Erin thinks she's going out to dinner with her husband and a nice massage, but it's going to be much more than she expected.

Thanks for coming by for another read. This ones for a friend on Cuck Consultant Pesa. He told me about how he set up to have his wife massaged like she is in the story but that it was cut short when the man bolted because of his hard-on. I hope you enjoy this cuck adventure. If you are interested in more or just more information feel free to reach out to me. Always happy to chat.

When she came home from the gym Shane was still sitting on the couch that she left him sitting on. His computer in his lap and from her vantage point he was the pinnacle of sloth. What she didn’t see however, was the websites and conversations that he was having on that computer, or the hard-on he was hiding while he showed off pictures of her in various stages of undress throughout the years. He looked up from the computer after closing windows to hide his activity from her. He watched her approach him and closed the laptops lid and stood up. Shane hoped that this small delay would be enough time to have his cock loss some blood before standing. When she didn’t mention the tent in his pants, he felt comfortable that he was safe.

He approached her for a hug, but she held out her hand to stop him. “I’m disgusting. I need to go get cleaned up.” She told him as she looked down and stepped on a heel of her left shoe and pulled her left foot up. Then she did the same thing with her right shoe. When she removed her right shoe, her right sock slid off along with it. “Figures.” She said as she bent over and pulled the loose sock out of her shoe before standing up and lifting her left foot up and removed her left sock while standing. Shane watched Erin as she stood there with sweat soaking her clothes and her hair a mess and he wished that he could arrange to have her seduced.

She was wearing a gray tank top with thin white stripes running horizontally and a gray sports bra that peeked out around the neck of her top. Her loose black shorts stopped high up on her thighs and were trimmed with a thin pink line around the legs and up the outsides of each side of her shorts. When she lifted her foot to pull her sock off, he saw the pale blue panties that she had worn that day at the gym. She had her hair in a ponytail. When she left, he noticed that it was much tighter than now, and he also noticed that she had random hairs pulled loose from her hairband. Shane thought she looked amazing and he felt his dick harden at the thought of sharing her.

She walked away from him standing there at the edge of the living room and plodded barefoot towards their bedroom and the awaiting shower. As she walked down the hallway to the room, she was already pulling her shirt up over her head. He saw her back glisten like she had just gotten caught in a rain storm and he marveled at its glistening. As he walked behind her, he took his phone out and began taking pictures of her. He knew that she wouldn’t agree to it but thought he may be able to get some good shots before she caught him. Sure enough, when they got into their bedroom, she tossed the gray tank top into their laundry and without turning around she hooked her thumbs into her shorts and pulled them along with her pale blue panties down her legs until they pooled at her feet. Shane took this opportunity to sneak a shot of her thick white ass pointed directly at him.

To his surprise she stayed bent over. She spread her legs open and looked between her legs back at him. “Are you going to just keep taking pictures of me back there? You know we have mirrors that I can see you in, you fucking pervert? And what do you plan on doing with these pictures anyway?” She asked without asking him to stop. She then stood up and turned to face him and crossed her arms under her breasts where she gripped the bottom of her sports bra. As she pulled it up over her head her large tits fell like cantaloupes off a grocer’s basket. When they settled into the sag that their weight caused, he felt himself getting hard again. She looked down at his pants with her blue eyes and asked, “Is that for me? I’m too tired to fuck but if you’ll be good then I’ll let you jerk off while I’m in the shower. She then crossed her arms under her breasts and lifted them up like they were on a shelf and gave him a pouty expression that he quickly took a picture of before he watched her release her arms back down at her sides and her tits jiggled back into place.

Erin was in her 30’s and had already had three kids; all from Shane, she was still a tight little package. Her breasts were size C bordering on D depending on the bra or the fit and she always seemed to find a way to fill out a pair of jeans. Though she lost her job at the beginning of the recent pandemic she still found time to flaunt her body around town in tight jeans or loose shirts. Shane followed her into the shower and quickly stripped as she walked ahead of him. She stepped into the shower and he stepped in after her. As she began putting shampoo in her hair with both hands and began to slide his hand up and down his cock. He was already as hard as he ever got and reached out with his free hand and let it graze over her left breast and tried to catch the trickle of water as it cascaded from her nipple. She playfully slapped his hand away. “I only told you that you could watch and jerk off. No Playing!” She told him with a stern look. As she stepped under the water, he began furiously jerking off and as soon as she stepped out of the water, he released a strong jet of cum that shot through the showers spray and landed on her stomach as well as splashed on her mound and legs.

Erin looked down and laughed then gave a look at his load and it told Shane that she was impressed with its size and the distance it traveled. “Now that you’re done, Get out. It’s me time now.” She told him as she opened the curtain for him to escape through. Shane lowered his head like a scolded dog and looked at his deflating dick and saw a small dribble of cum escape the tip and land harmlessly in the shower pan before he stepped out. He redressed and quickly took his phone back to the laptop and transferred his new prizes over to the computer before she could tell him to delete them. She had done that before and he no longer took his chances.

