Gotta look good 2nite.jpgWhen Diana was on Barbados I saw a couple of things which were unusual to say the least. I mean unusual in the context of not just being the islands new bike.

I followed her antics every day, (for most of the day actually. The only time I closed my laptop was when she went to sleep and even then I was woken quite often by a ping telling me they were sending something new.) and I watched her servicing and pleasuring almost every man she came into contact with. But one particular film was taken of her being tattooed. She was dressed in a colourful wrap around sarong type thing which complimented her shoulder length reddish blonde curly locks beautifully. Accompanied by her host, (and apparent lord and master) Mac and one of his friends who was holding their laptop and filming the three of them went into a tattoo studio where Mac told the artist what was required.

"Take your dress off Diana," he commanded.

She blushed sweetly and instantly complied. She was totally naked underneath it. She stood there with her hands behind her back and her head hanging in embarrassment.

"I want a queen of spades here," Mac said touching a spot a couple of inches away from her left nipple at about eleven o'clock. "Not too big but big enough to be seen whenever she wears an open blouse or a dress with a plunging neckline you know."

"I got it," grinned the tattooist.

"Lie on the couch Diana," Mac told her matter of factly.

My wife sat on it then swung her legs up and lay down.

"Open!" Mac barked.

She blushed a deeper shade of crimson and allowed her legs to fall off the sides of the couch so she was left with her bald mound as the obvious centre of attention.

"and I want these Chinese characters here," Mac continued as he gave the maestro a piece of paper then turned to Diana and showed him where they were to go. "The first two down here alongside this lip," he moved a labium to the side so the strip of flesh alongside it was *******, "and naturally the other two the other side."

"Okay man," grinned the hulking professional. "I hope you know what they say."

"Of course," Mac smiled. "They say welcome to the gates of paradise."

"Ah right," nodded the artist thoughtfully. "Very apt by the look of her."

There followed two hours of delicate work, the last one of which involved Bubba, (the tattooist,) moving her labia from side to side and pricking and puncturing the skin next to her most sensitive parts and that had Diana howling with orgasm every ten or fifteen minutes. By the time he'd finished she was a weeping babbling wreck and I'm sure she'd've shoved something up herself if there'd been anything there to shove.

Anyway they paid then left and Mac very graciously allowed her to take a break from all the incessant sex for a couple of days until the wounds had healed a bit.

A week later they returned and I saw my dear sweet spouse get her labia pierced. Two holes in each, one at the front and the other towards the rear. She hardly winced at all as Bubba shot the holes through then inserted a quartet of gold studs to keep them free and clean. I soon found out the reasoning behind the piercings. Mac had organised a very special auction.

It was held in a large ballroom in some plush hotel. About a hundred guests sat at the tables spaced throughout the room and they all looked very well to do. Diana was led onto the stage by means of a dog collar and leash. She was dressed in a floor length diaphanous white chiffon gown which featured four waist high vents up the skirt and a halter top the inside V of which plunged to way below her navel. She looked divine.

So Mac introduced her as a newcomer who wanted to repent for the sins of her fathers and had decided the way to do it was to give pleasure to the sons of those her ancestors had subjected the proud Africans of yesteryear to their terrible fates. "So, those of you who want to take advantage of her guilty conscience can bid for whatever they want and naturally the highest bidder gets it first."

He turned to my wife and said, "Diana, take your gown off and wander among the tables so the punters can see exactly what's on offer."

Diana obediently shucked the gown and a hum of surprise and approval went up in the room when they saw how she was prepared underneath it.

Four thick golden rings had been inserted in the holes punched out of her labia and their weight alone stretched the juicy lips downwards an inch or so. But added to that were the heavy chains of gold which were attached to the rings in front then dropped across her thighs, went round the back under her buttocks then clipped onto the rings at the rear. These chains naturally pulled her lips further downwards and also outwards as she walked and opened her legs. Everyone could see deep inside her even from a distance. With a dazed smile on her face she undulated sexily around the assembled tables stopping now and then to answer questions or let men, (and two or three women,) touch her wherever they wanted. Eventually she made her way back up onto the stage and was told to lie in the gynecologists' chair which had been thoughtfully provided by some philanthropist.

