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I first started dating Malinda when she was very young. Before we got married we had fooled around, but not really gone all the way. Although she's a very sexy looking blond, she always acted very prudish were sex was concerned. It was lights out, missionary position only sex as far as she was concerned. After about a year of that, I decided it was time to experiment and add some spice to our sex life. I almost had to force her the first time I went down on her. But once I started to lick her pink pussy, her attitude changed rapidly. She started parting her legs instead of clamping them together and she was moaning softly, which she didn't do even when I fucked her normally dry hole. The longer I licked the louder her groans became, now mixed with some very heavy breathing on her part. She started talking to me; something else she had never done before in our love making. "Oh baby, yes that feels so good! Don't stop! Lick it baby. Ohh, lick my pussy." I was only too happy to oblige, driving her to the brink of probably her first true orgasm. But just before she got there she surprised me even more by screaming out words, I had never heard from her mouth. "FUCK ME! Please I've got to have you in my pussy NOW!!" I couldn't resist baiting her just a little in her state of passion.

"Tell me honey do you want my cock in your cunt?"

"Yes, oh yes!" was her quick reply.

"Well then say it, sweetheart. Use the right words," I said to her.

She yielded, saying the words I wanted to hear, "Yes, I want your big cock in my wet cunt. Fuck me in my cunt!"

I was pleased to do just that at that point, slamming my big boner into her wet waiting pussy lips. She screamed her climax less than a minute after I entered her love hole, yelling "Fuck, fuck, fuck oh Jesssus, FUCK!!!"

It was great knowing that I could now unlock her sexual passion. The next time we made love, she didn't resist me as I sank down to her pussy with my mouth after first playing with her pussy lips with my fingers. I took it real slow this time, licking all around her pussy lips before ever darting my tongue into her hole. After licking her vulva again, I made her tell me how much she enjoyed it and how much she wanted it. I teased her than pleased her with my tongue until she was again begging me to fuck her cunt. After we had a smashing climax together, she thanked me for opening her up sexually and she promised to be more open about sex.

She was true to her words because the next time I went down on her, I made her suck me off before I'd agree to fuck her to a climax. She treated licking my dick with some distaste at first, but after a little urging on my part and a little licking of her own pussy she was acting like an accomplished cocksucker. As I licked her out, she admitted, "This is such a turn on. Your pussy licking makes me want to do all kinds of dirty things with you!"

Each time we made love, I took the game a little further. One of my favorite fantasies were the thought of Malinda striping in front of another man, while I watched. So, as I played with her pussy, I brought up the subject of fantasies. "Baby, have you ever wanted to make it with another guy?"

"Ohh honey, please don't stop licking me.", she groaned out to me.
I challenged her back with "That's not an answer. No more pussy licking until you tell me the truth. Come on, I'll not get mad. Tell me whose dick would you like besides mine?"

By putting it that way, she really didn't have a choice but to answer me in the affirmative. I just wanted to know who it was she had the hots for. She finally replied to my question with, "O.K. yes, I'd love to make it with Randy or anyone right now. Just fuck me, pleeeassse..."

I did what she asked, but as I stroked into her sopping cunt, my mind was on the thoughts of Randy fucking my previously sexually inhibited wife. It was very exciting to me and I couldn't get the image out of my mind even long after we climaxed together.

I could easily understand her choice. Randy shares the same little office with me, and I've had him over for dinner on several occasions since he's a carefree bachelor. He has time to work out and has a large well-developed physique. Come to think about it, I believe I had seen Malinda casting more than just a casual glance at his buns last time he came over to our house.

The next time we made love, I got her to admit that she has fantasized about sexing two guys together, while I watched. I had no idea she was a closet exhibitionist! The next several days I went around with what seemed like a perpetual hard-on as I continually envisioned Randy and Dick (my other work friend) making it with my sexually timid wife.

I brought it up to Randy and he was certainly enthusiastic about the possibility of making it with my wife. My only problem was that while Malinda had come a long way; I knew that if I just brought it up to her that she would shy away from anything this sexually adventurous. Then it hit me that the time to bring it up to her and do something about it was in the middle of my wife's pussy licking. I set things up with Randy for the next night.

