IMG24.jpgAfter being married for six whole months my darling wife suddenly announced that she thought she needed a personal trainer to help keep her in shape. (Not that I thought she was out of shape in any way. She's tall and slim and looks fantastic as far as I'm concerned but you know what women are like with their insecurities about their figures.) So naturally I told her my opinion but still agreed to her taking on a personal trainer if she felt she needed to. Luckily a friend of hers called Amanda knew one and recommended him in the highest terms so Diana phoned him and arranged a first, "work out.".

The next day we went shopping for some suitable kit. She said she needed leggings and a few supportive tops. I didn't have a clue what she was going on about but drove her to the town centre anyway. We went into a sports clothing shop which had also been recommended by Amanda. Diana explained what she was looking for to the assistant and they went over to a part of the store which held the appropriate items. I hung around like excess baggage and cast furtive glances at some very small bikinis and other swimming articles which left hardly anything to the imagination. Ten minutes later I heard my wife call, "Timmy darling, what do you think of this?"

I walked over to where the changing cubicles were situated at the back of the shop and saw Diana standin gat the front of one completely naked!!!

I was completely astonished and totally embarrassed until I got closer and saw that she had white leggings on which were almost the same colour as her pale skin but she really was topless with her small bare breasts and their long, fat, stiff, crimson nipples quivering enticingly.

"Diana!" I hissed and almost ran forwards to hide her provocative state of undress. "What on earth do you think you're doing? Someone might see!"

"Don't be silly you old fuddy duddy," she giggled causing her beautiful breasts to jiggle seductively on her chest. "There's no-one here but us and Lindy doesn't mind do you Lindy?" "No of course not," the young girl replied and held out a pink scrap of material which was supposed to be another pair of stretch lycra leggings. "These are awfully popular with a lot of our customers at the moment," she said, "They give extra support to the thigh muscles."

I was still suffering from the shock of seeing her as good as nude in the shop and blustered, "B b b but you can't wear something like that in front of this personal trainer chap. You can see everything you've got through it. I mean look...... I can quite plainly see the outline of your, what is it, your g-string I suppose. I can see it perfectly clearly."

"Oh don't worry about that," she giggled as she took the new pair of leggings from Lindy. "I've only kept it on for hygienic reasons. I won't be wearing anything underneath when I'm actually training."

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!" I almost screeched. "You can't possibly wear something like that with nothing underneath it. He'll be able to see every detail..... down there."

"Oh Timmy," she frowned and began to wriggle the tight hose over her hips. "He's not going to be paying any attention to what I'm wearing. Or not wearing either come to that. He's there to help me with my exercising that's all."

The microscopic white silk and lace g-string she was wearing came into view and I blushed violently when I realised watching her bend over to push the leggings down over her knees and calves presented me with such an eye boggling view of her bobbling breasts I had a strong erection in my trousers.

"But darling," I carried on airing my doubts, "a man would have to be made of stone not to notice and look at you when you're wearing things like that."

"Oh that's very sweet of you Timmy my love" she said as she swapped the white pair for the pink, "Such a lovely compliment. But really..... you've no need to worry about anything like that. I can assure you that the relationship between my trainer and I will be strictly professional."

She tugged the much too small, (and therefore much too tight,) pink leggings up her long shapely legs and sort of jigged her lower torso into the restrictive garment causing her firm bare breasts to bounce mesmerizingly.

"You can't possibly mean it," I whined with exasperation. "You'll have any red blooded male frothing at the mouth if he sees you in that."

She glanced down at my crotch and gave one of her sexy little half smirks saying, "Well I can see it's affecting you in a very positive manner anyway. We'll have to buy them just for that."

Once she'd pulled the leggings as far up as she could she posed ala Marylin Monroe with one arm up above her head and the other hand on her waist while she said, "What do you think Lindy? Too risque?"

Lindy looked at me and smiled, "Not at all. I think you look incredible. Absolutely awesome."

"See," Diana crowed successfully. "If Lindy says it's ok then it must be. I mean she sees women dressed in things like this all the time don't you Lindy?"

