Impromptu Pool Lesson in Bar

by Gustav Jorgenson

Excerpted from "Wives Cheating, Husbands Watching, Vol.4"

Sam’s wife Chelsea was complaining that they didn’t go out enough, so he agreed to take her to dinner and out to a new bar that just opened up. The couple didn’t know anyone there and felt a bit awkward. After a few drinks, they decided to try playing pool although neither of them was very good at it. They were missing shots over and over and just laughing about it when Sam noticed this short, muscular guy looking on in disdain.

“Look, you gotta get down lower when you take a shot so you can see the angle,” he told Chelsea impatiently as she stood upright by the side of the pool table, clumsily preparing to take a shot.

“Oh?” she asked him, somewhat startled at his interjection. “I, uh, well obviously I’m not very good. We are just fooling around.”

“Well you would have more fun if you learned a bit of technique,” said the stranger. “I’m Joe by the way,” he said, gazing into Chelsea’s eyes intently and ignoring Sam.

Chelsea blushed under his piercing stare and averted her eyes modestly. “Hello, Joe, I am Chelsea, and this is my husband, Sam.”

Sam waved gamely, embarrassed by the way this fellow was looking at his wife.

“Very pleased to make your acquaintance, Chelsea,” said Joe, looking her up and down in her short, snug dress and admiring her shapely figure. Sam cleared his throat to remind Joe that he was there and could see him checking out his wife. “Hey Sam, why aren’t you teaching your pretty little wife here how to shoot pool properly?”

“Ha, well, actually, I’m not much of a pool player myself,” admitted Sam, feeling somewhat unmanly.

“Can I give you some tips?” Joe asked Chelsea, putting his hand on her pool cue.

“Uh, sure, I am open to learning new things,” said Chelsea, looking at her husband with trepidation. “Are you very good at pool?”

“Let me show you,” he said taking the cue from her hands smoothly. “4 ball corner pocket, off the 7,” he muttered casually and he crouched down and forcefully fired the cue ball with a loud crack. The cue bounced off the far bumper, rebounded, and clipped the 7 ball perfectly, sending it into the 4 which landed in the corner pocket with a satisfying clunk.

“Wow,” said Chelsea, clearly impressed.

“Yeah, that was like a combo bank shot,” said Sam with surprise.

“That’s right, Sam,” said Joe condescendingly. “Now let me show your wife a thing or two.”

“Ok,” agreed Chelsea brightly. “How do I do a shot like that?”

Joe laughed. “Chelsea, you have to take it slow. You can’t even make a straight shot. You are standing too stiffly. You need to bend down lower so you can see what you are doing. Here take the cue.”

Chelsea took the cue and bent down slightly, sliding the cue back and forth across her finger as she prepared to shoot.

Joe was standing close by her side and shook his head. “No, no,” he said pushing her back. “You need to get lower.”

“But I feel kind of weird, bending down too far in this short dress,” she said, reddening slightly and pulling self-consciously at her hem.

“Ah, let the guys get their thrills, why don’t you?” said Joe, looking at Chelsea’s round buns unabashedly. “You got panties on don’t you?”

“Oh my god, Joe, of course, I do,” exclaimed Chelsea with a laugh of surprise. She gave her husband a devilish grin, her cheeks bright red. Sam’s gut twisted with jealousy and he just smiled back weakly.

“Well yeah, then get down then and stick that rump out,” said Joe, standing back and watching her rear expectantly.

Chelsea bent down low over the table, thrusting her rump toward Joe suggestively. She was enjoying the attention of another man and was getting a kick out of making Same a bit jealous. “How’s that, Joe?” she asked over her shoulder.

“Yeah, that’s a fine ass,” admitted Joe staring at Chelsea’s buttocks.

“Ok, yeah, that’s not a pool tip,” complained Sam, his mouth turning dry. He looked at Joe’s thickly muscled arms with apprehension. Sam had never been a fighter and didn’t relish the idea of fisticuffs with this burly stranger over his wife’s honor.

“Sorry, but your wife has some junk in her trunk,” said Joe cheerily, not bothering to look at Sam. “Now Chelsea, line up the ball and take a shot.”

