I just read a story which reminded me of a 2 week holiday we had on Formentera. We got there in the afternoon so it was pointless going to the beach, instead we lay around the pool outside our finca, (it's a nudist friendly island so we were both naked as is our wont,) and discussed how we wanted our fortnight to play out. It was decided we'd go to the Tipic disco that evening and see if we could find anyone who'd like to join us for an adventurous night/couple of days/a week/the whole 2 weeks? Timmy got a hard on when I giggled, "Maybe we'll meet the guys from last year." Not that his erection caused anyone to notice. If you tipped a box of matches out over his bald pubis you'd have trouble finding his scrawny pecker among them. (A slight exaggeration there but you get my drift? Not hugely endowed is my dear husband.)

After dinner I got ready and put on a tight, halter neck mini dress the halter straps of which just about covered my ten pence sized crimson areolae but failed miserably to hide the hugely turgid nipples at their centres, teats that Timmy said reminded him of a pair of solid rubber cigarette tips. I chose to go without any underwear at all but I insisted that Timmy should wear his much too small black leather g-string with the small steel pyramids on the inside. He groaned with exquisite pain when I yanked it up tight into the crack of his bum so the sharp points of the steel studs dug into his soft willy viciously.

Before we left my sweet husband fell to his knees and lifted the hem of my skirt so he could nuzzle my bald mound whilst telling me how much he loved me, kiss my oily clitty and slavishly lick my already wet and open cunt.

In Tipic he got me a drink while I inspected the clientele and mentally picked out a few I wouldn't mind dancing with.

It didn't take long for the first one to pick up on the sexy "I'm available," vibes I was sending with my impish smile and he came over to ask me onto the floor. Naturally he was black and very fit looking.

We danced for ten minutes or so but Franco, (yes we managed to converse a little,) said he had to go as he had a lift to La Mola and couldn't pass it up. Before I went back to my patiently waiting, (and ogling,) husband I told Franco which beach we'd be on in the morning and suggested he might want to stroll along it sometime to see me au natural. He promised he'd be there and left.

As soon as another of my proposed victims saw I was approachable he came over and asked me to dance. I patted my husband's' cheek and took the hand of the handsome Romeo.

On the sparsely populated floor I performed what I hoped was a native mating ritualistic dance, shaking my small boobies at my partner and proffering my scantily clad bottom out for closer scrutiny now and then. As soon as a slow number came on Pepe took me in his arms and blatantly kissed me as his big hands slipped up under my short skirt onto my bare bottom. He cupped my firm buttocks then broke the kiss and said, "Wow! You're a real dirty bitch ain't ya Diana?"

I smiled and opened my legs so I could rub my naked loins on his thigh saying, "You can't imagine how dirty I am darling," while I put a hand on the promising bulge in his jeans.

He grinned, "Why don't we go outside and you can show me then?"

Without a seconds hesitation I said, "Okay. But my husband has to be there too."

"Oh," he laughed. "Like that is it? Okay. I don't mind. I've fucked women in front of their husbands before."

Timmy saw us leave so he followed us outside and around the side of the building where an empty, large BBQ patio made a perfect spot for spontaneous rendezvous. He switched the camcorder on and pointed it in our direction. Pepe pushed me back against the wall and pulled the halter straps of my dress sideways off my breasts so they ****** the bobbling globes together to give me quite a respectable cleavage, then he took one in each hand and dove onto my lips with his hungry mouth. Timmy watched us kissing as this muscular black stranger mauled my titties and wanked my enormously stiff nipples while I reached down to undo the button of his jeans before unzipping him and pushing them and his shorts down together. A magnificent specimen of African masculinity swung out and thwacked heavily onto my still covered mons. I tongued his open mouth and shuffled forwards with open bandy legs like a limbo dancer approaching the horizontal bar. I used the huge fat limb in my hand to lift the front off the skirt and started rubbing its velvety head against my bald vulva.

"Oh yeah," mumbled Pepe into my mouth. "A schoolgirls hairless pussy too. I like you more and more."

"Show me how much you like me then you horny bastard," I commanded. "Bend me over a table and fuck me!"

"What here?" he asked with evident surprise. "Anyone leaving the club will be able to see."

