IMG48.jpgI suppose a lot of you want to know my details and although I've written them down before and included a photo of myself at the top of this tale, I guess I'll have to repeat myself for your benefit. I'm five foot ten in stockinged feet, (and if I wear any hose at all it's only ever stockings never tights,) so a tall, (for a woman.) slim 28 year old with shoulder length reddish blonde curls and green come to bed eyes. (So I've been told.) I know I'm not the prettiest girl on the block, my hair always looks as though a small bomb's gone off on top of my head, my breasts are too small, (34 b if you must know.) my bottom's too flat, my ears stick out a bit and two of my teeth are a bit crooked. But I have a mischievous personality and I can be a bit of a flirty tease and it seems a lot of men out there want to fuck me. So, about three years ago I wanted to order some sexy clothes from an online shop, (the sort of thing I'd be too embarrassed to ask for in a normal shop,) so I was browsing on the computer when I accidentally hit the history link and all this interracial sex stuff appeared. Well I knew my husband Timmy was interested in that sort of thing, (he'd admitted as much to me once,) but I found the idea totally shocking and said so. He hadn't mentioned it since but I saw that he certainly hadn't forgotten about it. There were literally dozens of video films which all featured black men and white women. Just out of curiosity I started watching one and was astonished to see the size of all the men. (I wondered if all blacks were equipped like that or were they chosen especially because of their extraordinary endowment? and all the females seemed to be constantly orgasming. Yes I ended up watching half a dozen films.) Anyway it gave me food for thought. (and a reason to run upstairs to get my dildo out and in.)

I didn't mention anything to Timmy but a week later he said he had to do some office work on the computer in his study so I made a point of interrupting him a few times to ask him questions or just relate a bit of gossip I'd heard from friends. The fourth time I went in I said, "Julia and Clive are taking in a refugee you know. That's ever so...... humanitarian of them don't you think?

"Hmmmmmm," he agreed and clicked off the page he'd been looking at. "Yes, well I hope they won't regret it. End up with a thief, a ****** or a bloody terrorist."

I laughed, "Oh I don't think Jules would mind a ******. She gets even less than I do."

He frowned and quizzed, "Are you complaining about our sex life Di?"

I inclined my head slightly and said, "Well it's hardly fifty shades of grey stuff is it?" I smiled.

He looked surprised, "What! You want me to tie you up and stuff. Make you my sex slave?"

I walked round behind him then reached over his shoulders and stroked his face saying, "Well I wouldn't be able to refuse or resist if I was tied up would I. I couldn't very well say no to anything you wanted to do to me could I."

I leaned closer then suddenly put my hand on the mouse and opened the page he'd been looking at. Naturally it was a film of three black men all filling an ecstatic white woman with their huge penii in every orifice at the same time. I whispered, "You'd be able to make me do ANYTHING at all wouldn't you darling? Anything and everything."

He had the good grace to blush as he stuttered, "You mean.... things..... things like that?"

I licked his ear and murmured, "If that's what you wanted to make me do I couldn't stop you could I. I mean...." I crouched down by the side of his chair and put a hand on the lump in his trousers. "You're so masculine and strong and I'm only a weak woman and anyway......, I mean I'm your wife aren't I. I promised to love and obey didn't I."

"You did indeed," he grinned and reached for his zip.

"Here, let me," I said helpfully and proceeded to unzip him. "Stand up so I can get your pants down."

Once his trousers and boxers were around his calves he sat back down and I started to stroke his rather scrawny five or six inch erection.

Gazing at his hard on with the dutiful wifes wonderment I mused, "When Jules told me about their taking in a refugee I got to thinking. We've got a spare room haven't we. We could take in a lodger of something couldn't we?"

He jerked in my hand and said, "But these refugees are mostly from the Ukraine these days and they're mostly women and kids."

"Yes. But I wasn't thinking of just refugees. I looked at Gloucester's agricultural college web page today, (a small fib. I'd been looking at it for a week.) and they've got a few Africans studying there. I looked at their intake photos. Quite handsome boys actually."

He pulled the front of his shirt up and gasped, "Are you having me on DI?" as he squirted a jet of precum all over his tummy.

"No," I smiled and wanked him faster and harder. "I think having a lodger could be beneficial for all concerned..... don't you?"

He groaned and began to ejaculate all over himself.

I giggled, "Well it certainly looks like you're all in favour of the idea."

"Christ Di..... you're tops. The best wife a guy could have. You really mean it? You'd like one to come and live here with us?"

I squeezed the last drop of sperm off the end of his dick then licked my fingers and said, "Hmmmm. Let me get on the computer and see what I can find."

