My wife Elaine is 19, petite with long black hair, small but very firm 34B tits, and keeps her cunt shaved. She was just 18 when we got married and I was 22 already through college and starting my career. We had been married for a little under a year when I found out about her eccentricities.

We were very happy (or so I thought) I had no reason to suspect her of any infidelities until one day I was out of the office taking papers across town and to save time I cut through a very rough neighborhood. It was as I was driving along watching the prostitutes on the street corners, that I saw my wife walking along. I had to stop the car
and take a slow, calculated look. What threw me was the way she was dressed. Normally she dresses with style, grace, and dignity. Very attractive but Ladylike now she was dressed like a *****?! Short leather mini skirt, extremely low cut top, and bare midriff. She had on black stockings (her skirt was so short you could see the top of the stockings) and very high heeled red shoes.

I could not believe my eyes, I wondered what she was doing in this rundown part of town? So I decided to follow her, I locked up the car and set out on foot after her. when she entered a rather seedy looking bar, I waited a few minutes,
then followed her in. I could see her sitting on a stool at the bar, so as she wouldn't see me, I went straight to the toilet.

When I came out I saw 2 black guys that had just finished a game of pool standing around talking in whispers and snickering as they toke a great interest in Elaine. I knew from their spint I should be getting jealous but the truth is this was all very sexually exciting to me. I sat at a table in the corner and watched as the 2 guys approached her. They stood on either side of her and started chatting and joking with her. She seemed to respond to them and the guys got more familiar, one guy put an arm around her shoulder and the other guy had a hand on her thigh.

Then the black bartender came over to me "We don't have table service during the day," he said rather brusquely.

"I'm having a bad day, I just want to sit here quietly. Will this cover the service charge and a bottle of beer?" handing him a large bill.

"Yes, sir, one beer coming up." and pocketed the money and returning with a bottle and a glass. He went back behind the bar and started taking an interest in my wife. The 2 guys where now getting very bold, one of them was feeling
her tits and the other guy was pulling her skirt up. "Hey Joe, take a look at this!" one of the men shouted to the bartender. My insides were churning up as I watched these strangers groping Elaine. The barman stood directly in front of Elaine and leaned across the bar peering up her skirt.

"Wow! Yeah no panties. Just a lovely shaved white pussy."

"Do you want some Joe?" Without replying, Joe reached over the bar and inserted his hand between Elaine legs. The 2
guys lifted her legs and pulled them apart so that Joe could get at her better.

"I've got 2 fingers up her cunt.' shouted Joe with apparent glee. On hearing this, my dick was about to explode. The guys pulled her skimpy top up to reveal her lovely pert young tits. They started fondling them and pulling on her nipples. One guy bent down and started to suck them.

"Take her to a booth in the back," the bartender told the two men. With that, the two guys picked her up and
carried her past me to the rear of the small bar. It was dimmly lite back there, as Joe hadn't turned the lights on. I watched as they laid her on a table and pulled her so that her ass was at the very edge, one of the men lifted her legs over his shoulders and took out his stiff black cock. He began rubbing it up and down her pussy lips to get it
moistened, then he eased it into her sweet cunt. I watched mesmerized as he fucked her. He didn't take long and was soon shooting his spunk into her. The second guy seeing that he had finished, shoved him out of the way and took his
turn fucking her.

All this time, Joe the barman was kneeling on the table and rubbing his cock across Elaine's lips and all over her face. Elaine was quietly moaning, obviously enjoying it but nothing earth shattering was happening to her. In dribs and drabs, other guys were coming into the bar and seeing something going on at the rear, made their way back there to watch the sweet young white girl being fucked. When Elaine opened her eyes and saw that she had a large audience, she started to react by immediately climaxing with a loud scream. This excited the guy fucking her and Joe, they both shot their spunk at the same time, this had the effect of causing her to drown in spunk. She couldn't get her breath and
this made her climax again. She sucked half of the spunk up through her nose and into her mouth. Her choking and
gasping caused her to cough and this made the rest of it to fly through the air and land on the shirt of the guy who was fucking her. "You fucking white slut!" he screamed as he pulled her off the table and bent her face down on it. He gave her ass a few hard slaps, "I'll teach you a lesson, you bitch!" Then to all the guys watching he said, "Fuck this slut till she screams for mercy!" All the guys, about 20 of them descended on Elaine and proceeded to shag her mercilessly, in her cunt, up her ass, in her mouth but the guy underestimated my lovely slut of a wife, she wore them all out. Everyone had fucked her at least twice. (Even I fucked her while she was face down.)

They where all sitting around shagged out, when Elaine got up, straightened her clothes, and walked out of that bar with her head held high as though nothing had happened. I felt immensely proud of her and never loved her as
much as I did at that moment.

I have been following her and watching her debaucheries for some time now. My only problem is how to let her know that I know and that I want to be a part of her nasty behavior I have been sucking her cunt a lot since that first time at the bar and the fact that she is full of spunk hasn't been mentioned by either of us. I'm afraid to bring it up with her fucking other men, as by bringing it out into the open, she may get embarrassed and stop and I don't want her too!?

If you were married to her would you want your magnificent 19 year old wife to stop being a fuck slut?
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