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NOTE: I wrote this one some years ago when my ex-wife was at the height of her being a cock-hungry slut. I sent it to Playboy Letters, but to my knowledge, it never got published. Hope you enjoy it. I called it...

Two Dicks Are Better Than One

Although when I first married her, Laura was shy and sexually naive, she has come a long way, baby as the Virginia Slims ad goes. My wife, through my encouragement (and sometimes my insistence), has become a flagrantly exhibitionistic sexual imp. Nowadays, she thrives on showing off her fine body and having appreciative men take her all night long from one climax to another. There's nothing that turns me on any more than watching it happen. It may seem to be a strange relationship, but we have complimentary needs,(mine are voyeuristic and dominant, hers are exhibitionistic and submissiveness) and our marriage couldn't be any better.

Let me tell you about one of our recent sexual experiences. Last weekend Laura and I had taken a suite in a luxury hotel for a night-long fuckathon. Laura removed her underthings and selected her sexiest dress, a clingy, silk number slit high up one thigh, which clings delightfully to her gorgeous 5'5", 36D-24-35 frame. Then we went downstairs to the lounge to select our entertainment for the night. Laura likes her men young and virile, the type that is often able to get it up more than once a night and able to fuck her for prolonged periods without cumming.

We looked the crowd over, and Laura's eyes zeroed in on two dark-haired men with broad shoulders and well-maintained bodies. We moved to a table closer to theirs. Laura began putting on her seductive show, letting her dress creep higher up her thighs, flashing them her long nylon-encased legs, and smiling sexily at them.

They were interested, all right, and ogled my wife's fine body openly paying particular attention to her sexy legs. Laura made the next move, joining them at their table and laying out the plan. A very simple plan - they get to fuck her in our room and I get to watch it all. They looked quizzically at each other and then at me, but Laura's sex appeal was too alluring for them to refuse. In a couple of minutes, the four of us were on our way to our suite.

I pulled a chair into a corner so I would be unobtrusive, trying to melt into the wallpaper. My cock swelled with eagerness, and my wife held those two guys spellbound, as she swayed and danced to some unheard music, slowly and teasingly peeling off her dress, bra, and panties but leaving her nylons, garter belt, and high-heels on. The two guys undressed as if they were in a trance. Their eyes never left Laura's body, and that luscious sight had quite an effect on them. They were both hard as rocks, their cocks twitching out in front of them, ready for action.

Laura told them both to wait and watch as she lay on the king-size bed and writhed seductively, deeply massaging both of her breasts and manipulating her nipples into rigidity. She rubbed down her flat stomach and between her legs She bent her knees and spread her legs, caressing her puffy pussy lips with her fingers, opening herself up for their appreciative gazes. Laura slipped a long finger inside herself and stirred it all around, thrusting her hips up off the bed and rubbing a thumb over her hair-trigger clit.

As I watched, I worked my cock out of my pants, stroking myself as the action heated up. Watching my wife turn on two strangers was putting a real ache in my joint, and my balls were already tightening. All three of us watched Laura masturbate. It took less than five minutes for her to take herself to a gasping orgasm which made her body tremble delightfully. I love it when she acts like the slut in front of some male guests. Then, pulling her hands away from her pussy, she reached out for the two strangers, inviting them onto the bed. One dove straight for her furry muff, slurping her juicy twat, stroking her still-tingling cunt with his tongue, while the other lay next to her and kissed her passionately, one of his hands covered one breast at a time, his fingers kneading her soft tit flesh. Since there was not much room left for me on my wife's body, I contented myself by whipping my dick out and began to play with it.

Laura writhed passionately on the bed and as the guy between her legs rose to his knees, lifting her hips onto his thighs and inserting his cock into her dewy cunt, the other straddled her breasts and fed her his stiff cock. Laura was being fucked while she sucked off the other guy, her very favorite activity. And true to her uncanny ability to pick long-lasting lovers, those two guys performed like the studs in porn flicks, reaming her pussy and mouth nonstop, fucking those two cavities righteously.

I jettisoned my first load before either of those two guys did. I pushed my cock down, watching the spurts of cum arching out between my legs. And momentarily, I saw my wife taking two heavy loads at virtually the same time, one up her cunt and the other in her mouth. Even through his orgasm, the guy fucking her pussy kept pumping her, and as their orgasms subsided, Laura's began. Her orgasmic shriek was muffled by the cock in her mouth, and her whole body shuddered with the intense waves of passion searing her to the very core of her being.

While the two huffing and puffing strangers relaxed, resting their fuck-weary cocks, Laura masturbated lewdly and explicitly, finger-banging herself, groaning and moaning most uninhibitedly, jamming two sticky fingers hard and fast into her cunt, taking herself to yet another orgasm. She took the guys on one at a time, draining their balls then masturbating again. Four hours later, they were completely spent. Laura had worn them out completely.
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