Nikki and I have been married for 20 yrs now. Our anniversary day celebration of 20 years is basically how all this began. But let me begin my story by telling you a bit about my Nikki. Although, at 45 she looks a lot younger. If you met her you would probably think she was in her early 30s. While just a little overweight she wears it well and let's face it her 36D breasts are something a lot of women would die for. In the years we have been married she has always been true to me and of course I to her. Like a lot of guys, I sometimes have had fantasies of my wife with another man. Whenever I have mentioned this to her she said how ridicules I was being and that she would never be unfaithful to me. So I accepted that my fantasy of watching her with another man would simply never become a reality
Well, enough background. I indicated that we recently had our 20th wedding anniversary. We celebrated by having a nice lunch together served with several strong cocktail drinks. Also as a special treat for her I not only got her a platinum necklace but also a massage knowing how she loves me to rub her back at times. However, she was very reluctant to go to the massage parlor, knowing that for her to receive the message from someone she would have to bare her back to him, she insisted that I come as well, and as it turns out I am so glad she did.

When we entered the massage room the lights were very dim and I sat in the only chair in the room while my wife hesitatingly laid face down on the table removing just enough of her dress to ****** her back to the masseuse. He was a big black man who was over 6’ tall and had strong hands. Maybe it was the strong drinks at lunchtime or her finally feeling relaxed but I swear she began to purr as he worked the oils onto her back. I knew that sound meant she was getting a little turned on like she does when I message her back. The masseuse heard her purring sounds and took that as a clue he could go further with her. He began rubbing the inside of her legs as he hiked up her dress up to her waist. He glanced over at me and could tell by the look on my face I had no objection to his boldness of rubbing my wife’s legs and ass. My wife's purring turned into low moans as he began rubbing the outside of her vulva. When he told her to turn over so that she could rub her front, she did as asked but kinda looked over at me for approval. When she did I shook my head up and down letting her know it was fine with me. As he began messaging her nice large 36D breasts with oil her moans became louder and louder. He knew he had the go-ahead and so he began fingering her pussy. Her moaning told me she was loving it and without prompting from him or me she said, “Oh Yessss, don’t stop,” that was his clue to remove his pants as he pulled her toward the bottom of the message table.

By this time I was hard as a rock and couldn't help but pull my dick out of my pants. He didn’t hesitate as he began to slowly inch his huge cock up between Nikki’s legs. Even though he did not have any protection, my wife did not object. He fucked her for at least 20 min in that position before rolling her over sliding her back on the table and turning her before he mounted her doggy style. Somewhere in that process I jacked off into my hand and licked it clean. Before long someone knocked on the door, I guess our time was up and someone else needed to get a message. Both he and my wife got clothed and we left without saying a word.

Later that evening we talked about it, and she told me how sorry she was but that she just couldn’t help herself. My wife admitted to me it was some of the best sex she ever had and she would like to do it again with him or some other big black stud. She knew it had been a fantasy of mine for years and that I certainly wouldn’t object. That was about a year ago and since then she has had a least 20 sexual encounters with black men. Needless to say, I loved it and the fact that she is now dressing a lot sexier, especially when she goes out on a date with one of her black friends. Unfortunately, I rarely get a chance to watch as most of the time she is fucking a guy at his place and coming home to me early in the morning. However, when she does get home she likes to play with my dick as she tells me all the details of her sexual liaison.
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