Jon's wife Ida auditions for a new play called Oh! Calcutta! She gets the part but what else will she get? This story will be a slow burn. There will be sexual circumstances throughout the parts but the payoff will be at the end of the parts. Her Husband wants to be able to see it happening as we write and I think it will work out very well. If reading about your wife turns you on let me know. If you want to hear how the process works then ask lookinaround and he can tell you. Enjoy the story.


Ida stood quietly outside of the stage door. She had just auditioned for a new production of a controversial play called Oh! Calcutta! The last time this play was performed it made it through three performances before it was cancelled from the backlash. The play itself was fantastic. It was funny and sexy and quick witted and smart but the sex, and the nudity and the themes were too much for some audiences. As she stood there, behind the building, she recalled never actually having a chance to see it while it was out, but she remembered the urge to see it well.

Ida was a striking woman to see in the alley. She was shorter than average, but she held herself tall. Her short black hair was curly and seemed to bounce as she walked anywhere. When you gazed into her eyes, they held both blues and greens and you could see the creativity ooze out of them. Her body was compact except for her large 34D breasts and an ass that seemed to be trying to counter act the displacement caused by her those large orbs. Men were continuously drawn to her and women as well. The women seemed to either despise her or try to talk her into their bed as well.

She was wearing a cute red dress that had short sleeves, a V cut in the neck that hinted at just enough cleavage to draw your eye and ended at mid-thigh above where her fingertips could touch. The cuffs of her sleeves and the bottom of the dress both had the same light frill around the entire circumference. On the red dress was a random pattern of white, and pink blocks scattered throughout. She knew it was too short of a dress to be on stage in and not have someone look up, so she paired a pair of black tights with the dress and a cute pair of black Mary-Janes for shoes.

When Ida’s husband first met her, he was drawn in by those twin globes of male pleasure. Whether he was imaging suckling at her teats like a newborn is something that should be explored but not here and not now. Ida’s alabaster white skin stood in contrast to the red brick of the old theatre. As she stood there she looked around and the other hopefuls were all standing there walking around and quietly talking to each other. Many of the women were younger than her and that concerned her. Why would they choose a woman in her mid 30’s when they could have a young 20-year-old whose body; she felt; wasn’t heading south.

If Jon her husband would hear those thoughts, he would easily dismiss them as he regularly still had to find opportunities to jerk-off at work or while away on business trips because she always got him rock-hard and in need of a release. She pulled out her phone and texted Jon, “I may as well come home. They’re going to pick one of these vanilla wafer-thin girls over me. I know it.” She wrote before looking at it a moment then sending it along. After that she stood there a moment looking at her phone and waiting for a reply until she heard the door open and another person walked out.

She lifted her head and put the phone away, but it was another actor. This one was one of the young girls she had been seeing earlier. Blond hair, blue eyes, she was very beautiful, and she felt like that girl would get it. Ida noticed the girl reach up and wipe a shiny substance like drool or spit from her face with the sleeve of her shirt. The girl looked briefly at Ida then with a withering stare looked her up and down before sucking her teeth and turning on her heel and walking away down the alley they all stood in.

Ida stared back at her as she walked away and couldn’t help admiring her body and wondered what it would look like naked. She certainly thought it would look just as magnificent. Briefly she thought about other times that she had played with a woman. Her thoughts were interrupted as she watched the girl by the voice of a man. His voice made her realize her stare and that she was squeezing her legs together to feel the pressure on her clit and biting her lower lip. “She was just jealous because you were clearly better.” He said to her. She turned to face the man and noticed that his fly was down, and his clothes were disheveled.

Ida felt her face go flush and simply looked to the ground, placed her hands together in front of her and curled her shoulders over then replied, “Thank you.” Was all she could find to say. Then he turned to the others in the alley behind the theatre. They all saw him and moved towards him with hopeful expressions.

As Ida stood behind him and everyone gathered around him, he began to talk to the crowd. “This is a production of Oh! Calcutta! as some of you know this is a very sexual play and requires both determination, skill and a complete freedom to be naked. We will all see each other naked at one time or another so I suggest if you get the part then you start to get comfortable with each other as soon as possible. Now, I’m going to read out the names of those that have been chosen and if your name isn’t called then you weren’t right for us.” He then took a few moments to look at everyone and see if they understood before continuing.

