Frank always had a fantasy of seeing his wife fucked by another man. Today that fantasy comes true as her Yoga partner takes things farther than Frank thought he could. Reach out if you want to discuss your wife being a new story that I write.


“Damn it Frank, why the hell are you sending my pictures to Derrick? You know he creeps me out.” Alice said as she held Franks phone towards him showing the picture that Derrick just asked for.

“With all thats been happening with this fucking lockdown and his wife leaving him he hasn’t had anyone to talk to or see.” Frank replied sheepishly.

“So you showed him your wife? Are you fucking stupid? Are you trying to be in the same boat as him?” She screamed.

Frank stood there with his shoulders slumped over defeated as he took his phone back from her and couldn’t help but notice the flush on her pale white skin. He had been married to her for 10 years and still thought she was gorgeous. She was only 5’8 but her body was right everywhere you looked. She had large size C tits that still defied gravity and more than once she went to the grocery store without a bra on. She always came home with her nipples poking through her shirt and Frank loved seeing it. She also seemed to never go anywhere without being in Yoga pants which was alright with him because then he got to see her legs and her ass anytime he wanted. Her small frame was even better when she was riding on top of him but ever since Derrick started asking for pictures of her he started imaging strange things as they would have sex.

‘Ding, Ding, Ding’. Franks phone went off again meaning another text message.

“If thats Derrick tell him I know what you’re doing and he won’t be getting any more pictures ever again. Do you understand?” She yelled.

“It’s Derrick but he isn’t asking for pictures. He said that he wanted to share the news that he was able to get certified as a trainer in a new exercise program called Cuckyoga. He said that with the lockdown easing up that he started to see if there was interest in getting back at it from home.” Frank relayed the message to Alice as she stood unmoved from her spot.

“What the fuck is Cuckyoga?” She asked.

Frank typed and then sent the message with a ‘Whoosh’ from his phone. A few moments later a reply dinged in. Frank read it over then handed his phone back to Alice and she read the reply.

“Hey bro, I hadn’t heard of it until I did some research on how to take up so much of my time. This form of Yoga is a relationship builder as it’s couple based and relies on an instructor to walk you through the special poses. Heres a link to what couples are saying about it..… Man I’m sorry I kept asking for pictures of Alice and I really want to show you guys how great this practice is.” Alice finished reading and began to type a reply back. Then she closed the phone and threw it on the bed.

“What did you tell him?” Frank asked confused as he reached for the phone.

“What do you think I told him? I haven’t been active in months, If someones offering fitness classes right now, then I’m not gonna pass up free classes.” She said with a laugh.

‘Ding, Ding, Ding’ his phone chirped.

Frank read the message and relayed the information. “He said that he can make it over in a half hour and asked if it’s alright to bring a couple other couples.”

Alice looked at him still mad and nodded before turning and walking to her dresser where she pulled out a peach colored sports bra and a gray tank top. “Now he won’t have anything to look at.” She said as she looked at herself in the mirror.

Just like Derrick had told them in the text Frank and Alice saw his truck bounce up their road and stop in front of their house. Alice was shocked to see Derrick and two other guys get out of the truck. “Hey guys, the wives couldn’t make it but they told these oafs they still needed to get out of the house. You don’t mind do you?” He asked as he climbed out of the truck and walked toward the house. Of course Alice minded. She didn’t want to be leered at by Franks three most lecherous friends and her idiot husband through the entire class. “It’s Fine!” She said in a tone that definitely told everyone it wasn’t fine but still invited all three men into her house.

Each man passed Alice at the door and greeted her kindly before stealing a quick glance up and down her body. She began to feel uneasy about this class.

“Alright, The first thing we need to do is to cleanse our bodies. I will make the herbal tea for the pre class meditation. Frank and Alice can you go with Mark and Jose to set up for the class? It’s best if done outside in the sun.” Frank walked out the back patio door with Mark and Jose a step behind and Alice following them because she didn’t want to give them a chance to stare at her ass like she knew these dirty men would do.

When Derrick was alone In their kitchen he pulled out a bag of loose tea leaves and boiled hot water. As he was making the tea he pulled out a bottle of clear liquid and poured it into each glass. ‘and now for the magic ingredient. This should help her relax for what’s coming up.’ Derrick thought and a mischievous smile crossed his lips. Frank peeked his head back in the house and was rewarded with being handed two mugs of tea and Derrick walked him out the door into the back yard where all of the Yoga mats were lined up with Derricks at the front of the others.

“What did you put in here Derrick?” Alice questioned with a sideways glance.

“It’s mainly just herbs and tea leaves. Ingredients to help your body and mind relax and accept the movements you will experience today. Now each of you take a seat on your mat and slowly sip your tea. When it’s empty we will begin.” Derrick instructed.

