I was driving to Tescos to do some shopping when a homeless, (I found out later,) Afro English tramp fell off the pavement & banged his head on the wing of my car. I stopped & got out to see how he was & saw that he was bleeding from a wound on his brow. Despite his filthy appearance & grubby clothes I offered to take him to the hospital to be looked at. (He might have been suffering from concussion or internal bleeding for all I knew & I didn't want to be held responsible for any hidden injuries.) He didn't say anything, just stared & kept wiping the blood off his forehead. I was worried about infestation of my clothes & the seat in my car but I knew I had to get him checked out anyway so I helped him into the Jag & drove to the nearest hospital.

Later on a nurse came & told me everything seemed to be ok. They'd stitched his head & x-rayed him. He'd twisted his ankle & couldn't walk but other than that he seemed to be healthy enough. She did say I should get tesedt to make sure I hadn't caught anything he might have so I did that & went home.

When I got the all clear a couple of days later I asked if he was still there & received an affirmative answer so I decided to visit him to make sure everything was hunky dory.
He'd been washed & shaved & looked almost human so I relayed my sympathies & assured him the accident had been nothing 2 do with me. He'd fallen off the kerb into the car. He nodded his agreement & carried on staring at me as he had done when I first met him. I asked him if everything was okay & he said I reminded him of his daughter. (He was about 50 so it was quite possible he had a child of my age.) I giggled & said, "I assume she's a little darker than I am."

"Yes," he growled. "But the same hoity toity attitude, hair & figure."

I was insulted at his generalisation because he hardly knew me at all so I impulsively decided there & then to prove to him that I wasn't completely selfish & egoistic.
I invited him home to recuperate until his ankle was strong enough to walk on again.

He grumpily accepted so a few hours later I'd got him to the kitchen table, (with the help of a loaned wheelchair.) I'd surreptitiously turned on the kitchen camcorder so it was filming everything for safety's sake & I was making him a sandwich whilst chatting away about nothing.

Suddenly he said, "Nice legs."

I stopped what I was doing & looked over at him. "Pardon?" I asked with a flustered tone. "Your legs," he answered. "They look great."

I was wearing a very short mini skirt so I shouldn't have been that surprised he'd seen fit to comment on them but I was. "Oh!" I squeaked & blushed like a schoolgirl. "Thank you Levon. It's very nice of you to say so."

"Nice little tits too," he added with a normal conversational tone.

I blushed a deeper shade of crimson because I knew that without a bra my small 34 b cup breasts had been bobbling away under my thin, tight, sleeveless, low cut, cotton top & he'd obviously been enjoying their movement.

"Thank you again," I croaked then carried on with the chopping I was doing.

"Bet your old man loves seeing you naked don't he?"

I gulped & kept my eyes fixed on the chopping board then said, "He's a great admirer of the naked female form yes."

"Me an all," he chuckled. "How about you get naked & show me your beautiful naked female form?"

I walked around the table to give him the sandwich saying "I think we should be concentrating on getting you fit & well again Levon."


The Oh came when I saw what he was doing under the table. Or more to the point what he was doing it to. It was the fattest I'd ever seen. Looked to be as thick as a can of coke.
Unable to drag my eyes off the enormous black salami he was stroking I burbled, "Eat your sandwich & I'll help you up into the bathroom so you can bathe & get some clean clothes. I think some of Timmy old things will fit you."

As I bent over slightly to put the plate on the table in front of him he brazenly slid his free hand up the backs of my legs & cupped a buttock. "I'd rather eat this," he smiled as he touched the back of my vagina with his thumb. I put both hands on the table, closed my eyes & opened my legs. "Oh Levon," I whispered as I felt his thumb wriggle between my long dangling labia.

"I knew you were the sort of high class posh bitch that doesn't bother with underwear." he grinned as his fat digit slid into me easily. "You like the old pork sword too much don'tcha. Always wanna be ready to take it anytime don'tcha?"

I gasped & lay my top half down on the table.

He laughed & removed his hand then picked up the sandwich & bit into it.

"Get naked," he mumbled with a full mouth.

I stood up & slowly took off my top then dropped the skirt

"You one horny piece of posh white cunt ain'tcha darlin' Get up on that work top & show me how you wank with a rolling pin."

I glanced at the camera then moved over to the worktop he'd indicated where I opened a drawer to find the rolling pin I knew was in there.

I found the utensil so I closed the drawer & jumped up onto the worktop. Levon stood up & began moving towards me as I leaned back on one elbow & bent my left leg up & out while leaving the other leg hanging down towards the floor. I introduced the fat end of the rolling pin to my writhing lips & wriggled them apart with it before starting to slowly push it in.

Levon stood next to me staring down at where the phallus was stretching me open & inexorably making dogged ingress.

"Been a long time since I seen anything like this," he muttered & began to ejaculate mightily through his strongly gripping fist.

The first geyser hit the cupboard above my head so he adjusted the angle of trajectory slightly ensuring the next three squirted into my amazed looking face.

"Oh my God!" I squealed & slid the rolling pin deep into my oily cunt. "That's astonishing! Fantastic! What an incredible load! Oh Christ!" as more & more spurted out & splattered my throat & heaving titties. "It has been a long time," I giggled while the last few jets were spat onto my tummy & moving hand.

Levon moved closer & directed his dribbling erection towards my mouth so I kissed its purple knob then looked into his rheumy eyes as I licked it before opening my lips & taking it in.

He waited until I'd come on the rolling pin then said, "Okay. Let's go up into the bathroom like you said, I need a piss anyway & after I fuck you I want your cute little arse."

"Yes sir," I concurred submissively with alacrity as I disinterred the wooden froth coated tool & dropped it in the sink to be cleaned later.
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