Your wife wears a see-through dress to entertain your important business guests
by Gustav Jorgenson

You are working on a big proposal at work and the client is very close to signing the contract. Their team has traveled from out of town, so you decide to invite them over to your house for drinks after dinner so that they aren’t stuck watching TV by themselves in their hotel rooms.

The party is comprised of all men, you, your boss, one of your coworkers, a senior executive from the client, and two of his middle managers. It’s a nice night out, so you all head out to the patio by the pool to have some drinks.

Your wife didn’t meet you at the door, and you are about to go find her and introduce her when she comes out wearing a transparent dress. She isn’t wearing a bra under the dress, just panties and stockings, and her nipples and panties are visible through the sheer material.

Everyone stands up to greet your wife and your boss leans in toward you. "Christ, Johnson, didn’t you tell your wife we were coming?" he whispers angrily.

"Yes, I talked it over at breakfast and called her again to remind her when we left the restaurant," you hiss.

All the men are eyeing your wife’s body as she comes forward and joins the party.

"Aren’t you going to introduce me to our guests, dear?" she asks you archly.

"Uh, right. Everyone, this is my wife, Janet. Janet, you know Sam and Joe from the office. This is Victor, Jack, and Todd from ACME corporation," you say, stumbling through the introductions.

You are further dismayed as your wife goes around hugging each man in greeting, rubbing her practically bare breasts against each of them as she does so. When she comes to Victor, the senior manager from ACME, she lingers in his arms for a moment.

"I hope you don’t mind that I’m dressed so informally," she says breathily.

"Oh no, you look wonderful," he responds huskily. "I like your wife’s sense of style, Johnson," he says, rubbing her back enthusiastically.

"Can I get you boys anything?" asks your wife flirtatiously, stepping away from Victor with reluctance.

"What are you offering?" he says so lasciviously that the entire party breaks out laughing. Your stomach flips, but you laugh along weakly as your boss shoots daggers at you with his eyes.

"Oh, you know, the usual. Drinks, snacks, et cetera," she responds with a twinkle in her eye.

"I’ll have a scotch for now and some et cetera later," he says, laughing at his joke.

Each of your guests voices their preference for a drink.

"Let me lend you a hand with those drinks, dear," you chime in and usher her back into the house quickly. You glance over your shoulder and notice the eyes of the entire party focused on your wife’s round ass as she walks away.

"Jesus Janet, what the hell are you trying to do? Ruin my career?" you whisper angrily once inside.

"Don’t be so provincial, darling," she sniffs, tossing her head dismissively. "Victor doesn’t seem to mind that I’m showing off my body a bit."

"A bit? Are you kidding me? You are practically naked!" you yelp, trying to keep your voice down as you and your wife prepare the drinks and put them on serving trays.

She turns to look at you with a slightly exasperated expression. " Please don’t be such a prude, it doesn’t suit you. We aren’t at the office now dear. This is after hours in the privacy of our own home. I can dress as I please. And it pleases me to dress provocatively on this occasion," she says with a little haughtiness in her voice.

"And why is that?" you ask quietly as you and your wife hoist the trays and head back out to the patio.

"Oh I don’t know, I thought it might spice things up a little," she smiles. "Besides, the way sales have been going for you lately, you can use all the help you can get."

"You call this help?" you say, amazed.

"We’ll see, we’ll see," she says with a wink.

You say no more and bring the drinks out to your guests.

"Well now, I insist that we banish all talk of work at this little party, I want to hear all about your families," says your wife gayly as you and she distribute the drinks.

"Hear hear," says Victor loudly raising his glass.

As your wife goes among the men extracting names of wives and children, your co-worker Joe takes you aside.

"Audacious move to have your wife play the slut card, there Johnson," he says, gazing at the way her breasts jiggle as she laughs. "What a rack."

"First of all, get a grip on yourself, and try to unglue your eyes from my wife’s body for a second," you say testily. He gives a start and meets your gaze apologetically "Secondly, if you think I had anything to do with this, you are mistaken. This delusional approach to entertaining important business guests is one that she is developing entirely on her own."

"Well, it might not be that delusional. She does have the body to pull off a dress like that. Lord knows my wife couldn’t do it. Check out Victor’s trousers. The old boy is sporting wood, probably for the first time in a while," he says with amusement. "She’s starting to give me a stiffy myself."

"Nice. Thanks for sharing, Joe," you say. But you notice your cock getting hard as watch your wife casually chatting with a bunch of men with her body almost completely *******, just acting as though it were perfectly normal for them to see her breasts.

At one point Victor puts his arm around your wife as he is telling a story. You notice her subtly rubbing her breast against his chest as she looks up at him in rapt attention. He is yammering on about some sports accomplishments of his back in college. You know Janet has a deep disdain for sports but she makes a good show of hanging on his every word.

"Oh, that’s so amusing," she gasps, patting him on the chest and squeezing herself against him.

