I feel a twat.jpgI started out slowly, asking Diana if she'd model some dresses for me. Due to the large age gap, she was naturally hesitant at first but when I told her she could keep everything she modeled, her desire for the admittedly rather revealing garments overcame her shyness.

After our second shoot, I asked her if she'd like some new underwear? Having had two uneventful sessions she agree Hence, I presented her with several skimpy items including a quarter-cup bra, (Not that her small adolescent breasts needed any support.) a couple of peek-a-boos which allowed her pretty pink nipples to poke through, and a couple of totally cupless ones. All the g-strings and thongs were minuscule, mostly see-through and the last two featured split crotch, she was shocked! I complimented her on how sweet her gorgeous, hairless young pussy appeared framed by the undies and how sexy she looked. To prove the point I waited until she was laying back on the couch supporting her head with one hand while she cupped a breast with the other smiling at me knowingly. "You look so fantastic Di, you've got me going. Do you mind if I get my hard cock out & wank over you?"

She gasped, her green eyes widened with surprise as she blushed & fetchingly bit her bottom lip. "No I don't mind,"

I moved closer to her, removing my cock only inches in front of her face. She gazed at it with natural curiosity, (It being only the second one she'd ever seen.) she watched me stroke it for a couple of seconds before it began to spit sperm all over her reclining body. "Oh wowwwwww!" she giggled, "You do make a lot, don't you? I never dreamed a man made so much."

As I squeezed the last few drops out onto her chest, "It's because you're so beautiful and sexy Di and we have some great shots we can look back on in the future to remind us of what an amazing time we had." This became a regular occurrence at every modeling session we had thereafter.

Soon Diana was posing provocatively in the nude and presenting herself in the most intimate way. I'd taken to greeting her for our shoots naked so she could see the effect she has on me. A few weeks later she asked, " Would you like me to do that for you?"

"Do what Di?"

"You know," she laughed as she lay back with a palm covering her bald mound with her middle finger wiggling enticingly between her long, fat, juicy lips, "Use my hand on him. Stroke him & rub him for you?"

I grinned, "You mean you want to give me a wank?"

"Mmmmmmmm," she affirmed with a smile and reached out. Seconds later I was ejaculating mightily into her laughing face.

"Oh... my... God!" she spluttered through the deluge. "You dirty old man!" Once that hurdle had been overcome, and she was regularly getting cum covered we progressed onto the next stage which featured her kissing, licking, and eventually sucking me until I began to throb whereon she'd whip me out of her wetly hoovering mouth and squeal with glee as she wanked me off and watched me erupt into her face again & again. She proudly posed with her pretty face dripping with sperm afterward and told me how much she enjoyed making me orgasm.
She moved in at this point and we began to fuck as well. The photos were a problem, I had a self-timer on the camera but the results still weren't as good as I wanted. I explained the problem to her and suggested an answer to the problem. "You're joking!" she blurted out, "You want to photograph me making love with another man?"

"No no Di," I laughed, "You don't understand, You and I make love. I want to photograph you having sex with another man."

She glanced down at me stroking "Who, Who do you want to watch fucking me you filthy kinky perverted bastard?"

Although she'd never admitted it because he was married and she was quite friendly with his wife, Janet but I knew she fancied my mate Mike, who just happened to be blessed with an extremely fat cock. (Not that she knew that either at that point of course.) She and Janet weren't that friendly so I said, "Mike." then I grunted and exploded over her. She blinked her long eyelashes twice in disbelief when she realized how much the thought of her fucking Mike aroused me then trailed her fingers through the pools of semen on her flat stomach. "Alright. I'll do it if you really want me to and if he fancies me."

"Oh he fancies you alright," I chuckled as I presented my already drooping penis to her face for its thank you kiss. "He told me whenever Jan gives him a blow job he thinks about you and the disgusting things he'd like to do to you."

"Oh really?" she smiled the smile of pride. "What sort of disgusting things does he imagine doing with me?" She opened her mouth for me to put my shrinking three inches inside.