Chelsea grinned up at Sam. “I’ve got junk in the trunk, Sam. Did you hear that?”

“Yes, that’s the word on the street,” said Sam through gritted teeth. He could feel his armpits growing damp.

“Take your shot now, honey,” urged Joe, giving Sam a fit at the familiar tone he used.

Chelsea’s tongue peeked out of the corner of her mouth as she tried to concentrate on the ball and she gave a sudden jerky stroke which sent the cue ball careening off target, missing her objective entirely.

“Oh, jeez, you have to do a smooth, slow stroke,” said Joe with exasperation. “Focus on the cue going straight. Here let me show you.” Joe strode up behind Chelsea and wrapped his arms around her.

“Wow, hello there, Joe,” gasped Chelsea in surprise. But she was enjoying the feeling of being clasped in this aggressive stranger’s thick, strong arms.

“Yeah, uh, that’s my wife there, buddy,” stammered Sam, his heart pounding in his chest.

“I’m just teaching her how to stroke, Sam,” said Joe, looking up at Sam innocently as he cradled his wife in his arms. Joe enjoyed the smell of Sam’s wife and was aroused by the heat coming off her soft skin.

“You make it sound so dirty, Joe,” purred Chelsea, looking over her shoulder at Joe, her face just inches from his. She arched her back slightly to press her rear against his crotch.

“You’re the one with the dirty mind,” he told her softly. He held her close and pressed his stiffening penis against her generous bottom.

“Hey, I feel something back there,” giggled Chelsea. “Is that a pool cue in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

“Jesus, Chelsea,” whined Sam. “Cut the shit. Joe are you giving my wife a pool lesson or are just feeling her up?” His blood was pounding in his ears and his palms were sweaty as he tried to confront this interloper.

“Relax, Sam, relax,” said Joe as he smoothly stroked the pool cue back and forth. His arm brushed Chelsea’s boob as he showed her how to slide the cue. “You see, Chelsea, nice and smooth,” he said, thrusting his protruding bulge against her warm soft buns for emphasis. Holding her arm, he followed through and fired off a shot that sank another ball with a clean thunk into the side pocket.

“Oh, wow, yeah, I see,” chirped Chelsea happily. “Look, honey, I made a shot.” She wiggled her rear against Joe’s crotch, enjoying the naughty pleasure of his dong pressing into her ass while her husband looked on helplessly.

“Ok, you can let go of my wife now,” stammered Sam indecisively. He was torn with jealousy and anxiety but was surprised to find himself titillated by the whole situation.

“Yeah, ok, hold on a second,” said Joe gruffly. He nuzzled Chelsea’s neck and said softly, “You feeling that?” as he continued to prod her with his dick from behind.

“I feel it,” affirmed Chelsea, feeling herself growing wetter and wetter.

“Feel what?” asked Sam sickly, not wanting to know the answer.

“Joe’s penis is poking me right in the rear,” giggled Chelsea, looking up at her husband with an impish grin. “And you know his arm brushed my boob when he was showing me that shot.”

“You like that, huh?” asked Joe as he brashly cupped Chelsea’s dangling boobs in his hands and squeezed them, never ceasing to worry her from behind with his cock.

“Ok, seriously, cut that out right now. That’s my wife!” squeaked Sam, his voice cracking from the stress. He felt as though his heart was about to explode out of his chest and his palms were slick with sweat. “Chelsea, make him stop, what are you doing?”

“Oh, darling, don’t make a scene,” laughed Chelsea, standing upright and surreptitiously reaching back to pinch Joe’s penis through his pants. “Here, let’s all have a drink.”

“Yeah, let me buy you two a drink to show there are no hard feelings,” said Joe, surprised at the audacity Chelsea showed by grabbing his cock.

“No hard feelings, just a nice hard cock,” said Chelsea as she gripped Joe’s boner fiercely behind her back.

“Honey, what’s gotten into you?” gasped Sam in shock.

“Maybe you haven’t been getting into her enough lately, pal,” laughed Joe wrapping his arm around Chelsea’s waist as she tilted her hip forward and slid her arm behind her back so her husband couldn’t see how she was squeezing Joe’s dong.

