Wife Reveals the Little Favors She Does for Her Boss
By Gustav Jorgenson

Your wife took an admin assistant job after many years out of the workforce when you got laid off from your job and you appreciated the income while you were looking for a new position. Now you and your wife are attending her office Christmas party and everyone is just starting to loosen up as the alcohol starts to kick in. Your wife’s boss stops by to say hello.

“Hello Janice, you look nice tonight,” says Bob, your wife’s boss, gazing at your wife’s bosom a little more intently than is proper.

“Ahem, hello Bob,” you say, holding out your hand.

“Oh, Jason, Merry Christmas,” he says as though startled to see you. But he recovers quickly and shakes your hand warmly. “Jason, look, I am sorry, but I need to steal your wife away for just a moment,” he says putting his arm around Janice’s shoulder and leading her away.

“Oh, is there some work to do?” she asks in dismay looking back over her shoulder at you apologetically as they walk away.

“Yes, it won’t take long, but I’m afraid it really can’t wait,” he tells her with a smile.

You are standing alone for a moment, a bit out of sorts since you don’t know any of her co-workers yet. Then another woman named Susan who is an admin like your wife, comes over to keep you company.

“I saw that naughty Bob Smith take your wife away, Jason,” she says shaking her head sympathetically. “He’s just a terrible slave driver sometimes.”

“Yeah, it’s 9 pm on a Friday,” you say, consulting your watch. “I can’t imagine what business is so urgent that he needs to interrupt the party like this.”

“Well, I don’t know if I should tell you this, but last year he did the same thing to me…” Susan’s face was flushed with alcohol and she pauses indecisively.

‘And?” you say, gesturing for her to continue, but feeling slightly uneasy.

“Nothing, Jason,” she says looking down guiltily.

“If there is something I should know, I hope you would tell me,” you tell her, worried that Bob might be trying some hanky panky with your wife.

“Jason, can I ask you a personal question?” asks Susan, slurring her words slightly. She puts her hand on your shoulder, and you can’t help but glance down the front of her low-cut blouse at her large round boobs.

“I guess so…” you say nervously.

“Oh, do you like my boobs?” she asks noticing your eyes on her bosom.

“Um, yes, I do actually,” you admit bashfully. “Is that what you wanted to ask me?”

“What? Oh no, I had another question. But thank you for the compliment,” she says distractedly. “Oh yes, I was going to ask if you and Janice had an… open relationship.”

“Open?” you ask in confusion.

“Yes, open,” she says as though talking to a slow child. “As in having sex with other people.” She glances around to make sure no one was looking and opens her blouse to flash a nipple at you briefly.

You gulp in surprise and your cock stiffens at the site of Susan’s hard pink nipple. She’s about your age, in her mid 40’s, and has kept her good looks and shapely figure. “Susan, you are a very attractive woman, but no, Janice and I do not have an open relationship. We are old-fashioned,” you laugh.

“Oh silly, I wasn’t propositioning you,” laughs Susan slapping your shoulder playfully. “Jeez, give a guy a peek at your nips and he thinks you want to screw these days…”

“Oh, uh, sorry,” you stammer, blushing with shame.

“Oh it’s fine dear, I would fuck you if you were a little drunker. No, I was talking about Bob,” then she stops and bites her lip pensively.

“What does Bob have to do with our marriage being open?” you ask, not liking the gist of this conversation.

Susan reaches over surreptitiously and grips the lump in your trousers. “Oh you did like that nip, didn’t you?” she purrs.

You almost cry out in surprise but you regain your composure and turn your back to the crowded room so that no one notices Susan squeezing your cock through your pants. “Susan, you shouldn’t do that,” you say half-heartedly. But you can’t deny that it feels pretty exciting to have this large-breasted blonde work your johnson at a crowded Christmas party.

“You got a nice big one,” says Susan approvingly. But then she releases your dick and squares her shoulders purposefully. “But look, I didn’t come over here to flirt with you. I wanted to tell you about Bob.”

“Ok,” you say, trying to re-arrange your hard-on so that you aren’t pitching a tent for the world to see.

“Well I was his admin last year, and Bob has a habit of taking certain… liberties with his admins,” she said.

“Go on,” you say. Your mouth is dry and you take a sip of beer to quench your thirst.

“Well he was always demanding little sexual favors… oh hold on…” she says as a man approaches. “Darling, have you met Janice’s husband, Jason? Jason, this is my husband, Ralph.”