Once she was on her back with her feet in the stirrups Mac touched a button which opened and retracted the stirrups to their limit forcing Diana's legs to bend at the knee and leaving my wifes drooling vagina completely *******. To complete her humiliation he then swung a magnifying glass between her legs and with a camcorder on a tripod he filmed that view and projected it onto a huge screen at the back of the stage via a beamer. I ejaculated into one of her g-strings whilst staring at a two metre high picture of my wifes palpitating cunt!

Naturally the auction was a great success form Macs point of view.

A large gentleman at the front waved his cigar in the air & shouted, "I'll give you ten for it."

"Oh come on Adolphous," Mac chastised him. "Only serious offers please. This is top quality stuff & believe me the lady loves it."

Someone else called out, "A hundred from me!"

"That's a bit more like it," Mac grinned. "Anyone else wanna be the first?"

Another voice popped up, "Two hundred!"

"Great Joey. She's worth every penny."

The corpulent guy called Adolphous scowled at the other bidders then barked, "Okay. Five!"

"Now that's what I call a serious bid," Mac praised. "Is Ado gonna be first?"

No one else said anything except the guy sitting opposite Ado. He got to his feet, (somewhat unsteadily I thought,) & blurted, "I'll give you five for her arsehole!"

His companion, (wife or girlfriend or ******,) screamed with laughter & slapped him on the bicep shouting, "You gonna split the poor girl in half with that thinga yours if you can get it up there!"

"Brilliant offer Larry!" Mac enthused whole heartedly. "& I'm sure Mareska's only too pleased it's not her who's gonna have to take it."

"Oh ah kin tek it alright," shrieked the buxom lady with glee, "I just cain't sit down the next day."

Dianas fingertip crept into view on the big screen & began to roll her prominent oily clitoris around & around.

"Looks like the pretty English lady likes the idea anyway," Mac laughed. "Who's next? Anybody else wanna piece of it?"

A cultured looking middle aged gentleman stood up & said, "My wife & I will pay a thousand for an all nighter."

"That's a deal mister O'Brian, as long as you don't expect it to be tonight 'cause I think she's gonna be a little busy for the next few hours."

Mister O'Brian puffed on his cigar & smiled, "No. Tomorrow will be fine.As long as she's not too damaged."

"Don't you worry about that sir," Mac assured him. "This little lady is far more adaptable than she looks."

Diana pulled at the sleeve of his dinner jacket & said something, Mac bent down so his ear was next to her mouth then guffawed & stood back up. "She'd like to make a start right now so if there's anybody in the audience who doesn't mind performing up here on stage then let yourself be known."

Men stood up all around the room & started waving & cheering & shouting. The fat old guy at the front cried, "Hey I'm first right?"

"Yes Ado. As soon as I have your cash in my sweaty mitt you can have at it," Mac chuckled.

Adolphous waddled up on stage & handed the auctioneer a fistful of notes then pushed the camera & magnifying glass out of the way before unzipping his trousers & moving up between my wifes widespread thighs. The mobile cameraman moved round the side so he was getting a view of their profiles. Ado pulled the already taut chains which due to her position had slipped up to Diana's hips. As he pulled them her gaping vagina was stretched even further open causing her to throw back her head & start screaming, "Yes! Yes! I'm coming! Please! Please fuck me! Shove it in you teasing bastard! Please! I need it! Quick! I'm coming! Fuck me! Dear God fuck it into me!"

Adolphous brought a good nine inches of thick hard black meat out of his pants & moved forwards again. Diana stared down along her body & encouraged him, "Oh yes daddy! That's a beauty! Stick it into me darling! Di Di wants it so bad! Go on! Fuck me!"

