I'm sorry if it's a bit rambling, but it was hot for me to write it. I'm pretty much a beginner at this, so please don't be too critical......

It had been a fantastic night. Our party had been a great success and we’d all had a brilliant time. It was almost 2 am and most of the guests had already gone. Just me, my wife (Jo) and three of my closest friends (Steve, Mark and Philip). They’d stayed behind to help clear up. Nothing too serious. Just getting rid of the worst of the wreckage. Anyway Jo and I were grateful and it only took about 30 minutes. When we’d finished, Mark called a cab. They live close enough to each other to share one, but unfortunately at that time in the morning cabs are in high demand and the guy on the phone told him that it would be an hour. We live a bit out of town, so there’s only one cab company that will come to us. They knew that and knew that there wasn’t any choice really.

Mark was pissed off but I said that it wasn’t a big deal. We could just have a nightcap and chat for a while.

Well the three guys sat down in the lounge and I went to the kitchen to get a few beers. Jo said she didn’t want any more to drink, but put some music on again and started dancing. She dances at every opportunity. She loves it and is a great dancer (that’s another story).

I got the beers and came back into the lounge. Jo was dancing. She was in her own little world and hadn’t noticed that the guys were mesmerised. She is such a sexy dancer.
As I came in, they were a bit embarrassed and tried to look like they hadn’t been staring at her. That was pretty difficult and Mark eventually apologised. I just laughed and said that if I took offence every time another guy looked at her dancing, I’d be worn out.

We all laughed, but now Jo knew what was going on. Under normal circumstances she’d probably be embarrassed, but we’d all had a lot to drink and besides they were really close friends. Instead of stopping, she actually started dancing even more sexily, swaying her hips around and rubbing her hands over her body. She did look amazing and all four of us were staring at her. Mark then said that if she ever needed a job there were plenty of clubs that would employ her as an erotic dancer. I wasn’t sure how Jo would react, but she just went towards Mark, turned around and waved her ass at him. That only encouraged him and he added, that she’d have to be prepared to give lap dances. Jo laughed it off and said that I’d never allow it. I told her that was rubbish and that she wouldn’t have the nerve. At that she went over to Mark and straddled his lap. She looked over at me and started grinding her hips into his lap and shoving her chest into his face. She was fully dressed but it was still really horny. The other guys whooped and and cheered her on. She looked at me again, took Mark’s hands and encouraged him to run his hands up and down the sides of her body. He was very cautious and looked over to me to make sure I was ok. In fact I was roaring with laughter like the other guys, so he felt safe and started really enjoying running his hands up and down her hips and sides of her body. I could see him edging towards her tits. She suddenly grabbed his hands and I thought that was it over. I thought she’d decided that it had gone far enough, but no, she sat on his lap and started to undo the buttons on her blouse. I couldn’t believe it. Here was my wife giving one of my closest friends a lap dance and stripping in front of us. She undid all of the buttons and then Mark opened it up and slid it off her shoulders. I don’t think she realised how revealing her lacey bra was, but we could certainly see her nipples quite clearly. That wasn’t missed by Mark, Steve and Philip!!

She placed his hands on the sides of her body and started swaying about again. This time Mark was touching bar skin and we could see the excitement in his face. Again he started edging towards her tits. Initially she didn’t object, but then he cupped her tits and grabbed onto them. That was her prompt, she jumped off his lap, jokingly told him that he was a naughty boy then went to pick up her blouse.

I’m sure that she was going to stop, but I told her that it wasn’t fair that Mark had got a lap dance and the rest of us hadn’t. Not even me. Her husband!!

She smiled, called me a perv and then started dancing. She swayed her way over to me and practically shoved her ass in my face. As it was me, she didn’t object when I grabbed her hips and started groping her ass. Then I put my fingers in the waistband of her leggings (kinda yoga pants) and started tugging on them. That she did object to. She held on and tried to push my hands away, but I said that if she was happy to take her blouse off for Mark, then she should be okay with taking her leggings off for me. She reluctantly let me pull them down, being careful to hold on to her panties. Eventually she let them slip to the floor and she stepped out of them. I told her to get on my lap and give me my lap dance. She was quite self conscious to start with. Not surprising as she was now on my lap in front of our friends, just wearing a skimpy pair of lacey panties and lacey bra. Frankly, not much was hidden. Anyway that nervousness didn’t last long and she was soon grinding into my lap. I had none of the inhibitions of Mark, I started running my hands all over her from her hips to her chest. Every time I ran my hands over her hips I pushed the waistband of her panties down a bit and gave the guys a view of her ass. Then I ran my hands over her tits, massaging them and tweaking her nipples. They were now standing out like thimbles. It was clear that her self consciousness had gone and now she was just enjoying herself.