When he was back on the computer, he couldn’t help but check one of his favorite websites while he was up and share one of his new pictures with the community he quickly learned to trust as being filled with like-minded people. While he knew it was all a fantasy, he still enjoyed her being seen. ‘Maybe one day it will actually happen.’ He thought to himself as he began seeing likes for her pictures then he received a private message. It wasn’t uncommon to get them but this one caught his attention. He was still very aware of how horny he was, and this was perfect timing. The stranger asked if there were more pictures and he quickly started from the beginning from when she got home until she walked away naked to the shower. With each picture they exchanged ideas and thoughts. During this time Erin had gotten out of the shower and was busy in the kitchen making herself a lunch.

Shane kept an ear to the kitchen and kept talking with this person. He liked to share some small bits of personal information and quickly found out that they were relatively near each other and this scared him nearly as much as it excited him. “I would love to massage out her tight muscles after that hard workout.” Came one of the replies from the stranger.

Suddenly Shane began to think evil thoughts. Erin had often talked about getting massages and he thought about how perfect it would be to have it be one that he set up. “Would you massage her all over?” He asked the stranger.

“Without question! You tell me the time and the place.” He told him.

“What’s your name and when could we do this? I kinda want to try it today while I have the courage.” Shane said to this man.

“Sounds good to me. My name is Jonathan, and do you know the hotel off the Interstate called Weber Boutique Hotel?” Jonathan asked Shane. Shane was well aware of it because Erin and him had stayed there a few times over the years.

“I do know it.” Shane said simply.

“Good. Take her out to dinner there, then tell her you setup a massage and pampering upstairs in one of the rooms. You want to celebrate all that she does for you. Text me the room number after you check-in. Then at 10:30, I’ll knock on the door and we will see where the night takes us and how far that juicy piece of ass is willing to let me take it.” He told Shane. Shane then gave him his real phone number and received a message on his phone that just said, “This is Jonathan, your Masseur for tonight. Thank you for making a reservation.” Shane smiled at how simple of a message it was and how innocuous it would seem if Erin were to see it.

Erin came out from the kitchen with two plates. Shane could see that there was a sandwich on each one with a small portion of chips. She handed him one of the plates and asked him who texted. “It was the confirmation for a reservation I setup tonight. I’m taking you out to dinner and a massage.” He told her.

“What time?” She asked him as she started eating her sandwich.

“Dinner at 9 and the massage at 10:30.” He told her.

She laughed and said, “Bullshit, there’s no massage studios that are open that late or that see clients. Unless you just got me a male ****** to act like a masseuse because you want another man to fuck me.”

Shane was taken aback by her words and a little worried that she, so easily saw through the guise of his plan but he kept up the visage. “Yes, that is my fantasy but no, that’s not what this is. He’s reputable. If you like you can get his credentials yourself. Here’s the confirmation text from him.” He told her as stoically as he could and handed her his phone. She took it and immediately looked at his messages and read the newest one that came in from Jonathan.

He watched as she began to type, and he heard the whoosh of an outgoing message. Shortly after that he heard a ding of an incoming message. Then he watched her tap and open different screens on his phone then he saw her face flush and the look of a mistake on her part crept across her face. She then typed a short reply and handed him back his phone. “I’ll be ready to go by 8pm. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you but, in all honesty, it sounded fishy didn’t it?” She asked him as she finished her lunch.

“I can totally understand, and I love that you remember my fantasy and don’t think I’m a monster for it, but it did take a lot of work to find this guy. It wasn’t easy or cheap. I hope you can really enjoy it tonight and be able to relax.” Shane said and tried his best to be convincing even though he had no idea what she said to Jonathan or what his replies were. Once she took their plates to the kitchen and busied herself with other things around the house, he looked at his phone and read through their exchange.

“Jonathan, my wife still believes this massage thing. What are the chances you’ll actually fuck her?” She had typed him. Right away Shane began hyperventilating and he had trouble reading on from there, but he did.

Jonathan had replied calmly or at least it read that way to Shane. “Sir, I’m not interested in whatever strange ideas you have about what a massage is, but I assure you that I am a professional and wouldn’t degrade myself to be just some cheap ******. Please review my website and realize that I am a professional and should be treated as such.” He then included a hyperlink and when Shane clicked the link it opened the internet browser on his phone and to his surprise it was for a Masseur named Jonathan. The entire page was a Massage website. Even to Shane who in fact knew it was fake still bought it at first glance. As he spent more time looking at the professional pictures, he started to see the watermarks in the photos that were used from an online stock photo gallery.