“Our sex life has cooled off quite a bit these past few years,” said Chelsea sadly.

“Chelsea! That’s not the sort of thing to tell a stranger,” said Sam, mortified by his wife’s behavior.

“Sometimes it’s easier to tell a stranger,” said Joe smoothly. “Let’s just have a drink and relax. Maybe I can help you two out.” Joe lead Chelsea over to the bar and ordered another round while Sam tagged behind apprehensively.

Sam felt that his wife deserved a slap in the face and this jerk Joe deserved a punch in the mouth, but he couldn’t bring himself to do either. So he just stood there stewing in his juices and reluctantly accepted the drink that Joe handed him.

“So how do you think you can help us, Joe?” asked Chelsea, peeking at him meekly over the top of her martini.

“Chelsea, you need to get some dick,” said Joe matter-of-factly, looking her in the eye.

“Well you’ve certainly shown that you know how to shoot it into the hole,” laughed Chelsea, smiling back at Joe who chuckled in response.

“Ok, Chelsea, that’s enough,” croaked Sam, barging between his wife and her new lover to slam his drink down on the bar startling the bartender who looked at him strangely. “We are going home right now. First, this guy prods you from behind with his thing and then he grabbed your boobs. And now this conversation has taken a completely inappropriate turn.”

“I was just showing her how to shoot pool,” chimed in Joe holding out his big calloused hands in supplication.

“Besides, I liked it,” said Chelsea looking up at her husband with a twinkle in her eye and, running her finger along his chest.

“That’s it, I’m taking you home right now to sober up and we can discuss this in the morning, young lady,” shouted Sam, losing his temper and grabbing his wife violently by the arm, making her spill her drink.

“Whoa, leave that woman alone!” shouted the bartender, looking on in shock. He glanced between Sam and Joe in confusion.

Suddenly a tall bouncer with the physique of a weightlifter appeared, hovering menacingly above Sam and Chelsea. “Is there a problem here?” he grunted, putting his hands on his hips.

“Bu, bu, this is my wife,” stuttered Sam in bewilderment. “She has had too much to drink and I am taking her home.”

“Looks like you are the one who has had too much to drink,” replied the bouncer, crossing his massive arms across his broad chest. “Why don’t you release her arm and act civil,” he said, phrasing it as a command rather than a question.

Sam let go of Chelsea’s arm and she rubbed her bicep ruefully.

“We don’t want any trouble in here,” said the bouncer. “Just act civil,” he pointed his finger right into Sam’s face. Sam’s knees started knocking in dread, fearing that this massive animal would strike him in front of everyone, including his wife.

“Oh, Sam will be fine, he’s normally a perfect gentleman,” said Chelsea, grabbing the bouncer by the wrist and pulling his hand away from her husband. “He just got upset because Joe and I were fooling around a little bit.”

The bouncer turned as though noticing Joe for the first time. “Oh shit, what’s up Joe?” laughed the bouncer, turning toward Joe with a broad smile and offering his hand. “You stirring up trouble over here?”

“Didn’t mean to, Ray-ray,” said Joe, grasping the bigger man’s huge hand in an iron grip as they shook hands amiably. Sam looked on in horror at the chummy relationship the two men had.

“You can’t just go around stealing wives away from their husbands,” chuckled Ray-ray, patting Joe on the back. “Dudes will get bent out of shape about that.” He looked Sam over disdainfully, noting his skinny build and hunched-over posture. “And I wouldn’t want to see Eugene over here knock you out or anything,” he laughed.

“Uh, it’s Sam, actually,” objected Sam holding up a nervous finger.

“Whatever,” said Ray-ray dismissively. “You look like a smart guy. If you got a problem with your wife, just talk it through. Don’t go grabbing her like a damn ape,” said Ray-ray. “And frankly it’s embarrassing that a big dumb guy like me needs to tell you that, professor,” he added with a snort as he walked away.

“That Ray-ray,” said Joe shaking his head and waving at the bouncer in farewell as he leaned against the bar.

“How do you know, Ray-ray?” asked Chelsea, looking down at her empty glass with regret.