“How do you do Ralph?” you say shaking his hand. He’s a bit older and starting to grey.
“Please don’t fuck around with my wife in front of everyone like that,” he says unhappily. “It’s embarrassing.”

“Jesus, Ralph!” you yelp in surprise. “I wasn’t trying to do anything to your wife.”

“Hush up, Ralph,” laughs Susan nonchalantly. “Don’t be a boor. I told you that this is Janice’s husband. You know, Janice is Bob’s new admin.”

“Oh,” says Ralph with surprise. Then he looks chagrined, “Sorry pal, I get it now. Susie was just trying to soften the blow a bit…”

“Well I didn’t make him soft, that’s for sure,” she said racily.

You stare, dumbfounded by these people, and just wait for an explanation.

“I’ll let you tell him then,” says Ralph shaking his head and patting you on the shoulder compassionately before walking away.

“So it’s pretty obvious what you are trying to tell me here,” you say.

“Yeah, so if you don’t have an open relationship, then I suggest you go try to locate your wife and find out what Bob is using her for,” says Susan frankly. “Oh, and in case you didn’t get it, Ralph and I do have an open policy. So if you need a consolation fuck, just call me.” Susan winks at you lewdly and saunters off. As confused and jealous as you are feeling right now, you can’t help but notice how she shakes her nice round bottom as she sashays away.

You shake your head and try to focus on the task at hand. The most logical place for Bob to take your wife would be back to his office. So you walk over there. You put your hand on the door handle and then pause for a moment. You ask yourself if you want to know what’s going on in there. The money would be pretty tight if you ****** your wife to quit this job. Maybe you don’t want to know. But you can’t walk away. You need to know if your wife is cheating on you. So you open the door and walk into the office without knocking.

As you feared, your wife is on her knees before Bob with her boobs out and his cock in her mouth. She is sucking it hard and looking up at him submissively, carefully checking his reaction to make sure she is doing it right. When she sees you her eyes widen in shock, but she keeps on sucking him. Bob gives a start when you walk in as well.

“Jesus Jason, don’t you knock?” he says irritably. Then he regains his composure. “Sorry old man, just give me another minute, will you? I’m almost… ah there it goes.”

You look on with disgust as Bob shoots a load into your wife’s mouth. She swallows most of it, but some cum dribbles out of her mouth.
“That’s nice,” you say sarcastically.

“Normally I like to pull out and blow my wad all over her face, but with you here, I thought that would be rude.” He pauses to withdraw his spent member from between your wife’s plump lips. “Would you mind closing the door?” he asks politely. “This would be bothersome to explain to the HR director.”

You shut the door behind you angrily and turn back to face them with your arms crossed.

“Honey, I can explain,” says your wife, remaining on her knees in front of Bob. Her top is still down and she is fishing around in her handbag for a tissue.

“Here you go, dear,” says Bob tenderly as he hands your wife the box of tissues from his desk. Then he perches jauntily on the edge of his desk and turns to face you. “So let’s talk this over, shall we?” he says reasonably. Your wife is wiping cum from her mouth delicately and avoiding your eyes.

“I guess you are going to apologize then?” you ask stiffly.

Bob tilts his head back and laughs. “Apologize? Of course not, why would I be sorry? Your wife gives wonderful head.”

“Jesus, you are just going to be a prick about this then, are you?” you snap angrily.

“Honey, this is nothing,” says your wife, hitching the straps of her dress back up and tucking her boobs inside as she rearranges herself. “All the admins do these little… favors for the executives here. This business can be so stressful. A little womanly care… helps them relieve the tension. I don’t mind offering Bob a bit of… comfort… now and then. It’s no big deal.”

“Comfort?” you ask in dismay. “Comfort is a cup of tea and a sympathetic ear, not going down on your knees to suck his cock!”

“Please don’t be like that, dear. You like to have your chubby rubbed now and then, don’t you?” says your wife, struggling to make like of the situation. She climbs to her feet but stands next to Bob, rubbing his shoulder.

“Why the hell are you rubbing his shoulder?” you sputter. “And why is it suddenly ok for a married woman to be sucking her boss off as long as it comforts him?”

“I don’t always make her suck my dick,” says Bob holding his palms open. “Sometimes, I just have her give me a nice soothing ball massage.” Susan grimaces at him as one might a naughty child, but continues to rub Bob’s shoulder.

“Please don’t rile him up more, Bob,” she begs meekly.