The next reply that she sent him apologized and admitted to being Erin and that she was certain that Shane was playing a game with her. She begged him to keep them as tonight’s clients and once he agreed their conversation had clearly ended.

Shane re-opened his laptop and logged into the website they met on and found a new message from Jonathan there. “Your wife tried to ruin our fun. When we made that little plan I setup a fake website and had finished it just enough to look legit before she tried that little hoax. I figured you wouldn’t be dumb enough to say that shit over the messages. See you tonight.” He had said to Shane.

“Honey! Where are we staying tonight? I want to pack correctly.” Erin hollered at him from their bedroom.

“I made reservations at the Weber restaurant. “He told her and quickly set about doing just that on his phone through an app. To his amazement there was an 8:15 reservation still available and he quickly secured it. He then made a hotel reservation at the hotel which was connected to the Weber restaurant and held the same name. Once that was completed, he checked online to see if there were any other messages and there was a new one.

Jonathan had sent him a message with the title, ‘To increase the odds.’ When he opened the message he read, “I know what we both want but she could get in the way of our fun. How about you come by a pharmaceutical friend of mine and pick-up a little helper. Nothing dangerous but she may enjoy herself more if she was aided with just a small dose of Ecstasy.” Then included was the address near their house and instructions on what to ask for. After Shane looked at the time he quickly got up, found his shoes and wallet then went to find Erin. She was in front of her dresser trying to figure out what to wear.

“I have to go run and pick-up a little pre celebration drink for us to have before we leave. Need anything else? Also, are you getting ready right now?” He asked her as he watched her decide on dress or slacks.

“Yes, I am and it’s very stressful. I can’t believe you are doing this to me. I want to look nice and I already figured out my underwear, but I just can’t figure this out.” She told him.

He walked into the closet and found the sexy black dress that he thought she looked gorgeous in. She looked at it and smiled then frowned. “I’ve gained too much wait since I wore that last.” She told him with a pout.

“Bullshit. This is the dress and it looks perfect on you. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.” With that he laid the dress on the bed, walked to Erin, he kissed her on the lips gently before leaving the house. Shane was nervous as he drove to the location that Jonathan had sent him and when he got there, he thought it would be a scary situation but instead it was very mundane. He walked into a normal looking street front and found an employee. “I’d like to check on a multi-vitamin!” He said to him. This was the exact verbiage he was told to say, and the effect was that the young employee he was talking to put her hand in her pocket and pulled out a small bag of white pills.

She handed the pills over to him and then told him, “That’ll be $40 and be sure to stay hydrated. If you don’t like pills, then you can grind it down into a fine dust and lace your drink with it.” After paying for the pills he left and made his way to the liquor store where he picked up a nice bottle of wine that he knew Erin enjoyed. It was a Moscato and she loved how sweet it was and always asked for a second glass. After purchasing that he made his way back to his house to get ready for the night.

Shane walked into the house and Erin seemed to still be in the room getting ready. He went to the kitchen and opened the small bag of white pills and laid two of them out on the counter then got out one of his large spoons. He placed the bottom of the spoon on the center of one pill at a time and pushed down on the spoons bulb which pushed it through the pill, and he felt it crumble under the pressure. Then he began to rotate the edge of the spoon around which would crush the remains of the large pieces of the pill. Once he did that, he lifted the spoon off the pill and saw that this approach was a success. Then he did the same thing to the second pill. Next, he retrieved two wine glasses from their cupboards and deposited the powder from the pills in each glass. As he pulled the bottle out of the plain brown wrapper he wondered if this was too much and if he should stop with the drugs. As he thought about the repercussions, he still opened the wine and tipped it over and filled each glass. He then put the wine on the counter and picked up the glasses.

Shane walked into their room and saw that Erin was wearing the dress he picked out and with that she paired a set of stockings. He couldn’t see whether they were pantyhose or thigh-highs, but he had his hopes for thigh-highs. He walked to her and handed her one of the glasses. She eyed the glass and took it in her hand. She brought it to her lips and Shane felt his heart race as she tipped it up and the bubbly Moscato met her lips and he stared as she swallowed the contents from the glass. She pulled her mouth from the glass and it all seemed to be in slow motion to him. “Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked.

“You’re just stunning to me. That’s all.” He told her. It was true, but he was also lying. She smiled at him and walked out of the bathroom.

“Don’t take too long, I have a few more things to do in there before I’m ready.” She told him then kissed him on his cheek sweetly as they passed in the door to the bathroom. Shane quickly got undress and into the shower where he cleaned and washed his body. When he got out, he found his towel and dried off. He was ready to leave the bathroom and finally have some of his drink but when he went for it, he found an empty glass in its place. Shane’s stomach dropped and his heart jumped into his throat. ‘She wouldn’t have ***** my glass too, would she? Would a double dose be really bad for her?’ He thought as he looked for the other glass he brought.