"Yes I do," the young girl confirmed. "But not many of them have such a wonderful figure as you or look as sexy as you do."

"Oh!" Diana murmured and moved a little closer to the other girl. "That's very sweet of you darling. Will you help me choose some tops now? Some of those coloutful bodys will fit the bill perfectly I think don't you?"

"Yes," Lindy enthused. "The ones with the built in push up bras are especially en vogue at the moment."

"Pick a few off the rail for me would you please honey and we'll see how they look." She began to wriggle the second skin leggings down and smiled at me, "Why don't you pop into the cafe over the street and have a coffee while you're waiting darling. I shouldn't be too long."

Annoyed with myself for not putting my foot down about the outfits I grumpily turned and slouched out of the shop to do as she'd suggested and get a coffee.

Twenty minutes passed and I decided to go back and see what was taking her so long.

I found the door shut and locked with the closed for lunch sign up.

I didn't understand. If it was closed where was Diana?

I rapped on the glass of the door and moments later a very flustered looking Lindy ran into the main space from somewhere out the back.

She opened the door and panted rather breathlessly for such a young girl I thought, "I'm on my lunch break. Your wife's just been trying on a few more things. She'll be right out."

I smiled my thanks and nodded and stood by the counter waiting. A couple of minutes later Diana appeared carrying an armful of sporting goods.

"Sorry it took so long darling," she smiled. "There's such a large variety of terrific tops I couldn't make up my mind which to get so in the end I chose this lot."

She dumped them on the counter and said, "We'll take them all Lindy. and thanks for all your experienced help."

Lindy blushed and said, "Oh it was entirely my pleasure ma'am. Only too pleased to help where I can."

I paid for the shopping spree and as we were leaving Diana took Lindys hand and quietly reminded her not to forget what they'd agreed.

In the car she explained that if she, (Diana that is,) was unhappy with any of the things she'd bought she could phone Lindy at any time and make an appointment for a refund or change of goods.

I confess I didn't realise you had to make an appointment for such things but I've never been much of a shopper and had certainly never returned anything I'd bought so what did I know.

As we were driving home Diana opened her handbag to get her lipstick out so she could touch up the damage which had obviously been caused by changing tops so many times. I happened to glance her way when she did it and couldn't help noticing her white silk g-string was inside her clutch bag. I asked her why it was there and she told me that all that dressing and undressing had caused it to ride up into her slit and it had gotten slightly damp and she didn't want to get a dose of thrush or anything so she'd decided to take it off at the last moment.

Very clever precaution to take under those circumstances I thought.

She took it out of the bag and held it under my nose giggling, "You can smell how wet I was getting can't you darling? So wet I'm going to need a good licking as soon as we get home."

Well that was unheard of for a weekday since our honeymoon so I was only too happy to oblige and as soon as we got in she stripped and lay down on the couch with her bent legs wide open.

"Finish me off daddy," she sighed and began to finger her oily clitty. I thought her vagina seemed to be unusually wet and open but I didn't complain. I just bent to my task.

Fifteen minutes and three orgasms later she pushed my head away and groaned, "That's enough. Well done. Now get me a glass of wine would you please darling."

"But what about me?" I whined and squeezed my hard on through my trousers.

"Oh!" she muttered tiredly. "Well if you must......." she opened her handbag again then threw her g-string at me and rested her head on her hand to watch. "Use that to help."

I blushed and unzipped my flies. Seconds later I had the silk wrapped around my scrawny dick and was spurting a bollock load of sperm onto her small breasts and flat tummy.

"Hmmmmm," she mused whilst trailing a finger through the pools of semen, "Once you've got my wine you can clean this lot up you messy sod."

"Yes darling of course," I acceded while I was bashfully tucking my limp dick away.

"With your tongue," she added with amusement.

"Ugh!" I thought but said, "Yes my darling of course. Whatever you say."

Her trainer was due at the house at two-o-clock the next afternoon and I made a point of being there when he showed up, just to get the lay of the land so to speak. (and obviously to let him know, [if he already didn't,] that Diana was a married lady with a loving considerate husband.)

