Ann asks for a private lesson and her instructor obliges and it quickly devolves into carnal desire. This story is for the user Knickerz2. He has patiently waited for this to finally be written. His request was to have this written in the perspective of the "bull" instead of a third person point of view. I hope you enjoy the story and if you would like to discuss the fantasies you have for yourself or your significant other I would love to talk with you about them. Just let me know.


The reason I started my Yoga practice was quite simple. I wanted to tap into the same things that the founder of Bikram yoga had. Yogi Bikram Chodhury knew the power of enthusiasm and flexibility were the keys to unlocking the most secretive of places. So far, my small studio in the greater Los Angeles area was doing well enough. I had opened it outside of skid row and the rent was quite expensive. I lived off a sizable trust, so rent isn’t an issue and in fact I keep costs competitive with the other studios to help increase my credibility. My appearance is what you would expect from a Yoga instructor, I am tall, and lean with long limbs and do indeed practice Yoga everyday as part of a morning routine so I feel that doesn’t make me a snake oil salesman. Just an Opportunist.

Let’s talk about one of my recent opportunities. One day while I was preparing for a class, I saw that the class was getting quite full and like all of my classes the females outnumbered the men 14 to 1. There were only 15 students in the class, so it made it easy to figure out. The makeup of the class was mostly white moms and wives in their Lululemon pants and small compression tops that allowed the soft outline of their sports bras underneath. A few of them even arrived in just the sports bra which I always enjoyed more.

It was time for me to select a new target as I was ready to replace my current toy which was in the class previously. Her husband was becoming too involved and insisted on being a part of upcoming private lessons so that meant that we would stop having our one on one time. As I stood in the front of the class I saw eager faces and smiles pointed back at me from the 14 women and the man was doing what they always do in class, he had his eyes down and visually stripping all of the attractive ladies from his spot in the back of the class.

Each time I saw a man doing this I would be reminded of an idea for another profitable niche. ‘I should start a porn site where the only thing that happens is that I have a webcam turned on for the Yoga classes. Men were such morons that they would spend anything to watch it. I could also sell it to the women as a way to be able to attend from remote places when they couldn’t make it in.’ I thought to myself.

As I scanned the classes through our different poses, I was aware of the energy being released by a woman in the front row near me. While it isn’t the first thing that I notice on a woman it is often near the top of the list. On her ring finger she wore a wedding band in what looked like white gold. She was older with blond hair cut into a bob. She wore it in a tight ponytail like a spout sticking out of the back of her head and in my mind, I imagined pulling back on that as I ‘released her chakras’ with my cock. Her features were soft and attractive, and she kept her eyes glued to me and my movements. I let me eyes move around the class as I taught and would then return to her as I looked for my opening. She was wearing a pair of off brand gray yoga pants and a soft off-white t-shirt with a faded logo on the front that I couldn’t make out. It looked to be a shirt from a vacation she must have taken some time ago and now she enjoyed the vintage look and feel of the soft material.

Through the different poses I could see peeks of a black strap around her neck and in the arm holes as she would perform her sun salutations and the black material of her bra would become visible in the loose-fitting sleeves as she raised her arms over her head. The neck scooped low and had the class perform a tabletop position where they go to their hands and knees and create a flat surface like they were a table. I used this position to look down the loose neck of her shirt and was rewarded with what looked like a black lace bralette. While it wasn’t abnormal to see one of these in my class, it was always a treat because if I could get them excited enough then their nipples would invariably present themselves through the material and the shirt above it. I now had a target and my goal for the class.

I moved the students into a series of chaturanga to upward facing dog then finishing with downward facing dog. I knew that this series of movements showed weaknesses easily after at least progressions and when I saw what I was looking for with her I walked around the class. Luckily for me she showed weaknesses in these positions immediately and it gave me time to walk around the class.

As I approached her on the third series of three movements, I stood over her and as she descended for her chaturanga I straddled her body. A chaturanga is similar to how you go down for a push-up but at the end you hold it in a down position and this then allows you to smoothly flow into an upward facing dog. I allowed my legs to be on either side of perhaps and I leaned over and held her flanks firmly in each hand and spoke to her alone.