I squeezed his hot meat and hissed, "I know. I told you I'm a dirty bitch. I want everyone to see me getting that big black monster slammed up my tiny white cunt!"

Hearing that hardened him appreciatively so he turned me round and pushed me down onto the nearest table. I instantly flicked the back of my skirt up so my bare buttocks were shining in the moonlight then I opened my legs and pulled my cheeks apart saying, "Come on then. Fuck me you horny bastard!"

I looked at my perverse husband standing a couple of yards away and watching proceedings intently while he rubbed himself through his trousers. I smiled and for his benefit I groaned, "Oh yes baby! That's a really fat one! I love getting stretched like that!"

I suspect much to his surprise Pepes fat one slid up my greasy tube so easily and smoothly his pubic hair tickled my bottom straight away. I waggled my bum against him and muttered, "That's it big boy! All in on the first stroke! What a cock! Now fuck it into my hot cunt and empty your full bollocks into me!"

Over Timmys shoulder I saw three young girls leaving the club and one of them alerted her two friends to what was happening on the patio. They all stopped and stared for a moment then one of them said something in Spanish causing them all to laugh before running off with furtive glances back over their shoulders as they ran.

Pepe said, "One of them is a cleaner at the fincas you're staying at. She recognised you and him from your arrival this afternoon. She said you didn't waste any time in getting to know the locals, meaning me I suppose."

"Yeeeeah!" I quietly wailed. "Fuck me baby! Fuck me good and hard and fast and deep!"

He began humping against my bottom and I grunted noisily with every thrust. A few seconds later a young man and his girlfriend exited and looked over to see what all the commotion was about. I looked at them and cried, "I'm coming! Don't stop baby! Give it to me faster!"

The girl tried to pull her companion away but he seemed to be transfixed and just stared at the copulating couple only yards in front of him. Eventually after a few choice remarks she was able to drag him away but not before he'd seen me climaxing animatedly on the thick fuck pole sluicing in and out of my squelching fuck hole.

I lay there on the table sobbing, "Don't stop darling! I can come again! I'm going to! It's close! So close! Here! Here it is! Now! Now! Now! Oh my God! You fucking amazing stud!"

Pepe grabbed hold of my hips and jammed himself deep inside me while he gasped, "Oh you sexy bitch! I'm coming too!"

I looked up and saw a group of males leaving the club so hoping to get their attention, (and maybe more,) I shrieked, "That's it baby! I can feel you splattering my cervix with your hot thick spunk! You're gonna make me fat baby! That's right! Breed your slutty bitch!"

The group of men stopped and watched me wriggling and moaning under Pepes onslaught then as he collapsed on my back they slowly sidled up nearer. When Pepes deflating cock slipped out with a loud plop they looked at each other and spoke between themselves then half of them turned and walked away. The three that stayed said something to Pepe causing him to shrug and reply while he tucked his cock away and did up his jeans.

"They want to know if you want them to fuck you as well?"

"Timmy!" I barked. "Suck it out!"

My husband knelt behind me and clamped his lips over mine then began to suck. "Tell them they can fuck me as long as they don't mind my husband filming the action."

He translated then after a short conversation with the apparent leader of the trio he said, "He wants to take you back to his house so they can have you all night but I'd take care if I was you. White slavery isn't unknown in this part of the world. and I mean like slavery forever. Plenty of rich Arabs out there who'd pay a fortune for a woman like you and when they've had enough of seeing you being fucked by their camels and donkeys they'll sell you on to a seedy brothel somewhere in the asshole of the world where you'll be ****** to service the dregs of the universe.."

I smiled and expunged a long wet fanny fart into Timmy's mouth saying, "Well as tempting as that sounds............ I think we'll give it a miss tonight. and thanks for the warning and your advice. I hope we'll see you on Levante, (the nudist beach we were going to,) in the morning."

We went back into the disco and I danced with a few other guys, kissing them all and allowing them a free hand as far as my body was concerned, then I met Carlito and his older brother Jesus, (pronounced Heyzooz,) They were two handsome and fit looking young African males who seemed to be smiling and laughing all the time. Carlito asked me to dance first so of course I promptly accepted his polite request and we were soon gyrating sexily opposite each other in front of my excited husbands feverish stare. I was slightly tipsy by that time so my usual decorum was minimal and I was silently screaming; "Fuck me you filthy black bastard!" with my explicit body language.

