I first met Mike when I was in my mid-twenties, he was my manager and mentor. He was such a nice guy, really helped my career and we became great friends. I soon met his wife Gail and then when I met my wife Jo we quickly became an inseparable foursome (not that kind of foursome!!). It was a bit strange because Mike and his wife were in their late 30’s so were about 15 years older than us. Even so, we got on well. We spent loads of time at each other's houses and even on holidays a few times.

Then tragically Gail was killed in a car accident when Mike was 42. He was inconsolable and for about the next 6 months spent even more time with us. Mainly moping around feeling miserable. We did our best to get him to start living again, but he seemed to have lost all of his enthusiasm. Then one day, he suddenly turned up at our house with Maria, Maria the fucking bitch. He seemed to be full of life again, but I didn’t like her. She was of a similar age to Jo, but she was an unpleasant bitch. We didn’t like her and it was obvious that she didn’t like us, particularly my wife. We tried to make it work but it got to the point where Jo and I dreaded seeing them and after about 6 months we abruptly stopped seeing them and made no effort to stay in touch. We both loved Mike, but couldn’t stand to be in the same room as Maria.

It was 30 years later that a mutual friend of ours, Phil, told me that he’d bumped into Mike in town. Like most of Mike’s old friends, Phil hadn’t seen Mike for years. They started chatting and it turned out that Mike had recently gone through a messy divorce with Maria (the fucking bitch), I didn’t know that they were married. Phil told me that Mike asked after me and Jo said that he’d always regretted letting our friendship crumble.

I got on the phone with him and suggested going for a drink at a local bar. He asked if Jo would be there, but I said not this time. We met a couple of days later and had a great time. We just seemed to click back into the same old friends. It was like we’d never stopped being friends even though we hadn’t seen each other for about 30 years. It turned out that Maria had been a bitch. She caused him to fall out with all of his friends and family and he’d lived a pretty miserable life. She’d become less and less affectionate and eventually told him that she was leaving him. By that time he didn’t care. He was practically friendless and suffering from mild depression. He didn’t think that life could get worse but then the divorce started. She took him to the cleaners!! Ultimately though, he said that he was a lot poorer but much happier.

When I got home Jo asked about him and when I told her his story, she suggested we have him over for dinner on Saturday evening. She even added that if he wanted he could stay over, then he wouldn’t have to worry about drinking and driving, it was like the old days.

Mike took no persuading, He was round on Saturday night with two bottles of decent red wine and a bunch of red roses for Jo. She gave him a big kiss right on his lips and then jokingly said that no one else buys her red roses. Mike was a bit taken aback by the kiss, but we all laughed. The wine started flowing and the evening flew by. Jo made a great dinner and we sat and chatted at the table for hours. Mike then announced that he ought to get a cab home. Jo would have none of it. Told him that she’d already made up the bed in the spare room and he should stay and keep drinking and chatting, he didn’t argue with her. We moved from the table to the sofa in the lounge and sat with Jo in the middle of us and carried on drinking and laughing until we got onto the subject of his divorce, not surprisingly he was very bitter. He told us that not only did she show him no affection, but she also lost all of his friends. Jo asked if Maria had disliked her? It seemed pretty obvious that she did, but Jo wanted to know why. Mike then told her that it was because he’d once admitted that he found Jo attractive. Jo gave a little giggle and then leaned across and gave him another little kiss on the lips. I laughed and said that Jo finds you attractive also, as you can see, the difference was that I never felt threatened by it.

Mike laughed and said that I had nothing to worry about. He was an old man, who had not dated for 30 years and was probably passed it. About 70, but Jo piped up and said that he was talking nonsense. He was still an attractive man. He wasn’t past it, just out of practice. He responded that practicing wasn’t that easy in his position. At that she again said nonsense and then leaned across and gave him another big kiss on his lips. This time though she carried on for about 10 seconds and I’m pretty certain that she was using her tongue. When they separated, Mike seemed quite shocked, he looked over at me worriedly I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I didn’t mind, we’re all friends. He relaxed and smiled and then cheekily asked Jo when the next lesson would be? She immediately got up and sat on his lap, he looked expectantly as she moved closer to him and gently held his face, and moved in to kiss him, Initially, it seemed more of a gentle loving kiss than anything else, but she didn’t stop. They spent the next few minutes right next to me kissing more and more passionately. I saw Mike's hand move onto her thigh. As the kissing got more passionate he started rubbing her thigh and grabbing it occasionally. She was wearing jeans but it was still fucking hot. He gradually moved higher and higher until he reached her crotch. Initially, she pushed his hand away but didn’t stop kissing. Within a few seconds, his hand was back at the top of her thigh again. She pushed him away a couple of times, but then gave up and let him rub her between the legs. By this time I think they were both oblivious to the fact that I was still there. They were in the moment. She let out a little moan and let her legs open slightly.

This carried on for another couple of minutes then all of a sudden she jumped up without saying anything and ran to the bedroom. Mile was devastated, he didn’t know what to say. He eventually blurted out that he didn’t know what had come over him. He said he’d made a fool of himself and that he’d better order a cab and go home. I shrugged it off te; telling him to forget it, it was nothing and it would be nonsense for him to go now. He relaxed and gave a bit of a nervous laugh. He then added that he couldn’t help it, Jo is so attractive. I smiled at him and reminded him that Jo felt the same about him, no harm done, we’re all safe, we’re all friends. We decided to call it a night, I showed him to his room.

