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Subj: Improving our Sex Life

Life is strange to say the least. Take the situation that now exists between my wife and me. Linda and I have been married almost seven years now, but out relationship has changed more in the last six months than it did in the first six years. Let me explain how my present predicament began. I guess in a sense everything that has happened to me has been my fault. I should have left well enough alone. you see I'm married to a 25 year old fox of a wife. Her name is Linda and I've been with her ever since she was 16 years old. She had never known any other man but me and that was fine with me. I'm a couple of years older than Linda but not that much more experienced in sexual matters than her. Linda was a virgin when we meet, and I had only a couple of sexual experiences before meeting my wife.

In any event, our sex life was fine for the first five years and then in the next year, I noticed how it kind of tailed off. I figured that I could improve our sex life by having us both watch and get better sexually educated by watching some porn flicks. At first Linda was against it, but she relented and eventually she seemed to actually like watching them. It did seem to improve the frequency of our sex sessions but then something interesting happened.

As Linda and I were watching a new porno flick I had picked up, she seemed to be taking particular interest in Peter North's large equipment as he filled some women to the limit with it. The next scene showing a black guy with his even bigger cock seemed to fascinate her even more. After the movie was over, she asked me how long my cock was. I told her it was about average and was almost 6 inches. To tell the truth it's more like 5 " and I've always been a little conscious of it being thin as well as a little short.. but because my wife had no previous sexual experience it never seemed to matter to her before. But now she had seen these monster cocks on the screen and she realized, of course, that they were almost double what I had. I realized I could no longer hide from her the fact that mine was kinda puny.

The subject didn't come up again for a couple of days until Linda told me that she had heard that black men all had such big cocks. I told her that I didn't think they did and the black guys in the pornos were an exception rather than a rule. She changed the topic and I thought that was all there was to it. But somehow, I had the feeling that she was still curious about the size of black cock.

About a week later, I finished work early and left for home knowing that my wife would be happy to see me home early. When I got there I realized her friend, Jane, who lives a couple of houses down from us was visiting. As I entered the house they were so deeply into there conversation that they didn't hear me come in. She'd apparently been sipping wine with Jane almost all afternoon and both girls were in a giggly mood. I was about to announce myself, when I heard what they were talking about. Jane was telling Linda that most black men had really big cocks. Linda was fascinated but told Jane she found that hard to believe and that I had said that wasn't true. Jane say that she had a black friend who could come over and prove it.

I expected Linda to reject her offer out of hand, but I was surprised to hear my wife giggle and say, "Maybe I should find out if it's true for myself, huh?" Her curiosity and the wine had obviously gotten the best of her. Jane quickly made a phone call and then told Linda that he would be over in about ten minutes.

True to her word almost ten minutes later there was a knock on the door. I had walked upstairs and was listening and observing from a vantage point that I couldn't easily be seen. I know I should have intervened but I was curious about what might happen next. I couldn't believe that my wife was really going to inspect this guy's dong to find out if he had a really big black cock.

My first surprise when Jane introduced Linda to Nate was his size. This guy was at least six and a half feet tall and probably weighed 275 pounds contained within a well-built muscular frame. As soon as Nate arrived, Jane excused herself so that Nate and my wife, 'could get better acquainted'. No sooner had Jane walked out the door, when Nate turned to Linda and said, "If you want to check out my equipment, we'd better do it private like in your bedroom." My wife just looked mesmerized by this big black man and kind of nodded her head and said, "Maybe that would be best." I barely had time to slip into our master closet before they entered the bedroom.

He closed the bedroom door behind himself and once inside he unzipped his fly and pulled out what must have been at least 10 inches of man-meat. It was as big as any I'd ever seen in the pornos. Linda was totally amazed, I watched as she moved toward it and lifted its weighty mass in her hands. "Gawd," she said, "Something like this would never fit inside me!" and I had to silently agree. "Sure it will," said the black man, "all ya need is a little preparation." This was getting serious, I could tell and I was about to come out from my hiding place and confront the two of them, when I realized how much bigger and stronger this guy was than me. I figured that the better part of valor was to stay where I was and maybe Linda would just send this guy on his way. No such luck of course.

Linda was still standing there in awe of his massive black cock holding it in her hands when he became very aggressive. He pulled her to him, kissing her deep, her hand still holding his rod. I expected Linda to back away but she didn't. After a few seconds she was actually returning his kiss. I watched in shock as he quickly stripped her clothes off until she was standing there naked before him. "Lie down whitey," he ordered and she didn't hesitate to carry out his command. He moved between her legs and with his massive hands pulled them apart. I could see her tiny cunt. He moved his head toward her pussy and before I could blink, he was eating her. The one thing I can always count on to make my wife extra-hot is to eat her pussy and so I knew that he'd have her excited in no time. Sure enough in just a few seconds, she was moaning and thrusting up to get more of his tongue into her hot cunt as he skillfully manipulated her. As I helplessly watched she came, and came and came until she was actually begging him to put it in her.