"You like that story, huh?" he asks. His face is flushed and you notice him pulling your wife against him and moving his hand down to grip her by the hip.

"Victor, you do tell the most charming stories," gushes your wife, looking up at him with admiration.

You can’t help yourself and roll your eyes in response.

Victor notices your reaction and says, “Your husband doesn’t seem to think it was a very good story," he chuckles. "Look at him rolling his eyes."

"Oh, he’s probably just a little jealous, Vic. He never was much of an athlete himself. More of an academic." she says, smiling at you and wrinkling her nose at you while she casually guides Victor's hand back to rest on her buttocks.

Victor gives a start and spills most of his drink down the front of his shirt and the front of his pants.

"Oh my goodness, Victor. Look what you’ve done," laughs your wife, deftly producing a napkin and rubbing his crotch with it.

"Uh, oh please. I can do that," he says quickly, taking the napkin from her gently and trying to hide the erection straining against the crotch of his pants.

"Of course, dear. Pardon me. I was only trying to help," she says. "I have an idea," she says brightly. "Why not come up to the bedroom, and I will find you a change of clothes."

"Oh no, I couldn’t put you through the trouble," he says casting you a nervous look.

"Well it’s no trouble at all," she says lightly. "You look to be about my husband’s size. I am sure we can find something that you can fit into." She gives you a wink at that point and your face flushes hotly in response. "Come along, we can’t have you standing about uncomfortably in these soaked clothes," she says taking him by the hand and leading him inside. "We’ll be right back dear, do carry on," she says giving you a little wave.

There is an awkward pause in which everyone realizes that your wife’s absence has drained much of the life from the party. But conversation gradually resumes.

One of the middle managers approaches you and says. "You know we had pretty much already decided to ink this deal. Your wife didn’t have to… go through all this trouble."

"Oh it’s no trouble for her at all," you say stiffly.

"Really?" he laughs. "So she always entertains guests in the nude, then? Don’t get me wrong, she has a smoking hot body. But that’s a pretty slutty dress she’s wearing. And she sure laid it on thick with old Victor."

"Now I think Victor is probably up there trying to lay something thick on his wife," laughs the other guy from ACME. He’s had too much to drink and there is a long pause before everyone breaks out laughing.

"Ha ha," you say sarcastically, casting a glance up at the bedroom window. The light is on and the window is open, but the curtains are drawn and you can only see shadows of movement up there and hear the faint murmur of their voices.

Your wife and Victor remain up in the bedroom together for some time and you are starting to get nervous. She was certainly taking a chance with the dress and the flirting, but you don’t think she would take it any further.

However, during a lull in conversation, you all hear her gasp “Oh, Victor!"

Several of the fellows giggle quietly and exchange significant glances. You realize that you are all holding your breaths, straining to hear what’s going on up there. Presently you hear the distinctive sound of the bed creaking and the headboard tapping against the wall rhythmically. Your blood runs cold in response. Your boss looks at you with a strange mix of sympathy and exasperation.

"Don’t just sit there, Johnson," he says with resignation. "Go up there and see what’s going on."

"I don’t think I want to," you say, feeling nauseous.

"I have to say, I didn’t think Victor had it in him," says one of the ACME guys but he is shushed up by his comrade and you all sit in silence listening to the creaking bed upstairs.

After a few minutes, the intensity of the creaking reaches a crescendo and you hear your wife cry out and Victor grunting loudly.

You throw your hands up in despair and pace around the patio, unsure of what to do. You can’t believe this has happened. You are clinging to a shred of hope in your mind that there must be a reasonable explanation for what you just heard. One that doesn’t involve your wife fucking an older man to help you clinch a big sale.

Soon your wife and Victor re-emerge from the house. They are both glowing brightly. Victor has changed into some of your casual clothes and your wife is wearing a modest house dress.

"You changed your dress," you say numbly.

"Why yes I did," she says. "I felt that it was a little too… casual. I didn’t want to make our guests feel overdressed. In their suits that is."

You notice a glob of what looks like semen in her hair. "You have something in your hair," you say coldly, pointing it out to her.

"Oh thank you, dear. I must have sneezed or something," she says laughing lamely and wiping at her head with a napkin.

"Well, I guess we will be heading out," says Victor. "We have to get up early and make our final decision on this proposal tomorrow morning. I must say that things look pretty good as they stand now." He turns to your wife and takes her in both hands. "Thanks so much for a memorable evening," he says.

She gazes lovingly back into his eyes and says, “Please do come back and visit us again the next time you are in town."

General goodbyes are made and the party breaks up for the evening.

You are miserably picking up glasses on the patio with your wife when you blurt out “I can’t believe you did that!"

She gives you a frown, “Darling, please try to be cosmopolitan about this. Sex is sex, it’s just a physical act. Love is love, it’s what binds you and me together. But business is business. And when it comes to business, I don’t fuck around."

"Uh, yeah, you kind of do actually," you quip despite yourself and you join her in some cleansing laughter.

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