I became suspicious of my husbands true desires one evening before we were married when he told me he wanted to photograph me making love with another man. I laughed & patted his small penis & said "One bigger than you & who can last longer than you I hope."

In all seriousness he said, "Yes have no fear of that. I thought we'd make them black & white photos, you being the white & Clive the black."

Well Clive was a handsome friend of African descent & each time I'd met him I'd found him to be intelligent, witty & quite charming. Not to mention awfully sexy.
I scrutinised Timmys face intently & said, "You are joking aren't you?"

His penis stirred under my hand & he replied, "No. I've already asked him if he'd like to & he said yes. He thinks I must be mad to let you make love with another man but he said his overwhelming lust for you overcame any moralistic scruples he might have & he'd be honoured to help out."

"He actually said that?" I mused & stroked the swelling member thoughtlessly. "That he lusts after me?"

"Yes," Timmy continued. "Overwhelmingly. He said he's wanked over your photos dozens of times & even when he's fucking some other woman he often imagines it's you & that swiftly brings him to ejaculation."

"Oh!" I exclaimed with surprise, (proud surprise if you must know,) "Which photos are you referring to?"

"I let him have some copies of the ones I took of you masturbating with all that fruit & veg."

"Oh you did did you?" I snapped with mock anger & took his new stiffy in between my thumb & forefinger. "So he's seen me with all manner of things up my cunt already?"
"Yes," my boyfriend admitted with a low moan.

"Oh well in that case," I murmured & ducked my head below Timmys waist.

Afterwards, (a few seconds later,) I licked my lips & asked when he thought it might happen.

"He'll be here at seven," he chuckled, "so we'd better start getting you ready."

Needless to say I was terribly excited at the thought of having sex with Clive, & that in front of Timmys cameras, so I Immacced immaculately, bathed attentively, coiffed my hair carefully, applied my make-up meticulously & chose my lingerie & dress with the thought of pleasing a black man in mind, I thought I looked pretty good when he arrived & I felt it, & pretty soon after he arrived that's not all I was feeling.

I was feeling how a woman should feel when she's fucked properly by a real man with a real cock.

When he left the next morning I crawled after him crying & pulling at his jeans while I begged him to promise to come back as soon as possible.
He looked down at me & grinned. "You the black mans piece of posh cunt now ain'tchoo Miss Diana?"

"Yes!" I sobbed & reached up to put my and on the huge lump in his jeans which had given me so much pleasure all night long. "Yes darling. I'm the black mans piece of posh cunt."

"We gonna get along just fine honey, don't you worry. I'll see you all later," & with that he left.

I remember I was so devastated by his departure that I just stayed kneeling there in the middle of the room with my bottom raised high in the air & I rested my forehead on my hands on the floor in front of me & quietly wept.

Then I felt my boyfriend behind me, he was stroking my still leaking gash & murmuring, "Don't worry pretty Di Di my sweet angel. He'll be back. You were so good he won't be able to resist having more sessions with you."

Then I felt an electric shock streak up from my vagina & zap my brain as he began to lick it! (My vagina that is not my brain.)
I was astonished!

The orifice which had been used & some might say even abused by a gigantic black penis for the last fourteen hours was being kissed & licked by the man who professed to love me!

I blinked with confusion when I felt his tongue wriggling deep into the sperm filled cavern then I instinctively opened my legs wider & reached back behind my bottom to pull my small buttocks apart saying, "Suck it all out darling there's a good boy. We don't want me getting pregnant do we. Not from a black."

I heard him groan then his lips clamped over mine & he began to suck.

That was the moment I realised the kind of man I was going to marry.

I muttered to myself, "We're very lucky to have found each other. I do believe we're going to be very very happy together."