“Oh, we go to the same gym,” said Joe with a wave of his hand. “Hey, let me get you a fresh drink.”

“Thank you, Joe,” said Chelsea. “I need to calm my nerves after all this excitement.”

Sam stood there with his pits soaked in sweat trying to catch his breath after being threatened and then humiliated by the big bouncer. He nearly jumped out of his skin when Joe clapped him on the shoulder heartily.

“Here Sam, take your drink,” said Joe in a friendly voice. “I didn’t mean any disrespect.”

Sam accepted the drink but looked down at Joe with loathing.

“Now don’t look at me like that, Sam,” pleaded Joe as he sidled up beside Sam’s wife again and slipped one arm around her waist. “I’m just trying to be friendly.”

“Friendly!” blurted out Sam in derision. “You call it friendly to put the moves on another man’s wife?” he asked tightly after taking a swig of his drink.

“Sam. I have never seen you so jealous,” put in Chelsea with a little smile on her face. She liked seeing Sam get riled up over her. “I like it. I feel that you take me for granted sometimes.”

“Really?” asked Sam in genuine dismay. “But how can you say that? Aren’t I always attentive and loving?”

“Sure you are, dear,” said Chelsea reaching out to pat her husband’s arm but nearly jumping when Joe reached his hand back and grabbed her ass cheek in the palm of his hand and started rubbing it vigorously. Her cheeks reddened again as Joe worked her ass and she had trouble concentrating. “But it’s not the same as before we got married. I used to feel that you were pursuing me.”

“But how can I pursue you when we are married and living together?” asked Sam helplessly, annoyed that this deeply personal conversation was being played out while the strange man rubbed up against his wife.

“Oh, I don’t know, darling,” said Chelsea, turning to look at Joe while he gripped her bottom. “But I like this feeling of being desired and frankly, it’s pretty exciting to have men fighting over me. It makes me feel sexy again.”

“You are sexy and I would fuck the shit out of you,” said Joe, pulling Chelsea against him and gripping both her ass cheeks in his hands, letting Sam see what he was doing.

“Can you please get your hands off my wife’s butt?” asked Sam, looking on in horror.

“I like feeling your boobs pressed against my chest like this,” Joe told Chelsea his face just inches from hers.

“And I like to feel your rod poking me in the crotch,” breathed Chelsea in response. She felt giddy with lust and reached down between Joe’s legs to grab his bulge again. “Wow, you are hard down there.”

“Honey, are you touching his thing?” yelped Sam in alarm.

“Well, he’s so insistent with it. He’s always jamming it against me,” purred Chelsea, looking back over her shoulder at her husband alluringly. “And it’s really big and stiff. I would have thought a short guy like Joe would have a smaller one.”

“You got to look at the hands and feet,” said Joe with a smile, holding up his big meaty paw for her inspection.

Chelsea took his hand and started sucking on his index finger seductively while she continued to stroke his cock through his pants with his other hand.

“Oh my god,” gasped Joe feeling as though his cock was about to explode as Chelsea looked him in the eye suggestively while she tongued his finger.

“How is this supposed to help our marriage?” whined Sam in confusion as he looked on helplessly.

“You know, buddy, I frankly have no idea at this point,” Joe told Sam. “But I need to get your wife naked and get my dick into her as soon as possible.” Joe put his arm around Chelsea’s shoulder and she allowed him to hustle her down to the end of the bar where Ray-ray and the bartender were chatting. Sam trailed along behind, his stomach flipping with anxiety.

“This chick is ready to go,” said Joe to Ray-ray urgently. “Do you guys have a break room in the back where I can take her and work her out?”

“What about her husband?” asked Ray-ray skeptically, looking over Joe’s shoulder at Sam hovering nervously in the background.

“Man, look at her, she’s all over my dick,” said Joe.

“He started it,” chirped Chelsea cutely as she brashly fingered the bulge in Joe’s trousers while Ray-ray and the bartender looked on in interest.

“Wow, she’s a freak alright,” said Ray-ray. “But there is no break room, you have to use the manager’s office. Come on.”