He went to get cleaned up and I called up the page I'd been using to chat with several boys at the GAC for the last few days.

It seemed like Anton had been waiting for me to log on.

"Hey Mrs W. I hoped you'd get back to me this evening."

"Schuuuuuuuuuuuuush!" I admonished him quietly. "This is supposed to be our first contact remember. Timmy'll be here any second and he has to think this is the first time we've chatted."

"Yes I understand," he nodded. "First time."

Timmy walked back into the room with his bathrobe on and I said, "Well hello Anton. It's very nice to see you."

"Good to see you too Mrs W. You're very beautiful."

"What!" I exclaimed. "That's very sweet of you but a bit of an overstatement I think."

"Not at all," he replied gallantly. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eye is totally blinded by your beauty."

"Wow," I smiled, "Such a charmer. Well you're a very handsome young man too but that's not the only reason I wanted to chat with you. I was looking at GACs admin page today and I saw that you left a message saying you're not completely happy with your lodgings."

"That's right," he agreed. "It's cheap and she's a nice enough old lady but she's a bit too old. I'd prefer to pay a bit more and be living with someone who's got interests more like my own."

"and what sort of things interest you Anton?"

"Well you do for a start," he grinned. "I imagine sharing with you would be much much better. I expect you listen to something other than radio four all day don't you?"

"I do yes," I smiled. "I'm more of the romantic type. I prefer soul music and blues. The black mans music I've been told so I guess you could say I'm a fan of all things black."

"I like the sound of that," he grinned again. "I'm a bit of a romantic myself. Maybe we could get romantic together."

I tried to appear shocked, "I'm a married woman Anton and my husband Timmy's here with me so be careful what you say."

"Understood Mrs W. How are you mister W? Keeping an eye on your pretty wife? Making sure she makes the right choice?"

Timmy stood behind me and said, "I trust my wife to make the right decisions in every aspect of our lives. After all she chose me didn't she."

Anton laughed, "Yeah. You sure got lucky there. Any man that hooks a woman who looks as good as Mrs W does has got to be lucky."

"Yes I'm very lucky. What about you Anton. Have you been lucky in love. Are you married."

"Hell no," he laughed. "Not married. I'm only twenty. But lucky in love..... I guess you could say so. I've had a few girlfriends that's for sure."

"A few?" Timmy queried. "So you're a bit of a Casanova?"

"Not really. But the girls seem to like something about me."

I interjected, "No doubt your good looks, intelligent wit and charm all contribute to their fascination."

"Maybe," he smiled. "Or maybe it's something not quite as conspicuous as that.."

I couldn't help giggling, "Oh you have other hidden talents as well do you?"

"I wouldn't say hidden," he rejoined. "More like latent. I'm always willing to flaunt any quality I might have. My father's a politician back home so a lot of ladies say it must be in my genes."

"I beg your pardon?" I acted shocked again.

"In my genes with a g Mrs W. It means I get the gift of the gab off my father."

"Hmmmmm, yes right. Of course." I murmured and glanced back at Timmy. "He does sound promising doesn't he darling?"

"Yes," Timmy croaked and I noted the way his bathrobe was tented at the front. Two erections in the space of half an hour! Unheard of since our honeymoon.

Anton went on, "Most ladies get a huge surprise when they find out exactly what's in my genes and what I'm capable of doing with it."

"A huge surprise do they?" I asked as I put a hand behind me and ran it up Timmy's leg.

"Yes," he smirked smugly. "Some have even said it's too much for them to take, but we always manage to come to some compatible arrangement eventually."

"Oh I bet you do," I smiled and cupped Timmy's constricted sac. "I hate to sound crass at this point but maybe we should talk about rent. How much are you prepared to pay?"

"Well I'm only a poor student so I can't afford much. I pay a hundred a week at the moment but I'd be more than willing to help you out with odd jobs around the house whenever I was needed."

I leaned forward so I could surreptitiously let Timmy's hard on rest on the palm of my hand. It was leaking all over my wrist. I began to gently wank it.

"Oh there's always something that needs a mans touch around here isn't there darling?"

"Yes," he squeaked. "Diana's always going on about me not doing enough."

"Is that right Mr W. Well I reckon I could help to keep her satisfied with any manly jobs she needs doing."

"She can be very demanding can't you my love?" he said as he moved closer to my back.

"Yes," I smiled. "My appetite for change is quite insatiable at times."

"I'm quite amenable to change myself," Anton smirked again. "Nothing like a bit of variation in life is there."

