. She agreed and we all walked home.

Back at our house, we sat in the lounge and my wife made us all a hot drink. We sat and chatted for a while and then my wife said she needed to go to bed and if Peter followed her she would show him the spare room. I followed upstairs and went into our room. My wife took a few minutes and then joined me in our bedroom. I asked her to sit next to me on the bed. I said it was clear she liked Peter and she knew I fantasised about watching her fuck another man. I said this was the ideal opportunity to live out the fantasy and there was nothing more I fantasized about than watching her being fucked and then reclaiming her by fucking her cum filled pussy. She said I was a pervert, but I replied that if we didn’t try it then we would never know how we would respond to it. This was an ideal opportunity as we rarely had anyone else in our house, it was clear she fancied Peter, and Peter fancied her so we shouldn’t let the opportunity slip. My wife said she needed to go and do her teeth and she left the bedroom to go to the bathroom.

She took longer than normal to do her teeth. I heard the bathroom door open but she didn’t come to our bedroom. I could hear her talking to Peter and then my wife appeared at our bedroom door naked, followed by a naked Peter. She looked at me and said she had thought long and hard and had decided I was right… tonight was about sex and no jealousy or repercussions. She then said ‘This is your fantasy so do not try to stop anything once it has started. I will let you watch and even join in if Peter wants you to

My wife told me to get out of bed and remove the duvet so she and Peter could play --- I could stand and watch from the side of the bed but I could only join in if they invited me. They got onto the bed and started kissing and I managed to get my phone and set it up so it could film. I started stroking my cock, watching them kissing and my wife stroking Peter’s cock. Peter then rolled my wife onto her back and mounted her in the 69 position. He started licking her pussy as she licked his knob and then started to swallow and suck his cock. He was able to quickly bring her to orgasm.

I moved to the end of the bed and Peter held her pussy open for me to take a look at just how wet she was. He then asked if I was enjoying watching and hoped I was ready to watch him dink his cock into my wife’s willing pussy.

Peter then moved my wife to the edge of the bed. He could now kneel at the end of the bed and rub his cock over her pussy lips. He suggested I move forward to get a better view. I could see his knob rubbing my wife’s clit, and then with one push, I saw his cock disappear into my wife’s pussy. My wife looked at me and asked ‘So is it turning you on seeing another cock inside my pussy – do you like how someone else is using my pussy’. I replied I did and showed her just how hard my cock was from watching it. He fucked her like this for a few minutes, playing with her clit until she orgasmed. She then got on all 4s and I watched him fuck her doggy style, her mature large breasts swinging with each thrust of his cock. My wife told me to come to the side of the bed and she sucked my cock as Peter fucked her.

She then stopped and moved away from Peter. She told him to lie down and then she mounted his cock. She rode him slowly and told me to get a good look at his cock going in and out of her pussy. She then told Peter he better have a lot of cum as her husband wanted to lose her pussy to another guy's cum. She was telling him to cum inside her as her husband watched. My wife then told me to grab Peter’s balls which I did – She said she wanted me to feel his balls as they emptied into her pussy. Peter said he couldn’t last long and she rode him faster until he grunted. I felt his balls tighten and held them as he thrust up to meet her rhythm as his balls exploded inside my wife. She bent forward and started to kiss him and I let go of his balls. I watched as his cock softened and slipped from her. I could see her open pussy and his cum inside her.

My wife stayed on top of Peter kissing him but was able to get onto all 4s, Peter still beneath her. She told me to fuck her used hole and add my cum. My cock easily slipped into her wet pussy and I fucked her slowly, but what I had just been watching had been too great a turn and I didn’t last long before grunting and cumming inside my wife, as she continued to kiss Peter.

I felt a bit awkward watching them kiss. Then my wife stopped and said it was time to sleep. Peter got up and said good night, and thanked her. He left for the spare room. My wife looked at me and said that she hoped I had enjoyed the new experience. I said I had and hoped it might be the first of many. She said ‘You never know’. She got into bed and pulled the duvet off the floor. We cuddled until we fell asleep, my thinking about Peter and my mixed cum oozing from her pussy.

I was woken the next morning by some noise from the corridor. I was in bed alone. I went to have a wee and it was now clear my wife was with Peter in the spare room. From the noises, I would guess they were fucking. After finishing my pee I went to the door of the spare room and pushed it open. Peter was on top of my wife being fucked very hard. She saw me enter and told Peter that they had an audience, but Peter was too far gone and said ‘a bit late and grunted as he shot his cum into my wife’. I said I would leave them and went and put on my dressing gown and went to the kitchen to put on the kettle. I had been there for a few minutes before I was joined by Peter and my wife, both still naked. They both grabbed a coffee and sat at the dining table. I got my tea and put on some toast and joined them. My wife then said ‘Peter and I have been talking. We have both enjoyed this experience and want more of them. We think we should organize them and sometimes you will be involved, other times you won't be. But we will always tell you afterward if we have met without you. We also want to experiment more with you – we both think you are a cuckold and we think we should get a cock cage for you. Also, next time you will lick Peter’s cum from my pussy, after he has freshly deposited it in my pussy. Are you OK with these plans?’ I muttered that it appeared I didn’t have a choice, but secretly I was more than alright with these plans.

My wife added that ‘Peter had also agreed that as part of this fun, if he finds any homemade porn videos or pics on computers he is repairing he needs to copy them and then bring them along for us all to watch. You might be left in the lounge wanking over them as we fuck upstairs. I said I didn’t have much choice but it did sound like a good way to move forward.

After we ate breakfast Peter and my Wife went upstairs to get dressed. I looked at the chair my wife was sitting on and she had left a pool of cum on the chair. I tidied up after her. Peter and my wife came downstairs and they kissed and Peter left.

My wife and I sat down and had a long chat. She agreed she would create photos and videos of her meets with Peter whether I was there or not and I agreed she could do whatever she wanted to experiment with, as long as I was involved, either in the discussions or in the actions. My wife said sex would never be the same again.

I was now a cuckold and we had welcomed a Bull into our life to keep my wife sexually fulfilled.
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