Then he looked down at his paper and began to read names, “Raina, Mark, Katie, Bonie, Bill, Alan, Leon, Margo, Nancy, George…” Ida was feeling defeated. It seemed that he was done reading the names and she was still not mentioned. She saw other actors’ heads deflate as some of them became elated. “…and of course, the brightest of all of you, Ida! You all could learn a lot from her.” He told the group before turning to face Ida again with the same wide smirk as before. He then whispered to her. “Now don’t make me look bad!”

He proceeded to open the stage door and before disappearing he leaned out and made one more announcement. “Rehearsals start tomorrow. You’ll receive the script then, but tomorrow will be a bit of show and tell. TOMORROW, be here by 1900 and leave your excuses at home.” He then closed the door and the remaining people were either giggling or high-fiving while the others were dropping their heads as they walked away.

Ida stayed for a bit and did some giggling of her own and as she was about to walk away, she was stopped by a hand pulling on the back of one of her dress sleeves. She turned and was met with a man that she had seen earlier and was instantly attracted to him. She had made the concerted effort to avoid being near him because she was afraid that she would make a fool of herself. “Ida? Right?” He asked her.

“Yes, I’m Ida. And you are?” She inquired back.

“I’m George. A few of us are going to the bar around the corner to celebrate. Would you come with us?” He asked her and allowed his eyes to show his pleading as he tried to emote how much he wanted her there. Ida thought for a few moments about how much she wanted to go home and celebrate with Jon and tell him all about the play and what the Director had said about her performance on the audition then she looked at George and smiled a shy smile and nodded her head lightly.

Ida walked over to the group that was waiting at the mouth of the alley where it let out onto the street and greeted each of them one at a time. Once they all met each other they walked across the street as a group and into the little bar standing alone among empty storefronts and closed for the night businesses. The bar was an attempt at an Irish Pub and was called O’Callaghs. Inside the bar it was exactly what you would expect, there was a bar that ran the length of the business and chairs that bellied the bar. There were circular chairs and tables setup throughout the bar as well and an empty stage at the back of the bar. On the stage was an unused set of instruments. A drum, two guitars and a mic stand stood silently, waiting to be played. Behind the stage was the door to the backroom and beyond that was the bathroom.

On the door hung a sign, ‘I Don’t care if you got a dick or a cunt, piss in the bowl. Next to the door was another sign, this one depicted a man and a woman. It was understood by this sign that it was an omni-sex bathroom. Inside the bathroom were stalls. Enough for six people to privately do their business and a clean sink area. When the group entered the bar, they surveyed where they would take up space at and decided on the tables in the floor space.

The bar was all but empty, save for the bartender, an old waitress that seemed to be nearing 60 but continued to dress like a 20-year old. Along with these two workers were three men sitting at the bar near each other and talking. When the group walked in, they stopped talking and turned to the newcomers. It wasn’t abnormal to have the actors from the theatre come into the bar, but the regulars still gave them a wary eye when they did. To them the actors were a strange brood. The women were either complete sluts or complete prudes and each man sitting at the bar had fucked at least one actor that came in at one point or another.

The men eyed them as they moved tables together and Ida helped by grabbing chairs and putting them together. One of the men saw Ida bent over to pick up a chair and got out of his stool and approached behind her as she was bent. “Need a hand with that miss?” He asked as he placed his hands on her hips and slid them down to the hem of her dress then back up again.

Ida froze at the touch and her eyes grew wide. She didn’t know what to do but not move as she felt his hands slide over her tights and begin their movement up back towards her hips. As his hands came up, so did the hem of her skirt. “Hey man! Fuck off back to your beer. That’s my wife your touching.” George said as he put down the table and walked between the man from the bar and Ida. He then grabbed Ida by the waist and turned her around. “Good thing about acting is that we can do this and know that it’s not cheating, it’s rehearsing. Plus, we need him to believe it right?” He said softly before leaning down to her and kissing her full on the lips.

His thinking made a lot of sense to Ida and as he kissed her, she opened her lips to receive his tongue. If she made this believable, then the men wouldn’t bother her anymore tonight. She raised her arms and wrapped them around George’s neck and kissed him deeply. George took his hands and slid them below her but and slid his hands up her skirt like the bar man did but he gripped the swell of her ass and lifted her off the ground. Ida wasn’t sure that his groping was needed but she didn’t want to spoil the lie they were creating. Plus, his hand was already there so she decided that it didn’t matter. He then lowered her gently to the ground and broke their kiss. “Here babe, you sit by me so I can keep those mongrels off of you.” George said loud enough to be heard.