From his experience the drug was powerful and didn’t take long to work. He could tell that Mark and Jose wouldn’t feel it right away because they were larger, but looking at Alice and Frank they were already showing the right signs. She was flushed in the chest and her breathing was deeper and more breathy. Frank took his shirt off and commented on feeling warm.

Alice and the others finished their tea and placed their cups on the patio before returning to their mats. When Alice got to her mat she took her tank top off and bent over at the waist pointing her ass toward Derrick at the front. ‘Why am I doing this with that repulsive man behind me?’ She thought to herself but still stayed in that position, acutely aware that the idea of him looking at her now somehow excited her. She stood up and turned to face Derrick who smirked and winked at Alice before reaching down and holding his cock. Alice liked the thought of his cock.

“How much of me did Frank show you? I suspect he was deleting more than what I saw today in the texts.” Alice cocked her hip to the side and pushed her breasts out. Frank looked pleadingly at Derrick to not tell her.

“Lets talk about that later if you even care about it after we work on these poses.” Derrick replied.

Derrick began taking them through normal poses and each pose made Alice feel like her clothes were tightening up and her pussy was catching fire. She started to ogle the other men around her. Each one had their shirts off and were by no means attractive but as she took turns looking at the loose fitting shorts she wondered what their cocks looked like. She wanted to se them and to taste them.

In one movement she was bent at the waist with her head pointing back at Mark. She looked at him as he took a break from the position and smiled “Couldn’t keep it up and with such a sweet piece of ass in front of you to look at huh!” She smirked and swayed her hips back and forth drawing Mark and Joses eyes to her ass.

“If Frank doesn’t mind I’d be happy to show you how long I can keep it up.” He looked at Frank who seemed lost and was already showing a tent in his shorts.

Mark sat on his mat and pulled his legs in toward him which caused his shorts to tighten and his thick cock head poke out of the left leg of his shorts. Alice just looked at it and instinctively licked her lips. “See something you like or are you just horny?” Mark asked her.

‘Fuck I am so horny but these guys are disgusting. Why am I still staring at his thick delicious cock. I want to lick it so bad.’ She thought and Derrick walked over and placed a hand on each of Alice’s ass cheeks and caressed them slowly. “COCK” she screamed out loud with a start as she stood up as quickly as she could. “Oh shit Derrick you scared me.” she said as she raised her hand to her chest and turned her upper body to Derrick as he stood behind her.

“I can tell because your nipples could poke out an eye right now. They must be extremely hard to push through such a thick sports bra. That must feel so confining now that you are getting so loose huh?” Derrick asked and openly stared at her large breasts.

“It really does feel uncomfortable. These pants also suck as a matter of fact.” She said truthfully even though she didn’t know why she suddenly wanted to do yoga naked with three men and her husband watching.

“Why do you think we do yoga in such loose shorts? Let’s move on to the next pose. For this one I will help you into position.” He told her as he slid his hands from her ass to her right thigh and held on as he pulled her leg forward. Then moved his hands around her stomach and let them slowly glide across her lower stomach and just brush her covered lower abdomen. He felt her shiver as he gripped her other leg and pulled it back.

“Now, I want you to focus all of your energy here.” He told her as he firmly pressed the heel of his palm 4 inches below her belly button, directly at the top of her mound. He then relaxed his hand and let it rest at the part in her legs. “Breath in and out, in and out. If you feel you can go deeper you should.” He felt her move under his hand as she tried to go deeper. He curled his fingers in and let her sink her pussy directly on his fingers.

“Ughhhhh” she grunted as she pressed harder into his hand.

“You are burning up Alice and it feels like you are working up quite the sweat here.” He said in her ear as he began wiggling his fingers against the gusset of her yoga pants.

Alice bit her lower lip and looked back at Derrick standing behind her and nodded her head yes. “Uh huh, So hot” She said softly as she licked her lips.“

“Mark and Jose come here and notice how limber and tight she feels right now. Frank, you stay put. It looks like you are having trouble mastering the positions and you need to continue to work on that.” Derrick told the men.

Derrick knew that a side effect of the teas components was compliance as well as a strong aphrodisiac and Frank stood by idly as two more men, Mark and Jose, approached his wife whom he could see was already making sexier sounds than she did in the bedroom,

Mark moved up on her left and Jose stood on her right and each man reached for a leg that was outstretched. They both seemed to work in tandem as they started on her lower outside thigh and ran their hands up and in toward her pussy which Derrick staked claim over with his hand still slowly moving back and forth.

“Can you guys feel the heat radiating off of her sexy little body?” Derrick asked the two men on either side.

“Fuck yeah.” Jose told Derrick then looked over at Frank, “Your wife is about to catch my hand on fire and I’m not even touching her pussy man.”