When I saw him getting out of his sleek burgundy Jaguar I was instantly gripped by a real physical sense of fear and loathing. He was a tall handsome black Adonis with a body straight out of a mens perfect body magazine. I opened the door when he rang the bell and greeted him cordially enough as befits a confident husband secure in the knowledge that his beautiful wife was an honest, faithful and trustworthy woman with an unblemished character.

She was also one who took a lot of pride in her appearance which explained why she'd spent so long in the bathroom preparing herself to meet this new employee.

When she eventually appeared I was stunned by her beauty and dare I say it, the vibrant sexual aura glowing all around her when she walked into the room.

"Hello Marcus," she beamed as she floated across the room like a model with her hand out. "How nice to meet you at last. Amanda told me about the wonders you've worked with her so I hope you can do the same with me."

Marcus took her hand and smiled into her big green eyes saying, "Hi Diana. Well from what I can see you look pretty fit already, but I'm sure a bit of fine tuning won't go amiss."

Personally I thought what he could see was far too much but Diana seemed comfortable showing off most of her private bits under the skin tight black body and pink leggings.

"Thank you," she smarmed coquettishly while he lifted her hand and kissed the back of it. "I've cleared out one of the spare rooms upstairs, (translated meaning I'D cleared out one of the spare rooms under her direction.) so why don't we go up and make a start."

"Okay," he grinned at me, "Sounds like a good idea to me."

Diana led the way up the stairs holding onto his hand behind her while Marcus just ogled the twin cheeks of her fabulous bottom undulating hypnotically in front of his eyes.

As soon as they'd disappeared I followed and crept into the other spare room which was next to the one they'd gone into. The previous evening I'd remembered that when I first moved in I'd drilled a hole low down in the wall with the intention of passing speaker cables through should the need ever arise. It hadn't but the thought had struck me that the flexible camera tube I'd bought for filming insects and other under earth dwellers a keen naturist like me has interest in would probably fit into the tunnel nicely so I could watch what was going on in the next room and no-one would be the wiser.

I connected the camera to a laptop and sat on the bed and prepared to watch my angel "working out."

"Okay," Marcus was saying when I switched on. "A few easy exercises at first. Just to loosen you up and get you warm."

Diana stood in the middle of the room, feet about a yard apart and her hands on her hips. "I can assure you I'm loose and warm enough after thinking about this all morning Marcus."

"Well as a favour to me then," he grinned. "Let me see that fantastic body in action for a couple of minutes. Just stay like that and twist your upper body left and right as far as you can."

She sighed but complied whereon he walked behind her and put his arms around her. One so his left hand was covering her navel and the other around her neck so he could grip her shoulder. "That's it," he lauded her effort. "Twist it further back. One TWO! One TWO!" and with each TWO he ****** her body to twist backwards a little more.

After six of those he asked her to put her hands behind her head and do six more. "Push that chest out Di. Get those lungs working properly."

"You can hardly tell the difference with my little titties," she giggled.

"Oh I can tell alright," he smirked and covered her breasts with his large black hands. "They ain't so little. They fit in my hands perfectly."

She giggled again as she twisted and obviously pushed her bottom back against him and her chest forwards into his hands, "and by the feel of it I'd say that's not all that's going to fit perfectly."

"You reckon," he said confidently. "Some say I'm too big."

"No fear of me saying that," she grinned. "You should see what I've got in my bedside drawer."

That made me wonder. I promised myself to take a look in the drawer later.

"Okay. Let's s ee how supple you are then, Do some knee pulls. Like this," he moved away so she could see him while he raised a knee then grabbed it with both hands and pulled it up to his chest whilst dipping his head so his brow touched the raised knee. "But be careful, get the knee up first before you lower your head or you might give yourself a bloody nose."

Diana copied his movements easily and smoothly until he told her to stop.

Diana was smiling mysteriously. "Am I supple enough for you?" she asked flirtatiously.

"Oh yes," he laughed. "But we can get you even more supple with a few bending exercises. Can you touch your toes with your legs apart. Left hand to right foot and vice versa."