"No quite," I purred and wanked my husband faster. I could see my right shoulder moving on the edge of the small picture of me up in the right hand corner of the screen and Timmy's bathrobe wafting to and fro behind it. I knew Anton would be able to see it too. "Variety is the spice of life they say. I think you should come round and look at the room sometime."

"Okay," he grinned. "I could come tomorrow afternoon. I don't have any more courses after twelve."

"Sounds good to me," I giggled and squeezed Timmy hard. "What do you think darling? Should he come tomorrow afternoon?"

"Yes!" Timmy groaned and began to ejaculate up my arm.

"Lovely," I encouraged him while I was looking at Anton and saying, "That's a date then Anton." I gave him our address. "What time will you get here exactly? I'd like to know so I'll be ready for you when you arrive."

"How does two-o-clock sound? It'll take me about an hour to get there from the college I reckon."

"Two's fine. That'll give us five hours to get to know each other a little better before Timmy gets home from work."

"I'm certainly looking forward to getting to know you better Mrs W. A lot better."

I let him see me cup my breast and closed my eyes until they were just narrow slits while I said, "Yes. I'd like that. Intimately even."

He laughed, "What does Mr W think about that?"

Timmy leaned over my shoulder and kissed my cheek while he nudged my hand out of the way with his so he could cup both of my breasts. "I told you, my wife makes all the right decisions and if she decides she wants to get to know you intimately then I'm naturally all in favour of it."

"Great!" Anton exclaimed while he leered at my reaction to Timmy's wandering hands. I sat back and turned my head so I could kiss my husband on the lips.

Timmy immediately pulled my top down to reveal my small braless titties. I quickly covered them with my hands which allowed Anton to see the river of sperm which had run down my arm and was now dripping off my elbow. I fluttered my eyelashes at the laptops camera giggling, "Oh gosh Timmy. You naughty boy. What on earth will Anton think of us?"

Anton stared and guffawed, "Anton thinks you look like a lot of fun. Much better than my present landlady anyway."

It was my turn to laugh as I uncovered my boobs and stuck my chest out, "I should hope so you wicked young man."

Timmy took my long, thick, extraordinarily turgid nipples in between his forefingers and thumbs and pulled them stretching them, (and my titties of course,) out painfully. I groaned, "Oh yes darling. Show our new lodger to be what a truly randy white nympho tart I really am."

Timmy whispered, "Stand up and pull your skirt up then."

"Oh Timmy I shouldn't," I pretended to prevaricate even though I almost jumped up and began tugging and wriggling my tight mini-skirt upwards.

When Anton saw that I wasn't wearing any underwear at all he whooped, "Wow Mr W. That is one beautiful woman you've got there. I love bald pussies."

I opened my legs and in a most unladylike pose I put both hands down there and pulled myself open. I croaked, "Is that enough to take your huge surprise Anton?"

"Maybe," he mused thoughtfully. "You wanna see it?"

"Yes!" I almost screamed. "Yes please! Show me!"

He stood up and unzipped his jeans then pushed them and his undershorts down in one swift move.

My eyes must have been boggling and I started to orgasm straight away. The monster was nine or ten inches long and to my astonished eyes it appeared to be as thick as my wrist. It was as black as coal and shone like a marble scimitar.

I was totally in love.

"Oh......... My.......... God!" I muttered. "That is a fantastic specimen. Incredible! Isn't it darling?"

"Yes," Timmy agreed and put a hand between mine. My impish vagina immediately sucked two of his fingers in.

"Wonderful!" I enthused. (and I wasn't referring to his fingers although it was very nice to have them wriggling inside me too.) "It's like one of those in the pornos you're always watching isnt it darling?"

"Yes it is," he agreed and began sluicing his fingers in and out of my swampy cunt.

"I'm coming!" I announced unequivocally and started shaking.

Anton turned sideways on to his camera and started wanking himself lasciviously. "Is it a big enough surprise for you Mrs W? Do you think you can take it?"

"Yes!" I gasped and collapsed backwards against my husband. "Yes I can take it! I want to take it! I want to take it now! Can't you come here now?"

"If you let me watch you fucking yourself with something I bet I'll come now alright."

"Oh! I meant come round here to the house. But alright . I'll do it if that's what you want to see." I looked at Timmy and said, "Is that alright with you darling. You don't mind Anton watching me fuck myself do you?"

"No!" he exclaimed. "Of course I don't mind. You want me to get it?"

I giggled, "You know where it is then?"

"Of course I know my angel. You might think I've got my head in the clouds most of the time but there are some things that even I notice."

He left to go upstairs and get my black beauty from the back of my lingerie drawer.