“I didn’t ask him to come barging in here,” he says in annoyance. “I just wanted to enjoy a nice Christmas Party hummer with my lovely secretary.” Then he turns to you, “Honestly, Jason, it was quite gauche of you to interrupt us like that. You must have known what we were doing in here.”

“I suspected, but I needed to see it with my own eyes,” you say sadly.

“Well, you’ve seen it now. I hope you are happy. Janice, please take your husband away and go work out your marital issues somewhere else. Oh, and send Susan in here with a bottle of whiskey, will you?” Bob hops off his perch on the edge of his desk and goes around behind it to plop down in his executive chair.

You stare at him in shock as your wife bustles over to you and guides you out the door.

“Merry Christmas, happy new year and all that,” calls Bob with a wave, not bothering to look over as you and your wife depart.

“Honey, look, I know we can work something out,” says Janice, looking at you beseechingly. “We need the money from this job.”

“First of all, we don’t need the money that damn bad. We have savings to run on for a while,” you say with annoyance. “You enjoy comforting that jerk’s prick. Secondly, Jesus, Susan, you’ve still got his cum on your chin.” Your wife blanches and dabs at her chin self-consciously. “Thirdly, I am going to go fuck Susan doggy style in the copy room so you can send some other slut to bring asshole his whiskey.” Then you turn and stride away.

“Honey, please don’t,” says Janice trailing after you. “Just because I polish up my boss’ johnson and a bit now and then doesn’t give you right to have intercourse with a harlot like Susan!”

You pause and look her in the eye angrily. “Oh, I’m so sorry! Would it be more commensurate if I just asked her to restrict herself to pleasuring me orally?”

“Well, I guess…” says your wife with a grimace, waving her hands indecisively.

“I’ll take that under advisement,” you snap. Then you turn on your heels and stride away, looking for Susan. Your wife follows a short distance behind making vague, discontented sounds. You find Susan talking quietly with her husband by the windows. You pause for a moment and take in the view of the city lights sprawling out in every direction.

“It’s a hell of a view, isn’t it,” says Ralph putting his hand on your shoulder.

“Yeah,” you say looking over at him frankly. “Hey would you mind if I had sex with your wife? I need to even the score with mine.”

Ralph shuts his eyes and nods wisely. “I understand completely my friend, have at her, by all means.”

“I like standing by, having the men make this transaction, as though I were just a tool to be loaned and borrowed with no will of my own, it’s kinky,” chuckles Susan looking at Janice with a twinkle in her eye.

“Don’t be like that, dear,” complains Ralph with a hurt expression. “I saw you going after Jason’s wang earlier. I know you’re willing.”

“Wait, what did you do to my husband?” puffs Janice jealously.

“Oh can it, Janice,” snorts Susan in response. “You’ve got Bob’s dick on your breath.” She takes you by the hand and leads you toward a darkened bank of offices away from the main festivities. “Come along Jason, let’s you and I get to know one another a little better.”

You let Susan lead you into an empty window office with the lights out and another spectacular view of the city. You are surprised to see Ralph and Janice join you and close the door behind them.

“You two are just going to watch then?” you ask nervously as Susan casually unzips her dress and drops it to the floor. You gaze at her gorgeous hourglass figure outlined in the moonlight as she unsnaps and discards her bra as nonchalantly as tossing aside a candy wrapper.

“I like watching,” says Ralph unzipping his fly with relish and pulling his thing out. Janice looks at his small, crooked cock with disgust and edges away.

“It’s not fair to go all the way,” says your wife half-heartedly as Susan approaches you with a sly smile on her face, jutting her chest out toward you. You take her plump breasts into your hands as she embraces you, eagerly seeking out your mouth. Within seconds, you and Susan are making out madly. She wastes no time unzipping your trousers and just pulling them right down.

“That’s a good solid cock,” Susan tells your wife as she grips your stiff, bare rod and starts jerking it.

“Oh dear, yes it is,” mumbles Janice worriedly as she watches Susan yank your prick while you enthusiastically squeeze her tits.

“So anyway,” gasps Susan pulling her mouth away from yours. “What are your interests? Do you enjoy boating?”

You chuckle in response, pinching her nipples.

“No boating? How do you feel about blowjobs then?” Susan drops to her knees before you and puts her face close to your cock, examining it closely, “Can you see well enough, Ralph?” she asks distractedly.

“Oh yeah, honey, looks good. Real slutty,” he groans as he jerks his pickle.

“How about you, Janice? You like the way I’m working your husband’s knob?” asks Susan archly.