He found the other glass and luckily there was still some wine still in it. The bad news was that there wasn’t much left, and it was already in Erin’s hand, and she was actively drinking it. “This is so good honey. I’m sorry but you’ll need a refill.” She told him and smiled warmly. Shane watched as Erin then sat on the edge of the bed facing him and placed her small heels next to her feet. She held her left high heel in her hand and lifted her left foot up to the edge of the bed and held it aloft. Shane stared at her moves and inside he left for joy as he saw the tops of her stockings and as he looked further between her legs, he saw the black lace of her panties.

Erin saw him staring and admonished him for his looks. “Patience, you dirty old man. That’s for later if you play your cards right. You know! You could cancel the Masseur and have me all to yourself that much sooner.” She told him and wagged a finger at his illicit gaze. Then she put on her other shoe and stood up. When she smoothed out her dress and stood in front of the mirror he stared at her as she looked upon herself as well. The dress hugged her curves in all the right places, and he followed the flow from over her shoulders to the ample cleavage that resulted from the scooped neckline and the swelling of her breasts pushed the thin material out. He could just make out the texture of her bra she wore under the dress and as he let his eyes take in the rest of how the dress sat he saw it flare over her hips then slightly taper back in when the material passed her thick ass and then draped delicately at mid-thigh. He instinctively licked his lips then broke his gaze before quickly getting dressed and putting his shoes on.

The time for their dinner reservation was growing closer, so they quickly got out of the house and into their car. Shane was a perfect gentleman and opened her car door for her as they left the house and he watched as she climbed into the car and the fabric of her dress crept to the tops of her stockings. He was surprised when she just left it like that. He then got in the driver’s seat and kept stealing glances at her legs and as they drove and hit random bumps in the road he noticed more of the space between the tops of her stockings and her panties was coming into view. Shane reached over a hand and laid it on her legs. She placed her hand on his and began slowly rubbing it up and down. Then she gripped his hand and began sliding his hand up and down her thigh. “Don’t my stockings feel amazing Shane?” She asked him as she leaned back in her chair and closed her eyes.

“Yes, they do.” Was all that Shane could think to say. Shane stole one more look at her legs before he found himself nearing his exit on the Interstate. He put his blinker on last minute before moving to the exit ramp. Then a few turns later he was turning into the parking lot for the hotel and restaurant. Shane drove around large building and noted the reception area for the hotel and continued on to the front of the restaurant. They had a Valet service working this night and he thought that this was a special night so he would splurge a little. He pulled up to the Valet with the restaurant and curb on Erin’s side. She still had her eyes closed and was still rubbing his hand along her thigh. She barely seemed to notice when her door was opened. She never tried to cover her ******* leg and the young man that opened her door enjoyed the view of a wife sexy legs on full display just for him.

He held out his hand to her “Ma’am?” He asked and she opened her eyes then looked at him and saw that his attention was on her legs and not on her.

“Looks like this outfit is already a big hit.” She said as she turned to Shane and smiled. He knew that the drugs had a strong hold on her, and he wondered if they would make it through dinner. She allowed the young valet to help her out of the car and also didn’t seem to mind that her legs were spread far enough apart to allow him to see between her legs or that he also enjoyed a look between her breasts as she bent over to get out of the car. She then leaned into the valet and pressed her body against his. “Thank you for the help,” She whispered into his ear. Her red luscious lips were centimeters from his lobe, and he felt shivers run across his skin and his dick harden in his pants. She felt it and looked down then giggled as she kissed his cheek and moved away from him. Shane didn’t see it happen as he was giving the other guy a tip and taking a ticket for the valet service.

When he made his way around the car, he found her running her hands absent-mindedly on a potted plant out front of the restaurant. He took her hand from the plant then led her to the double glass doors of the restaurant and through the doors. The hostess found their reservation and sat them at a private booth on the side of the restaurant. The vaulted ceiling was painted white as were the ******* wooden beams and the entire place was lit softly and romantically. The white tablecloth stretched to the floor in front of their table and hid the view under the table. As Erin sat down and slid over to allow Shane to enter behind her she found herself running her hands along the soft linen table covering. Shane remembered the warning to stay hydrated and was able to get her to drink two glasses of water with the promise of another glass of Moscato during dinner.

After they ordered their dinner and waited for it to arrive Erin began rubbing her legs again. Soon Shane looked down and saw that her legs were parted, and she was rubbing the front of her panties. Erin’s fingers slid easily into the crease where her panties were pressed into the lips of her already wet pussy and she looked at Shane with longing. “I don’t think I can wait for dinner.” She said.