Before she could sit down the ***** from the bar yelled at them from his spot on the barstool, “I’ve seen you actors lie before. If she really is your wife, I want you to dig in that sweet little dress of hers and grab them big tits.” He said to George. Without even a glance to see if it was alright, George reached out and pushed his hand into Ida’s top and over her bra and squeezed her well-padded breast hard.

Ida was surprised but knew that they needed to play this cool and so she playfully slapped at his hand. “You know I don’t like you doing that in public, you know it makes me so horny.” She told him as she pulled his hand from the top of her dress then turned and sat down. Truth was, she was already horny from thinking about that cute blond girl earlier and this stranger’s hand on her breasts sure didn’t help things. She could feel that her nipples had hardened from his press and she desperately wanted to run home and have her husband fuck her into a coma.

Once everyone was seated George went to the bar and got the first round. He brought back four large beers and the waitress followed shortly after with the remainder and lingered near George for a little too long. George seemed not to notice but instead toasted the upcoming play they were just cast in. As he did this everyone raised their glasses and the sound of the glasses clinking filled the quiet bar. Then they all drank together.

The night flew by as they shared stories and the conversation flowed quickly and easily. To Ida, this was the quickest that she had ever seemed to bond with a cast in her entire acting career. She felt the vibration of her phone and pulled it out of her bag and answered it. Her husband on the other line was asking where she was and that he was worried about her. “Don’t worry honey, I’m having drinks with my new cast. I got the part and I can’t wait to tell you about it when I get home tonight. Shouldn’t be much longer.” She told him then said her goodbyes and hung up and returned to the conversation.

The night was growing long and some of the actors had already gotten up and left. They were five beers into the evening and Ida could feel the effects of the large drinks on her small frame. The waitress returned with round six and after she put the drinks on the table and turned to leave, she let herself accidentally fall into Georges lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. Ida remembered that George was her husband for the night and suddenly became defensive and pushed the waitress off. “Get off my man! “ She screamed at the waitress.

She got off Georges lap in a huff and to show her ownership, Ida stood up and immediately felt her legs weaken from the drinking but was able to turn and sit on Georges recently vacated lap. She eyed the waitress with a gaze that warned her against approaching what was hers. Then she leaned in and kissed George hard on the lips. She let herself explore his mouth with her tongue and ran one of her hands through his thick dark hair while her other hand gripped around his neck to pull him to her more. She kept an eye on the waitress as she retreated back to the bar and once, she felt her message had been sent she pulled back from the kiss.

As she moved around on Georges lap, he held her hips and she was aware of a lump under her that was becoming more pronounced. Her state of arousal told her that his cock was getting hard under her. She chided herself and knew that she should get up but thought it was harmless because they were both clothed and she knew nothing would happen. Ida drank more of her beer and didn’t object as George had one hand on her hip and the other on his beer. When he finished his drink, he released his beer and allowed that hand to lie on her thigh.

“What do you think tomorrow will bring? What is Show and Tell?” Asked Mark at the other side of the table they were at. Of the 11 people that initially came over there were only five that remained, and this question seemed to occur to everyone.

“I don’t know but it’s very mysterious. Does anyone know anything about the play besides that it’s very racy?” An actress asked. This actress was named Margo she had red curly hair that was twisted and shone even in the dark. It cascaded down her shoulders and down her back. She was another woman that Ida instantly thought was beautiful. In fact, there wasn’t a single woman that she didn’t think was attractive. As she thought about Margo stripping in front of her she began absent-mindedly grinding on George’s lap. Her ass slowly sliding across his still hardening cock.

Ida spoke up after completing her short fantasy, “I had the chance to read the reviews from when it was last performed and there is a lot of nudity, a lot. In fact, by the end of the play, the entire cast will be naked on stage. I do recall that there were some scenes mentioned that involved forcing but beyond that I’m not so sure.” She said as she continued to slide innocently on his lap.

George moved both of his hands to her hips and held her in place then whispered to her, “You gotta stop grinding on me or I’m bound to bend you over this table and fuck the living shit out of you.” He told her.

She realized what she had been doing and turned to face him and mouthed the words, “I’m so sorry!” She then stood up and told the rest of the table that she needed to get home. As she was leaving, she noticed that George had gotten up as well. “You don’t have to leave George.” She assured him before looking down into his lap and noticed the impressive bulge in his pants. She then realized that there was a wet spot on his pants. ‘Did he cum or is that from…’ she thought and tried to stealthily move her hands between her legs. She quickly found out that it was her that was so wet that she left a stain on his pants.

