##Another chapter about Vero, the wife of @jacques ##

Vero allowed the stranger to lead her quickly through the bar. On reaching the door Vero stopped, realizing that she hadn't spoken to Jacqueline. Leaving the man impatiently at the door, she hurried off to the office behind the bar and found Jacqueline on the phone, seated behind her desk, which was strewn with papers.

Cigarette hanging from her mouth, Jacqueline, sensing Vero's impatience, covered the mouthpiece and raised her eyebrows inquiringly.

"A man - a customer - wants me to go to his hotel. Is that alright? I mean..."

Jacqueline considered for a moment, looking hard at Vero.

"Get at least 500 and make sure Mark knows where you're going. 150 of that is mine, anything more you get you keep."

Mark was the burly ex-policeman who ran the door of the bar.

Vero grabbed her coat, and, deliberately not allowing herself to stop and think about it, rejoined the man at the door. He put his hand on the small of her back and gently but firmly hurried her through the door and onto the street. Vero spoke to Mark and Mark asked the man which hotel he was taking Vero to. The man gave the name of a pretty up-market place a short walk away.

"Key", said Mark.

"What?", said the stranger.

"Show me your key."

Slightly petulantly, the man pulled his room key, complete with a cardboard wallet with the name of the hotel and his room number on it from his suit pocket and gave it to Mark, who wrote down the details, together with the time, and handed it back, staring menacingly at the man long enough to make him uncomfortable. The message was clear.

Taking Vero's hand, the stranger walked quickly through the still-busy streets to his hotel, attracting raised eyebrows from the concierge as he hurried her through the grand reception and into the lift. As soon as the doors closed he pushed Vero against the mirrored wall and began to kiss her - forcing his tongue into her mouth as he ran his hand over her small tits.

Her nipples were erect - they often were - and she hardly ever wore a bra, so they were now very visible, pushing against the silk of her fitted blouse. Vero moaned a little, despite her conflicted feelings about what she was doing.

Strangely, fucking was much less personal than kissing - many of the girls said they would not kiss a customer, especially if they had a partner - it felt much more like unfaithfulness somehow. The kissing and the hand on her sensitive nipples were making Vero wet again - she felt she needed to control the situation a little more like a professional, so she pushed the man away, gathering her composure.

Panting slightly, he said, "How much?"

Vero hesitated.

"One thousand."

The man stared at her in amazement.

"What? no fucking way. There's no way I'm paying a ***** that much. you can have 300."

Vero, slightly stunned to be referred to so casually as a *****, said, "Well, that's your choice of course, I'll leave."

As if trying to tell if she was bluffing, he looked her steadily in the eye for a few seconds, then his gaze dropped and he stared with obvious hunger at Vero's erect nipples as if remembering the soft, warm wetness of earlier, her crotch.

"Fuck it. OK. But I say when we're done - deal?"


The lift doors opened and they walked to his room - a good suite with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city. The moment the door shut behind them the man leaned back against the glass and unzipped his trousers, taking his steel-hard cock out and holding it in one hand. Reaching out with the other, he grabbed Vero by the back of her neck and pushed her to her knees in front of him.

"Suck my fucking cock."

Vero, her eyes tilted up to look at him, took him in her mouth - able to smell that he had come in his trousers earlier that night while fingering her at the bar. This turned her on and she felt the wetness begin to spread again between her legs as she worked on his cock. She held his balls with one hand, squeezing them in time with the movement of her lips up and down his shaft, her other hand a fist around his cock, stroking him and meeting her lips each time she took him fully into her mouth.

He thrust his hips rhythmically, using his back against the window as leverage and holding her head against him with both hands as he fucker her mouth.

Vero could only breathe through her nose, and as she tried to get enough air she almost drowned out the man's panting.

Soon she felt him begin to come, the first small spurts hitting her throat. His balls were rising and falling as she squeezed them harder, holding and releasing, holding and releasing as one of the girls had taught her.