The next time Clive turned up, (two days later,) he had a friend called Henry with him. Cast in the same mould as Clive, i.e. handsome black & fit, Henry boggled at my nakedness when I opened the door & literally threw myself at Clive. I locked my legs around his waist & he held me there as I took his face in my hands & was kissing it all over whilst burbling, "Oh my God! I'm so happy to see you! I've missed you so much! I can't stop thinking about you! What you did to me! I watched it again all day yesterday & I couldn't help it, I just had to fuck myself over & over again! You were magnificent! Fantastic! Incredible! Amazing! We look so good together! We were made for each other!"

Then I noticed he wasn't alone but I was so happy I wasn't embarrassed by my nudity at all.

"Oh. Hello. I'm sorry. I didn't realise you had company."

"Yeah. This is Henry," Clive smiled. "Your old man suggested I bring a friend so when I told Henry all about you he said he'd love to meet you."

I climbed down off Clives torso & somewhat incongruously I suppose considering the situation & my state of undress I offered Henry my hand.

"Hello Henry," I smiled. "I'm Diana & I'm very pleased to meet you."

Henry took my hand & I saw his huge eyes travelling down from my face, over my small crimson tipped breasts & flat tummy to my bald, plump, shining pubis.
"The pleasure's all mine Miss Diana," he mumbled.

"Not all of it," Clive grinned. "We all gonna get loads of pleasure today but I reckon this little lady here's gonna get the most."

I pulled Clive in over the doorstep & said, "Timmy asked you to bring a friend? So he knew there'd be two of you?"

"Of course," Clive assured me & pulled his t-shirt off.

I dropped to my knees & began to undo his jeans while I said, "Cheeky bastard never said anything to me about it."

Clive took my chin in his hand & lifted it so my face was turned up towards him. "You don't mind do you Di? After all you're black mans meat now & I'm sure you'll do whatever we want as long as you get some more of this." While he was speaking he put his hand inside his pants & pushed them down so his ebony salami swung out & slapped me in the face.
I gazed at its beauty longingly & whispered submissively, "Yes. Anything you want for more of that."

I started kissing it as I pulled his jeans & pants down then I cupped as much of his ball sac as I could in a hand & lifted the heavy limb with the other so I could start licking it as well. Clive said, "Hey Henry, get that camera over there & start filming this. I promised her old man we'd get it all on film so he won't miss anything."

So i was filmed making love to Clive orally for ten minutes then they changed places & Henry, (who I was pleased to find was almost as big as his companion,) received the same treatment. Clive then filmed Henry getting behind me & getting into me to give me the first of the many orgasms I achieved that evening. Even while I was still coming Clive stood in front of me & offered his erection to my gasping mouth. I was being spit roasted for the first time & I was loving it. It was heavenly.

Henry soon ejaculated inside me so they changed places & that's how Timmy found us when he walked in. All three of us buck naked, I was kneeling there slurping on Henrys slime covered cock while Clive was on one knee behind me holding onto my hips & slowly sliding his seemingly infinite length in & out of my happily squelching cunt.

"Hey Timmy my man!" Clive cried without missing a stroke when my husband to be appeared. "Your good lady couldn't wait to try out her first threesome with us so we just had to oblige. Don't worry, we've got it all on film."

"Good, good," Timmy murmured & without taking his eyes off we three fornicators he began to get undressed.
Moments later he said, "Can you get underneath her Clive so I can get in there."

"Ohoh! A foursome is it?" Clive laughed & nonchalantly pulled out of me & sat down beneath my feet. "Here come & ride me Di. I think you're about to lose your second virginity."
I stopped sucking, only temporarily I assured Henry as I got astride Clives hips & lowered myself down onto the froth coated column he was holding up off his belly. I glanced back over my shoulder & saw Timmy wiping Vaseline all over his erection & thought, "Well thank God at least my first's going to be his skinny dick & not one of these monsters." But to Clive I said, "What makes you think I've still got a second one to take?"

He laughed as I sank down on him & he grabbed a fistful of my hair, growling, "Oh you are one dirty little piece of fuck meat ain'tcha Diana. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out you've been getting buggered since school."

