1351630619.jpgMy wife loves to dance and I love watching her. She’s always been a great dancer, in fact when she was younger she was a professional dancer on cruise ships in the Med. It was pretty tame in those days, well maybe some of the outfits were a bit cheeky, but we’re certainly not talking about erotic dancing. Having said that, she’s one of those women who always look sexy on the dance floor and always attracts attention. She knows how to move her body in ways that mean you just can’t take your eyes off her. I can’t anyway. Lol.

Anyway, her professional days are over, but not her love of dancing nor her ability to make guys want to watch her dance.

These days, her favourite type of dancing is latin dancing and we often go out to local clubs. I’m not much of a dancer, but she looks great and she always has a queue of guys wanting to dance with her. It’s that type of scene. It’s normal for guys to ask other guys’ partners to dance. Nobody gets upset or aggressive. It’s all about enjoying dancing.

Anyway on this particular night, she’d been dancing with several guys, but one particular guy kept coming back and asking for another dance. He was pretty young. Mid twenties I guess. He was also a great dancer, so my wife said yes every time. He was there with his girlfriend, but then part way through the night she seemed to disappear. After that he kept hanging around us and we started chatting. He said that his name was Mike and it turned out that he was a drama student. Kind of explained why he was such a good dancer. We were all getting a bit ***** and having a great time. As he became more relaxed he started dancing quite sensually with her. His hands were gliding over her body and their hips were swaying close together. That’s not unusual in this type of dancing, but you’d normally only expect to see this level of sensuality with long-term partners. She glanced over at me to check that I was ok with it, so I just smiled. In fact she knows that I like to see her dancing with other men and have often encouraged her to be more sensual with them. Normally to no avail! On this night she really let go and they looked great.

Well at about 2:30 I decided that we should leave. When we told Mike he was a bit disappointed, then said he’d leave too. He then went on to explain that he’s had an argument with his girlfriend, as she was a bit jealous and didn’t like him dancing so much with my wife. He wasn’t looking forward to going home. My wife laughed and then said that she didn’t think his girlfriend had anything to worry about, after all she was old enough to be Mike’s mother. I hooted with laughter, but Mike seemed a little embarrassed. We headed off to the taxi rank and Mike said he’d better call his girlfriend. By the time we reached the queue for the taxis, his girlfriend was screaming down the phone at him. He hardly said a word, but you could hear some of what she was saying. More than once we could clearly hear her calling my wife an old slut and we also heard her tell him not to come home tonight. After a couple of minutes the call ended. He was dreadfully embarrassed and really apologetic about what she’d said. We laughed it off and I joked that he could always come and sleep on our floor. He initially declined the offer, but when my wife asked him where he’d go, he admitted that he wasn’t really sure. He didn’t know many people locally. At that my wife told him not to be stupid and that he should sleep at our place for the night. He agreed and we all jumped in the next taxi.

When we got home, my wife kicked off her high heels and excused herself and saying that she needed to get her makeup off. I asked Mike if he would like a nightcap and we were soon sitting in the lounge chatting and drinking a couple of beers. He was a really nice guy and very complimentary about my wife’s dancing and again apologised for his girlfriend calling her a slut.

A few minutes later my wife came back. She’d taken off her makeup and tights, but was still wearing her dress. It looked to me like she’d also taken off her bra, which is what I’d normally expect her to do when she gets home. It wasn’t too obvious as the dress wasn’t terribly revealing, but it looked to me as if her boobs were giggling a bit. I think that Mike noticed.

830234693.jpgI asked her if she wanted a drink as a nightcap. She said no to the drink, but said that she would enjoy another couple of dances before going to bed. At that she popped on one of her favourite salsa tracks. Mike didn’t hesitate. He was up like a shot and holding her in his arms. I had a perfect view and loved the way that they were moving together. She was really going over the top now, making the dance about as sensual or maybe sexual as you can get. She was running her hands over her hair and body and every time they came together she swayed her hips hypnotically at him. He was still being a perfect gentleman, but I could see from the bulge in his trousers that it was having an effect. At the end of the track, he excused himself, sat down and grabbed his beer. I think that he was trying to hide the fact that he had an erection, but in fact sitting down just made it more obvious. All three of us glanced down at the bulge. He was mortified that it was so obvious, but my wife just laughed and said that she was flattered that a mature lady like her could have that effect on him. She said she’d have that drink, so I went to get it while she sat next to Mike. When I got back there was a bit of an embarrassed silence. His hardon was still very visible and I think that both of them were now a bit embarrassed. I decided to go for it. I put her drink on the table and then took her hand and placed it on the bulge. She gave me an evil look as she snatched her hand away, but not before he let out a little groan. I then put her hand on him again and this time she didn’t pull it away. She started rubbing up and down the bulge and eventually undid his zip and started pulling his trousers off. He didn’t say anything, but raised his ass so that she could get his trousers and underpants off. Now his erect cock was on full view. It wasn’t the stuff of porn movies, but was a fair size and very erect. She leant forward and took it in her mouth. As she did this I reached up inside her dress and started yanking at her knickers. She didn’t object and they were soon off her. That’s when I told her to sit on his lap. She didn’t say a word but stared into my eys., moved over to straddle him and then started grinding her crotch into his. She then grabbed the hem of her dress and lifted it over her head. I was right, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She was now totally naked, sliding around on his lap and shoving her boobs in his face. I could see his hands groping around her ass and desperately trying to get his cock inside her. Eventually she paused and raised herself up. She looked round at me again, smiled and then took hold of his cock and guided it inside her. I watched as she started to slide up and down on his cock. They were like animals. So much passion, but I could see that see that he wasn’t going to last long. After a few minutes he groaned, thrusted and lifted his hips off the sofa and he shot his cum deep inside her. It all went quiet and she slid off and sat next to him. His cock still looked erect and glistened with the mixture of juices. She just sat there with her legs slightly parted and cum oozing out of her.
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