The bartender quickly raised a section of the bar and Ray-ray lead Joe and Chelsea behind the bar. Sam tried to follow along but the bartender stopped him.

“Staff only, buddy,” he said, putting his hand on Sam’s chest.

‘But they aren’t staff,” blubbered Sam in distress, motioning toward Joe and his wife.

“Let Sam come,” pleaded Chelsea over her shoulder.

The bartender hesitated for a moment, looking at Ray-ray, but Ray-ray just nodded and the bartender let Sam pass.

“You are probably going to regret this,” said the bartender, shaking his head at Sam.

“I’m already regretting ever setting foot in here,” muttered Sam as he hurried after the retreating trio.

Sam followed behind Joe who held Chelsea before him while Ray-ray lead the way along a corridor lined with gas canisters, empty crates, 5-gallon buckets, and cleaning supplies until they came to a little door. Ray-ray tapped on the door and listened for a moment before fishing out a key and letting them in. They entered a small, cluttered office with a metal desk facing a ratty old leather couch.

“This is perfect,” said Joe. “Here baby, let’s get that dress off you so we can get down to business.” He lead Chelsea into the center of the room before the desk and started tugging insistently at the hem of her dress while Ray-ray and Sam stood by the door, watching.

“Uh, can you close the door, please Ray-ray?” asked Chelsea, gently fending off Joe’s advances.
“Oh sure, sorry ma’am,” said Ray-ray, closing the door behind him and locking it.

“Wait, are you going to stay in here?” Sam asked Ray-ray in surprise.

“Hell yeah,” said Ray-ray, rubbing his huge mitts together in anticipation.

“You don’t mind if Ray-ray watches, do you honey?” asked Joe urgently.

“No, that might make it hotter actually,” said Chelsea looking at Ray-ray’s hulking form.

“Besides, I can keep your hubby in line in case he tries to freak out over this,” said Ray-ray, looking down at Sam threateningly. “You. Sit,” he said to Sam, pointing to the couch commandingly.

Sam gulped and dropped down into the couch obediently. He realized that he still had his drink and took a forlorn sip.

“Now lift your arms so I can get this dress off,” demanded Joe.

“Ok, manly man,” giggled Chelsea, lifting her arms in acquiescence.

Joe gripped her dress by the hem and pulled it roughly up and off over Chelsea’s head, ******** her pale soft body as she stood there in her bra, panties, and stockings.

“Hot body!” said Ray-ray, fingering his crotch unconsciously.

“Why, thank you Ray-ray,” said Chelsea, feeling somewhat self-conscious.

“Here, hold this, Sam, will you?” said Joe, tossing Chelsea’s dress at him.

“Uh, yeah, this isn’t cool you guys,” croaked Sam as he caught the dress.

“I don’t wanna throw her nice dress on the floor to get trampled on,” said Joe reasonably as he stood looking Chelsea up and down.

“Do you like what you see?” asked Chelsea, cocking her hip for Joe saucily.

“Come here and find out,” said Joe, taking her in his arms forcefully and kissing her on the lips.

Sam’s stomach churned in jealousy as Chelsea moaned in pleasure while kissing Joe. He shifted in his seat uncomfortably and began idly folding her dress.

Joe pushed Chelsea back until she was sitting on the desk. She wrapped her stockinged legs around his back and reached down to unzip his fly while their tongues eagerly flicked back and forth. She felt a pang of guilt as she extracted Joe’s meaty phallus and started stroking it.

“How are you doing over there, dear?” she asked, breaking her mouth from Joe’s breathlessly and peeking over Joe’s shoulder at her husband who sat primly on the couch.

“I’m, this is, I mean, this is terrible,” said Sam miserably. “How could you do this?”

“I’m sorry, dear,” apologized Chelsea as she tugged on Joe’s dong, unseen by her husband. “We just got carried away I guess. I’m not used to getting attention from other men and I let it go to my head.”

“Get down and suck that thing,” urged Joe excitedly as Chelsea gave him a handjob.

“I better not, what would my husband think?” said Chelsea gazing down at Joe’s penis as she fingered the swollen mushroom head of his cock. “You do have a lovely fat penis though.”

“What are you doing, did you pull his penis out?” squeaked Sam in consternation.