"Fucking you everywhere," I grinned & stroked her bobbing head. I could feel her clever tongue swirling all over me, cleaning me thoroughly. She paused, "You mean everywhere as in all over the house or everywhere as in... everywhere in me?"

"Both," I smiled and stroked her face as I nudged her lips with my soft two inches, she opened them and sucked hard.

I arranged for Mike to arrive the next afternoon in the hope that I'd get to take a load of photos for the following few hours, and so it was. Diana was narurally nervous and surprised when I showed her the dress I'd ordered for her weeks before for this occasion from a love aids catalog. She wriggled the tight, black lace mini sheath up over her hips & small breasts then regarded her reflection in the wardrobe mirror critically. Cupping her breasts she gazed at me, "You can see everything I've got through it, Timmy!?"

I smiled as I took a few photos of her "Yes I know, lovely isn't it?"

She blushed and put a hand on her mound muttering, "More that just lovely. It's sexy as fuck!"

I laughed, "Put your shoes on and lets go, darling. Your lover will be here in a few minutes."

She gazed at me as though in a dream as she lifted the hem of the dress and opened her legs so I could see her dribbling vagina, "I can hardly wait darling."

"I see," I chuckled as I dropped onto all fours crawling to her causing her to orgasm almost as soon as my lips touched hers.

Five minutes later she was intermittently gulping on a large gin & tonic when the doorbell rang. She almost dropped the glass as she squeaked, "Oh my God, it's hi, what should I do? Just stand here or sit on the couch or what?"

I walked towards the door saying, "You look fantastic like that darling. Just fold your arms under your breasts maybe, turn a half incline & smile."

Mike entered and walked toward her, he showered her with compliments immediately. "Oh wow Diana! You look fabulous, absolutely amazing, what a divine dress."

Diana could only blush & mutter, "Timmy bought it for me."

Mike lifted her face so she had to look him in the eyes as he smiled, "Well bravo for Timmy then, he has exquisite taste as you look completely delicious in it, good enough to eat in fact. Are you going to let me eat you Diana?" I thought she was going to cry as she lowered her eyes and nodded her head
Mike laughed and kissed her brow then, "Tell me what it is you want me to eat Di, exactly what?" as he kicked off his trainers, (he wasn't wearing socks) and pulled his t-shirt off over his head.

Diana watched him disrobe with confusion written on her face. She obviously hadn't expected things to move along quite so quickly. I started taking photos while she stammered, "Eat, yes well, you know, whatever you'd like to eat."

"No, no, say it Di, say the words I want to hear from that posh sluts mouth." he encouraged as he unzipped his jeans and removed the last of his clothes.

I took a dozen quick shots of Diana's shocked face, "Oh my fucking God! Look at the size of that!"

"You like it?" he grinned as he shook his nine inch salami at her before falling back on the couch so he could take his jeans and shorts completely off. Dianas stunned eyes looked disbelievingly from him to me and back again a few times.

"Yes, Yes, I like it very much, it's uhm much bigger than I expected."

"Yes, You all say that when you first see it," Mike guffawed and started to stroke himself. "Now lift the hem of that dress a couple of inches and tell me what it is you want me to eat." Diane put her glass on the coffee table straightened up and slowly began to wriggle the hem upwards.

She spoke with clear distinction leaving a short gap between each word, "I... want... youu... to... eat... my ... hot,,, wet... bald... tight.... little... CUNT!"

Mike guffawed again and stood up, "That's my girl," he laughed, "Now come here and give us a kiss." holding her dress up around her waist Diana hesitantly stepped toward him. His large violet coloured knob was their first point of contact as it hit her abdomen before they were close enough to kiss.

"Oh look!" Mike cried. "See how much he likes you? Be nice to him, baby."

Diana took his meat in both hands and muttered, "I will darling, believe me, I will." Then they began to kiss for my camera.

