At the time Jo and I were in our 40s. Sexually we were quite active but very vanilla. Jo knew that I had a bit of a fantasy about seeing her with other guys, she played along with the fantasy, but I didn’t think that it would ever happen. Jo wasn’t kinky at all, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that she wasn’t good in bed. No, she was great in bed, but we never did anything out of the ordinary.

We both had good jobs, a great relationship, and a damn good sex life. We lived in a little street in a leafy suburb of a quiet town in the south of England. The only problem was that the houses had been built when there weren’t so many cars and there wasn’t enough room for parking. Most people were pretty good about it but one of our neighbors was a bit of a cunt, very inconsiderate, and would frequently block us in. On one particular night, we were walking home after having eaten out. When we reached our house the idiot neighbor (Jerry) had parked so badly that we had to squeeze past his car to even get to our front door. Jo was furious and not very careful as she squeezed past the belt on her coat scratched his car. I told her she should have been more careful and she blurted out that he shouldn’t have fucking parked there with that, she grabbed her belt and intentionally put a big scratch all of the way down the driver’s door. I couldn’t believe it, I quickly bundled her in the house hoping that no one had seen us.

By the next day, we’d pretty much forgotten about it. I checked and Jerry’s car had been moved. He must have seen the scratch but I guess he had no proof that it was us who had done it. Maybe he was used to it, being such an inconsiderate person. Two days later we got a note through the mail door, it was the neighbor from a couple of doors away, on the other side of Jerry’s house. David was his name, he was quite old, friendly type but a little strange, a harmless old man that lived on his own and quite friendly. The note said, “I need to discuss a little problem with you, can you pop around to my house at 8 pm, please?” We knew that he had argued loads of times with Jerry about his parking, so we assumed that it was something to do with that. Maybe he wanted to talk about what we could do to get it sorted out. Anyway, no big deal, we were happy to pop around to chat with him.

Two days went past and we arrived at his house at eight o’clock. He showed us into the lounge and we exchanged pleasantries. He offered us a glass of wine. Never one to turn down a drink, we agreed. David disappeared into the kitchen and came back a couple of minutes later with two big glasses of red wine. He told us to sit down on the sofa and said he wanted to show us something. He then sat down on the opposite side of the room and started to fiddle with his laptop, connecting it to the big TV screen. He started playing a very dark-looking video it seemed a bit strange and it took me a few seconds to realize that it showed the front of our houses. I didn’t know that he had security cameras For the first few seconds, it was just a view of our driveways, but then I saw a couple of figures come into view and I realized that it was me and Jo. It was a video of us squeezing past Jerry’s car. It was dark so the video quality wasn’t great, but you see that it was us and you could also clearly see Jo intentionally scratching down the side of Jerry’s car. There was silence in the room, David had the video on a loop, so it kept playing and we kept seeing Jo scratching the car, Jo and I looked at each other but said nothing.

David piped up and said that we all know that Jerry is a horrible neighbor, but what he’d caught on the video was criminal damage. He said that he wasn’t sure what to do with it. Maybe he should hand it over to the police. Jo said nothing, but I launched into my best negotiating mode. I threw out a flurry of excuses. It was quite hard and with every excuse, David batted away. He wasn’t nasty but kept coming back to the fact that it was criminal damage and that he really ought to hand the video to the police. I eventually resorted to saying that I was sure that we’d all done a bit of vandalism in our youth. David nodded, Good start, I then went on to say that the only time I’d been caught the police weren’t involved at all and all I got was a slap from my parents and grounded for a couple of weeks. David went silent as he pondered something, then he propose a deal. He agreed that it would be a shame to go to the police, but Jo ought to be punished. He asked us how we thought she should be punished? We sat there saying nothing, he suggested that Jo should be spanked, and Jo’s mouth fell open in disbelief. She immediately told him to fuck off, he calmly replied that the choice was hers, be spanked by him or deal with the police. Jo looked at me, I shrugged, I couldn’t see what we could do? Eventually, Jo reluctantly agreed, David couldn’t hide his enthusiasm, a big smile appeared on his face. He told me to get a hairbrush from the cupboard in the hallway and told Jo to come and lie across his lap.