“Jesus, man, what did you think was going to happen?” laughed Ray-ray looking at Sam with contempt. “She was all over Joe’s dick. You must not fuck her enough.”

“Oh shut up,” muttered Sam in displeasure.

“What did you say to me?” asked Ray-ray, turning to face Sam and flexing.

“Ray-ray, please,” begged Chelsea. “This is hard enough on Sam as it is. Don’t threaten him.”

“Ok, ma’am,” agreed Ray-ray, struggling to relax. “But hubby better keep a civil tongue in his head.”

“Speaking of head,” said Joe, standing back with his stiff cock pointed at Chelsea. “Here get down on your knees there and I will keep my back turned to Sam so he doesn’t have to watch.”

“You want me to kneel right on the hard floor?” asked Chelsea skeptically.

“Man, toss her a cushion off the couch, be a gentleman about it, will ya,” demanded Ray-ray of Sam.

“Jesus,” complained Sam.

“Will you toss me a cushion, dear?” asked Chelsea sweetly as she stroked Joe’s stiff penis with enthusiasm, eager to suck a strange dick for the first time in years.

“Chelsea!” whined Sam pathetically.

“I’m just going to suck it for a second, I promise,” said Chelsea reasonably.

“Oh my god,” groaned Sam as he grabbed a cushion from the couch beside him and threw it at his wife.

“Thank you, darling,” said Chelsea politely as she dropped the cushion before Joe and got down on her knees for him.

“Oh, my gosh, you are stiff as a board,” giggled Chelsea as she fingered the shaft of Joe’s erection. “I like the head, it’s like a fat little mushroom,” she said as she took Joe’s glans into her mouth.

“Oh, fuck, that’s what I’m talking about,” grunted Joe as Chelsea started sucking him in earnest, looking up at him meekly.

“Look at her, she’s got love in her eyes, Joe,” laughed Ray-ray, as he looked on in interest, blatantly gripping his erection as he did so.

“She does love that cock,” sighed Joe with pleasure. Then he turned to look at Sam over his shoulder. “Your wife gives great head, by the way.”

“Thanks a lot, asshole,” snapped Sam irritably. “I happened to know that.”

“Jeez, don’t be so touchy about it, it’s just a blowjob,” chuckled Joe. “No big deal.”

Sam looked on sadly from the couch. He couldn’t see clearly what was happening, but he could hear the slurping sounds and the little moans of pleasure that both Joe and Chelsea emitted as she sucked his penis.

“Ok, that’s enough,” cried Sam jumping to his feet.

“Sit down,” said Ray-ray. “Or you can leave if you want.”

“No, I think you should stay, Sam,” said Chelsea as she unlocked her lips from Joe’s dick. “I would feel weird being here alone with these two strange men.”

“What do you mean?” said Sam in exasperation. “You are sucking the strange man’s cock!”

“I know, but, I feel more comfortable with you here,” pleaded Chelsea. She knew it sounded ridiculous, but she felt safer with Sam there watching.

“Well, it’s time for me to fuck you now,” said Joe, jerking his pud, slick with Sam’s wife’s saliva. “How do you want it? Doggystyle?”

“Oh, I never really, uh, I guess I haven’t tried that before,” said Chelsea bashfully.

“There is a first time for everything. I will, here, stand up and let me help you get naked,” said Joe.

“Oh, that’s so chivalrous of you,” said Chelsea with a grin.

“Yeah, he’s such a gentleman the way he fucks another man’s wife,” spat Sam derisively. But there was a strange kernel of arousal in his gut as Joe helped Chelsea to her feet and tenderly pulled her panties down, revealing her neatly trimmed bush. Joe nibbled at her ******* cooch as he slipped her underwear past Chelsea’s ankles, making her giggle and push his head away playfully.

“Here, take these,” said Joe, tossing Chelsea’s panties to Sam who caught them and put them next to him on the couch along with his wife’s dress.

“Sweet snatch,” commented Ray-ray with his hand on his protruding bulge.

“Jeez, Ray-ray, look at you,” said Chelsea in surprise. “What have you got in your pants over there?”