Frank looked on and began to rub his dick through his shorts as he watched three of his friends put their hands all over his wife. ‘Whats wrong with me? Why aren’t I stopping them? And why do I hope they fuck her silly right now?’ He thought to himself as he increased his rubbing.

“Would you like to take these hot and stuffy pants off Alice?” Derrick whispered in her ear.

“Hell yes, they are so hot, but I can’t. I’m not wearing any panties.” Alice replied.

“I call Bullshit!” came Derricks response.

“If you don’t believe me then check for yourself!” She said as defiantly as she could in her position.

Derrick pulled his hand from massaging her lips through her pants and pushed his hands inside the waistband of her pants.

“I didn’t mean you could….” She trailed off.

Derrick slid his hand over her mons and through the light hair he could feel covering her hot pussy and then felt his fingers slide into her soaked lips.

“Frank! Your wife wasn’t lying, Not a panty in site. You don’t have a problem with her showing off for us do you?” He asked Frank and without waiting for a reply Mark and Jose had a hold of the waist band of her pants. They stood her up then peeled the pants down her legs as she stood still letting Derrick continue to push his meaty finger in and out of her.

After she stepped out of her pants Jose pulled them to his nose and inhaled deeply before walking them to Frank and shoved the crotch in his nose.

“How does your wife smell buddy?” He asked Frank.

“Let her go?” Frank asked without any effort. As he smelled his wifes pussy on her pants and pushed his hand inside of his shorts and began jerking off slowly at the entire situation. Jose returned to the other three and Mark and Jose began sliding their hands all over her body.

“Alright boys, we’ve had our fun with Alice. Time to get back to the poses.”He told Mark and Jose before turning to her. “If you like we can help make sure you get in the correct position?”

“With your fingers in my cunt I don’t think I can even think.” She replied to him.

Derrick pulled his fingers from between her legs and held them to Alices face. She marveled at how wet she was and how it glistened. She wasn’t sure why but she leaned forward and began licking her own juices off of his fingers. She couldn’t remember a time that she had ever been so hot for action. She reached down and pulled her peach sports bra up and everyone watched as her large breasts each tumbled down from the captivity of their peach prison.

“My, don’t these look heavy.” Jose said as he lifted one to feel the weight.

“These cherries on top look quite inviting though.” Mark joined in as he took her left nipple between his index and thumb and slowly rolled the nipple back and forth while increasing pressure until they heard Alice moan.

“Now it looks like we are almost ready for our first position. Boys lets follow Alices lead and loose these shorts as well. Alice pull my shorts down.” Derrick said

Since Derrick was still behind her she turned and faced him and took a moment for Derrick to look at her body. “I know you’ve been wanting to see this forever. How does the dream compare to reality?” She asked him.

“How does it feel to be a ***** after acting so chaste and proper around us for so long?” He asked her back. “Now pull these shorts down slowly and I will start the next set of movements. You will really enjoy how full of life you will feel when we are done today.”

Alice gripped the waistband of Derricks shorts and looked over at Frank who nodded his approval as he continued to jerk off while he watched. She slowly lowered his shorts and saw his shaft come into view as the shorts slid over it. It was already thicker than she had expected and as she kept lowering his shorts it was certainly longer than she was used to as well. Once she reached his tip the cock sprang free and bounced up directly in her face as she bent over.

“Stay right there Alice. Flatten your back and straighten your legs.” Derrick told her and she dutifully followed his instruction and stared at his cock 3 inches from her face. Derrick motioned for Jose to stand behind her and Jose placed a hand on either side of her hips.

“Now, This position is called H full.” Derrick said as he leaned forward and pressed his cock to her mouth. She parted her lips and welcomed him into her mouth while at the same time Jose lined his cock up with her open pussy and as the tip entered, her eyes went big and her legs gave out on her as she started cumming.

“Has she ever cum that fast on the end of your dick before?” Jose asked Frank.

Frank just shook his head no and began jerking off harder.

“Alright boys. It looks like we can drop this yoga bullshit and get down to the fuck fest. I told you she would be DTF in no time.” Derrick said as he grabbed a handful of her hair and started forcing her head further down his cock until she was choking and gagging with each thrust. Jose took a similar role and started hammering his 7 inches as deep as possible hard before pulling back out until just the tip remained then slammed forward again.

Alice couldn’t even stand and Jose and Derrick held her in the air as they plugged her holes. Mark approached the trio then reached down with one hand and began mauling her tits as they hung down. With his other hand he reached down between her ass checks and placed a finger on her asshole. From where Frank was standing he could hear his beautiful wife whimper in both pleasure and pain and he was conflicted and failed to move because he was so close to cumming that when he finally did he almost blacked out and had to sit down and couldn’t move.