In actual fact I shouted, "My name's Diana and I really like the way you move!"

He yelled back, "My name's Carlito and that's my brother Jesus!"

As he was making the introductions I saw two muscular arms come around my waist from behind and just like Pepe had done an hour earlier the big black hands attached to them suddenly pulled the halter neck straps sideways off my breasts to reveal my hugely aroused quivering nipples to anyone who cared to look in my direction at that moment.

I pretended to be shocked and screamed with affected surprise as I quickly covered them with my own hands but I was also laughing happily so they knew I wasn't really upset. Jesus put his lips to my ear and said, "If you like the way he moves here on the dance floor wait until he gets that monster cock of his into you. Then you'll find out what a terrific mover he really is."

I turned my head and looked into his smiling eyes saying, "and what about you? Are you a terrific mover too? Have you got a monster cock as well and more to the point, what are you going to be doing with it while your brother's fucking me?"

He grinned and lifted the back of my skirt then pushed a fingertip against my tiny shiny pink puckered crater. "Oh I expect I'll find somewhere to stick it," he chuckled. Then he yelled to his brother, "Sexy bitch ain't got no pants on bro!"

Carlito approached from in front and quite nonchalantly lifted the front of my skirt before looking down. "and as smooth as a baby's bum," he shouted back.

Jesus slowly pushed his finger into my tight anus and licked my ear. "We all know what that means don't we lady? You're bald 'cause you like showing it off don't you?"

I pushed my bottom back towards his invading digit and gasped, "Yes. I like to show it off. Please. I'm going to come!"

He began moving his finger in and out and told his brother, "Hey bro, she's gonna come 'cause I'm fingering her ass! Is this a dirty hoe or what?"

Carlito moved in so we were as close together as we could be then he started to kiss me with extraordinarily fat lips while he cupped my bald mons and curled his fingers in between my open legs. Naturally my greedy vagina bloomed open and sucked two of his fingers inside immediately.

He moved his head back and laughed, "Oh yes! This slut's hot to trot and no mistake! She's as wet as a fish!"

All the people dancing around us could see exactly what was happening and most of them stopped their own gallivanting and were watching how the pair of blacks were skillfully galivanting with me. I didn't care. I took Carlitos head in my hands so my bare breasts were fully ******* again and I kissed him passionately on the mouth while he held up the front of my dress and expertly fingered me while his wicked brother stood behind me and poked his finger in and out of my accommodating anus. I just stood there with my legs akimbo and tried to jerk my hips towards all the fingers at once. Jesus interrupted our kissing by saying, "We gonna have a real hectic threesome tonight ain't we kids?"

I stared into Carlitos eyes and squeaked, "Yes! A real hectic threesome. All night if you two can manage it!"

Carlito smiled and said, "Don't you worry your sweet little head about us lady. It's not a matter of can we do it all night, it's more a matter of can you take what we've got all night?"

"I can," I panted. "I will! I want to! Please! Kiss me again! I'm coming!"

He leaned forwards and kissed me while he fingered me faster. I squealed in his mouth and climaxed intensely. Afterwards I pushed them both away and said, "Come on. Let's get Timmy and go."

"Who's Timmy?" Carlito asked.

I giggled, "Timmy, my husband and cameraman."

Introductions were quickly made then I almost dragged the two brothers outside to where we'd parked the rental car. Whilst waiting for Timmy who was paying our bar bill I pulled the halter neck over my head and slipped out of my dress then I pulled Carlito towards me and murmured, "More." as I kissed his smiling face. He kissed me back and lifted my right leg before forcing it back onto the cars bonnet then he put a hand between my stretched open thighs and began to finger me again saying, "You gonna get more alright lady. and it's gonna be a lot more than you bargained for."

Jesus said, "Let me get at her small titties bro. We gonna give this horny bitch the time of her life tonight ain't we."

