IMG13.jpgI've just read what my husband's been writing about me and I want to say that everything I am is down to him. I didn't want to marry a cuckold, (I didn't even know what a cuckold was when we got married,) but things just evolved that way. I guess I always knew he was a bit kinky but I had no idea where it was going to lead us. He was my second lover and I was quite happy with our sex life at first but I soon found out he wasn't. My suspicions were aroused quite early on before we were married when he said he wanted to take some black and white photos of me. No problem I thought. He'd always taken photos of me and I was flattered he thought I was photogenic enough to pose for him so I figured he meant arty black and white studies. Imagine my surprise when he turned up with this handsome young black man and said he was going to be the black in the black and white photos. Naturally I took him aside and dragged him into the kitchen then asked him what he expected of me. He was almost drooling at the mouth when he kissed me and started feeling me up while he said, "Whatever you feel comfortable with my darling."

He pulled my top down and started sucking on my admittedly suddenly very stiff nipples while one of his hands dived under my skirt and into my g-string. I stroked the top of his head and opened my legs while I mused, "You want me to be naked in front of him?"

He let my quivering teat spring from his lips and rubbed me faster saying, "If you don't mind my love. The contrast between your skin tones would be amazing."

I pulled his head back onto my breast and said, "You want me to have sex with him?"

He slipped two fingers inside me a bit too easily for e reckoning and chewed on my aching pap whilst murmuring, "Mmmmmmmmmmm."

Now although I found the thought of it terribly exciting I wondered if this was some kind of test or a trap. If I refused I'd be seen as either a monogamous good girl who'd make a faithful dutiful wife or a prim and proper boor who'd soon be living back at Hotel Momma. On the other hand if I agreed I'd be seen as a completely wanton slut and therefore no potential in the wife stakes or a filthy nymphomaniac who might be the sort of girl he wanted to marry. A fifty fifty bet either way. I let my instinct and my estrogen level take over my decision making so I grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his head back saying. "I will if you want me to Timmy. You know I'll do anything for you."

He smiled and said, "Then yes, I want you to seduce him and let him have all kinds of sex with you."

I queried, "All kinds?"

He fingered me faster and confirmed it, "Yes. All kinds."

I found the idea so arousing I crushed his head to my chest and purred, "Oh shit! I'm coming babe."

"Sexy devil," he grinned as I humped my spasming loins against his hand. "It seems as though you really like the idea."

I began to slide down the cupboard and whispered, "I'm only going to do it because you want me to."

He laughed, "Of course you are darling. The small fact that just thinking about it makes you orgasm has nothing to do with it has it?"

I smiled back wearily. "Maybe just a little you kinky pig."

We straightened my clothes and returned to the lounge to find Henry sitting on the couch, sipping his beer and perusing a photo album which had been conveniently left out on the coffee table. He looked up and I'd swear he was blushing when he said, "You're very beautiful Diana."

I looked at the photos he was looking at and saw myself laying back on the bed with my long legs bent up and wide open while with a look of intense concentration on my face I was sliding a fat vibrating dildo inside myself. On the opposite page I was kneeling with my screwed up face on the floor looking at the camera with a couple of inches of the dildo sticking out of my stretched vagina.

I know I was blushing madly when I said, "Oh you're not looking at those old things. They don't catch me at my best at all. The best ones are all at the front of the album."

He touched my hand and I felt the electricity pass between us as he said, "I like these. You're such a sexy lady."

I put a hand on his neck and said, "Well thanks for the compliment Henry but are you really looking at my face when you say that?"

I felt his hand slide down over my skirt and round onto my bottom.

"Not only your face of course," he grinned. "But everything taken together. You're a gorgeous very sexy woman."

I stroked his handsome face with the back of my hand and said, "I'm glad you think so Henry. Timmy wants to take some photos of us together. Like that."

"Yes I know," he croaked. "He asked me if I would."

I glanced over at my boyfriend and raised an eyebrow saying, "Oh he did did he?"

"Yes," the young man replied. "He showed me a photo and I told him I'd be honoured to be pictured with a beautiful lady like you."

"Which photo?" I asked the room at large. Henry answered, "One of you stepping out of your dress. You've only got stockings and a suspender belt and a g-string on."

"Oh right. Well ar least it wasn't a pornographic one eh. "Nothing like these."

"No, but I sort of like these more."

"Oh I bet you do," I smiled and flicked over the page so we could both see the photos of me squatting with the dildo deep inside me then on my back with my bare legs at ninety degrees sticking straight up in the air, my facial expression was one of concentrated curiosity as I looked at the camera with my hands behind my thighs and pulled myself wide open so the lens could see what I had for breakfast.

Henry stared at it for a long time while I stroked his neck then he looked up and said, "That one is especially captivating."