Shane grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the booth. He then found their waiter and told them they would be back in just a few moments. He dragged her through the front of the restaurant and out the front. He then looked around and found a darkened area of the parking lot. Shane tried to seem as nonchalant as he could, but he nearly ran over to the slightly less ******* location then he pinned her against the car and lifted her dress as he kneeled in front of her. “You need to control yourself in the restaurant. This should help.” He told her as he pulled her panties to the side. In the dark he couldn’t see the fabric, but he felt the texture in his fingers. He didn’t spend much time thinking about that before he leaned forward and breathed in her sex then stuck his tongue out until it found her pressing forward and her clit found the tip like a magnet was applied.

When he touched her clit, he felt her knees go weak then she lifted her leg and rested it on his shoulder. She grabbed a shock of his hair and pulled him into her pussy until his entire mouth was covered with her juices. He quickly went to work with his tongue and even allowed his finger to find its way into her craving pussy while his other hand was fondling her ass against the car behind her. Erin held a hand up to her mouth and moaned as she lightly bit a knuckle to keep her from screaming out. Once he heard her climax he pulled off and stood up. Erin seemed to be in a more passive mood after that and followed along dutifully behind him. When they got back inside and to their table their food was already present. Shane enjoyed the presentation of his Prime Rib paired with potatoes on the stark white plate with the black trim around the outside of the plate and a black painted W for the namesake of the restaurant. Erin one the other hand didn’t seem to notice the detail as she seemed more interested in finishing dinner for another dose of contact.

Once the meal was complete Shane looked at his phone and realized the time of the massage was approaching and found the waiter to pay their bill. Once they were paid for, he held Erin’s hand and walked out of the restaurant but not through the front door. He instead found the separate hotel entrance near the back of the restaurant and entered the lobby with her. Shane and Erin walked to the front desk and checked in with their reservation then the employee that checked them in told Shane, “This gentleman said you were expecting him?” And gestured behind them to a man that stood as Shane turned to look in the direction he was pointed toward.

The man that stood was white and slender. He was wearing a pair of soft linen trousers that were grey and a snug black shirt that displayed his moderately good shape. He had dark hair and it was well kept as he swept a hand through it and it shone and stayed back where he pushed it. Then as he neared them, he held out his hand to Erin first. “Good Evening. My name is Jonathan and I believe that we have an appointment tonight for a massage.” He said to Shane as he tried to extricate his hand from Erin who kept a hold of it.

Shane simply nodded at him then turned to retrieve his room key from the front desk guy. Once he had them, he walked towards the elevators. He noticed that Erin still had a hold of Jonathans hand and was no longer holding his but instead was walking a few steps behind him as he led them to the lifts. In the elevators they were the only three people in there. Erin seemed to cuddle up to Jonathan on the ride up the two floors to their room and she asked him, “Are you reallllllyyy gooooddd at rubbing me down?” Jonathan played the professional masseur and looked down and nodded to her.

The doors opened and Shane led them down the hall and opened the door then walked in and held it for them to pass him by. “Erin, would you mind going into the bathroom and removing all your clothes and coming back out in just this towel please? You can keep your panties on if you like.” He told her and held out a large towel that he lifted out of a small bag that Shane just realized he was carrying. Erin grabbed the towel and walked into the bathroom. When she closed the door, she didn’t seem to realize that it wasn’t closed all the way and the others wouldn’t have noticed either if she didn’t start humming, which she did.

The men stood in the room not speaking but looked at each other with more questions than answers. Jonathan didn’t know how serious this husband was about watching him make a move on his wife and Shane was asking himself the same thing. Both men broke eye contact when she began to hum, and they looked through the 5-inch crack in the bathroom door and seemed drawn closer to it and they both watched as she lifted the hem of her dress over her head. Shane saw that her black bikini brief panties and the bra were a matching set.

Erin looked at herself in the mirror and was ******* of her audience just outside the door and she lifted her bra covered breasts then squeezed them together. “This bra makes you girls look fantastic!” She said to her tits before she released them and reached behind her. When her hands came back out the bra was loose and as she shook her shoulders a little the bra tipped forward and slid down her arms. The men’s breathing increased and when they saw her grab the towel from the counter and begin to wrap herself in it, they both turned away from the door and walked into the main part of the room.

In the center there was a single King-size bed with a small wooden desk and a leisure chair with footstool on the side. At the foot of the bed there was a new flat-screen television and a dresser placed below that. Jonathan placed his back and its remaining contents on the dresser below the TV and pulled out a bottle that said warming oil on it. He also brought out a speaker and once his bag was emptied, he organized his accouterments in a manner that seemed to make sense to him alone. Erin exited the bathroom at the same time that Jonathan turned on his speaker and gentle music began playing.