"I think so," she giggled and bent over to do it. Left hand to right foot, straighten up. Right hand to left foot, straighten up and repeat.

Marcus moved behind her again and held onto her waist while she bent saying, "Ummmm. That's good. Well done."

After half a dozen of those she said, "This body's a bit too tight. It's cutting into me. Maybe it would be better if I took it off."

"Definitely," he agreed with alacrity. "Always feel comfortable when you're exercising. One of my golden rules."

So Diana stepped away from him and pushed the shoulder straps off and down her arms. She turned to face him bare breasted and began to wiggle the offending garment down over her ribs and stomach with her apple-like naked breasts bobbling erotically.

I was shocked! and even more shocked when I saw him squeeze what looked to be a salami inside his track suit bottoms as he said, "Wow! Great little tits Di. and incredibly stiff nipples. Perfectly proportioned. They look like two solid rubber cigarette tips."

"Mmmmmmmm," she concurred as she bent over again this time to remove the body from her legs altogether. "Thoughts of you seem to have affected me."

She threw the body into a corner of the room, (thankfully not the one which contained my flexible eye,) then cupped her small titties and gazed at him hungrily. "Why don't you take those trousers off? Comfort being so important and all."

"Yeah right," he laughed again and skinned the tracksuit bottoms off. Underneath he was wearing a pair of running shorts which were cut so high in the leg that at least two inches of a hugely fat black and purple headed monster penis could be seen hanging down below the hem on the left hand side.

"Oh my God!" Diana whispered in amazement. "Amanda said you were big but I never expected......"

"No," he interjected. "Most of you say that when you first see it. Don't worry. I'm careful with first timers."

"Oh don't worry about that," she murmured. "As you said, I'm very fit and supple. I can take it."

I couldn't believe my ears. There was no doubt about what she was referring to .My dutiful, good and faithful wife was telling this handsome young black man that she could take what she was staring at.

Marcus pushed his shorts down his thighs so the colossal limb swung out and hung halfway down to his knees. I was overcome with mixed feelings of extreme envy and even more jealousy as I saw the effect his exhibitionism was having on my wife.

"Oh my God!" Diane repeated and began to wriggle her leggings down.

"Your old man alright with this?" Marcus asked as he hefted the monumental piece of flesh with both hands and started to stroke it slowly.

"Oh yes," Diana lied, "He does whatever I want him to. He's in love."

"No wonder," the trainer nodded. "I'm falling for you too."

In a trice the love of my life was totally naked and adopting her Monroe pose in front of the stranger. One hip stuck out sideways with a hand on it and the other arm high in the air above her curly head which was thrown back and laughing gleefully.

"Yeah great," Marcus enthused while he was taking his shorts, socks and trainers off. "Hold that pose Di. I wanna take some photos. Before and after type things you know. Some of my ladies like to see the change I bring about."

"I imagine they must see one hell of a change from the look of that thing," she burbled excitedly.

He chuckled and started taking photos of my nude wife. A woman who claimed I was the only man to have ever seen her naked body before, posing quite shamelessly in front of a total stranger.

"Great Di. Bend yout arm across the top of your head and put a fingertip of your other had in your mouth. Yeah. Beautiful. Now squat! Open your thighs. Wider! Fucking hell! That's one hell of a gorgeous tight little cunt you've get there lady! So wet and open! Splay those lips for me!"

She wouldn't. She couldn't possibly do something like that! She'd never do it for me.

She did it!

I'd seen enough. I was about to jump up and rush into the room when a thought stopped me. She'd be annoyed with me for spying on them. No matter that he'd obviously coerced her into getting naked and posing for him, I'd have to admit to how I found out what was happening. She wouldn't like that. I sat down again and looked back at the screen of the laptop.

Diana was squatting there and masturbating quite openly, (excuse the pun,) but that was something I'd never seen her do and I was more than surprised she even knew HOW to do it.

Marcus was crouched down in front of her and taking photo after photo of her rubbing and fingering what I could see was a gaping and dripping vagina.