“Don’t be catty, Susan,” snaps your wife defensively.

“She’s just comforting me, dear,” you tell your wife. “You know how I like my chubby rubbed.” Then you gasp with pleasure as Susan engulfs the head of your prick in her mouth and sucks on it fitfully. Your wife is making little grumbling sounds of displeasure while Susan slurps on your wang, but Ralph is just humming pleasantly to himself as he watches and masturbates.

“Ok, you’ve got to fuck me with the thing, honey,” gasps Susan breathily. “Can I interest you in some doggy style? She stands up and pulls her panties down and you glance with interest at her dark bush before she turns and presents her round ass, arching her back slightly to ****** her swollen labia.

“Please Susan, that’s going too far. Can’t you just suck him off?” pleads Janice.

“I like that dick, but it won’t make me cum if I keep it in my mouth,” says Susan brashly. She reaches back and parts her labia for you. “Stick it on in there, big boy,” she encourages you urgently.
You prod the head of your straining member into the crease of her snatch and lubricate it up with her juices before angling your pelvis and plunging it into Ralph’s wife. She cries out in pleasure and starts rapidly rubbing her clitoris as you fuck her. Soon you build up momentum and are pistoning yourself in and out of her. You feel her vagina tighten around the shaft of your cock and she shudders with an intense orgasm, but she only whimpers softly and you suspect she doesn’t want to cry out too loudly and make her husband jealous. Once she came, you feel that your gentlemanly duty of restraint is fulfilled so you let yourself relax and you immediately start shooting load after load of cum inside Ralph’s wife.

“He’s cumming inside me, Ralph,” gasps Susan lustily. “You like that, right.”

“That’s the best way to do it,” agrees Ralph. Then he says, “Hey, Jason, watch, you’ll like this.” With that, he turns and starts madly fapping in your wife’s direction. She holds her hands up in horror as he spurts cum all over the front of her dress. You and Susan can’t help but break out laughing at Janice’s disgust and annoyance.

“Oh Ralph, how could you be such a filthy beast?” demands Janice angrily. “Now I have to go back out to the party covered in semen!”

Suddenly the door opens and Bob strides into the room and flips the light switch on. You are all blinded by the ugly fluorescent for a moment.

“Oh shit!” swears Bob, seeing you with your limp cock still inside Susan. “Dammit Jason, you knew I wanted to do Susan next. I told your wife to send her to me.”

“Seriously Bob, go fuck yourself,” you say indignantly. “I can’t believe you blow a load into my wife’s mouth and then have the gall to complain if I try to have some fun with Susan.”

“Yeah Bob, do go and fuck yourself,” laughs Susan. “I work for Henderson now, and he isn’t half the pervert that you are. He cums his pants when I show him my bush. I’ve got him wrapped around my finger and I could make things tough for you if I wanted, so you better play nice.”

“If you think Henderson still matters around here, then you haven’t had your ear to the ground, woman. Go clean yourself up and report to my office. Your face looks like it needs a good slap from my cock.” Then Bob saunters out chuckling to himself.

“He did make me wet the way he said that,” says Susan to Janice. “I forgot what a forceful prick he could be.”

“Oh yes, his prick is very forceful,” agrees your wife getting flustered at the thought of it.

“Jesus Janice, really?” you say, annoyed. “Why do I feel like he just stole my thunder, Ralph?”

“Bob is a damn bastard,” agrees Ralphy amicably as he cleans off his dick with a handkerchief.

“Sorry, boys,” says Susan, pulling away to disengage from your spent pipe. “But I’ve got an appointment that I don’t want to miss.” She giggles as she slips back into her dress, leaving her bra and panties on the floor. She gives you a quick kiss and says, “You’re a good fuck, let’s do it again sometime.” Then she runs off to get her face slapped by Bob’s cock.

Your wife looks at you with anger, frustration, and guilt. But you can’t tell if she is mad at you for fucking Susan or jealous of Susan’s appointment with Bob. Ralph is philosophical and just says, “Well I’ll leave you two to work things out. I’m going to head out to go find a drink and try not to think about Susan’s meeting with Bob.”

“It annoys me how you fucked that slut, Susan,” says your wife stiffly. “But I understand why you did it. Can we go home now?”

You look at your wife tenderly and sigh as you put on your trousers. “Yes, my little breadwinner. Let’s go home.” You put your arm around her and she puts her head on your shoulder sadly as you head out to the elevators.

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