Even without the use of the Ecstasy that Erin had stolen from his glass Shane could feel his dick begin to grow. When he looked at Erin she was standing at the foot of the bed and the split in the towel was showing up her left thigh and she was still wearing her stockings. “Shane would you help with my stockings and shoes please?” She asked but she wasn’t looking at Shane, her eyes were looking at Jonathan and he was looking at her.

“Please, allow me.” He said and kneeled next to her. She placed her hand on his shoulder for balance and Shane watched her shiver as he slid his hands from her calves and slid a hand down and took off her heel before discarding it into the room then allowed his hands to slide up her leg to the top of her stocking and let his fingers travel up a fraction further than was needed before he returned to the stocking and pulled it down and off her leg. Then he repeated the same process for the other leg and then stood without commenting further.

“Lie face down on the bed please.” He told her and motioned toward the bed. “Allow your head to drape over the edge towards me and your feet towards your husband. That way if either of you feel uncomfortable you can tell me to stop.” He told her and looked over at Shane and nodded to pass the point that he wasn’t going to go further than Shane was comfortable with.

Erin climbed onto the bed and from where she was, she was crawling away from Jonathan and towards Shane on the bed. Jonathan enjoyed the view of her panty clad ass peeking out below the towel as it rode up the back of her legs and Shane likewise enjoyed the fact that the towel opened up as she used two hands to crawl across the bed. Her towel opened and her breasts sagged down and shook as she crawled towards him before turning her body and pointing her butt in his direction. As she turned, she swept the loose towel back up to cover her chest and Jonathan missed an opportunity to see them again.

She laid down and put her arms at her side and her head just over the edge of the bed like he mentioned to do. Shane saw her feet pointing towards him and enjoyed his position directly between her legs. “What problem areas do you have Erin? What would you like me to work on?” Jonathan asked her as he stood at her head with his body pointed directly down her body. Shane was acutely aware that if he stepped forward just a single step then his cock would be sitting on the back of Erin’s head.

“Mmmmm, I think what I really want is going to have to wait until you leave but my shoulders and hamstrings are pretty tight.” She told him. For some reason Shane could tell that Erin’s eyes were closed and as he looked at her, he saw Jonathan adjust himself. In fact, he did more than adjust himself. To his surprise Shane watched as Jonathan opened the waistband of his pants and pulled it down enough to let his dick escape. He looked at Shane and smiled before he stroked his cock a few times then put it away again. Shane was impressed with the dick he had just seen and how close a stranger’s dick had just been to his wife’s head.

When he put his dick away Shane clearly saw the outline of the man’s dick he watched as Jonathan leaned toward the dresser and picked up a bottle of liquid then brought it to the bed. He turned it over and shook some of the contents into his hand then set the bottle down on the bed upright. He rubbed his hands together then brought his hands down and made his first contact with Erin’s shoulders. At his first touch he heard Erin moan quietly. He watched as her legs opened a fraction and he was transfixed by Jonathans movements. They seemed practiced and exact and he wondered if he was indeed a Masseur. Jonathan worked quietly and rubbed and kneaded first one arm then the other. As he finished with an arm, he placed it stretched out with her arm bent at the elbow and fingertips at the edge of the bed in the same direction as her head.

When Jonathan tried to push the towel down her back, they all realized that she was laying on the towel and he asked her to pull the towel out so he could work on her back. She did as he asked, and the towel was laid out flat across her back. Jonathan then folded the towel down her back until it doubled up and rested on her ass. Her entire back was now visible and from Shane’s vantage he could just see the bulge of her breasts peeking out from the sides of her body.

Jonathan gathered more oil and then also drizzled some along her spine as well. He then leaned forward, and the crotch of his pants made contact with the top of Erin’s head. Shane didn’t see her move but did hear her moan again and she also saw her reach up to adjust her hair and her hand grazed the front of his pants accidentally. Erin turned her head to the side and opened her eyes and was met with Jonathans crotch in front of her. Shane was very aware of what she would be looking at, but she made no mention of it. He did see her eye fix onto the loose tent displayed in front of her as he leaned over her and rubbed the oil into her back.

He worked to her sides and then back up again. Soon he paid special attention to each of her flanks and more precisely he paid attention to the bulging meat of her breasts. First the left side then the right. Once he was done with her back, he pulled his hands off her and told her that he would be working on her lower body now. She turned her head back down to the ground and huffed and sad, “Sad, that was feeling very good.” Then she sighed.

“We have only just begun. Before the end of your massage you will be a puddle of relaxation.” Jonathan told her as he moved around the bed. He looked at Shane in the chair by her feet, “I’m gonna need to be there. How about you roll the desk chair over to the foot of the bed so you can supervise while I work those hamstrings.” He told Shane and pointed where he wanted him. Shane stood and moved by Jonathan and sat where he told him to sit and watched.