“I don’t have a choice Ida; I can’t let my wife walk home at this time of night, now can I?” He told her and paid the tab for the bar and then approached Ida at the door. He wrapped his arm around her waist and they both waved to the remaining people at the table. “See the rest of you tomorrow.” George said as the door closed behind them. They walked together toward the parking lot and quickly reached their respective cars.

“Thank you for walking me to my car George. I didn’t mean to get you excited in there or grind on you like that. I guess I got a little carried away huh?” She asked as she bit her lower lip and looked up at him with does eyes.

“Would it be forward of me to get one last kiss as your husband?” He asked as he stepped towards her.

“I don’t see any harm in one more acting job here.” And she reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his hands around her waist. Their faces met and they began kissing. The previous kisses paled in comparison to this one. There had been a buildup of passion during the drinks that now seemed to overflow as they kissed. Ida’s hands remained around his head and shoulders, but Georges hands began wandering around Ida’s body. At first, he ran his hands up and down the back of her dress then a hand slid lower and explored her ample butt while his other hand came around the front and slid effortlessly over her breasts.

Ida enjoyed the feeling and grew lost in the pleasure of the kiss. She was so lost that she also began sliding her hand around his body and found her hands stroking his cock through his pants. She realized her mistake and placed both hands on his chest and pushed him away. “That was a mistake, I’m married, and I can’t do this with you. It’s not fair to him.” She said. “I’m sorry, I’m *****, and I made a mistake. I need a taxi because clearly it’s not safe for me to drive right now.” She continued. Just then George noticed a taxi and without saying anything else he waved it down and placed her in it and waved as she was driven away.

In the taxi Ida was shaking from the kiss and how hot she was. She couldn’t believe that she did that but now she desperately needed a release. She was hoping that Jon would still be awake when she got home. Ida found her hands moving between her legs as she replayed the nights events in her mind. As she thought about the night her legs slowly opened which afforded the driver and unhindered view between her legs. Even in the dark he could see that she was sliding her fingers up and down her covered slit. He kept quiet and allowed her the pleasure of her fingers and just enjoyed the show. When they arrived at her destination, he told her the ride was free and that if she promised another show like that or better that he would always give her a lift at no cost.

Ida blushed and retreated inside the safety of her home. Jon was indeed still up, and she ran to him. Before she even kissed him hello, she fell to her knees and undid his belt and top button of his pants then pulled the zipper down. She yanked his pants down to his ankles and quickly gripped his flaccid cock in her hand and began licking the tip as she slowly jerked it awake. As he began growing in her hand, she stuck him in her mouth and began blowing him. Jon was confused about her forwardness but simply placed a hand on the back of her head and encouraged her to take him deeper.

As she sucked his thick cock, she thought about the feeling of Georges dick and she slid a hand inside of her tights and toyed with her cunt while continuing to force herself deeper on Jon’s cock.

Before she could climax, Jon pulled himself from her mouth which broke her thoughts and reached down to grip the bottom of her dress. In one motion he pulled it up and off. Ida undid the clasp on her bra and pushed her tights down her hips quickly. Jon pushed her over the cushions of the couch and positioned himself behind her. His manhood placed at the entrance of her well lubricated pussy and in a fluid action he slid into her.

Ida gasped at the sensation of satisfaction of finally being filled. She pushed back against Jon as he pushed in and out of her. He squeezed his hands between her body and the cushions and gripped her breasts in his hands and squeezed. She recalled Georges grip on her breasts earlier and bit her lip to keep from calling out his name now. Jon began making noises that she was familiar with and begged him to hold on longer, but he filled her pussy with cum then fell back from her and left her bent over the cushions. He saw his cum dribbling out of her pussy which still glistened and to his surprise she didn’t move.

Instead she moved her hand between her legs and started to rub her clit as her other hand found her asshole and began rubbing her finger in a circle around the rim. She moved her fingers faster and soon she was climaxing. She removed her hands then stood up. She realized that her tights had caught most of the cum that had come out of her and she removed them before walking to the bedroom where she showered and changed into her loose black slip, she slept in. Jon also found his way to bed, but he simply wiped his cock clean of cum before sliding on a fresh pair of boxers and sliding into bed next to Ida. They told each other that they loved each other than Jon congratulated Ida on the new play, and they fell asleep as Jon had his arm wrapped around Ida and resting it on her barely covered breast.
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