Carlito moved aside slightly to allow his partner access to my chest then he said, "Too right we are bro. The randy slut won't know if she's coming or going mad!" before bending down and enveloping my free breast with his mouth.

That was the position we were in when my husband came out and started filming. I was completely naked except for my shoes, one leg stretched out along the bonnet, stroking the heads of my two suckling boys while Carlitos arm was going like the metaphorical fiddlers elbow and I was wailing, "Oh fuck! This randy bitch knows she's coming and going mad right now you clever bastards!"

I squashed my face against the top of Carlitos curly head and peed a little on his fingers as I climaxed.

"Wow!" he exclaimed with surprise. "She's so turned on the sexy cow's squirting!"

I smiled to myself and said nothing.

"Let me lick it!" Jesus demanded and pushed his brother aside so he could crouch down and get at my dribbling cavern. I looked at Timmy and smiled then began kissing Carlito again while his brother lapped at my pissy cunt. Seconds later I moaned and came on his mouth.

"Christ she's a non-stop comer ain't she?" Jesus laughed from below. "Come on! Get it in the car so we can get back to their place and really fuck the daylights out of the nympho slag!"

"Yes please," I muttered and put my raised foot back on the floor.

Carlito opened the rear door and as I bent to get in Jesus grabbed me hips to stop me and drove his tongue into my ******* and indefensible anus. With my hands resting on the seat I let my head drop forwards and sighed, "Oh my God!"

"You like that Di?" he mumbled into my gaping tunnel.

"Yes!" I affirmed shyly.

"You like cock up here too?"

"Yes!" I admitted with embarrassment.

"Good! I love buggering posh white ladies with my big fat black cock!"

I warned, "I'm going to come again!" which caused him to laugh and slide his thumb up my cunt. He rubbed my g-spot and I peed a little bit more for him by way of reward.

We three got in the back with me in the middle of course and Timmy drove. Before we'd even pulled away from the kerb they'd each grabbed a leg and pulled them up and open over their laps. Like a well synchronised team they each inserted a finger into me and pulled me wide open causing me to squeal, "Dirty nigga bastards! Look at what you do to me! Get your fat black cocks out and let me stroke them!"

Seconds later I had one in each hand and was marvelling at their size and stature. "Oh my God Timmy! They're absolutely massive! They're so fat I can't even get my hands around them! and so hard! Like warm black marble! They're going to ruin me for sure! That's right! Get two fingers each up me! You're going to have to stretch me to get me ready to take these beauties!"

They were both chewing on a nipple and sucking them up to an extraordinary size I'd never experienced before as they fingered me enthusiastically. I slowly wanked their colossal monuments and cried, "I'm coming again!" and began to jerk my hips and pee on the seat.

"Oh you filthy little cunt!" Jesus laughed and said to Timmy, "You gonna have to spend a long time cleaning this seat before you give the car back man. Your sophisticated lady's pissing herself all over it."

In a sexual daze I wobbled my head and gasped, "He likes to drink it. What about you boys? You like girly pee pee?"

Carlito lifted his head and kissed me then said, "We don't drink it but we like to make a lady piss and we certainly like to piss all over our conquests don't we bro?"

"Yeah," Jesus agreed as he started using all four fingers in me. "Rinsing our spunk off the skanky bitches usually."

I let my head fall backwards and began intonng, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" and wanked them both faster and harder as my next orgasm rushed from my brain to my belly and then bounced back to my reeling brain.

I was still coming when we pulled up outside the finca. Carrying my dress like a good husband Timmy opened a door allowing us all to disembark and filmed Carlito picking me up in his strong arms and with his tumescent erection juddering in front of him he carried me up the path to the front door.

Once inside he laid me on the couch then they both got undressed. They looked even better naked than I'd imagined they would.

I was watching and writhing and wriggling and wanking while I was burbling, "Yes. Come on boys. Di Di is so hot for those enormous black cocks. Come and give them to me you fuckers. I'm so ready. So on heat. Let's be animals."

They both stood in front of me and pointed their gargantuan penii at me while Carlito said, "Wank and suck the first loads out so your husband can see how much sperm we can make and realise how you don't stand a chance of NOT getting fat when we squirt it up inside you later. We gonna breed you like the prize mare you are You gonna get a little black baby tonight lady that's for sure.."