So he did. & it was much to Diana's appreciation if her loud cries of approbation were anything to go by. A couple of minutes later a naked & extremely well endowed Larry tapped Ado on the shoulder & said something to him, naturally the camera couldn't pick up the words because it was too far away & Diana was making too much noise anyway. Ado undid the ankle straps & lifted her up off the couch whereon Larry sat down behind her & pushed his monumental erection downwards so it was pointing at her small bottom. When Diana saw what was about to happen she squawked, "Oh no! You're far too big! You'll never get that..... Oh! Oh my God! No! Oh fuck no! I can't.....!"

But her traitorous body belied her negative exclamations & her accommodating movements broadcast her eager willingness to have both holes filled at the same time. She put her hands under her buttocks & pulled them apart as she slowly descended onto the colossal penis indomitably broaching her tight anal canal.

"Oh my God! You're so big!" she wailed as she sank lower & lower."It's in & I love it! Yes! I love it!"

The odd looking trio began to move in synchronicity with Diana actually kissing the ugly old fat man in front of her while her buggerer reached round & sadistically twisted her long stiff nipples. More men were giving Mac money & getting undressed. They began crowding round the energetically copulating threesome so the cameraman had to get closer & ask some of them to move aside so he could see the pornographic action & relay it onto the gigantic screen at the back. At one point my sweet wife brushed some sweaty curls off her rosy cheek & smiled at the lens then continued moving back & forth & up & down whilst reaching out with a hand to get hold of another dribbling erection & guide it to her mouth.

Seconds later Ado grunted, "Here you are lady! I'm coming!" He jammed himself into her defenceless body & groaned, "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" as he obviously emptied his balls into her. I hated watching but I couldn't look away.

They stood around laughing & chatting with each other while they stroked themselves to keep their erections ready & they watched my beloved spouse sucking & wanking their friends off until they ejaculated all over her as well as the constant stream of men taking their turns inside one of her other holes & spunking inside her. I was so envious of their ability to make her orgasm in a way I'd never seen before. Yelling obscenities & bucking against the penii inside her as she climaxed intensely seemingly infinitely.

After about an hour Macs grinning face filled the screen & he said, "Looks like you're enjoying the show almost as much as she's enjoying putting it on for you Timmy boy." I glanced down at the sodden mess of silk, satin & lace in my hand & sobbed with self loathing & disgust. "Yeah I know," he carried on, "she looks & sounds fantastic don't she? You're a very lucky man to have had such a hot bitch all to yourself for so many years. But as you can imagine those days are over forever from now on. Your pretty wife's a slave to nigger cock now. She ain't ever gonna want your little pecker in her again. You wouldn't touch the sides anyway. She's gonna have a cunt like a cow by the time she gets home. If she ever wants to come home that is. I've got a feeling she's gonna wanna stay here for the rest of her life. What do you think?"

He moved aside so I could see Diana's svelte body being squashed between two standing men, she had her long legs wrapped over & around the hips of the guy in front & was grunting, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh! Oh! Oh!" as he fucked her & the one behind buggered her at the same time.

Macs face reappeared. "In all the years that I've been giving it to white trash I've never had one as easy, willing, eager & just plain dirty as your randy piece of arse. She's a really big hit, here on the island & on the internet. Her web sites got over a million followers already. You know what that means don't you? Ten million quid in my pocket. So I thank you for that my man. Here's to the next ten million!"

I watched for another half an hour until Mac called an end to the session & promised all those who wanted more to book appointments & he'd draw up a schedule so they'd all get what they wanted. Diana's naked sweat & sperm drenched body was carried offstage by two of her admirers then a sign appeared saying, "Due to humanitarian reasons there's an inevitable pause for rest & recuperation & normal servicing will be resumed as soon as possible."

The next morning, (their time, evening here,) I watched her showering & allowing Mac to give her an enema before donning a diaphanous peignoir & joining a crowd of five outside by the pool. The married couple from the evening before were there & very happy to see her.