Steve then suddenly said that she’d been on my lap long enough and it was his turn. By then I was in a bit of a trance and she was certainly doing a good job keeping my erection going with her hip action. I was disappointed, but at the same time quite excited to see her in her bra and panties walking over to Steve.

She siddled over to him sexily and then straddled him. She started grinding into him and like she’d done with Mark, she took hold of his hands. She started at her hips, but then guided his hands up the sides of her body and onto her tits. She put her hands over his and encouraged him to massage her tits. She was obviously enjoying it and we could all see her nipples poking out. I got up and walked over to them and before she even realised, I undid the clasp of her bra. Steve carried on massaging, but her loose bra just dropped away to the floor and he was now massaging her bare tits. She didn’t stop him. She was loving the attention. She has very sensitive nipples and always gets horny when I play with them. Steve was now massaging her tits and paying particular attention to her erect nipples. He was mesmerised she has got great tits and super erect nipples and his face was only inches away from them. Then he stopped and just looked at her tits. He looked over to me and then looked into her eyes. We all knew what he wanted to do. Without hesitation, my wife gently put her hand behind his head and slowly moved his face towards her tits. I watched as he parted his lips and slipped his mouth over her nipple. She couldn’t help herself, she let out a little moan of pleasure and pulled his face close to her tits. This went on for a few minutes and we could all see that both of them were getting really excited.
Then Philip piped up that she’d been on Steve’s lap long enough. It was his turn. Steve really didn’t want her to go. She got off his lap and turned to Philip, but then Steve grabbed onto her and tried to pull her back. His hands slipped to her panties and he almost ripped them off. Her ass was pretty much on full show now.

She slapped Steve’s hand and told him that he was a naughty boy and that he’s already taken her bra off. At that Philip said that her panties were for him. She waved her finger at him like a teacher, but didn’t attempt to pull her panties up and cover her ass properly. She slowly walked over to him, continuing to wave her finger at him and calling him a dirty little boy. As she reached him, she turned her back on him and waved her ass a bit, then she looked at me and asked me if I agreed that her panties were for Philip. Everybody stared at me. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I just smiled and nodded. We all knew that the guys wanted to see her naked, but I think that Jo and I were also desperate to see it happen. In fact with all the work on her tits, I think that she was as horny as hell and couldn’t wait to get naked. She bent over a bit more and waved her ass a few inches from his face. I watched as he slowly took the waistband of her panties and started edging them down. They were already half way down her ass and now he was sliding them over her curvy buttocks. As they reached her thighs, they just dropped to the floor and she stepped out of them. Steve and Mark went round behind Philip to get a better view. Philip told her to move her feet further apart and bend over. As she obediently complied, I could see him pulling her ass cheeks apart and ******** her asshole and pussy to the three of them. She didn’t seem to care about how ******* she was and certainly did nothing to stop Philip when he leant forward and buried his face in her ass and pussy. He immediately started licking her. Well if there’s one thing that turns her on even more than having her nipples sucked, it’s having her asshole licked. I could see her quivering and I knew that her legs were getting a bit wobbly. I think that Philip thought that she was trying to get away and he just grabbed her hips and worked even harder poking his tongue inside her. Eventually her legs buckled and she fell onto the floor. Philip was a bit worried about what he’d done, but when she positioned herself on all fours he realised that she was ok.
Then she raised her hips up in the air, parted her legs and put her head down. Then she turned to the guys and said “Fuck me, I want you all to fuck me”.

I was in shock. She’d already gone much further than I expected and I wasn’t sure that it was a good idea. We see these guys every week! Anyway, the guys were quite happy and started undoing their belts. I wan’t sure what to do, so I said that they couldn’t fuck her as we didn’t have any condoms.

This time she looked at me and said “I don’t care, I just want them to fuck me. They’ll just have to cum inside me”.

Philip needed no more encouragement. His jeans and pants were round his ankles and he slid his cock straight inside her. She was obviously very wet, because he has quite a big cock and it just went straight in without any problems. Steve took his jeans and pants right off and went round the front of her and waved his cock in her face. She got the message and started sucking him. He told her to go gently as he wanted to fuck her as soon as Philip had finished.

