IMG50.jpgI got home from work one afternoon to find two of our neighbours out on the street nervously awaiting my appearance.

Jan ran up and breathlessly gushed, "The police are in your place Di. They got here a couple of hours ago and arrested Timmy for something to do with dealing, not sure whether they said insider dealing or drug dealing, whatever, they bundled him into a wagon and took him away. Two or three of them are still inside looking around. Phil says they've got a search warrant so they don't have to have permission or wait for you to be there. They look like drug squad bobbies to me 'cause they're all black."

Naturally I was completely shocked. I knew, (or thought I knew,) that my husband had nothing to do with drugs and as far as I knew with insider dealing or trading either.

After getting over the initial shock I marched into the house to find out what was happening. The next mind boggling shock was waiting for me in the lounge. Janet had been spot on with her info, there were definitely three black men sitting in the room, they were all drinking my husbands beer, smoking something that smelled very much like an illegal substance and watching TV. The shocking part of it was that all three were naked and nonchalantly masturbating, each one using one of MY g-strings as an aid. Before they registered my presence I heard myself yelling, "Yes I'm coming you filthy donkey cocked niggers! Go on! Give it to me! Fuck this randy, nigga lovin' cum dump!"

Oh God! It was only then that I realised they were watching porn videos Timmy had made of me with some black friends of ours.

I tried to act annoyed and angry but at the same time the sight of these three naked black guys wanking with my underwear whilst watching me in a threesome with two more of their kind caused the butterflies which had been fluttering in my stomach to melt into a molten lava which slowly began to descend towards my wicked cunt.

"What the hell's going on here!" I croaked without any of the authority I'd wanted to put into my voice.

All three turned their heads to look at me but none of them seemed at all abashed to see me there.

"Ah. The lady of the house," one of them grinned. "Well whilst conducting our quite legal search of the property for incriminatory evidence we found a whole bunch of DVDs the titles of which I decided were quite suspicious so we put one on to see if there was any reason to confiscate them and take them into evidence. Nothing yet eh boys but we've only seen the first two hours and there are at least twenty more discs to go through."

I saw the remote control on the coffee table but before I could make a move towards it one of the others read my mind so he leaned forwards and picked it up.

"They're private," my weak voice quavered. "You've got no right to look at them."

The first chap picked up a piece of paper and waved it at me. "This search warrant says we do lady and from what I've seen so far you like the idea of strangers watching you fuck niggers anyway."

I heard myself coming on TV and couldn't help look that way in time to see me jerking spastically on the two huge cocks inside me.

"You really love it don't you Diana?" one of them laughed. I could only watch in horror as Henry who was fucking me pulled out and told me to wank it off into my face while his friend Justin told the world he was about to come up my tight hot bottom.

"Let's see that bit again but in slow motion Carl," the obvious leader of the trio said.

I just stood there blushing with embarrassment as we all watched my totally naked image slowly snake out her tongue and lewdly waggle it below the dark purple bulbous head of the massive fat black cock she was wanking and how she silently cried out with pleasure when the monster erupted in her tiny hand to spit stream after stream of glistening sperm into her happily laughing face.

"Wait, wait," growled the guy with the remote. "Watch what the dirty cow does now!"

God! I wished the earth would open up beneath my feet and swallow me whole.

I got off the lad called Matt and turned around so I could give him a kiss of thanks whilst pulling the cheeks of my bum apart which obviously allowed the camera to record the tsunami of semen cascading out of my anus before dripping off my clit and splattering his swiftly deflating cock.

The trio of grinning apes before me looked back at me and the one who'd been doing most of the talking said, "If you want your old man released without charge you'll undress now Diana."

I looked at their faces, (they were serious,) then I looked at their erections, (they were seriously fuckable,) and I knew if I wanted to see Timmy again that day, (and without a stain on his character or criminal record,) I was going to have to do whatever these three evil bastards wanted me to do.