"Captivating?" I smirked while I wriggled my tight mini-skirt up a couple of inches until I knew he could see my hungry bald cunt eating my black silk g-string. "Is that captivating as well?"

He silently willed me to open my legs so I did.

"Yes," he croaked and leaned forwards to kiss my silken covered mound.

"That's good Di," Timmy crowed from the side. "Get your skirt right up around your waist and pull that string out of your crack so I can get some of him licking it."

"Oh Christ!" I muttered while I did as he'd suggested and presented my dribbling slit to Henrys mouth. He lost no time in flicking his tongue out to tease me.

"Ah!" I yelped and opened my legs and proffered my nude pudenda for oral sex. "I'm gonna come!"

I heard Timmy laughing, "Dirty bitch!" over the clicking of his camera.

I put both hands on the back of Henry's head and pulled him in closer gasping, "Yes! Lick me baby! Get that clever tongue up my wicked cunt! Make the white slut come again!"

After I'd finished Timmy suggested we dance for a while so we could get to relax in each others arms and because he knows how much dancing turns me on. So although I was still a bit wobbly I tugged my skirt back down then held my hand out for Henry to take before he stood up so we could begin. I noticed him adjusting the front of his trousers as I stepped towards him and realised what a bulge he was sporting down there. I thought, "Christ I hope that's for real," as he put his arms around me and we started smooching to Free singing Feel like making love. I was soon rubbing my crotch on his thigh every time Paul Rogers sang the main line of the song.

I started kissing my partner much to the photographers approval. "That's it Di! Big wet sloppy French ones! Let me see that naughty tongue of yours slipping into his mouth! Lovely! Oh yes! That looks great! Very sexy!"

Henry was returning the kisses passionately while he cupped my buttocks to help rub me up and down his thigh. I could feel the material of his trousers getting wetter and wetter but I didn't care. I was on heat. Our tongues were fencing when I moved my hand from his hip onto the thick ridge distorting the front of his pants. "My God!" I thought when I felt it. "That is enormous and so fucking hard!" I just had to see it.

I broke the kiss again and just to see whether he was still wanting me to carry on I said to Timmy, "Shall I get it out?"

"Yes babe," he cried. "Let me get some of you adoring it."

So I smiled at Henry and unzipped him.

I had trouble getting it out with his shorts and his trousers in the way so I undid the button at the top and pushed them down. It literally sprang up once it was unrestrained. BOING!!! It stood there quivering at attention and I muttered, "Oh my God!" as I took it in both of my small hands. "It's fucking huge isn't it."

Grinning proudly Henry said, "Well you wouldn't want it as a wart on your nose that's for sure."

Mesmerised by the sight of it I stared down at the handsome tool then slowly and softly began to wank it. Henry groaned quietly.

"You like that baby?" I asked. "Have I got a nice touch?"

"Oh yes," he gasped. "Brilliant."

Timmy was clicking away to my left so after a minute or so I said, "Shall I suck him?"

"Let's get him naked first," my husband to be replied. "I want some shots of you still dressed but obviously in a hurry to get it into you. You know, the lady can't wait sort of thing. Lying on the couch with your top up around your neck and your skirt around your waist, legs wide open pulling the string out of your crack and that look on your face that says you're begging for it. Well in fact you can actually beg for it 'cause that'll sound good on the film."

"Okay," I said and tugged Henrys t-shirt up.

Seconds later he was completely naked and I was bedazzled by his beauty.

I pulled my own top up so my little 34b apples were bared then I wriggled my mini up around my waist as instructed and lay down, half on half off the couch. I opened my legs and pulled the crotch string aside at the same time moaning, "Come on then big boy. Come and give this slut what she needs. Look how much my greedy cunt wants you. She's crying for it. Come and shove that gigantic black cock into my tiny, tight, white, hot, wet cunt!"

Timmy laughed and took more photos of my humiliating pleading while he said, "Don't do it yet Henry. Just stand there looking at her and wanking."

Henry didn't need to be told twice. His big eyes were bugging out of his head as he stared at my slavering cavern and he growled, "I'm gonna come in a minute just from looking at her," while he cupped his balls with one hand and stroked his pulsating length with the other. "This is one hot lady you got here man."

"I know," Timmy agreed and moved in closer. "Okay. If you wanna come squirt it all over her. Let's see you drench her then you'll last a lot longer second time around."

I complained, "Oh no. I'm nearly there too. Just touch me with it and I'll come. Please baby! Just whack my clit with it once and I'll explode!"

But it was too late.

He groaned, "Oh fuck!" and began to ejaculate.

