I don't know or care if my husband Timmy has any regrets about our life-style, it was all his doing in the first place.

It began one afternoon five years ago & I knew he was feeling horny 'cause he asked me what I fancied doing that evening like he always does when he gets the urge. I know what answer makes him happiest so as usual I bent down & kissed him (he was sitting in an armchair cleaning his camera); I replied, "I rather fancy staying in & getting romantic with you."

"Great," he grinned. "I've been thinking about having a real fun evening too. I know you say you love me & I believe you but I hope you really enjoy having me take photos of you & that you don't let me do it just because I want to but because you like me doing it too. It's a huge compliment on your beauty really isn't it?"

I playfully slapped his leg & giggled, "Of course I like it. I'm flattered you think I'm pretty enough to want to take so many photos of me & you know how arousing it is for me too. You see how randy I get while I'm posing for you."

"Yes," he agreed. "Well I thought that tonight you can dress in something really slutty & have a nice long wank while you tell me about your filthiest fantasy & I'll take a few hundred photos of you while you're doing it."

"A few hundred?" I laughed. "Okay. What do you want me to wear?"

"A tight peep-hole bra so your nipples are on show all the time, grip top stockings, high heels, your black elbow length gloves & a choker."

"Oh my, you have been thinking about it carefully haven't you. Okay. I'll just go up & Immac then have a bath first. I can think about which of my fantasies is the filthiest while I'm soaking in the tub."

An hour later I regarded my reflection in the full length mirror on the door of the wardrobe & slowly shook my head with bewilderment. Men are such strange creatures aren't they. I thought I looked like a perfect ***** but if that's what my darling wants that's what he gets. My small titties were literally bursting through the holes of the too tight black lace bra & their long fat teats were hugely turgid as they always were when I got turned on. I ran my gloved fingertips over them & shivered as I opened my slim, shapely legs & admired the long dangling lips of my greedy vagina hungrily writhing against each other in excited anticipation. My stockings were black fishnets & my shoes had four inch stilettoes. I carefully tottered down the stairs ready to start the evenings game.

"Christ you look fantastic darling," Timmy enthused when he saw me. "Incredibly beautiful & very very sexy. Here I got this for you to use." He held out a thick salami in his hand.

I took it & raised an eyebrow, "It's fatter than any of my dlidoes."

"Yes," he smirked & moved away from the armchair. "Why don't you start off in the chair & we'll see where it goes from there. Take yout time. No rush. We've got all night & I wan to see you come at least a dozen times before you finish."

I smiled & sat in the chair. "What are we going to do after the first half hour then."

He laughed, "Yes you do tend to come a lot when you're wanking don't you. But don't worry, I'm sure we'll think of something to do for the rest of the evening."

I slouched down on the seat & hooked my long legs over the arms of the chair then I introduced the massive meat roll to my labia & began to slide its tip up & down between them. Timmy started taking the photos I started to relate the fantasy I'd decided to tell him about.

"I'm shipwrecked on an isolated desert island. I was naturally taken by surprise when the ship I was on sank in the middle of the night so I was only dressed in a micro g-string & a thin silk blouse which I'd put on before abandoning the vessel. Of course the blouse was ruined because of all the swimming & everything else that went before. Exhausted from being in the water for hours I crawl out of the ocean & collapse on the beach.

When I regain my senses I look up to find a young black boy standing over me. He's very handsome & totally naked!"

At that point I began to work the end of the salami into my dribbling cavern.

"Oh yes baby!" Timmy cried. "That looks spectacular! Your gorgeous cunt's wide open! Love it!"

I smiled & lifted my hips slightly as I pushed the first inch in.

"My young man has a cock like this. He's gazing at my almost nude body & stroking himself absent mindedly. It's huge! He's got both hands on it! I gawp at the monster in awe! Never seen one so big! & so black! Hypnotised by what I'm looking at I instinctively stretch out an arm towards it. He steps closer so I can reach it with my hand. Without saying a word I take over & start wanking him. Slowly. From the tip to his constricted ball sac which was the size of a small coconut. He smiles & closes his eyes then says something which I understand 'cause it sounds the same in every language in the world. He says, 'I'm coming!' so I speed up my wrist action & pretty soon he's pumping loads of spunk all over me. Such a lot the lad makes! At least twelve voluminous spurts. Long streamers of gleaming sperm arcing through the air before splattering my astonished face & my partially uncovered upper body. When he's finished he knocks my hand away & gestures for me to follow him. He walks into the treeline & I obediently follow close behind ogling his firm looking young buttocks juddering with every step he takes. My pussy's sending her usual signals of neglect & desire to my twisted brain. Even though my situation could be described as being somewhat dire all I could think of was his magnificent cock & how much I wanted to feel it stretching me wide open like this."