I undid the buttons on my business like suit jacket and wished my husband hadn't insisted on me wearing the raunchy underwear he'd picked out for me that morning. When I shucked it off I knew the three wankers ogling me lasciviously while they stroked their hugely impressive hard ons would be able to plainly see the black lace quarter cup bra I had on under my thin, tight, white cotton blouse. As if that wasn't bad enough I also knew that my traitorous body was heralding my constant sexual arousal by presenting an almost unobstructed view of my long, fat. stiff, scarlet nipples. Those fears were confirmed when someone chuckled, "Good God y'all. Look at what the snooty cow's wearing under her oh so prim and proper suit. Look at them teats jutting out and begging to be played with."

"Yeah we see it Mace," said the bossman. "You can leave the bra on Di. It makes you look much sluttier."

I must have blushed a deeper shade of crimson after I'd taken off the blouse and unzipped my skirt. What were they going to make of the matching microscopic black lace split crotch g-string Timmy had chosen to go with the bra.

A lot it turned out.

"Jeezus!" whooped Mace. "Look at that! Dear God lady! Do you always wear whoring gear like that to work?"

"No!" I denied untruthfully. "Timmy chose it this morning. He likes to think of me walking around the office in stuff like this all day and he likes to imagine all the guys lechering after me when they get accidental flashes now and then."

"and do they?" Carl asked. "Get flashes and lech I mean?" "

I put a hand over my bald gleaming mound and crossed the other arm over my chest in a futile, (and much too late,) attempt to hide my as good as naked breasts.

"I don't know," I lied. "Maybe."

"Put your hands behind your back and open your legs please Diana," their leader commanded brusquely.

I drew in a deep staggered breath and dropped my head so I was looking at the floor in front of me when I did as bidden.

"Fuck! The randy bitch is dripping all over the carpet!" enthused Carl or Mace. I had never felt so humiliated. The situation was beyond my control and I was apparently loving it.

"Come here Diana," boss demanded.

On trembling legs I took the four paces needed to be next to his chair. His turgid erection looked even more enormous once I was closer to it. "You gonna suck and fuck all three of us to get your old man home without being charged right!"

I swallowed and nodded once.

"Say it!" he barked.

In a squeaky voice I said, "I'm going to suck and fuck all three of you to get my husband home without him being charged with anything."

"Good girl," he chuckled. "So get round here and get on your knees then get this stonker in your pretty mouth."

I stepped over his outstretched legs then knelt down between them. Hesitantly I put my hands around his magnificent girth and took over the job of wanking my green silky g-string up and down it whilst whispering wondrously, "It's awfully big isn't it. Even bigger than Henrys and I thought that was impossibly large."

"Yeah. You gonna love having this up you I can tell you. All you white women do. Show us how much you want it."

I leaned forwards and kissed it's billiard ball sized head then stuck out my tongue and started licking it all over.

"Oh yes!" he groaned, "That's good Diana. You gonna be our bitch after today ain'tcha?"

"Yes sir," I murmured and sucked on the knob. Behind me I heard myself yelling, "No! Not there you fucking pervert! You're too......... arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!" and I knew what was happening on the screen. It was a later session and Henry had just got behind me was shoving his mammoth tool into my indefensible anus.

"Fuck! I gotta have some of that too," Carl muttered and got up to come over and join us.

I straightened my thighs so I was no longer sitting on my heels then I stuck my bottom out and looked up at the chief while I started nodding my head faster and deeper so I could use my hands to reach behind my buttocks and pull them apart then hold them open so everywhere was accessible

"Oh lookee here," Carl guffawed. "Dirty slag wants it so bad she actually pulling it open for me Zeb. I gonna love this."

"Wait," Zeb told him. "Don't want her biting my dick off when that whang of yours goes up there. Come up here and squat on my cock Di."

I allowed his rigid tool to spring out of my mouth and stood up so I could do as he'd requested and shuffled forwards over his thighs until I could kneel on the edge of his seat. He held his erection up at an angle of ten to the hour and I slid my leaking slit up it until I reached the tip whereon I gasped, "Rub it between my lips Zeb. Spread that juice around a bit. Let me feel how fat it is."

"Oh you dirty little tramp," he laughed and did as I'd asked. "Go on then," he urged after a few seconds. "Take it."