I kissed him then turned my head to accommodate Henry once more in my mouth as I reached behind my buttocks to pull them apart & hold them open..
I was watching Timmy out of the corner of my eye as he moved up behind me & introduced his knob to my crinkled crater. When he began to press it past my tight sphincter he whispered in my ear, "Will you marry me & be my slutty wife Diana?"

I allowed Henry to slip out from between my lips again & turned my head even further backwards so I could look into my buggerers eyes while I gasped, "Only if you expect me to do a lot more of this."

He slid all the way into my anus & groaned, "Oh yes! I'll insist on it!"

"Then yes darling," I sobbed & pushed my bottom back towards him. "I'll be happy to be your dirty slutty wife."

He cupped my small titties from behind & & tweaked my rigid nipples while he moaned a long drawn out "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," of pleasure as he ejaculated deep in my bowels.

Clive guffawed, "Christ ain't that romantic! I've never heard of a guy proposing to his future bride while he's fucking her in the ass for the first time."

Henry agreed saying, "Yeah. So romantic it's got me well hard again so as soon as you've finished in there little man make way for the big guns!"

I felt Timmy slither out of my hot hole & retrieved the camcorder from where he'd placed it on the hi-fi cabinet. Henry moved round behind me to take his place, I heard him say, "Oh yes. You can see how much she wants it. She's keeping it open for me."

I gazed at Clive & blushed. It was true. I could feel it. My sphincter wasn't closing as it should. For some unfathomable reason it was still gaping open.

Clive took over twisting my bursting teats sadistically & muttered, "You're a real filthy little whore ain'tcha Miss hoity toity high & mighty lady Diana!"

"Yes!" I croaked as I felt Henry fit the tip of his bulbous knob head into the expectant orifice awaiting his entry.

"Look me in the eye & tell him what you want him to do to you you sex mad slag!"

I stared at him & loudly proclaimed, "Fuck it nigga! Slide your fat black cock all the way up my tiny pink asshole! Let me know how it feels to be buggered by a real mans cock!"
Clive guffawed in my face & I heard Henry saying, "Good God! This bitch is hot!" as he began to broach the tight opening.

I threw my head back & screwed my eyes tight shut & wailed a high pitched long drawn out "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" of terror as I felt him stretch me wider than ever before when he slowly leaned forwards until he popped past the muscle & slid into the anal canal.

I shook my head & cried, "Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God!" when I felt him pushing more & more of his stiff meat into me.

Clive was grinning & gleefully tugged on my nipples whilst saying, "You like it cunt? You like having two massive nigger cocks in your slutty holes?"

"Yes!" I screamed, "Yes I love it!" I kissed his lips then his cheeks & eyes & brow.

"Tell your fiancee Di. Tell him loud & clear so he knows the sort of woman he's marrying."

I looked across at my husband to be who was holding the camera with one hand & his little dick with the other.

I began to move up & down & back & forth all at the same time & gasped, "This is what I want from now on Timmy. Big fat black cocks spoiling both my holes together. I hope you know a lot of black guys sweety pie 'cause I'm going to need a lot. You're going to get them for me aren't you darling? Because you love to see me like this don't you? To see me coming with their gorgeous cocks up my cunt & asshole! Gonna do it on our wedding night! Gonna do it every day & night of our honeymoon! You're going to be the happiest husband there ever was! Am I good baby? Do you love me?"

"Yes," he croaked & moved closer. "Yes & I love you more & more with each passing minute."

I dropped my head so my chin was on my chest & drew in a ragged breath then I said, "Get one of my g-strings baby. A lacy one that'll scratch yout stiffy. Wrap it round him & use it to wank with. Come in it then put it on. I want you to always wear my wet spunky g-strings from now on. Okay?"

"Yes darling, whatever you say," he enthused then carefully placed the camera back on the hi-fi cabinet before running out to get one of my aforementioned g-strings.
When he returned I was kneeling there howling at the ceiling with bestial joy while the pair of gargantuan cocks delivered more pleasure than I'd ever dreamt possible. Eventually Henry grunted, "Here it is you ugly piece of cunt! Love it & weep!"