Mrs O'Brian looked to be about thirty, (but is actually forty four & as I soon found out is called Marsha by name,) & her curvy voluptuous figure was squeezed into a gaily coloured bikini which was obviously being stretched to its limits. Her bounteous breasts overflowed the small cups & seemed to be bursting out of their constraints while her magnificent bare buttocks chewed on the invisible narrow back strap & it was plain to see her plump pudendum was obviously bald under its minimal covering. She was the first to greet Diana when she strolled out of the house. She took her by the hand & said something to her then she kissed her seriously on the mouth. Diana cooly shucked off her nightgown then put her hands on the other woman's bottom. Marsha reached up & cupped Diana's small breasts whilst working her knee between between my wifes legs forcing her, (although she didn't need forcing,) to open them so the older woman could push her thigh in & press it against Diana's vulnerable vagina.

"Oho!" Leo O'Brian laughed. "Marsha can't wait as usual. She's been talking about how much she wanted to see that lovely white gal licking her delectable cunt out all night."
Diana broke the kiss & smiled, "Well I'll certainly lick it out all day for starters if that's what you want Marsha."

The black woman laughed & pulled her bikini top up causing the twin torpedo head shaped large breasts to bounce enticingly on her chest. "Start with these darling. Suckle at your mommas big titties."

For a woman who'd never shown any previous interest in other women Diana's eager acceptance of the suggested action came as a bit of a surprise to me but watching her heft the heavy looking balloons & duck her head to start kissing & sucking on the incredibly prominent teats was extremely provocative. While Diana was nuzzling what resembled a pair of cigar stubs Marsha undid the ties over her hips & allowed the tiny g-string to fall to the floor. "Let's move over to a lounger darling," she purred. "You can lie down & I'll kneel over you so I can dangle them in your mouth."

Diana unhesitatingly followed the proposed instruction & soon had her mouth full to overflowing with dark chocolate flesh. At the same time I saw her hand snake down over the somewhat rotund belly & disappear between her new friends open legs. Marsha closed her eyes & murmured, "Oh yes baby. That's good. You know how we girls like it don't you. You've done a lot of this before haven't you. With other women or just to yourself?"

"Masel." Diana mumbled in reply.

"Yeah. Good. Get in. That's right. Finger me fast honey. Ummmmmmmmmmm. Yeah. Like that. So good. Naughty girl. You like to eat it too?"

"Mmmmmmmmm," came Diana's muffled affirmative.

"Good," Marsha said & shuffled up over my wifes prone body. "Pull me open & eat that then!"

Using both hands Diana obviously complied with the latest command & Marsha fondled her own breasts whilst crying out, "Oh my God Leo! She's better than you! I'm gonna come already! Chew my clit baby! & fist me! Yeah! get your hand up me! I can take it! Go on! Please! Fist me!"

The cameraman was running around like a madman trying to get the best view of Diana's efforts, filming from behind Marsha seemed to be his preferred spot & from there I, (& the rest of the world presumably,) could see her small hand wriggling up into the stretched cavern beneath her mouth.

"Oh you beauty," Marsha yelled as she humped her pneumatic bottom down onto the invading limb. "That's fantastic! I'm coming honey! Feel this!"

Diana's tummy was heaving up & down while she struggled for breath & tried to piston her hand in & out of the frenetically climaxing woman at the same time.

Suddenly Leo appeared in shot wanking what can only be described as a monster erection with both hands. He moved up between Diana's outstretched thighs saying, "If you're wondering how come you can get your hand up there so easily my dear you're just about to find out. After twenty years of having this shoved up her your hand's of little consequence. You'll have a cunt like hers after I've finished with you believe me."

Diana raised her bottom off the lounger slightly to show her eagerness to comply with the proposed act & I heard her muffled scream when Leo began to work the enormous bulb of his purple knob into her extraordinarily receptive vagina. He stuck a fat finger up his wifes bouncing bottom & laughed, "Oh yes! This is one tight little white cunt you got here darling! Gonna change those proportions over the next few weeks that's for sure."

Diana raised her knees & when Marsha felt them nudging the backs of her shoulders she knelt up straight & moved so she got a leg under each of her arms then up onto her shoulders before leaning forwards again so Diana's nether parts were optimally displayed for Leos ingress.& Leo ingressed pretty damn swiftly. He almost fell into her. "Jesus Christ!" he exhorted. "This bitch is easier than an old ***** & juicier than a young virgin! What a cunt!"