I moaned with lust and leaned forwards so I could kiss him as my ever greedy cunt blossomed open and sucked him in. I descended easily and smoothly until all ten inches of the meat were inside me and I could feel his tight curly pubes brushing against my splayed labia. I moved my head back slightly and looked into his eyes as I said, "Oh my God Darling. That's fucking wonderful. So big! So full! Fucking incredible! Oh I can feel you expanding it! Fantastic! What a cock! I'm gonna come!"

"Christ she's easy ain't she Zeb? Alright if I get up there now?"

"You want that Di?" Zeb smiled up at me.

With my hands on the back of his chair I nodded and whimpered; "Yes!"

"Louder Di," he grinned. "Say it nice and loud so everyone knows exactly what you want."

I gazed down at him and cried, "I want his big black cock up my tiny asshole while your monster is up my abnormally stretched cunt! I've never been stretched like this before! Except maybe that time I was ***** and begged my husband to use a champagne bottle in me! It feels amazing! I love it! I'm coming! I'm coming! I'm coming!"

During the orgasm I felt Carl's knob head probing my rear entrance and heard him say, "Relax baby. You know how it goes. Relax and open it up to let me in."

I mashed my lips on Zebs and moaned into his mouth while I pushed my bottom back onto the impending intruder. Carl grabbed my hips and hissed, "Yes! That's it baby! God! The filthy *****'s actually backing up onto it! This slag's gotta be the best we ever had bro."

I felt him broach my tight sphincter and pop through into the tunnel beyond so I groaned into Zebs mouth and stuck my tongue into it. I opened my eyes and stared into his as Carl jerked his hard on into my receptive rectum inch by inch crying, "Yes! Oh man is she good! That's it baby! Come on! You can take it! I know you can! Show us what a good ***** you're gonna be for us! That's more than half! Go on! Just a little more! Ah you randy cow! Yeah! That's it! You got it! All of it! What a woman!"

I began to move up and down and back and forth all at the same time so I was milking both the phalli inside me. Zeb smiled sadistically and twisted my aching nipples. "We gonna have a lotta fun with you bitch!" he said as he tried to pull them off my chest. I screamed, Yes! Yes! I'm coming again! Fuck me nigga! Use your new white mare how she's meant to be used!"

I found myself literally bouncing on the pair of gargantuans inside my poor intimate parts and I was loving it.

Mace suddenly appeared alongside us and proffered his throbbing erection towards my face. I paused my movement and gazed into Zebs eyes awaiting his instructions. He inclined his head towards his friend slightly and said, "Go on. We've already seen how much you love three at a time."

I sighed and raised a hand to hold my purple satin g-string around the thick base of his cock while I began kissing the plum like knob. Moments later I was in seventh heaven with all three of them inside me.

I climaxed again and again while they took their time about fucking and buggering me. Some time later, (it could've been an hour but I found out it was actually only a couple of minutes,) Carl announced his ejaculation was imminent and gripped my hips harder. We both grunted noisily as I felt him spurting into my bowel. When he slipped out of my tight hole Mace pulled back from my face and walked around behind me to take his friends place. Zeb squeezed my breasts and bit my bursting teats then said, "You really are the horniest piece of arse we've ever had Diana and we've had a few I can tell you."

I hugged him and kissed him again while I felt Mace refilling the recently vacated orifice.

"I'm flattered," I sobbed and thrust my bottom backwards again. "Maybe you'll be getting a lot more anonymous tips about illicit goings on here in future if it means you coming round to investigate like today."

He grinned and caused his penis to swell inside me again saying, "You like my in depth investigative technique then Diana?"

"I love it!" I squealed. "and I'm coming again to prove it!"

They both came inside their respective holes then allowed me to get off and repose on the couch to recuperate.

I lay there panting and asked, "Will you let Timmy go now?"

"Not yet," Zeb answered. "We haven't finished with you yet. Carl's only been up your arse so he's got two to go. Mace has been in your mouth and your arse so he's only got your cunt left to get through. andI haven't buggered you yet so I've got that to look forwards to."

I opened my legs to show him the rivers of semen flowing out of my nether holes and said, "Lucky I'm so well lubricated then isn't it."

He smiled and stroked his half hard cock saying, "Yeah. When they get back from washing their dicks we'll make a start on the last rounds."

I blushed "Can we kiss while we wait please Zeb?"