Jonathan picked up each of her feet and held one foot in each hand then stood near enough to the bed to where he placed the soles of her feet against his covered dick. Erin didn’t react to this and it didn’t last long as he placed them back onto the bed and picked up the oil. He dribbled a line of the oil down her left leg from her heel up to where the towel ended which was a few inches below her ass. He then did the same thing with her right leg before placing the bottle to the side and began by rubbing the old into her legs. One hand on each leg and he slowly worked up and let his hands roam all over her legs.

He moved from her ankles, up to her calves and paused momentarily at the small bend behind her knees. Once he was finished with his additional attention to this often-overlooked erogenous zone her worked higher and allowed his hands to roam from the backs of her thighs to the outside then to the inside. When he was on the inside of her thighs Shane saw his fingers sneak just under the towel and he heard Erin suck in a breath. Before she had a chance to voice any opinion one way or the other, he retreated and returned back to her feet. He started his massage of her lower body with her right foot and expertly massaged the soles of her feet and worked his way up. When he was about to massage her hamstring and upper thighs, he asked her to open her legs and he climbed onto the bed and straddled her leg.

He grabbed her thigh in both hands and used his thumbs to press firmly in the center of her hamstring and pushed them up towards her covered ass. Jonathan repeated this same movement in different ways and Shane was aware of Jonathans cock sliding along his wife’s calf as he slid up her thigh with his fingers. Once he was done with her right leg, he repositioned himself on her left foot and repeated the same thing with that leg.

“Shane, come here.” She said in a whisper as Jonathan was working her left hamstring. Shane came closer to her head and she whispered to him again, “When he runs his thumbs up my hamstring his fingers are touching my pussy through my panties. It’s making me really horny.” She told him and then gave him a playful O face then reached out with her head and he leaned forward, and they kissed deeply. Shane felt Erin push backwards while they kissed and as he looked down her body, he saw Jonathan smiling at him and moving just the hand that was between her legs.

“Alright Erin, Time for the front. Flip over please.” He asked her as he stood back up at her feet. He grabbed an ankle in each hand and turned her body over towards the head of the bed. She moved the towel into place and protected her breasts and panties from coming uncovered. Jonathan was impressed by her presence of mind to keep herself covered. He knew that Shane was going to drug his wife to make her more pliable and when they’ve been drugged before they were usually more absent minded and forgetful.

Jonathan once again walked around the bed and began working on her shoulders and let his pants rub against her upturned face and Shane was sure that she would be able to feel his cock against her face. He watched Jonathan rubbing her shoulders and then his hands went under the front of her towel and Shane watched him manipulate the tops of her breasts then come out again. He repeated the same movement and each time the towel fell further and further down. Shane could just see the start of her left areola when he once again did the same movement and the towel was pushed below both breasts.

Erin opened her eyes and lifted her head and looked down her body at her ******* breasts and Jonathans strong hands groping the meat of her breasts. “Oh no, Is this normal? Are you alright with this honey?” She asked Shane as she continued to watch him knead her breasts and approach her nipples.

“He’s a professional, I don’t think he would take advantage, do you?” Shane asked. This answer seemed to appease her, and she laid her head back down on the bed. Jonathan got more oil and drew a line around each hardened nipple and connected them together with a line of oil between her breasts. He then put his hands back on her impressive tits and rubbed the oil in. He let his fingers slide up her breasts then slowly and with added pressure up her nipples until they slid off the tips.

“Would you mind if we removed this towel? You have already grown accustomed to me seeing your breasts and you are wearing panties so I’m not going to be able to see anything.” Jonathan asked as he reached out and grabbed the towel. He didn’t wait for a reply and slowly drew it off her body. As the last threads of the towel were about to lose touch with her body, she lazily reached up for it in a manner that told both men that she only wanted to act like she was worried about him seeing her.

When the towel was removed, he tossed it towards the bathroom and returned his gaze down her body. “You have a beautiful body and I do hope that you can excuse the effect it’s having on me.” He told her. He reached out with one hand and groped at her breast and with his other hand he pushed his hand into his pants. He saw her watching him do it and she licked her lips as he put his hand inside his pants. The root of his cock came into view as he adjusted himself and Shane saw her lift her head as she tried to get a better view of what he was hiding.

He pulled his hand out and ran it across her face. “Such an attractive wife.” He told her. She turned her head to his palm on her cheek and kissed it. Shane heard her smell in deeply. He was well aware that she was smelling his hand because he just had it on his dick. He created a mental image of her kissing his cock instead of his hand.