Preparing to swallow his load, she felt him begin to come properly, the first heavy, warm salty spurt on her tongue.

The man moved his hands to the sides of Vero's head and pushed her away from him, holding her still and tilting her face up as he launched long ropes of white come into the air, landing on her cheeks, forehead, nose, and hair. Vero instinctively closed her eyes and felt his come sliding warmly over her lids.

Letting her go, he stepped away from her, allowing Vero to drop to the floor, where she knelt, wiping her face with the back of her hand, flicking his come to the carpet.

His breathing returning to normal, the man said, "I'll order some champagne, go and get cleaned up."

Vero, in the bathroom, washed her face and did what she could to get the come from her hair before it dried. She heard a knock on the door and a brief exchange as the champagne was delivered and the man tipped the porter. This reminded Vero - the money! She returned to the bedroom and demanded her payment. The man seemed a little reluctant, almost like he was thinking of trying to go back on the deal, but Vero only had to casually mention that Mark would probably take a dim view of that, and the cash was forthcoming.

He popped the cork and poured. As he gave Vero a fizzing glass he said, "That's it for you though, I'm not spending any more than I have to fuck you."

Vero felt a mixture of shame, embarrassment, awkwardness, and, yes, arousal, at being spoken to like this.

Remembering why she was here, and putting pride aside, she began to get undressed. She dropped her blouse to the floor, revealing her beautiful small breasts and her painfully erect nipples, then, unzipping her trousers, shimmied them down over her hips and stepped out of them. The man watched her intently, his glass frozen halfway to his lips.
Vero started to remove her blue, lacy Brazilian knickers.

"No", said the man, quickly, "leave them on."

Vero did as she was told, standing up again she put one hand on a cocked hip, the other slowly and gently drifting absently over her flat stomach.

She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror opposite - she was surprised to see how confident she looked, how slutty. She was also surprised by how soaked her knickers were - her crotch was almost black compared to the rest of the material.

She'd even started to leak a tiny amount onto the inside of her thigh, she could feel a slight trickle starting to make its way to her knee and found herself hoping she could see it from where he stood.

"Bend over," he said, hoarse.

Vero turned and put her hands on the bed, pushing her arse up.

"Open your legs." Vero complied at once.

She heard him move quickly behind her, fumbling noisily with his belt, and then his hand dragged the thin barrier of her knickers to one side and his cock head was searching for her opening. Vero reached between her legs, took his cock, and guided him in, moaning a little as he pushed it fully into her.

"Christ - what a cunt. You're right, you little ***** - such a tight, wet cunt..."

He kept this running dialogue up the whole time he pounded away at her - holding her hips and pulling her relentlessly up and toward him, practically lifting her slight body from the bed with each stroke. Vero couldn't pretend his words didn't excite her - nobody had ever called her such things, or spoken in such a crude way - she never would have allowed it, but now, my God, it was turning her on so fucking much.

"I bet you've fucked hundreds of guys, you little slut, gone down on them, swallowed their cum like a good fucking *****- fucking slut, walking the streets selling your tight little cunt."

Vero strained her thigh and calf muscles against him, forcing him to stop thrusting for a few seconds while she came hard on his cock, which spurred him on to fuck her faster and harder and for more filth to fall from his mouth. Shortly, he came again, this time he held his cock deep inside her, coming for 10 or 15 seconds, pumping hard at first then gradually fading in intensity as he emptied himself.

He lay on the bed and Vero returned to the bathroom, using a hand towel to wipe the come from her legs and thighs, and pushing it from her cunt.

She retrieved her clothes and dressed. The man was snoring peacefully on the bed.

Vero, undecided, stayed around a little while then rose and turned off the light as she left, closing the door softly behind her. It was the easiest money she'd ever made, and the quickest - she'd been away from the bar for just over an hour. And she'd got to come and come hard.

This, she decided, was not such a bad way to live.
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