“A big ole hardon,” admitted Ray-ray with a smile.

“Wow,” said Chelsea gazing at the huge package outlined in his pants.

“Never mind him, let me get this bra off you,” said Joe, turning Chelsea around and unsnapping her bra. He pulled her bra off and tossed that to Sam as well, releasing her big white knockers.

“Holy shit, look at those things,” said Ray-ray, staring at Chelsea’s round boobs and pink nipples in fascination.

“I think, Ray-ray is into me, Joe,” said Chelsea, putting her finger in her mouth coyly.

“Hold that thought,” replied Joe, gripping her tits in his hands and bending down to suck blissfully on one of her big hard nipples.

“Ooh, you are like a big baby,” she cooed, cradling Joe’s head in her arms as he went to town on her tits.

“That is so fucking hot. Do you mind if I yank my thing while I watch?” Ray-ray asked Chelsea.

“Go ahead, let’s see what you are packing,” said Chelsea as Joe shifted position to suck on her other boob.

“Jesus Chelsea, you are turning into a wanton *****,” said Sam, his cock growing painfully stiff as he watched this strange man sucking his naked wife’s boobs.

“I know, isn’t this scandalous?” giggled Chelsea. “What would the other couples in the bridge club think? Oh my GOD, Ray-ray. You are gifted!” Chelsea stared at Ray-ray’s huge veiny dong as he pulled it out and started stroking it.

“Here, let me bend you over this desk and do you from behind, and then you and Ray-ray can do whatever,” said Joe, grabbing Chelsea by the waist and lifting her bodily up to position her across the corner of the desk.

“Whoa, you are strong,” gasped Chelsea, as Joe handled her naked body as easily as if she were a feather.

She was bent over the corner of the desk with Joe behind her. Joe looked down with pleasure at Chelsea’s round white ass as he gripped her soft hips and nudged his stiff prick between her tender thighs. Her large breasts were dangling down over the edge of the desk as she looked up at Ray-ray fetchingly. Ray-ray and Sam watched her mouth make a cute “o” of surprise as Joe entered her and Ray-ray approached with his massive dong swinging before him.

“Give me that thing,” panted Chelsea reaching out for Ray-ray’s swollen member and he slapped her across the face with his dong playfully before she could wrestle it into her mouth. He sighed with satisfaction as she started sucking it fitfully and reached down to cup her generous bare bosoms in his hands. Joe was slapping his hips against Chelsea’s ass as he banged her from behind and all three were grunting and moaning in pleasure as Sam sat watching helplessly.

“Oh man, her pussy is tight as fuck,” panted Joe as he nailed Sam’s wife with abandon. “I’m gonna cum any second.”

“Are you wearing a hat?” asked Ray-ray, resting a huge hand on Chelsea’s head as she consumed his cock hungrily.

“Of course not,” laughed Joe.

Sam watched with sick fascination as Chelsea reached down between her legs to work her clit as she got banged from behind noisily. Her moans of desire sent sharp pangs of jealousy through him.

“She is one cock hungry slut,” said Ray-ray, looking down at Chelsea with affection as she serviced him orally.

“Oh, this is just too much,” complained Sam, nursing his erection with embarrassment.

“Shut the fuck up before I come over there and slap you like the little bitch you are,” snapped Ray-ray in irritation.

Chelsea gasped at that moment and shuddered as an orgasm overtook her.

“Jesus, Chelsea, did that guy threatening me make you cum?” shrieked Sam in despair.

“Sorry, I know it’s wrong, but it’s pretty hot what a prick he is,” said Chelsea, looking up at Ray-ray in admiration as she tugged on his prodigious meat.

“Ahh, yeah, there it goes,” moaned Joe at that moment as he gripped Chelsea’s hips fiercely and fired his cum inside her. “I am unloading about a gallon of semen into your wife right now, buddy. I hope you don’t mind.”

Ray-ray just laughed at that and jerked his dick frantically as Chelsea licked his balls. “I’m a do you one better and show the man how much I like his wife,” grunted Ray-ray as hot streams of jism erupted from the tip of his penis and splashed onto Chelsea’s lips and cheeks. He stood there spurting his nut all over her face for several moments and Sam was shocked by how much sperm this guy produced. When he was finished, Chelsea zealously sucked his softening dick back into her mouth until he had to pull away.