As soon as he'd left the room I leaned in closer to the laptop and whispered, "Come round this evening baby pleeeeeeeeeeeze! I can't wait. I really want you."

He shook his leviathan at me and laughed, "I know what you want you randy old slag. You want this in you a few times don'tcha?"

"Yes," I hissed and rubbed myself harder. "You know what we bad white ladies need."

"You ain't no lady," he chuckled. "You're a dirty white nympho slut. Say it out loud. Tell me what you are and what you want."

I cocked an ear towards the stairs but couldn't hear anything so I said. "I'm a dirty white nympho slut and I want your gorgeous big fat hard black cock up my greedy tight little pink cunt!"

"Diana!" Timmy exclaimed behind me. "I've never heard you use language like that before."

I turned and looked at him saying, "Well you'd better get used to it my darling 'cause I think you're going to be hearing me say things and yelling even more disgusting things than that in future. Here. Gimme the dildo."

He meekly handed over my nine inch long and eight inch circumference phallus

I took it then put my feet up on the table one either side of the laptop. "Pump the chair up so my cunt's level with the tabletop there's a dear pet. We want him to have the perfect view don't we?"

"We certainly do," Timmy muttered as he bent down and began raising the chair.

On screen I could see Anton watching with interest while he carried on stroking himself to keep it hard.

"Can you see alright Anton?" I asked.

"Yeah, great," he replied. "Just get your legs wider apart."

"How?" I cried. "I'm doing the splits already."

"Okay," he laughed. "Let's see you get it in then."

I lifted the heavy rubber dildo up and began to slide the head of it up and down my dribbling slit so my labia splayed outwards like a butterfly's wings and the tunnel beyond started to gape.

"Can you see?" I gasped. "Can you see how ready I am for you?"

"I sure can Mrs W. Beautiful! I'm really gonna enjoy burying this big fat nigger cock into your beautiful tight little white hot wet cunt."

"Oh yes!" I wailed and pushed the tip of the phallus in. "Tell me more baby! Tell me what disgusting things you're going to make me do for you!"

"You gonna suck this fat nigga cock every morning ain'tcha Mrs W?"

"Yes darling!" I groaned and accepted the first inch of the dildo

"You gonna tell me how much you love me while you ride it ain'tcha?"

"Yes darling yes!" I cried as I started wanking the first two inches in and out earnestly.

"You gonna beg for my nigga spunk ain'tcha?"

"Yes lover! Every day!"

"and where d'you want it slag?"

"Everywhere," I yelled and saw I was taking six inches already.

"Where?" he persisted.

"Up my cunt!" I shouted

"Where else?"

"In my mouth. Down my throat!" Seven inches.

"Where else?"

I gazed at him quizzically then panted, "In my face!"

"and where else?"

"Oh!" I realised what he wanted to hear so I screamed. "Yes! Alright! Up my arse too! Deep in my tiny arsehole!"

"Diana!" Timmy yammered with shock.

"I know!" I yelled. "I know I don't let you but he's different! I want to give him my all."

Anton called out, "Hey Timmy! You're one of those guys who like to see their gals getting a real fuck from a real man ain'tcha?"

"Yes," he admitted embarrassedly.

"Well your wife's gonna be getting this in every hole in future and you're gonna help me get it into her. Right?"

He hung his head in shame and quietly replied, "Yes."

Anton continued with his vocal degradation. "Holding her head up and wanking me into her mouth."

Timmy nodded.

"Pulling her cunt and arsehole open so I can get it up there. Right?"

"Yes," my dear husband sobbed.

"and sucking my spunk out of her after I've come in her yeah?"

"Yeeeees!" he wailed.

I stared at him with disbelief for a second when I heard him agreeing to those perversions but I carried on dildoing and looked back at my new lover to be on screen as I said, "Go and get my black lace g-string Timmy. You know the one you like to toss yourself off with when you're watching your pornos."

He scurried away so I gazed at the handsome wanker in front of me and said, "Please come round this evening darling. You can have everything and do it all."

"I know I can," he laughed. "You're such a randy bit of posh Di. I'm gonna love humiliating you in front of your husband and friends."

When I heard that I groaned, "Oh fuck! I'm coming again!" I jammed eight inches in and shoved my hips towards the camera.

"Oh yes," he lauded. "That's beautiful. Go on baby. Come for your man!"

I jerked and squealed and bounced my bottom up and down on the table just inches in front of the camera until the climax was over and the waves of ecstasy began to recede. Timmy returned from the bedroom carrying the scrap of black lace and silk. I glared at him angrily and said, "Give it to me then take your bathrobe off and take over fucking me with the dildo."