He then put both hands back on her breasts and then ran them below her tits and down her belly. “Such cute panties. That little pink bow is very sexy. It stands out quite well against the rest of the black panties.” He told her. He poured more oil on her stomach. He then ran his hands across her stomach and let his fingertips slide under the top of her waistband. She didn’t react and he allowed his fingers to go further down. He got to a point where his fingers were fully under the waistband and as he kept working on her stomach and side flanks, he began slowly pushing down her panties. Shane watched as Erin lifted her butt off the bed and allowed her waistband to be pushed further down her hips. “I’m quite uncomfortable. I know it’s unorthodox, but would you mind if I pulled my dick out and just let it breathe a little instead of trying to force it down?” He asked Erin.

“You’re the boss. I’m sure Shane won’t mind. Let me help you while you keep working on me.” She told him and reached for the drawstring of his pants. She deftly untied it and then pulled them down. Once they were past his hips they fell to the floor and he stepped out of them. He remained very near her head and as he stretched across her body Shane saw his cock slide along the side of her face. He was torn between looking at him slowly ******** her pussy and his cock next to her mouth.

Shane decided to look down her body and made his decision in time to see the top of her neatly trimmed bush come into view. He knew that she only kept a small amount of hair directly above her slit and the next time Jonathan dropped his hand down her body he slid his fingers between her legs. Erin opened her legs wide and Jonathan allowed his fingers to stay inside her panties and rub up and down. Shane knew what he was doing and looked up to her face to see what her reaction was.

To his surprise he saw Erin’s head turned and the head of Jonathans cock in her mouth. Her eyes were closed, and she was trying her hardest to bob up and down from this position. Jonathan pulled his fingers from her panties and withdrew his dick from her mouth. “Sorry about that. I may have gotten a little carried away.” He said to Erin. He then moved around the bed to her feet and reached up and pulled her panties down her legs. She closed her legs long enough to allow him to remove them. Jonathan held them up to his nose and smelled her pussy before putting tossing them to Shane. Shane likewise smelled her panties and was very excited by how wet they were and how horny she clearly was.

Jonathan then pushed open her legs and climbed between them. He lowered his mouth to her pussy and slowly began to lick her from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit. He pulled back the hood of her clitoris and ******* it to his invading tongue where he manipulated it back and forth and rolled it around. He then lowered his tongue to the opening of her cunt and covered her clit with his dexterous thumb as he began to snake his tongue in and out of her pussy like he was fucking her with a 3-inch dick.

By the time she came down from her second orgasm of the night she lifted her head and begged him to put his dick in her. Shane had never heard her beg for cock before and here she was begging this stranger to stick his dick in her. “I had my tubes tied so it’s safe as long as you don’t have any STD’s.” She told him. She reached down with her hands and pulled him by his face up between her legs and as soon. As he kneeled between her legs, he guided his thick cock to her opening and pushed forward. On his first thrust her head draped over the edge of the bed and she cried out in pleasure. He then began fucking her hard and fast. Shane was sure that she had cum again and pulled his dick out and stood near them and played with himself. He reached between them and tenderly pinched and played with her breasts as he caused them to rock back and forth violently.

Erin had a momentary moment of lucidity and instead of trying to push Jonathan off of her she pushed Shane’s hand away from her then pushed Jonathan back and pulled him onto the bed with his back on the bed. She mounted him and Shane was made to watch as she bounced up and down on his long dick. Her hands were pressed against Jonathans chest and she used them as leverage to push up and down. She then brought her left hand off his chest and grabbed her right breast hard. She pinched her nipple and she climaxed again. “Fuck, you are one horny Hotwife. I’m about to fill you with a big load of cum. Are you ready for it?” He asked her.

“YES, YES, fill me up with all of your cum.” She told him. She never let up and soon Jonathan lost his words and simply grunted then pulled her hips tight against his as he thrust up a final time then held her in place. Shane’s dick had never felt harder. After Jonathan was done cumming inside of Erin he pushed her off of him and stood up.

“I hope you enjoyed your massage and you reserve another appointment soon.” He said to Shane. Shane and Erin watched as he quickly dressed, gathered his stuff and left the room. Without talking to each other Shane and Erin fell into each other’s arms and began making out and Erin pulled his dick between her legs. Shane had never felt her pussy filled with cum because he was the one that usually filled it up. It was a very unusual feeling, but it made the whole situation even hotter.

“I can’t believe you told him your tubes were tied. What happens if you get pregnant?” He asked her.

“Well then I guess you better fill me up too.” She told him from below him on the bed. He took that as a challenge and as he replayed the nights events in his head, he lost control and filled her up with even more cum. It was already dribbling out of her pussy and pooling on the bedspread. He leaned in and kissed her then rolled off of her and laid next to her on the bed. They were both sweaty and worn out. “The nights still young, think we should see if anyone’s in the bar that wouldn’t mind helping a lonely girl out?” She asked playfully as she curled up in Shane’s arms and ran her fingers through his chest hair.
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