He held my hips tightly & shoved what felt like an extremely long rugby ball deep into my anus where it squirted innumerable jets of semen into my perversely receptive bowels.
Timmy crouched down behind me to film his slow egress & the tsunami of sperm which followed it.

"Oh God Diana," he breathed with wonderment. "You look so disgusting. Your booty hole's the size of a tennis ball & it looks like it's belching out about a pint of spunk!"
I didn't stop bouncing on Clive but I did look back over my shoulder & ordered him to, "Lick it up then! Get down there & suck it out then lick everything! Clives balls & cock too."
I stopped moving so he could carry out my orders & orgasmed strongly when I felt him sucking at my gaping hole.

Clive chuckled & said, "Let's get you on your back darlin'. I wanna show you something. Here, lie with your bum on the arm of the couch so your belly's the highest point of your body"

I allowed him, (well I was really in no state to stop him doing whatever he wanted to do,) to manhandle me into the position he'd suggested so I was lying with my head on the seat of the couch & my legs stretched out with my heels on the floor. Clive held himself up on straight arms & crowed, "Look at that! You can see my knob moving around in her belly just under the skin!"

I looked down & was astonished to see he was right. I could see this lump moving back & forth just below my navel. It was like the scene in that film "Alien" where the thing's moving around just before it bursts through the wall of the stomach. & I have to say it felt like Clives thing might burst through the walls of my stomach at any moment too.
I watched it move from side to side as he screwed it into me then I put my hand on it just to see what it felt like. Clive pushed & lifted me off the seat a little saying, "Yeah go on baby. Wank me off into your guts."

I pressed down & squeezed what I could as best I could. Clive closed his eyes & muttered, "Yeah I'm gonna come now you filthy whore!"
I stared at his face & rubbed.

"Gonna make you fat now you ugly brood mare. You & your old man are gonna be the laughing stock of the town once you start foaling nigger babies! Everyone's gonna know you're the black mans whore. Filthy white tramp! Here it is! Love this you sex mad piece of cunt! Tell your man how good it is! Tell him how it's gonna be from now on!"

I yelled, "Oh yes lover! I'm coming again too! Fuck it darling! Fuck my greedy white cunt! You feel so fantastic inside me! I love it! Empty those huge bollocks into me! I want your babies! I'm always going to be here for you! Open & lusting for your incredible monster black cock! Anytime you want it I'm yours! You & all your friends! Come on my beautiful stallion! Pump your ugly mare full of baby cream!"

& he did.

He grunted & jerked, gunted & jerked, eight times in all before he stopped moving & looked down at me flailing around on his tool like a landed fish.

"Oh you are good," he chuckled. "We're gonna be seeing a lot lot more of each other in future."

"Do you promise?" I panted & stroked his face.

"You can bet your life on it," he said seriously & began to withdraw.

I hadn't realised that Timmy had lain down on the floor behind Clives feet & was aiming the camera up at the point of our junction but when Clive said, "Are you ready for this Tim?" & Timmy replied, "Ready & focussed in close up." I guessed where he was & what he was doing. He wanted a close up of me gushing. So I moaned with lascivious pleasure & reached down to hold my pulsating cunt open while I relaxed & allowed the voluminous deposit to cascade out in a long thick cataract.

I heard him mumble, "Oh my God! That's so beautiful!" when he saw the slow egress of Clives manly juice.

I sighed, "Get it all in your mouth darling there's a good boy. & then suck & lick the rest out. Don't want to make a mess on the carpet do we."

"No of course not," he agreed with alacrity & rose to his knees so he could shuffle forwards to start his cleaning operation. I gazed over the hillock of my tummy & said, "You'd better get used to the taste of it because I believe that's what your sex life's going to consist of from now on. Eating other mens sperm out of my holes."

Timmy just, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm'd," & snaked his long tongue up me.
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