Aware of his unfavourable comparison size wise he was obviously insecure about being naked in front of my Adonis but he could see I'd brook no nonsense so he handed me the g-string, slipped the robe off and leaned over the table so he could take hold of the end of the large phallus sticking out of me.

"Wow," Anton sniggered. "He certainly likes the idea of seeing me fuck you doesn't he?"

I was astonished! Three erections in an hour. This was incomprehensible to me.

"It appears he does yes," I commented calmly and wrapped the tiny g-string around his straining hard on.

He began to fuck me with the dildo, I began to wank him with the g-string and he instantly sobbed, "Oh Diana. I'm so sorry! I love you so much!" and he started to ejaculate AGAIN!

He squirted his muck all over my tummy, ribs and chest almost weeping with shame as he did it.

"You filthy pervert!" I admonished him as I rubbed him off.

"That's pathetic!" Anton crowed from the laptop. "This is what your lovely wife wants and deserves."

I stared at the screen intensely as the grinning Priapus slid his pulsating limb through both of his wanking hands and allowed us to watch it erupting voluminously.

I was speechless. I watched in amazement as stream after stream after stream spurted from the tip of his gorgeous member and arced out of shot. It looked so powerful I imagined I could feel it splattering my cervix and womb. There was so much of it. I was truly in love,

With tears in my eyes I whispered, "Get here now you virile bastard. Please! I'm begging you! I want that up me!"

"That's what I like to hear from my bitches. Give me a couple of hours," he smiled. "My balls will be full again by then."

I shivered and croaked, "Please hurry my love. I can't wait."

He chuckled, "Keep it wet and warm for me Timmy. I wanna get straight up the randy slag when I get there."

"Yes. Right you are," my cuckold murmured sadly.

Anton turned off his computer so I slowly pulled the rubberised dick out and let it roll across the tabletop. Timmy instinctively picked it up and began to lick it clean of my juices. I had a sudden vision of him doing the same with Antons gargantuan penis and found that I liked the idea. I swung my legs off the table and swivelled my chair around ninety degrees so I was facing an ashamed and crushed looking husband. I smiled and used the g-string to wipe up as much of his sperm as I could then I handed the sopping rag to him and said, "Here. Put that on." While he was struggling to wriggle the skimpy garment up over his thighs I languidly hooked my legs over the arms of the chair saying, "You heard him. You've got to keep it wet and warm until he gets here." I splayed my lips and pulled myself wide open sighing, "You'd better make a start now and get used to it 'cause once he's living here with us I get the impression this is the only sort of sex you're going to be having with me."

He tucked his shrunken acorn of a penis back between his legs and yanked the g-string up hard then dropped to his knees in front of me. "You won't mind being demoted to my cleaner will you darling?" I giggled. "I assumed from your three erections and ejaculations that you're going to be rather pleased with the new hierarchy that's about to begin here."

"No I won't mind," he muttered and leaned forwards into the valley of my thighs.

I stroked the top of his head and said, "Good boy Timmy. Get right up there. and do my bumhole too. That's going to have to be really well lubricated if I'm going to take that massive cock of his up there as well. and I'm going to have to aren't I Timmy? He said so didn't he? Will you enjoy seeing that baby? Seeing your filthy slut of a wife screaming with pleasure while a disgusting nigger fucks her in the arsehole with his wonderful elephantine erection?"

Timmy kept on nodding and stuck his tongue up my anus as far as he could get it.

"Oh you're such a good husband darling," I laughed and allowed a small rivulet of urine to trickle out and down onto his tongue. He swallowed and "Mmmmmmm'd" with appreciation before lapping all the way up over my wet perineum and back into my vagina so I said, "You like that sweetheart? You like the taste of Di Dis pee pee?"

"Yes," he mumbled into my cavern.

"Say it loud and clear so I can be sure," I chastised him.

He looked up at me with moist puppy dog eyes and said, "I adore the taste of Di Dis pee pee. It's delicious. I'll be ever so grateful if you piss in my mouth and allow me to drink your warm nectar."

I stroked his face and said, "I will baby. I will. Later on I'll pee a river for you. But right now I want you to make me come again with your tongue while I think about Anton and how lucky I was to find him when I googled the GAC."

Sorry. I didn't mean to go on for so long but I got carried away with the memory. I could spend a few more days relating the sexual revolution which took place in our house after Anton's moving in but I don't want to bore you. Suffice it to say he stayed with us for two adventurous years until he finished his college course and had to go back to Africa. We often skype 'cause he likes to see me with his replacements and he's said he's going to visit us with a couple of his wives sometime. He wants to see them using me as well. What a varied and happy life I lead these days.
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