‘Oh shit, I hope they don’t think I’m going to let them in my ass!’ Alice thought. Everyone else there except Frank knew that they were going to spend at least one load of cum in that thick ass of hers. Marks probing finger slowly began pushing against her rim in the same motion as Joses fucking. She began to relax her asshole and soon Mark was easily sliding his finger in and out of her ass.

“Here comes your first protein shake slut!” Derrick warned her at the same time that he sent jets of cum down her throat. She looked up with tears streaming down her cheeks and Derrick pulled his still erect cock from her mouth.

“Oh My God, I have never cum that much that quickly. Mark you better pull that finger out of my ass and feed me that fat cock NOW.” Alice cried as she reached for Marks club of a cock. She grasped a hand around Marks member and Jose began lowering her to the ground then pulled her ass up into a perfect doggystyle position. His speed quickened and Mark laid in front of Alice’s mouth that was dribbling cum and saliva onto Marks cock before she engulfed it. She attacked it like she was being made to deep throat and began gagging herself on his cock.

“Damn It Frank, If I knew your friends could fuck this good I would have enjoyed their leering a lot more. Did I ever tell you that I used to finger myself in the bathroom listening to you guys talking. I hoped that one of these assholes would open the door and catch me knuckles deep in my dirty snatch.” Alice said to her husband who was looking on with a million mile stare. A pool of cum laid at his feet and his dick was limp but he continued to play with it as he watched.

“Get back to sucking *****!” Mark pulled her hair until her face was back over his cock then pushed her down. Jose began pumping harder and harder and put the thumb from each hand against her asshole as he punished her pussy. First one thumb then the next ****** their way into her virgin asshole and he began to stretch her apart.

Even through the pain she realized that she was climaxing again. Was she going to let these animals into her ass? She started to worry that she would willingly give them whatever they wanted. “Derrick, I think she’s almost ready back here.” Jose called to Derrick who was still hard and began to walk over to the trio engaged.

“Alright man, Finish that load and fill that pussy so Mark and I can double team that.” He told Jose.

Jose pumped 6 more times before pulling her ass so he was buried to the hilt and the look on his face provided more than enough evidence that he was sending ropes of cum deep in her womb. When he pulled out, a string of cum followed and soon she was dripping on her yoga mat. Derrick laid down and pulled Alice over to lay on top of him and he grabbed her tits and pulled hard on her nipples before putting his mouth on each nipple one at a time and lightly bit and then sucked her hardened cherry nipples. Then he took one hand between her legs and guided his cock between the folds of her used cunt. He slid in smoothly but still felt the suck that told him she wasn’t used up yet.

Mark walked up behind her after having been cut short from his blowjob and as soon as Derrick was in Alices cunt he used his hand to spread a large blob of cum all around her asshole. Then he placed the head of his cock at her entrance and began to push.

“Fuck, I don’t think she was quite ready yet.” Mark said as he kept pushing.

Derrick looked at her face and could see the pain this caused her and laughed at her. He pinched her nipple and she forgot about the pain at her backdoor which caused her to relax her ass enough that Mark popped the rest of his bulbous head through. He began to slowly saw back and forth inside of Alice and soon the three of them were in a rhythm that lasted 10 minutes before first Derrick came then Alice and finally Mark. Mark pulled out and then stood in front of Alice and fed his cock to her mouth where she cleaned off his cock. Then Derrick pushed Alice off of him and stood up.

“That was fun. Did you both enjoy your first experience with Cuckyoga?” Derrick asked them.

Frank stayed silent but Alice laying in a pool of cum and sweat expressed her pleasure, “That was the best experience I have ever had. I have never felt so relaxed in my entire life.”

How about you enter your thoughts on our website I gave you so that other prospective clients can understand what they are signing up for. After she used her phone to post her review of the new Cuckyoga she started hoping for a second lesson. She sat up and watched sadly as the three men gathered their clothes and walked up to the patio door. Derrick reached down and closed a camcorder and put it in a bag then they all walked through the house and out the front door. ‘When did they setup the camcorder and why would they do that?’ Alice thought then she thought about everything they could do with that video and she started to get hot again and looked at Frank, “Get your ass over here right now and fuck me like your friends just did or I’m gonna find our neighbor to do it.” She screamed at him.

Derrick climbed in his truck with Jose and Mark and drove away, “I can’t believe that worked, We have to try that with our other friends.” Mark said.

“Yes we will, and we are gonna use this to fuck my bosses trophy wife as well.” Was Derricks response.

Mark looked at Derrick and asked, “What’s up with the video man? Don’t you think that Franks gonna be pissed when he sobers up?”

“Nah, In fact, I’m gonna use that to keep fucking that little slut. Next time we’re taking her to the movies though.” Derrick replied.
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