"Get it hard for me baby," Diana croaked. "Let me see the magnificence you're going to fuck into me!"

"WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!" I thought to myself. This didn't sound like coercion anymore. My sweet wife was almost begging for it.

"You get it hard you randy little *****," Marcus guffawed. "Crawl over here and get it in your filthy mouth before I shove it up that cute cunt of yours."

How could she let him talk to her like that? She didn't seem offended at all. She just got onto all fours and crawled as he'd told her to until she was close enough to take hold of his meat with one hand and direct it towards her open drooling lips.

"Kiss and lick it all over first," he demanded. "Get it nice and wet. Yeah that's it! Let's see you adoring it! Worship it for the camera!"

Diane unhesitatingly followed his every command and looked as though she was actually enjoying doing it.

After a few minutes and a hundred photos or more he said, "Good girl, Now suck it!" and he took a series of photos of her looking up at him as she fed the fat black penis into her tiny mouth. "Oh yes. You're good!" he praised as she began to nod her head back and forth.

I thought she didn't like to do that. She'd one it once on our honeymoon but because I ejaculated so quickly into her suctioning mouth she said she didn't want to do it again. Now here she was sucking on a black mans massive organ and apparently loving every centimetre of it.

The gigantic member swelled and inflated and hardened in her little hands and mouth until Marcus tapped her shoulder and said, "That's enough Di. Don't wanna come too soon do we. Well I don't. You can come anytime you like of course."

Not much chance of that I thought disparagingly. I'd found she was awfully difficult to bring to orgasm.

Just to prove me wrong she allowed the foreboding erection to slip from her mouth and gasped, "I'm there already! Just seeing it and touching it and kissing it and sucking it has got me on the brink! I'm gonna come before you even put it in!"

"Good girl!" he laughed again. "You prim and proper ones are all the same once you get your sweaty little hands on it. Go on then. Do it in front of me. Let me see how you make yourself come."

"What about you?" she asked as she rolled onto her back and bent her legs up with the knees flopping out like wings. "Are you going to wank yourself off too? You want to spunk on me while I'm coming?"

"No," he laughed and knelt between her open thighs. "But I'll stay interested by watching you. I love to see coy young ladies being sluts for my cock."

"I bet you've seen a lot of that haven't you Marcus?" she gasped as she splayed her labia with the fingers of one hand and started rubbing her clitty again with the other. She gazed at what he was stroking and muttered, "Yes. A lot of white women sacrificing their fidelity so they can get to feel that big bastard inside them. Big fat nigger cock! Oh baby! I'm coming! Am I slutty enough? 'Cause I want you so much? Such a disgusting slag! A filthy shameless ***** for your stupendous nigger cock and your hot nigger spunk! Come on darling........ please! Dirty Di Di wants it so bad! Get it up me lover! Give your bitch what she needs! Here! Look! Here it is! Oh! Oh! Oh! I'm fucking coming you wicked kinky perverse fucker!"

With that she lifted her bottom and hips off the floor and pulled herself even wider open so he could look inside her pulsating tunnel as she climaxed dramatically.

Once she'd finished and lowered her nether parts back onto the floor Marcus shuffled forwards on his knees with his hard monument in his hands and said, "Nice one Di. You look really great when you're coming. Totally out of it. I think we're gonna be seeing a lot more of you in that modus in future."

"You will darling I can promise you that," she panted as she reached for his erection. "Please! Just touch me with it! Please! I'm gonna come again!"

"Where d#you want me to touch you with it sweetheart?" he chuckled. "Tell me in words I understand and I'll do it."

"Touch my cunt with it darling! Please!"

Now that was a word I was never allowed to use in front of her and here she was using it in front of a black stranger. I guiltily undid my trousers then pushed them and my pants down.

What was wrong with me? The love of my life was about to start copulating with a black man and the sight of it had aroused me to the ultimate height. I stared at the screen and began to masturbate.

On screen Marcus leaned forwards and grinned, "Here pretty baby? This where you want to feel it?"