After Malinda and I, finished eating, I started making love to her on our living room couch. She let me slowly disrobe her with one hand as I fingered her sweet little pussy with the other. I made sure to leave her nylons, heels, garter belt and half-bra on for Randy's future visual pleasure. She naturally allowed me to snake my tongue down to her golden covered pussy, splitting her legs wide open in the process and slipping off her flimsy panties. After I got her good and hot, I brought up fucking other guys and in particular Randy.

"If he was here right now, would you take him into your slimy cunt, my love?"

She answered between pants and the rocking motion of her pelvis against my Frenching tongue, "Yes, yes, yes. I wish he was here to fuck me while you watched. God yessss."

That was all I needed to hear and I flicked our end-table lamp on and off as Randy's signal to walk into the house. When he walked in her eyes popped open, but she continued to humpback against my tongue as I picked up the action on her wet hole. She went further into her sex delirium and I slipped my tongue from her and inserted my finger in its place.

I told her, "Honey don't you think you should kiss our guest hello?"

She needed no further prodding as Randy took off his shirt to reveal his well-toned muscles to her. He took her in his arms and started giving her a wet kiss and was quickly probing her thigh to place his hands were mine had been. I left them to the coach and took up occupancy in the nearby easy chair to watch them in action. I had coached Randy about Malinda's love of her pussy being licked and fondled and so he began fingering her hole while thumbing her clit. He moved his lips slowly down her mouth sliding onto the nap of her neck and them slowly again onto her taut nipples. Malinda moaned with delight as Randy continued his decent, finally reaching her quivering womaness. My wife spread her legs as far apart as she could to give his tongue easy access to her slippery cunt. Randy took off the rest of his clothes without separating his tongue from her twat.

After several minutes of his darting tongue, she cried out, "Ohh yess do it to me. Please, Randy give me your cock now! You don't know how long I've been dreaming about getting it from you!"

She was turning out to be quite the slut and I was enjoying the show. Randy was very willing to fill her request as he raised his head up from her pussy and moved his big prick close to her waiting hole. She rolled on her back and held her legs out for him inviting him to invade her as quickly as he could. It didn't take him long to bury his 9 inches deep into her cunt.

He turned to me and said, "God, you were right Jack. She's really nice and tight. What a sweet cunt!" He said it as he parted her sweet flesh in and out in slow loving strokes.

I replied with, "What did I tell you, Randy? Fuck her hard. Don't be afraid. She wouldn't break. Enjoy her."

He did as I suggested, picking up the pace and ramming it harder and harder into her now juicing hole. I got out of my chair so I could get a close-up view of the action that Randy was giving to my sweet wife. His dick was stabbing my wife's cunt with power and precision. Her white snatch juices were oozing around the base of his thick cock making a sloshing noise as he pistoned in and out of her.

I urged my wife on. "Oh, baby. Fuck him hard. Please our guest with your sweet twat!"

At my urging she pumped back against him even harder than she had been. The delicious sound of her twat slapping against his cock was music to my ears. I moved above her slapping my meat close to her heaving breasts. Just as Randy started his climax, I started mine, spilling my juices all over my lovely wife's large tits. Randy's cum filled her twat at the same time. He put so much juice into her there was no way she could contain it all as part of his jism mixed with my wife's juices and spilled out onto the coach cushions.

The next night, I had Dick join us as well as Randy. This time I didn't have to prepare Malinda with sex prior to Randy and Dick visiting us for some sex fun. She was a little nervous at first but soon got into the swing of things. I even got her to dress in some very provocative cloths and show herself off to them before they all got into our king-size bed for a great threesome. Dick and Randy took turns kissing her twat and mouth before they started some real fuck and suck action into her mouth and cunt with their big strong pricks. I watched them all having a sex-sational time as I stroked my own cock with my hands. Malinda was having the time of her life telling them to fuck her in the mouth, the ass and her cunt. She was using words that would make a sailor blush and I was really excited to see her acting the part of a harlot.

It's a real thrill for me to see my wife enjoy herself with other men's pricks in her pussy. Naturally Randy and Dick love the arrangement as well. Malinda doesn't need priming for sex any more. As a matter of fact, she is after me to add more guys to our little circle of men who eat and fuck her willing cunt!
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