"Sure babe," he laughed, "Get over here and let me play with them titties a bit more."

I crawled over to him releasing a loud series of squelches and wet farts from both of my abused apertures on the way. "'Scuse me," I apologised blithely as I pulled myself up over his stomach and chest. "Such a lot of air and sperm you know. It must get out somehow."

"Of course. I understand baby girl," he said and crushed my small breasts again.

When the others returned from the bathroom I was standing over Zeb and pushing one titty into his mouth so he could suck and chew on it while I wanked his renewed hard on with both hands. He in turn had three fingers of one hand sluicing in and out of my still dribbling cunt and two fingers of the other massaging my sphincter. He saw them enter the room so he stopped sucking my tit and said, "She's ready for more guys. Mace, you get her cunt. Carl gets her mouth and I get the gold cup."

Carl immediately complained, "Hey man, I haven't had her cunt yet either."

"You will," Zeb assured him. "If you can get it up again after she's sucked you off you can have it before we go."

"Okay," he smiled. "I don't foresee any problems with getting it up again with this sexy tart."

Mac sat on the couch so I straddled him and slotted him up into his designated spot, Carl stood by our side and I took him in hand and mouth, Zeb crouched behind me and spread my buttocks. I squealed when he broached my anus, (he was sooooooooo fat,) but I quickly adapted to the intrusion and was soon jerking my hips back and forth and up and down.

Naturally he came first, (well I like to think it was natural because it's so tight and hot up there, [or so everyone tells me,]) so my bowel was baptised for the third time in an hour. Mac was next and told me to get off him and put my head on his belly so he could spunk in my face. Obviously when I did that I had to stop sucking Carl but he said that was okay by him, he wanted to feel my cunt wrapped around his cock and sucking him off too so while I was busy wanking Mac off into my face Carl got behind me and got up me. Due to the oral foreplay I'd treated him to he didn't last long and was soon adding his second load to the one Zeb had shot up there earlier.

I was quite exhausted after all the sexercise so I just lay there on the couch covered in sperm and watched the three of them get dressed while they chatted about how good I was and what a great bit of posh cunt, (and arse of course,) I was going to be for them in future.

"How often can I expect to see you then?" I enquired shyly.

"Most days I reckon," Zeb laughed and put his jacket on.

I frowned, "Timmy might not be too happy with three policemen coming round here every day to fuck me."

They all laughed and I was just about to ask what they were laughing at when Timmy appeared at the top of the stairs with his camcorder in his hand and shouted, "April fool Di. We really had you go for that didn't we?"

I gawped gormlessly from one to the other and said, "You mean it was all a joke? You're not really cops and you were never arrested?"

"Right," he cried as he came down the stairs. "It was all an April fools joke."

"You pig!" I chided him but couldn't help smiling. "Well the joke's on you then 'cause I want these three to come back as often as possible and stay as long as they can."

"Yes of course my love," he chuckled. "and next time I can be in the room with you so we'll get some really amazing films."

"You heard him guys," I smarmed. "Anytime you're in the vicinity and you want to unload............. remember I'm here for you."

They all gathered round to kiss me goodbye and Zeb said, "How could we possibly forget a woman like you Diana? You're top of the pops with us now."

He kissed my mouth, Mac kissed my breast and Carl kissed my wet gleaming mound.

I held onto Zebs hand as he stood up to go and said, "You know I'm looking for a lodger? Someone who wants to move in and live with us. I'd be really happy if it turned out to be you. Why don't you think about it and let me know what you decide. Maybe come back later and discuss the proposition if you like."

He laughed that big booming laugh of his and replied, "I don't think the wife would be too happy about that. Me moving in I mean. But the other.... I'll certainly be coming back regularly from now on." He took my hand and placed it on the large lump in his jeans, "You're gonna be seeing a lot more of us in future."

"I'm glad to hear it," I smiled and gave him a gentle squeeze. "The more I see of that the happier I'll be."

They left so I lay back and opened my legs then purred, "Come here and lick me clean you filthy kinky bastard."

Another black stud or three in my stable, I thought with satisfaction as I began to shiver my way into another orgasm on my husbands mouth.

I may be an April fool but I'm no fool.
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