"OH YES!" she yelled and stared down with her big eyes bugging out of their sockets. "It's so velvety and oily and hot and looks o disgusting. It's obscene! Fuck it into me lover pleeeeeeze! Fill my randy cunt with your magnificent fat black cock!"

He moved forwards a little more and she began screaming!

"Yes! Yes! Oh yes baby! That's amazing! Im coming again! Wait! Let me get used to it! Oh God! I love it! Oh my fucking God! You're huge! Wait! Fucking hell! Here! Here it is again! I'm coming! You sexy fucker! Oh Christ I love you! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She closed her eyes and bounced her bottom up and down on the floor shouting filth at her new partner all the time. I'd never seen her so animated during sex. and no wonder, I thought as I watched the enormous thick penis slowly disappearing inside her suctioning core.

Diana raised her knees so they were just under his armpits and she was babbling! "Oh yes! That's fantastic! I can't stop coming! I've never been filled like this! You're incredible! So fat! Much fatter than anything I've ever had before! Yes! Even fatter than my dildo! Oh God! I love it! Don't stop baby! Come on! More! I'm coming again! Please fuck me darling!"

Torn between wanting to stop what was happening in front of my eyes and watching everything I made a gut decision and ran into our bedroom where I opened Dianas lingerie drawer and grabbed a handful of her sexy g-strings then I ran back to the viewing room where I found Marcus had got her legs over his shoulders and was doubling her over so he could penetrate her defenceless vagina even deeper.

"Oh my God!" she screamed. "I can feel you in my womb! That's so amazing! Don't stop darling! Please don't ever stop!"

"Not yet anyway you randy white slut!" he grinned and pounded against her upturned buttocks.

Diana wailed a long drawn out wail of ecstatic disbelief as her orgasms increased in pace and intensity. She was literally screaming and shaking her head spastically as her epileptic body jerked under the onslaught of the energetic fornication she was enjoying so much.

I covered my knob with the g-strings and moaned with shame as I ejaculated mightily into the kaleidoscopic handful of silk, satin and lace.

I continued stroking the sticky scraps all over my wilting penis whilst watching Marcus manhandle my wifes pliable body this way and that driving her to realms of orgasmic insanity she'd never reached before. I got hard again watching her riding him while they kissed and a white froth appeared all around the base of his thick cock. I attained my second climax while Diana was enjoying her hundredth and Marcus was about to reach his first. She was on her knees and face, both of her wrists being held between her shoulder blades in one of his large hands. She was drooling saliva from the corner of her mouth, twin thin shiney snails trails of snot ran from her nostrils to the top of her lip and she was crying with passionate joy while he crouched behind her and jack hammered his seemingly indefatigable piston in and out of her welcoming cylinder. Then he suddenly grabbed a fistful of her curly hair and pulled her face up off the floor growling, "I'm gonna come now you filthy slag! You ready for this?"

"Yes!" she sobbed. "Please! Do it! Come in me! I want it! Please darling! Fuck it deep into me! I want your spunk!"

"Oh no!" I thought as I started to come again. "What if..................." no. I couldn't think about it.

Marcus turned his face up to the ceiling and grunted, "Here! Take that you dirty white cunt! and that! and that! and that!" he went on and on as he jerked his pulsating tool back and forth along my wifes fertile channel and flooded her indefensible womb.

Once he'd finished he pulled out and turned her round then made her lick him clean giving me a clear view of her swollen genitalia wetly farting innumerable dollops of sperm out onto the floor between her legs.

They'd been "working out" for an hour so I quickly threw the stained g-strings in a bedside cabinet drawer with the intention of recovering them and washing them later, then I pulled my pants and trousers up and ran for the door and down the stairs then I sat in an armchair and picked up the newspaper so I hoped I looked relaxed and only slightly interested when they walked down the stairs five minutes later.

"Well that must've been a successful work out," I opined sarcastically over the top of the paper. "You look quite flushed and dishevelled darling. Did you enjoy it?"

Of course the sarcasm was lost on them but she had the good grace to blush slightly when she giggled and replied, "Oh yes. It was amazing. No wonder I look a bit of a mess. Marcus was able to get me into lots of positions I wouldn't have believed were possible."