As he moved up her body she must have come to her senses because she told him he would have to wear a condom. Linda has never wanted children and she had read somewhere that prolonged use of the pill was not good for a woman and so we have always used the condom as our method of birth control. But when she asked him again, the black man shook his head, telling Linda that he "don't wear no fucken' condom," that he "liked to feel his bitches cunt against his cock." As he said this he was rubbing her clit with the bulbous head of his cock, stoking her fire again. Do you want me to stop now bitch and go home he asked. She hesitated for a moment and I hoped she'd come to her senses, but my hopes were dashed as she told him to fuck her now, with or without anything and that she needed it bad! He grinned lewdly, as he slowly began to push that monster into her cunt. I could tell it was tight but she kept on urging him to fill her completely. when he was about half way into her, deeper than I had ever been, he suddenly thrust hard and the remainder of his cock entered her to the balls.

Linda gasped in pain, then as he held burying to the root inside her she reached up and kissed him. "Fuck me hard," she said. That was all he needed to hear. I could see that hot fuckstick as he almost completely pulled it from her, her cunt extended around its girth, then he would ram it home. Linda began humping hard up against him, telling him how much she was loving it. The black mans butt contracted with each thrust and I knew he would come soon. "I'm gonna fill your cunt with my black seed," he yelled, "you'd like that wouldn't you?" Linda answered, "yes, come inside me, don't take that beautiful thing out." With that said, he then buried himself to the balls inside my wife's cunt and as he groaned in orgasm, the cheeks of his butt pulsed with every ejaculation he shot inside my wife's cunt. "Oh there's a lot for your tummy... lots of baby juice for you!" he yelled. Linda continued to pump against him her cunt sucking every last bit of it out of his big black cock.

I suddenly realized that this black man was sending cum into my wife's cunt for the very first time. We had always used a condom and she was a virgin when we married. I was insanely jealous. But what could I do at this point, nothing but watch her as she fucked him longer and stronger than she ever had with me. After several minutes he slowly withdrew his softening cock. A string of cum clung to it and more come began to run out of her abused hole. It was no longer closed, it gaped open like a veteran *****'s. "Very nice cunt for a white bitch," Nate said, "I'll be stopping by everyday for some of this, you understand?". "Yes," was all Linda could muster. The black man left and Linda laid down to rest. She fell asleep almost immediately and I snuck out the closet past her without disturbing her.

I went to a bar and had a few drinks to steady my nerves. I didn't know what to do. If I confronted her with it, I knew that our marriage might be over. I didn't really want that and I guess I finally convinced myself that this was just a phase she'd go through and after a while she'd tire of it or get her fill of big black cock and our sex life would return to what it used to be.

WRONG again! That was almost 6 months ago, Linda still doesn't know I know, but she will not be able to keep it secret for much longer. You see, Linda is five months pregnant and it's definitely not mine. She's said to me that there must have been something wrong with one of my rubbers and that's how I got her pregnant. I, of course, know better. I know that it's definitely not mine. Since that first time, I have watched her many times with her black lover.

Its painful for me to watch and I don't know how to explain it but somehow deep down, I WANT to see her with her ebony lovers. I confess that it makes me hard and I have actually jacked-off on more than one occasion watching from our closet. Frankly, it's my only way of "getting off" now days as I haven't fucked her in over four months. She has told me that since she's become pregnant she just doesn't desire sex. But I know the real reason; I was in the room hiding months ago when her black lover told her that she was only to have black cock, and that she was not fuck her white husband. What surprised me is how she quickly agreed to his demand as long as he continued to fuck her on a regular basis. So even though she is 5 months pregnant she is still taking black cock every day.

It's been getting worse, Nate has brought a friend with him the last several times he's visited and she's been "******" to service two black cocks at one time. She is with him several nights a week, using the excuse that she's having a "girl's night out" with Jane. I've followed her to a sleazy motel and seen lots of men come and go from the motel room that she was in. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that Nate is pimping her for his black buddies. I don't know what I'm going to do. I suppose there's really nothing I can do at this point. In about three or four months, when a coffee creamed baby is born by my wife, I suppose that I'll have to deal with it. Until then, I'll just let things ride along as they are!
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