He began to fuck her smoothly & vigorously. Diana just wailed one long wail of ecstatic joy against the hairless pudendum she was chewing on & bounced her small bottom up & down frantically as the gigantic invader rearranged her insides whilst she sluiced her hand & half her arm in & out of Marsha's farting cunt. Leo kissed the back of his wife's neck & growled, "We've got the ***** all day darling so I don't have to make this first one last do I?"

She reached back over her shoulder & stroked his cheek, panting, "No baby. Everything you want whenever you want it. We gonna have such fun with this piece of white trash."

I saw his bollocks start to jump as he jammed his full length into my loving wife & began to ejaculate. He was still shoving it into her then waiting for a second before withdrawing & repeating the process over & over again. She was so full of cock I could see his sperm being squished out around his root with every forward thrust. The two women just carried on climaxing constantly.

As Leo finally pulled out I heard Mac shout, "Keep your hips up Di. Let your husband see how much the black man comes inside you."

Diana was still punching Marsha in the cunt & gnawing on her clit while her slim body shivered & shook in the aftermath of the multiple orgasms she'd gleefully endured but she heard the request too so she lifted her hips & raised her bottom again so the cameraman could film the seemingly never ending thick streams of sperm her overflowing vagina was belching out. I groaned & ejaculated into her underwear once more.

Macs face appeared on screen again & he was grinning like an ape. "We gonna fuck your slut of a wife in every hole till she begs me to send her home Tommy boy. But speaking from experience I think I can safely say that particular scenario is a long long way away. I've never known a slag who wants as much as this one. Even after last night she woke me up at three by sucking my cock then she wanted it again at eight when we both woke up & she was as randy as a rabbit on heat. I know you missed those two but if you go on her site you can watch them & I promise you you'll be in for a big surprise when you see this morning's session." He leaned in close & stage whispered, "She asked me to give her an enema then invited me to be the first black up the back today. Wow man! That was an experience I won't forget in a hurry. She is so tight & hot up there. Anyway, like I said, we'll return her when she wants to be returned but that may take a while & she sure ain't gonna be the same woman you said goodbye to at the airport. Keep watching bro. She ain't finished for this morning yet. Leo & Marsha have got things planned."

He laughed & disappeared just in time for me to watch Marsha disengaging her body from my wife's arm.

"You did that real good," Marsha lauded Diana as she moved away from the lounger. "I'm gonna want you to do it a few more times before we're through today."

Diana smiled & said, "Okay ma'am. You taste delicious & your insides feel so..... alive you know. I thought you were going to break my wrist & my jaw but I loved every second of it. Especially when your darling husband shoved that humongous cock up me. Christ, I could take that all day."

Leo laughed & walked back to her with the said limp limb in his hands saying, "No worries 'bout that lil girl. You gonna get this breeding pump for a lot more hours before we finished with you."

Diana reached up to stroke it as well & said. "Good. Dirty Di Di loves your abnormal thickness & the incredible amount of spunk you pump up me." She kissed the bulbous knob & looked up at him submissively as she smiled, "Can you do it again already?"

He grinned back & replied, "You such a sexy white bitch I gonna have no trouble getting hard time after time for you," as he watched her licking his tool then slowly opening her mouth wide & taking it in.

I heard Mac shouting, "Hey guys, I gave her an enema this morning so if you both wanna piece of it she's ready."

The other two young men in the jacuzzi stood up so I saw they were both naturally erect after watching what had just happened in front of them as they got out of the tub & walked towards my nodding wife. She saw them approaching out of the corner of her eye so she got on her knees which were as far apart as she could get them then reached behind her firm buttocks & pulled them apart for the benefit of the new arrivals.

I inhaled a staggered breath as I realised my own hard on showed no sign of abatement so I sat down & draped her wet g-strings over it guessing I was in for a long long night.
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