That was the first time she tried another man and she found out that she loved it. Later that night as she stroked my head and I licked away slavishly between her legs, she giggled, "My God it was so big and fat, darling! I thought he was going to split me in half when he first started to squeeze it into me. When he came... I mean... Jeeze... it was like a bloody stallion wasn't it? I wish you were built like that and could spunk as much as he can."

I looked up, "You want it again then?"

She smiled, raised her bottom and shoved her dripping cunt back against my mouth gasping, "Yes! Oh yes darling! As often as possible."

After she'd calmed down, "Mike might have a bit of trouble getting away from Janet on a regular basis but if she was really earnst about wanting something like that again I knew how to arrange it."

She kissed me and stroked me until l squirted my small contribution to the nights jollities onto her tummy, "I'll love you forever if you do." A few weeks later, we had, had three more visits from Mike but as I'd anticipated he was having trouble sneaking away from his wife on a regular basis. So I took a handsome young Nigerian I'd met at the local college home with me and introduced him to Diana as Henry, an agricultural student who'd seen a photo of her and wanted to meet her. Diana was possibly regretting her choice of the tight, black fishnet mini dress as a suitable item to greet a stranger into the house, eyeing the tall guy somewhat fearfully, I thought, she said, "Hello." shook his hand then asked to speak to me in the kitchen. I followed her whilst indicating to Henry that he should get undressed and pointed to where the photo albums I'd told him about were in the bookcase.

In the kitchen Diana hissed, "You really expect me to let a... a... man like that... you really want me to let him..."

I kissed her & cupped her breasts "His cock's even bigger than Mikes, darling."

She blinked & whispered, "No, Impossible, Really, are you sure?"

"I checked him out in the pub bog," I giggled. "He had to stand a foot away from the urinal so he didn't bash into it and it's as fat as your wrist." She took my head in both her hands & ****** her tongue over my lips and into my mouth. I moved a hand down over her tummy as she opened her legs. Unsurprisingly, I discovered she'd forgotten to put on underwear so three of my fingers slipped into her drooling orifice easily. I leaned back, looked her in the eyes, "It feels like you're ready for him, darling?" He'll have no trouble getting into you no matter how big he is, you've become such a slut over the last couple of months."

She grabbed my wrist and shoved the steepled fingers in and out a couple of times, "It's what you want you filthy pervert!"

I smiled, "So let's see you with the black kid then."

She leaned back against the worktop with closed eyes and breathed, "Don't stop, I'm coming you sexy bastard," under her breath. I held her up during the shivering and jerking of the evenings first orgasm, then when she'd recovered sufficiently I led her back to the lounge where we found her would be suitor standing over the coffee table perusing one of the photo albums and sensually wanking an erection straight out of a porn movie. Diana whimpered and sagged against me when she saw the size of the grotesque monstrosity he was stroking.

"Oh God Timmy," she whispered. "I'm going to come again!" I chuckled which attracted Henry's attention, he turned toward us and grinned, "Wow, Miss Diana, you are sexy, I knew you was from looking at that great photo of you he showed me but this... these photos are the absolute pinnacle of hot, hard core porn."

Diana managed to croak, "You like them then?"
"Like them!" he roared with laughter. "I fucking love 'em! We gonna have such a good time baby. You ain't never gonna want another mans cock as long as I'm alive."

Diana pushed herself away from me and stepped towards him on shakey legs. With her eyes glued on what he had in his hands she squeaked, "No. I do believe you're right." Once she was close enough her small hands latched onto the pulsating fat length of black sausage which had enchanted her from across the room and the two of them began to kiss as his hands slipped up under the hem of her dress, I started filming with my new Canon camcorder. There was no looking back after that. Well, obviously we watch the movies sometimes but what I meant was, there was no looking back as far as taking big black cocks was concerned. My wicked wife will do anything to get one or two or even nine or ten. I love her more each time she looks at me and grunts, "I'm coming again you sexy fucker!" and the guys inside her laugh at her eager receptiveness.
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