I closed my eyes & began to slowly slide the mammoth phallus in & out of myself, each time taking a fraction more. I orgasmed intensely in front of my flattering husbands recording eye.

"Oh my God! You are the sexiest dirty slag I've ever met!" Timmy laughed & clicked away manically with his Nikon. "Don't stop yet pretty baby! Tell me more! Do you imagine getting fucked by the handsome black boy?"

"Yes!" I gasped. "& more. Much more!"

"Go on then you kinky bitch! Tell me what happens next?"

"He leads me to a village! Mud hut type of thing. Lots of people sitting around chatting or cooking or making things on their laps you know. All naked! Everyone. I start gawping again. So many big cocks on show. None hard but they're all such a size I know they're going to be really impressive when they do get hard. The young boy goes to one couple & starts jabbering with an occasional look in my direction. I assume it's his parents he's explaining things to. Anyway his dad calls out a name & this other youngish man appears. After a couple of words the newcomer turns to me, looks me up & down, smiles & says, 'Do you speak English?' He explains that I'm welcome in their homes. They'll look after me but everything has its price. I have to let anyone & everyone in the village do whatever they want with me for as long as I stay. I have no choice! I have to agree. I'd die without their help!"

"So you become the village bike," Timmy chuckled. That's great baby! A really disgusting fantasy. I like it! How about getting on your knees & face & showing me that wonderful bum of yours?"

I closed my legs as well as I could then slid off the seat of the armchair & got onto my knees. I put a cushion on the floor & rested my face on it so I could look at the camera whilst using the salami. Timmy crouched down & moved around me getting phjotos of my masturbatory skills from every possible angle. I came again & again during the telling of my tale. I was rifling the by then very slippery dildo in & out of my squelching cunt while I told him about what I thought would happen next on my island.

"The chief has me! In front of the whole village! A fat grinning Buddha with a cock like a horse! Makes me come so much! Then the witch doctor! A toothless skinny old freak who insists on buggering me! In front of them all! While he's spunking up my bum I look up to see the rest of the villagers are forming an orderly queue to take their turns with the strange looking redheaded white woman. The young lad from the beach was allowed to go first. I was his find after all. Then the interpreter was next by way of thanks for his help in communication I suppose. Then the young lads father. Then just anyone who fancied a piece of me. It's amazing. I can't stop coming!"

"Yes so I noticed," Timmy murmured & took a load of my next orgasm.

I ended up half sitting & half lying on the floor in front of the armchair, my legs bent up & wide open jabbing the fat meat roll in & out of myself so I was enjoying what amounted to a constant climax while I told my husband how much I wanted to be gang banged by a whole village of horny black men. He eventually ejaculated all over me whilst grunting, "Dunno about a whole village but I know where I can get hold of a few, Shall I organise it for you darling?"

I looked up at him through the cascade of semen that was raining down on me & panted, "Yes. If you want to. I'd love to do it in front of you."

& that's how our present lifestyle began. I get fucked regularly by black guys from the local agricultural college & my dear cuckold of a hubby records everything for posterity. Naturally we've progressed onto using video cameras as well now so we can watch the films later & I can see how disgusting I really am when I'm in the arms of black men. Two or three times a week he brings someone back to give me the sex of a lifetime, sometimes only one, (I try to hide my disappointment on those occasions,) sometimes two or three, but the best times are at weekends when he usually manages to round up five or six & they can stay all weekend long. My God! I get so fucked during the days & nights they're here.

When I greet them I have to be wearing something really whorish like a waspie or a bustier which leaves my titties bare so whichever guests turn up they can see my rigidly stiff nipples betraying the state of my arousal. Naturally that sort of garment also leaves my loins naked so my glistening wet pussy is latently on show as well, gleaming enticingly, (I like to imagine it's enticing anyway,) artfully framed between my suspender belt & my stockings. It never takes long for our visitors to get naked & get up me once they've had me open the door to them dressed like that. But that's another story. This was just supposed to enlighten any interested reader in how we became the way we are. Timmy's a voyeuristic cuckold & I'm a filthy nympho slut for all the black cock I can get. We're very happily married.
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