I'd seen a few ejaculations before but nothing like that one. Jesus! It was like being on the receiving end of a powerful hosepipe. Five strong, long squirts then five more that just arced out and splattered me. I was gushed on from head to pussy. While he was doing it I kind of bent forwards and with a look of intense concentration on my face I climaxed noisily praising his unbelievable virility all the way.

Afterwards Timmy said, "Lean up and lick it clean Di. Get him hard again."

"No again needed man," Henry grinned. "I ain't gonna lose this until it's been inside your gal for an hour or more."

I fluttered my eyelashes and cooed, "Your words in God's ear darling," as I reached up and got a hold of it so I could bring it closer to my lips.

A minute later Timmy said, "Okay Di. Get naked and let's start with the really hard porno stuff."

I stood up and whipped my spunk covered garments off then I held my arms out towards Henry so we could carry on with the dancing and kissing. Once we were close together again I could feel his vertical column throbbing against my tummy all the way from my mound to just under my tits. I stroked his face and whispered, "You're gonna make me a very happy girl tonight Henry dear."

He looked into my eyes and smiled, "All night long Diana. I'm gonna give you the fuck of a lifetime until you pass out with pleasure. You gonna come on this fat nigga cock like you never come before."

I almost swooned right there and then when he kissed me erotically and with his hands on my bottom pulled me tighter against his muscular body.

"Wank it in front of your hip Di," Timmy instructed. ""So we can see it's proportions properly."

We carried on kissing while Henry turned a few degrees sideways and I moved to the side a little so the rigid pole was sticking up from my hip almost to my armpit. I licked his tongue and put my hand on it. It was so fat my fingers couldn't encompass its girth to meet my thumb. I moaned into his mouth and started to wank it.

"Christ that looks sexy," Timmy lauded and fired off a dozen more shots.

"Now on your knees little Miss butter wouldn't melt. Let's see you really worship that black mamba."

I stepped back and gazed at my lover to be then slowly sank to my knees in front of him. With his swaying member in both my hands I kissed it up and down then followed up with another complete licking before looking up into his eyes and saying, "Fuck my ugly face baby," then I opened my mouth wide and leaned forwards again.

"Oh you beautiful cocksucking bitch!" he groaned as he grabbed two fistfuls of my curly hair and closed his eyes.

I nodded and screwed my head around and around while I sucked. I had my fist around the last three or four inches so he couldn't choke me but it was still one hell of a mouthful and my saliva was running out from the corners of my mouth so strands of it were dangling from my chin.

Timmy crouched to one side in front of me taking close ups of my stretched mouth while he kept up a running commentary. "Oh yes baby. You look so fucking slutty. You really love it don't you. You're gonna make a great queen of spades. We'll have to get you tattooed. On your pussy or on your chest where everyone can see it."

I nodded faster and faster and put my free hand between my spread thighs. Oh God! I was going to come AGAIN!

Timmy knew and laughed, "Oh you randy cunt! You're gonna come again aren't you?"

I glared at him from the corners of my eyes then I was suddenly transported to that higher plain and they rolled up as I began to orgasm. My belly undulated crazily and I screamed around my fleshy gag as the electrical shocks zapped through my guts and brain. It felt like I was gushing all over the hand covering my cunt.

"Enough!" I heard Henry shout. "I wanna fuck her now!"

"Okay," Timmy acquiesced. "On her back first."

He lifted me up, (I was still coming and couldn't get up under my own steam,) then laid me down on the couch.

"Raise your arse off the seat and pull your cunt open for him Di," Timmy cried excitedly. "I want a really good shot of this!"

Blubbering unintelligibly I did as requested and raised my bottom then put my hands between my wide open legs and took hold of a labia with each thumb and forefinger. I pulled them downwards and apart so I was peeled open. "Please," I sobbed. "Please darling. Put it in and fuck me! Please darling fuck me! I want it so bad! I need it! Fuck me! Come on! Fuck me!"

Henry knelt on the seat between my raised thighs and fitted his convex helmet into my concave receptor. I gasped and started coming harder as my tube started to suck on his pipe.

"Shove it in darling!" I yelled. "Quick! I'm coming even more! Give it to me! Ram your mare! Use me like a sex toy! Just fuck it!"

Holding himself off me with straight arms Henry looked down and watched my body instinctively sucking his turgid erection inside.

"Fucking hell you're easy!" he mused with surprise. "Never had a white woman accept it this easy before. That is one supple pussy you got there girl."

"Yah! Yah! Yah!" I shouted and humped my hips up at him to get more of it inside me. "Go on! Give it to me! All of it! Christ that's good! So big! Never had anything this big up me before! 'Cept maybe that champagne bottle! Oh fuck! I love it! What a cock!'