“Easy woman, it’s sensitive after I cum,” he laughed.

“Sorry, I got carried away,” she said, looking up at him with a love-struck gaze as she licked his spooge from her lips. The look of adoration in her eyes burned Sam up with resentment.

“She’s a good old fuck,” said Joe patting Chelsea’s bare ass tenderly.

“Yeah, too bad she’s married to this jerk,” said Ray-ray looking over at Sam with disdain.

“Why don’t you like Sam?” asked Chelsea, rolling over on her back and stretching, looking up at Ray-ray with her head upside down.

“Yeah, Sam’s a good sport,” said Joe, gazing down at Chelsea’s naked torso. “Fuck, get a load of those titties,” he said with admiration. “She’s hot enough to make me want to take another turn.”

“I’m ready,” she said, spreading her legs for him playfully as she lay on her back on the desk, and casually pushed a stack of papers onto the floor.

“Oh shit, we came all over the fucking staff schedule,” said Ray-ray with concern as he looked at the cum-stained papers on the floor. “How am I gonna explain this?”

“Yeah, that’s a problem,” said Joe, looking down at the mess with disgust. “I’m gonna go now. Chelsea, here’s my card, call me any time you want some loving. I would kiss you, but you got Ray-ray’s man butter all over your face.” He dropped his card on Chelsea’s belly and looked longingly down at her proffered snatch before turning away reluctantly. “Hey, no hard feelings, huh, Sammy?” said Joe bending over and putting his hands on his knees as he addressed Sam who was still sitting on the couch. “Look at you, you are pitching a tent over here, you little pervert,” laughed Joe noticing Sam’s erection.

“He is?” asked Chelsea, propping herself up on her elbows and contemplating her husband with interest.

“Yeah, he was getting off on watching,” chuckled Joe. “Hey, can I have these as a keepsake?” he asked grabbing Chelsea’s neatly folded panties from the pile of clothing that Sam had assembled.

“Uh, sure, I guess,” said Chelsea skeptically.

“Let me have her bra then,” chimed in Ray-ray, reaching out eagerly.

“Come on you guys,” laughed Chelsea nervously. “Do I have to go back out to the bar without any underwear?”

“Aren’t we leaving now?!” croaked Sam indignantly.

“I’m thirsty, I want another drink,” replied Chelsea with a pout.

“Shit, if you are hanging out, then I am too,” said Joe. “Here, go clean yourself up,” he said, tossing her a bar towel.

“Yeah, you guys clear out of here and let me try to clean this mess up,” said Ray-ray, shaking his head. “I’ll be out in a minute and join you for a drink.”

“Sounds like a plan,” chirped Chelsea, happily. Sam noticed that she had a glow of happiness about her that he hadn’t seen in a long time and it made him reconsider his feelings of frustration and jealousy. Chelsea wiped the cum from her face with the bar towel and hopped agilely off the desk. She gave Sam a quick peck on the cheek as she grabbed her dress. The three men watched in fascination as she wriggled back into her dress, causing her boobs to do marvelous things. “Oh my god, my boobs are going to bounce all over the place without my bra,” she said, shimmying her shoulders and making hit tits jiggle amazingly. “Anyway, I will meet you boys back at the bar, I am running off to the lady's room to freshen up.” She gave Joe and Ray-ray each a peck on the cheek on her way out and tugged at the hem of her dress before unlocking the door and slipping out.

“Come on Sam, let’s leave Ray-ray to sort out his sticky papers and let me buy you a drink,” said Joe, clapping Sam on the shoulder as he stood up shakily. “Hey, I’ve got an idea,” said Joe as they made their way back out to the bar. “How about I give Chelsea another pool lesson? But this time she won’t have any panties on and I can pop my cock right into her in the middle of the bar without anyone being the wiser.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” stammered Sam awkwardly, but his penis rebelled and grew stiff at the idea. It was going to be a long strange evening Sam thought to himself as Joe chortled crassly behind him.

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