I gazed up at them both adoringly and took the twin tools in my small hands. I didn't tell them I was unable to have children I just smiled and said, "I'll enjoy offering you my womb to breed into," then I sat up and with my thighs spread wide so Timmy could see my dribbling vagina at all times I began kissing and licking both the humungous purple knobs. Moving from one to the other I soon changed my tactic and let them see me swirling my febrile tongue all over the snooker ball sized plums.

Jesus put a hand on the top of my head and said to Timmy, "She's good. She really likes to worship the master race of cock doesn't she?"

My husband quietly affirmed it with a muted, "Yes. She loves your size, your colour, your stamina, the way you move and your overwhelming virility."

Jesus laughed, "Oh we gonna overwhelm the randy ***** with our virility alright ain't we bro."

"Gonna drench the posh tart with it from head to toe," Carlito agreed.

I began to suck and wank them even more fervently spending about five seconds with one in my mouth before swapping to the other. I wanted to see and feel their beautiful members squirting their pints of thick, warm sperm all over this dirty sex mad bitch.

Timmy squeaked, "Can you do it all in her face the first time. Just for the cameras sake.She loves to watch it later you see."

"No problem," Jesus guffawed. "You ready bro? I wanna unload now."

"Just a few strokes more," Carlito urged and began to wank himself off into my mouth. "Get ready cunt! I'm there!"

He pulled out and I fell back onto the seat rubbing my clitty and my open vagina frantically while I watched them both fucking their own fists as they looked at me with gazes of intense concentration which heralded the eruptions of their initial ejaculations. and what spectacular ejaculations they were.

I was like a little girl at her first fireworks party.

I giggled and "Ooooo'd" and "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah'd" as their long, glittering ribbons of thick sperm squirted out of their pulsating limbs and splattered my awe inspired features and my writhing, wriggling naked body. "Ooooooooo look baby!" I cried to my husband while I squirmed under the heavy deluge of semen. "Look at how a real man comes! My God! This is so fucking wonderful! Oh yes! Christ! How do you make so much? Where does it all come from? I'm coming again! Don't stop! Please guys! Don't ever stop!"

But obviously they did eventually.

I was literally drenched with spunk. I licked some off my top lip and said, "Mmmmmmmmm. I can't wait to feel that lot getting pumped inside me."

Jesus pushed his still erect cock into my pouting mouth and said, "Well just suck on this for a couple of minutes and we'll make a start on that."

I started sucking and wanking him while I looked up into his eyes and heard him say, "You lie down bro and let her ride you so I can get up her asshole."

Carlito sat down next to me and said, "You heard him bitch! Come here and get your sweet little cunt over this darlin'"

He was smiling and holding his shining column up off his belly so I obediently allowed Jesus to spring out of my mouth and turned to swing a leg over those of my newest lover. My own tummy was level with his face as I lined up his sword with my scabbard then with embarrassing ease I slid down onto it until he was fully ensconced in me. I kissed him briefly then looked over my shoulder as I pulled my buttocks apart and held them like that so Jesus could see where he was going.

"Oh yes!" he chuckled. "This is gonna be soooooooo fucking good! Filthy cunt's got an asshole the size of a fucking golf ball man." and with that he introduced his knobhead to the tiny, shiney, pink puckered crater of my expectant anus.

I looked back into Carlitos eyes then closed mine and groaned lasciviously as Jesus broached my tight sphincter. "Oh yes!" I whispered when I felt him squeezing more and more of it into me. "This is so fucking perverse! I love it!"

I heard Timmy say, "Into the camera Di. Look at the camera and say it!"

I slowly turned my head in his direction and as both men began to move in and out I gasped, "This is so fucking good. Big black cocks up my cunt and asshole! I love it! It's so perverse! Go on guys! Fuck and bugger your latest conquest! Your new white slag! Oh God! I'm coming AGAIN already!"

They both laughed and began to move in unison. Jesus chewed my earlobe and said, "You gonna be passing out with pleasure before we through with you lady."

And he was right. I did. Several times throughout the night in fact. The best sex ever.
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