I bent my knees up until they were alongside my ears so I could see our junction just inches in front of my eyes then I sobbed, "Oh look at that! Isn't it beautiful! Fat black cock stretching tight white cunt! Oh my God! Fuck it's disgusting! I'm disgusting! Disgusting dirty Diana! I can't stop coming!"

He screwed me like that for a couple of minutes then Timmy said, "Get her on all fours on the floor. A bit of animal fornication's called for here I think."

I was quickly pulled off the couch and told to get on hands and knees while Henry got behind me. I was gazing gormlessly at Timmy crouched in front of me taking photos of my face as Henry broached me in that position. I groaned, "Oh my fucking God!" and let my upper torso fall downwards so I was resting on my forearms with my forehead on the floor between them. I stuck my bottom out and panted, "Yes! Give it to me like the animal I am! Fuck that randy cunt baby! Fuck it hard and fast!"

So he did!

He crouched behind me and went at it like a rabbit on Viagra. Holding onto my hips he pistoned his great weapon into me mercilessly and rejoiced in the obvious fact that I was enjoying the most powerful infinite orgasm a woman has ever enjoyed. I absolutely loved it and loudly let everyone know it. I yelped, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" over and over again as I felt my insides being rearranged and his heavy ball sac slapping against my sensitive clitoris every time he lunged into me. It was heavenly.

Eventually after a long long time, (it seemed like hours of never ending joy but was only minutes in reality,) Timmy suggested we get up onto the couch again where Henry could sit with me riding him in reverse cowgirl style. This he said would allow him to see, (and photograph and film of course,) the looks of ecstasy on my face as I lowered and raised myself whilst also giving him, (and his cameras,) an unobstructed perfect worms eye view of my stretched vagina sucking on the thick intruder.

So Henry pulled out, (much to my temporary disappointment,) and we changed positions until I ended up squatting over his spread thighs bandy legged with my hands on my knees like a sumo wrestler at the start of a torikumi. I looked down between my legs and waited until Henrys snooker ball sized purple plum was nudging my squirming labium then I sank down onto it emitting another loud groan of pleasure as his bloated penis slid into my welcoming tunnel. Once it was all in I turned my face up to look at the cameras with a glazed gaze and began to raise and lower myself with the aid of my hands on my knees.

"Oh this is so wonderful," I cried and started bouncing faster and faster.

Henry reached around and cupped my breasts and wanked my bursting turgid nipples. I exclaimed, "Pull my cunt open and frig my clit you sexy black bastard!"

He did that and I screamed my way through what seemed like another interminable climax.

After five minutes or so of that Timmy said, "Okay. Turn around Di. I want to see your lovely bum."

With joint wrenching agility I managed to turn around without disengaging then I started kissing Henry again until I felt Timmys presence close behind me. I looked back over my shoulder and saw he'd got naked and was smearing vaseline all over his quivering erection. I looked at Henry again and whispered, "Oh God. This is just too much."

"What is?" queried my lover.

"I think....." I began but was interrupted by Timmy saying, "Reach back here and pull your sweet buttocks apart darling."

"What for?" I asked unnecessarily while I did as he'd requsted.

I felt a greasy fingertip smearing the cold gel around my shiney pink puckered crater and looked deep into Henrys eyes while I quietly squeaked, "I think he's going to bugger me."

"You lucky thing," he smiled. "Two at once hey? Is it your first?"

"Yes of course," I chided him. "What do you take me for?"

"A fucking sex machine," he chuckled and put his hands over mine.

I stared into his eyes unblinkingly whilst feeling Timmy direct his knob into the waiting orifice then I sucked in a long breath as he broached my virginal spincter and entered the hitherto pristine channel. My eyes bulged out of their sockets and I groaned, "Oh my fucking God! This is just so outrageously disgusting! I love it!"

Timmy's arm came around my waist and he whispered in my ear, "You're perfect Diana. Will you marry me my love? Be my wife and you can do this as often as you like."

I raised a hand over my shoulder and stroked his cheek. "D'you mean it darling? You'll want me to do this after we're married?"

"I'll insist," he said as he ground his pubis against my bottom.

"Then yes," I accepted his proposal as I was accepting the pair of cocks inside my willing body. "I'll be your wife and your nympho slut."

"Good girl," he grunted and spunked deep inside my bowel.

So that was the start of our present day lifestyle. Everything I am I am because that's what he wanted me to be. It was he who said he wanted Henry to bring a friend next time so he could take better photos of me in a threesome. Naturally he joined in with that in the end as well so then he suggested a second friend was needed to make foursome photos possible. It was he who told me to be the stripper at his stag do and allow whoever wanted me to have me. I had to repeat that performance on our wedding night a week later. Our honeymoon was nothing more that a sybaritic orgy of never ending changing partners and my life has been that way ever since. That's it from my point of view anyway. Hope I didn't bore you.
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