I dutifully collected the brush and by the time I got back in the room, Jo was already lying across his lap. He said that she would be given twenty slaps with the back of the hairbrush. He took the brush from me and then started to slide the hem of Jo’s dress up to ****** her bottom. She objected, but he said police and she gave in. She hadn’t expected to be showing her ass, so it was rather scantily clad with small, lacey black panties, seeing her ass on display, I felt a little twinge in my pants. David lifted his arm and spanked Jo with an almighty thwack, she let out a little scream. David did it again and this time Jo screamed louder and started whimpering, Please, stop it's too painful. I was not surprised Jo has a very low pain threshold. David paused and then suggested that he use his hand instead. He could be more gentle, but if he was going to do that her panties would have to come down. She looked to me for help, I shrugged my shoulders. Jo then crossly told David to just get on with it. He pulled her panties down revealing her bare ass. It already had a couple of red marks on it. Initially, his hand just rested on her ass, but then he lifted it and brought it back down with a slap. He was being more gentle, but even so, she made a little yelp. He carried on and each time his hand hit her, she yelped and each time his hand seemed to linger slightly longer. After ten slaps he paused. She seemed quite pleased I think that she thought it was over. His hand was still resting on her very red ass as he said just another ten to go. He also said that Jo should lose the panties and told me to come over and pull them off. Jo wasn’t impressed, but I did as I was told. Truth be known, I had quite an erection and did my best to make sure that in slipping her panties off I knocked her legs slightly apart giving David and me a brief glimpse of what was between her legs. I then sat down again and David continued slapping her, he was relatively gentle, but each slap hurt. He counted down when he got to the final slap, Jo let out a huge sigh of relief and started getting up. He immediately told her to stay there saying that the spanking was over, but he wanted to admire her ass for a couple of minutes, he asked her to humor him because he didn’t get to see bare asses much and he was being quite fair because he could have gone straight to the police with the video.

Jo relaxed, I think that she seemed resigned to the humiliation and at least the slapping was over. David told me to go to the cupboard in the bathroom and get the moisturizing cream. I was surprised that he had anything like that but I went and got it for him. He told me to squirt some on her ass. He was going to rub it in and it would help with the stinging and help the skin heal. She looked around at both of us and said that she hoped we pervs were enjoying this. I think that the comment was mainly aimed at me. I dutifully put some on her ass mostly on her ass cheeks, but I made sure that some went on her ass crack and between her thighs. He looked up at me and smiled, I was a bit embarrassed to be so obvious but was feeling so incredibly horny. He started rubbing in the cream. After the slapping Jo seemed to stay relaxed. I think that she was glad that the painful bit was over and the cream was quite soothing. David continued gently rubbing the cream in, concentrating on the red area on her cheeks. There was still some cream in her ass crack, but he seemed to be politely avoiding it. He told me to put some more cream on her. This time I put just a little on her cheeks, but most of it on her ass crack making sure that some went between her thighs. David looked back up at me, it was obvious that I was inviting him to delve a bit deeper. He winked and then started rubbing her ass again, initially, he concentrated on rubbing in the cream on her cheeks, but then his hand started to slip between her thighs. He told her that I’d intentionally put lots of cream between her legs and I wanted him to rub down there. She turned her head and gave me a filthy look but she didn’t stop him she parted her legs slightly to make it easier for him to reach between her thighs, I couldn’t believe it.

This seemed like my cuckold fantasy was coming alive. There was Jo, ass, asshole, and pussy on display and another guy with his hand inches away from her pussy. He caressed her between her legs and gradually his hand edged towards her pussy she wasn’t objecting so eventually he let the side of his hand stroke her pussy. She made a little squeaking noise and wriggled around a bit letting her legs part even more. He announced that it looked like she was getting quite wet. He said that she seemed excited and asked if she’d enjoyed the spanking. She looked up at him and this time her face went red. She said of course not, but it wasn’t very convincing and she certainly wasn’t stopping him from gliding his hand across her pussy. She kept wriggling her ass and seemed to be trying to edge her pussy towards his hand as if she wanted him to touch it. David took this as an invitation and gently slipped a couple of fingers into her surprising her causing her to squeal slightly, but this time the noise was pleasure. There was no pretense, she was enjoying it, my little vanilla sex wife was enjoying our neighbor slipping his fingers in and out of her pussy. He held onto her with one hand and with the other hand he was finger fucking her. He played with her clit a bit, but mainly it was a good old finger fuck. At one point I think that he had three fingers inside her. She was writhing around on his lap and it was clear that she was getting very excited. Normally she doesn’t orgasm very easily, but I could tell that she was coming close. then suddenly her body stiffened and shuddered in an intense orgasm. David gave her a little pat on her ass and said that he hadn’t realized that she was such a little slut. My vanilla sex wife started getting up off his lap and this time he let her. He smiled at her, her dress still up around her waist and she was very embarrassed that she had just been masturbated by him. I don’t think that she’d ever had an orgasm with anybody other than me, well, maybe a couple of previous boyfriends, but certainly not someone who was almost a stranger.