"Yes I thought I heard you voicing your complaints rather loudly." I mused and watched their reflections in the glass cabinet as they walked behind me still holding hands.

Diana suddenly stopped and I saw her put a hand on his groin while she said, "Yes I suppose I might've been a bit loud but you've no idea how hard it was to take," she paused and kissed his cheek then carried on, "I mean to do everything he made me do."

"Well as long as you feel better for it," I remarked from behind the paper.

"Oh I do," she giggled and I saw her reflection slip a hand into the waistband of his tracksuit bottoms and probably his pants too. "I feel a whole lot of better believe me."

"Good," I said and folded the paper. By the time I stood up and turned around they were both standing there quite innocently Diana spoke up first. "In fact I feel so much better I think it might be beneficial if Marcus were to visit more often just to help me keep in shape you know. To make sure I'm not slacking off at all. What do you think darling? Is that a good idea?"

I was caught off guard but how could I refuse without seeming suspicious? So I agreed. "Yes darling. If you think you need it then I'm naturally all in favour."

She switched her gaze to Marcus and smiled mischievously, "Oh yes I think I'll need it regularly from now on."

I watched them kiss goodbye from a hiding place in the kitchen. It was a long kiss and during it Marcus cupped her small firm buttocks and pulled her against him. Diane held his head in both her hands and tongued his mouth like a woman possessed. If any of the neighbours passed by the gate at the bottom of the drive they'd be able to see what was going on but that didn't seem to bother either of them. Eventually they broke apart, (obviously quite reluctantly on Diana's part,) and Marcus got into his motor and drove off.

When she'd shut the door and come back into the lounge, (where I was pouring myself a glass of wine, she began to undress saying, "I'm going for a shower darling. All that exercise has made me all sweaty and sticky."

"Yes I bet it has," I murmured quietly then raised my glass and said, "Right ho my angel. Would you like me to scrub your back?"

"No you enjoy your wine," she said over her shoulder as she wearily climbed the stairs again. "In fact you can pour me a glass too. I won't be long."

Ten minutes later she shouted down, "Timmy! Where are all my g-strings? They were here this morning when I got dressed. I saw them. What have you done with them?"

I didn't know what to say. Hoist by my own petard. I could only mutter, "I'm sorry darling."

"What?" she cried before appearing at the top of the stairs. "What did you say?"

I know I was blushing when I repeated, "I'm sorry darling."

"Sorry for what?" she enquired inquisitively.

She had a towel wrapped around her head and another around her slim body.

"I couldn't help it," I quavered.

"Help what?" she barked. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"I heard you," I began to excuse myself. "I heard you and I couldn't help myself."

"You heard me what?" she spoke in a hushed dangerous sounding tone.

"I heard you both. Having sex. I heard everything and I had to.... you know."

She looked astonished.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? You heard........ you mean you thought you heard, us having sex so your first reaction was to grab my g-strings and wank into them?"

"Yes. I'm sorry darling. I'll wash them straight away."

She frowned, "Where are they?"

I mumbled, "I put them in the bedside cabinet drawer in the blue room."

She stalked away then I heard her call. "Timmy! Would you come up here please."

When I walked into the blue room I found her with a look of disgust on her face gingerly holding the soaked mass of g-strings out at arms length between her forefinger and thumb.

"It looks like you enjoyed the thought of me having sex with Marcus doesn't it?"

I could only nod with shame.

"There's an awful lot of sperm here. Is that what thinking of your wife with another man does to you?"

"I came twice," I mumbled.

"Twice?" she squeaked. "You've never come twice with me. If this is what imagining me getting fucked by Marcus does for you maybe I'd better do it for real."

I couldn't tell her I'd watched everything. What would she think of me then. I just hung my head and said, "I'm sorry darling."

She flicked the sopping mess of g-strings at me so they hit my cheek and landed on my shoulder.

Giving a great impression of a wronged woman she stalked out of the room scowling, "Wash them now. This minute."

"Yes darling," I acquiesced and headed for the bathroom.

That was the day my life changed forever.
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