When I got to our room, Jo was already in bed but she was crying, I asked what on earth was wrong? She started saying over and over that she was sorry, that she knew that she’d acted like an unfaithful slut. She kept saying that she was sorry but also said that I knew that she used to fancy Mike and she couldn’t help it, she’d gotten carried away. She asked if I’d forgive her. I laughed, I told her that it had been quite a turn-on for me, then I asked if she had been turned on too. She admitted that she had and I insisted that she show me her pussy. She sheepishly pushed the covers down and spread her legs. I didn’t need to touch it, I could see quite clearly that it was wet and open. She still kept asking me if I was okay with it. I said of course and to prove it I’d let them have a goodnight kiss. She laughed and said that she’d already taken her clothes off so it was too late. My response was that I wasn’t asking her, I was telling her. She was going to give him a good night kiss. I didn’t allow her to argue she could cover herself with the bed covers, but I was getting Mike... She sat up and quickly pulled the covers up to her chin and looked a bit nervous.

I went to Mike’s room. He had already taken his top off and was now just wearing his jeans. I told him that Jo was sorry that she’d run off and wanted to give him a goodnight kiss. He looked surprised but followed me back to our bedroom. Jo was still there with the covers up around her neck. Mike went over to her and gave her a gentle peck on the lips. He then started moving away, but I told him that she wanted more than just a little peck. She gave me a dirty look but didn’t disagree. He went back in for a second kiss and this time it was longer and more intense. She was now only holding the covers with one hand and wasn’t doing a great job of covering herself. She was doing a great job of kissing him though. They both started getting carried away. He started embracing her and pulling her towards him. His hands were caressing the bare flesh of her back and he was thrusting his tongue down her throat. Jo was melting in his arms, but still just about managing to cover herself. That’s when I stepped in and started tugging on the covers. Initially, she resisted and it interrupted their kissing. Mike sat back and she held onto the covers. I kept pulling and I told her in my best authoritative voice to lie back and let go of the covers. This time she did what she was told. I then started peeling back the covers to reveal her naked body. She was very nervous but didn’t stop me. Mike was enthralled. He just drank in the beauty of her nakedness. Then I told her to show Mike how wet he’d made her. She gave me another dirty look but did as she was told and parted her legs slightly. I leaned across and slipped my finger into her. She was so wet it made a slurping noise as I pulled my finger out again. I told Mike to feel her too. He looked at me as if he was doubting that I was permitting him, but he started moving his hand to her pussy. She quickly put her hand down there to cover herself and clenched her legs together. I pried her legs apart and told him to feel her. She was still covering her pussy, but this time Mike took control. He pulled her hand away and slipped two fingers into her pussy. She let out a little squeal. He didn’t stop. He kept sliding his fingers in and out of her and she wriggled around. At that point, I said that what she wanted was a good fuck. She gave me another of her dirty looks but didn’t say anything

Mike looked at me and hesitated, he then asked if I was serious? I nodded, he said that he’d love to but didn’t have any condoms. At that Jo clenched her legs together again and said that without a condom there was no way.
Once again I pried her legs apart and told her to lie still and be fucked.

Mike needed no further prompting. He quickly took his jeans and underpants off and a big erection sprang into action. Jo still looked very nervous. Mike knelt between her legs and started rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her slit. He looked over at me and asked if I was sure. I’d hardly started to reply when he thrust his cock in her. He was quite a bit bigger than me and Jo let out a little scream. He quickly pulled himself out again and then looking down between their legs, he more gently pushed his cock back inside her. She let out a little sigh and relaxed. When he pulled out again, she held onto his hips and pulled him back into her. She wrapped her legs around him and told him how good he felt inside her. She told him that he had a lovely big hard cock and that any woman would want him. He loved that and started getting into the swing. She was holding on to him and he was pushing his cock deep inside her. She opened up and was also enthusiastically thrusting toward him. It was then that she told him to fuck her, fuck her harder. She often did that with me and knew that I found it exciting to hear her tell me to fuck her. It seemed to have the same effect on Mike. He started hammering away like an animal. Banging in and out of her. Each time he thrust back in she yelped and he grunted like an animal. Eventually, he made a few last powerful thrusts, let out a loud groan, and came inside her. There was nothing gentle and loving about it at that moment, he was just grabbing her hips and pushing his cock deep inside her, emptying his balls into her willing hole.

Then he stopped and lay on top of her. His cock was still inside her and he leaned on his elbows to take his weight off her. He looked at her and then looked at me and then smiled. He said that he hadn’t had sex as good as that for years. Probably not since his first wife. He leaned forward and gave Jo a gentle kiss and then rolled off of her. As he did that his cock slipped out of her and a little river of cum rushed out. She put her hand down between her legs and told me to get a tissue. I did as I was asked. Amazing. Mike had just fucked her and his cum was dribbling out of her but it all seemed quite comfortable and natural.

I knew that we were good friends but even I was surprised at how comfortable we all were now that the heat of the moment had subsided.

At that point, Mike went to get up from the bed, but Jo grabbed his arm. She looked at me and said that she thought that I should sleep in the spare room and let Mike stay in our bed. Let him practise waking up with a naked woman beside him.

I wasn’t sure but went along with it. When I got to the door and turned around to say goodnight, I realized that at that point I hardly existed to them. Jo was already leaning over to kiss him again. I stood in the doorway and watched their passionate embrace. I didn’t know how far it was going to go (he was 70 after all), but I didn’t stay to find out.
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