She pulled the hem of the dress back down to cover herself, but David lifted it again. He told her that the spanking was over, but he still had the video that the police might want to see. We needed to finalize the terms of his handing it to us. He told her to take her dress right off. She didn’t even object. She slipped it over her head and then she was naked in front of us except for a lacey black bra. Without saying a word David indicated that she should take it off. She reached behind her back and undid her bra and handed it to him. Now she was standing in front of our old neighbor, totally naked. She tried to cover her tits and her pussy, but David pulled her hands away and kept examining her. I didn’t know how she felt, but I knew that it was fucking hot for me.

He eventually announced that as he’d given her an orgasm, it was only fair that she should give him one. She would have to give him a blow job. She immediately told him to fuck off and seemed to tense up. He simply said Police…. Video. She still said no, but I said that she’d come this far, was she going to let it all be to waste? She really couldn’t afford for the video to get to the police. She called me a dirty bastard and accused me of actually enjoying it, she was right. She started to kneel in front of David, but he told her that he’d save some of her embarrassment by blindfolding her. He told her to go to the kitchen and find something to use as a blindfold that there were napkins and clean tea towels in the drawers, she wasn’t happy, but she went to the kitchen.

As she left the room David and I both admired her bare ass swaying from side to side. As soon as she disappeared David took his mobile phone out of his pocket and handed it to me asking that I video it. I hesitated so he quickly added that he could see how turned on I was by the whole situation and that if I was lucky he’d let me have a copy of the video and that no one would know, not even Jo. I knew that I shouldn’t have agreed, but I was desperate to see her sucking him off and I knew that a video of it would give me hours of pleasure, I took the phone just as Jo came back into the room with a big blue napkin in her hand that she was kind of rolling up to make a blindfold. David told her to kneel in front of him and he proceeded to put the blindfold on her. Once he’d done that he waved his hand around in front of her to make sure that she couldn’t see. He then took her hands and guided them toward his crotch, he told her to undo his zip and help him get his cock out at the same time. He motioned to me to come closer and start recording. I came round to the side within a few feet of them. I watched and recorded as he guided her hands to his belt and told her to get his cock out. She was hesitant but started loosening his belt and undoing his zip. When she pulled on the waistband of his trousers, he raised his hips and let her take them down to his ankles, that’s when I saw his cock, he was sporting quite an erection, It was quite a bit bigger than me. I’m not sure why I was surprised, I guess that I always saw him as our old, slightly weird neighbor and now I saw him with a massive erection.

He guided her hands to his erection and then eased her head closer. She pulled back slightly, but he was having none of it. He put both hands behind her head and pulled her closer. Eventually, her face touched his cock but she didn’t do anything. He guided her head so that his cock was now touching her lips and then told her to open her mouth, reluctantly she did and he eased his cock into her mouth, initially, she was very passive and just let him guide her head and use her mouth. After a minute or two things seemed to change a bit. I didn’t think that she was enjoying it, but she seemed to be resigned to it and she started using the same sort of techniques that she does with me. She held his big cock in her hands, rubbed it, licked it like a lollipop, took it in her mouth, and bobbed her head up and down on it, the most amazing thing was that I was getting it all on video.

David was loving it, he was grabbing her and thrusting forward. Every time she took his cock into her mouth he let out a little groan. I could see that he was getting very excited, Jo knows how to give a good blow job. David was thrusting harder and I could see him tense I could see that Jo noticed too and went to pull away, but he was having none of it he grabbed her head and started face fucking her. His cock was going in deep and making her gag a bit, but that didn’t deter him he intended to cum in her mouth.