I was still incredulous. There was my lovely sexy wife being spitroasted by two of my closest friends. Part of me wanted to pull them off her, but an even bigger part of me loved seeing her being such a slut. This was certainly a night to be remembered.

Just at that point I saw Mark grab his phone out of his pocket. He glanced at it and said “Shit the cab has arrived.” Jo, Philip and Steve didn’t even hear, they were all to busy fucking and sucking. We did nothing. We just ignored the message. Then we heard his phone ringing.

Mark looked at me with a sorrowful face as if it was some sort national disaster. Then he said “Fuck it I’ll tell him to wait!” and he headed for the front door. He didn’t have far to go, because we’ve got a small modern house and the front door is just at one end of our lounge.

He went and opened the door and I thought nothing of it, then I realised that because we’d been slow, the cab driver had actually come to the front door. As Mark opened the door there was the driver and he was getting a perfect view of my wife being fucked at both ends.

He was an asian guy, I thought that he might think that it was immoral. Most of the cab drivers near us seem to be muslim, but I obviously they’ve got the same hormones and desires as the rest of us. Instead of objecting he pushed past Mark and to get a better view. Neither Mark nor the driver made any attempt to close the front door, but by now I was so turned on that I didn’t care who saw my wife being fucked.

I could see Philip pounding into my wife’s cunt and getting more and more frantic. I knew he was about to cum. Suddenly he grabbed her hips, thrust hard, let out a load groan and shot his load inside her. Despite what Steve had said, Jo had been working hard on his cock and seeing Philip cum in her, seemed to tip him over the edge. He suddenly started cumming. He tried to take his cock out, of her mouth but that didn’t stop the cum. He just spurted hot cum in her face and all over her hair. Philip and Steve moved away, but Jo just stayed there on all fours. Her cunt was gaping a bit from Philips big cock and cum was oozing out of her.

She looked like such a slut, but she made no attempt to get up. Mark and the cab drive took a closer look, then turned to the cab driver and asked which end he wanted. He could see that both the cab driver and I were surprised, but Mark just said it’s only fair as we’re making him wait.

At that the cab driver dropped his pants and positioned himself behind her. As he took hold of her hips, she looked around. I think this was the first time that she realised that the cab driver was there. She didn’t object but just looked at me and asked if I wanted her to fuck a stranger as well as my friends. I nodded again.

Actually that wasn’t quite true to say that he was a stranger. Like I said, there’s only one cab company that will come out to us and all of the drivers recognise us even if we don’t know their names.

At that the cab driver reminded her that he wasn’t a stranger. He said that all of the guys in the cab company knew her and had enjoyed seeing her wearing those skimpy little tops and short skirts, looking like a *****. Now they’d all enjoy hearing about her fucking like a *****.

I wasn’t sure how she’d react, but I certainly wasn’t ready for what she said. She said that maybe he should get some photos to prove that he’d fucked her. He grabbed his phone, but didn’t want to stop. He handed it to me and told me to get some video, making sure that he could see her face clearly.

I couldn’t believe it. I was there using the cab driver’s phone to video my wife with his cock inside her pussy and Mark inside her mouth. I did what I was told. I videoed her from all angles and made sure that there were plenty of views of her face, as well as her tits that were swinging around and her pussy that was stuffed full of cock.

It didn’t take them long, they were soon both emptying their balls inside her. As they slipped out she dropped to the floor. Steve turned her over and told her to spread her legs. I was still videoing. Now her face was in full view and we could all see cum on dribbling down her chin and also out of her pussy.

Then it all stopped. Suddenly there was a deathly silence. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. It was undoubtedly the hottest thing I’d ever seen, but my mind was in overdrive thinking about the consequences. How would we face these guys again. They were my best friends. We couldn’t avoid them. What about the cab driver. How could we ever catch a cab again?

By that time the cab driver was up and asked for his phone. Steve could see me hesitating. I think he knew that I was about to delete the video. He suddenly grabbed the phone, handed it to the driver and then held onto me. He told the driver to share it quickly before I changed my mind. I did attempt to get free from Steve, but it was a bit half hearted really. I watched as the driver fiddled around on his phone. He walked to the door and then as he got there, he said “It’s done, all of the drivers have it now.” I felt a mix of deep regret and extreme excitement as I realised that we’d never catch a cab there without thinking about the fact that whichever driver it was, they would have seen her fucking.
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