She had never lets me cum in her mouth, she always stops first and used her hand to finish me, but not this time. She was going to get a mouthful of cum. Suddenly he exploded and cum shot into her mouth, she pulled away quickly choking and sputtering cum, but this time he let her. She swallowed some, but most of the cum dribbled out of her mouth and onto her tits and thighs. She went to take the blindfold off, but David told her to hang on a minute and told her that it was practically over and that she just needed to be patient. He then beckoned me to get closer and take a video of her cum-covered face, tits, and thighs. He reached out and started massaging her tits, rubbing the cum into her she was a bit startled, but frankly, I think that she didn’t care anymore. When she didn’t object he told her to lie on the floor. She immediately said that it had gone far enough and she wasn’t going fuck him. He laughed at her and reminded her that he was almost 70, no way could he cum again that quickly but he wanted to examine her beautiful body, she shrugged and relaxed and let him guide her to the floor, she lay there and waited for what was next. He knelt beside her and continued with the tit massage he again made sure that I was close and was getting a good view of it. He tweaked her nipples and made them hard then he edged down toward her pussy. His hand slipped between her legs and she willingly parted them to allow him to massage her pussy. He leaned forward and started sucking on one of her tits. That surprised her and she let out a little whimper, she certainly wasn’t going to object it was clear that she was getting excited again. David started rubbing her clit and slipping a couple of fingers into her.

This went on for a couple of minutes and I could see that he was making her wet. David pointed to her cunt it was obvious that he wanted me to come in for some close-ups of him fingering her. I came in and he opened her pussy up, ******** her wet and engorged hole and clitoris. He said looking at the little ***** and adding that she was expecting another finger fucking. He asked her if that’s what she wanted and she made a quiet mmm sound. He was having none of that and said come on Jo louder, tell us what you want, tell us that you want me to finger fuck you again.

He took his hand away and licked his fingers. He was doing it for the video. Making sure that I could see him licking her juices off his fingers. But when he stopped touching her, Jo seemed to think that he was going to stop. She quickly reached out to find his hand. She found it, grabbed it, thrust it to her crotch, and practically shouted that yes she wanted him to finger fuck her again. He sucked her nipples and shoved his fingers back inside her, she was writhing about on the floor, I had never seen her so excited, and he noticed it too. He stopped sucking her nipples briefly and told her to tell us again what she wanted him to do. She repeated quite loudly that she wanted him to finger fuck her, but this time she told him to do it harder and then eventually she screamed out, fuck me, fuck me! That’s when she came in another shuddering orgasm and laid there naked and satisfied in front of us.

Jo then seemed to come out of her trance and was embarrassed, she didn’t move. David then told her that she was an incredibly sexy lady. A little weak smile appeared on her face as David took her hands and helped her to get up. He then said one last task and it’s over. He told her to bend over spread her legs and hold herself open. She didn’t even hesitate. He again beckoned for me to get some close-up video of her gaping pussy and asshole. David beckoned for me to put the phone in my pocket and then told her to take off the blindfold.

He said that she should go to the bathroom and clean up a bit. As she left the room, he reached out and told me to give him his phone. I guess that if I’d had any sense I would have refused, but I was so turned on that I was beyond worrying about the risk. I handed the phone to him and he immediately started fiddling with it. He was still fiddling with it when Jo came back into the room. Her clothes were in the room, so although she had cleaned up she was still naked. Strange after what had just happened, but she now seemed keen to show some modesty. She tried to cover herself up and carefully retrieved her clothes and dressed. When she saw that David was on his phone she made sure that it wasn’t pointing at her. David then picked up his laptop and said that he’d keep his word. He navigated to a folder of videos and then showed us both that he was deleting it. Jo said thank you. She didn’t realize that he could probably undelete it nor did she know that David had a very raunchy video of her performing like a *****. That’s when it hit me, I couldn’t believe what I’d done, it would fuck up our relationship if she found out. There was a sinking feeling inside but that was mixed with the thrill of knowing that David had the video. As Jo announced that we should leave, David asked me to write down my email address. Jo gave a funny look, but this was a minor request compared with what had just taken place.

We left his house and walked back in silence. I thought that she was going to have a go at me for letting it all happen, but she said nothing. As soon as we got in the house, hardly a second after I’d closed the door she turned to me and told me to fuck her. She practically ripped her clothes off, got on all fours in the hallway, and told me to fuck her like a *****. That sort of language was part of our bedroom vocabulary, but I’d never known her to be this turned on before. We fucked like animals. Nothing very loving and gentle. Just a good hard fuck. It only took a couple of minutes and I was shooting my load in her.
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