The rest of the class kept moving as if nothing untoward was happening. “Allow your breath to come easily ma’am. As you lower yourself relax into the pose.” I told her. She felt like her sides were meant to be gripped and I enjoyed the feel of her body through the fabric of her thin shirt. I then released her for the Upward facing dog then repositioned where I stood when I commanded the downward facing dog position. I told the class to open their feet wide to the edges of their mats and this woman followed that instruction well. I stood between her legs and as she hinged her body up at the waist I reached out and pulled her hips back until my crotch made contact with hers.

She stopped moving when she made contact with me, but I pulled further back. I knew that she could feel my cock through my loose pants and her tight pants as well. “Do you feel this?” I asked her.

“Ummm, yes I do.” She said back to me as she looked backwards towards me between her outstretched arms.

“This is not enough of a stretch. Everyone take notice at her form. Notice how her body is pushed too far forward.” I said to the class aloud before I pulled her back tighter against myself. “Now notice that as I move her back just a little further, she groans, and the stretch becomes more pronounced.” I said and as if right on cue she moaned underneath my touch. I then lifted her hips up and down a few times so that she ground on my shaft as it filled with blood from the friction. I then released her and moved back to the front of the class where I allowed her to see the outline of my cock through my linen pants after she had felt it between her legs.

As I guided the class through a final set of sun salutations, I saw her make extended eye contact with my covered cock. I smiled internally to myself and allowed the rest of the class progress without any further action towards her. I knew the groundwork had already been laid. After the reflection period and the end of class I watched and wished people well as they filtered out of our building. She however seemed to linger behind, and her face was flush from the class. Once she was the last one besides myself, she gathered her courage up and approached me as I acted like I was working on ensuring our mats were correctly rolled, the balance blocks were arranged correctly, and the gentle music was reset for the next class.

I stood as she neared me and asked her how the class was today.

“It was a really good class. Thank you for the help with that stretch today.” She told me. “Do you really think that my movement is to stiff and that I need help with my poses? By the way, my name is Ann” She asked me.

“Pleasure to meet you Ann, I have seen you in class before and I’m very happy that you chose to stand in the front for our class. I do think that you do need additional help with how you approach some of your poses. I have about 20 minutes before my next class if you would like to try some additional poses.” I told her. She responded by unwinding and laying her mat back down on the floor then stood on it facing me.

“Let’s start where we left off in class. Down in Downward Dog.” I told her, then watched as she took a plank position then lifted her butt to the sky and pushed back toward the back of the class. “Do you mind if I touch your body to help reposition you correctly?” I asked her, feigning my concern and to make her accept me later, that much easier.

“Oh Yes please. Whatever helps me get better. I love Yoga.” She said with a smile I could see from her voice’s inflection alone.

“Alright,” I said as I laid my hand a hands width below the edge of her pants and my other hand, I placed on her belly under her. As I made contact with her ******* belly where her shirt rode up, she tightened her stomach. “Did you notice how when I touched here you contracted your muscles more?” I asked her as I pressed firmly into her flexed stomach.

“Yes.” She said while she focused on her breathing.

“This is more correct.” I explained to her then allowed my hand to slide over the slope of her butt slowly and slide to the tops of her thighs where I stopped. “And your Hamstrings are tight and engaged like we would expect as well. You take direction well. Would you like to try a different pose?” I asked her.

“Yes, please sir.” She said. I released my touch on her upper thighs as well as her stomach.

“Show me your Upward Bow next.” I told her.

“Upward Bow?” She asked me.

I had her lie on her back along the length of her mat then guided her to place the bottom of both feet on the mat with her knees at a 90-degree angle. Then I positioned her arms to mirror her feet with the palms flat on the mat above her head and the heel of the palm facing away from her and her elbows pointed up to the ceiling. “Now, come up by pressing the floor away from you with your hands and feet.” I knew she would struggle with this pose as it seems that most people are unable to get up without help at first.

I once again straddled her legs and reached down and as she lifted her butt off the mat I reached down and allowed my hands to grab a cheek of her ass in both hands and lifted her up slowly. I could tell by the sharp exhalation of her breath that she wasn’t expecting my grab, but she dutifully lifted up and soon was in a pressed up back bend from the ground. I watched with amusement as her shirt slid over her belly and then ******* the black bralette that she wore to then cover her face.

I wanted to reach out and grab her breasts as they also followed gravity’s commands like the shirt did and looked like they were ready to come out of the top of the small bra. I released my grip when I heard the air suck in and the door opened, one of the next classes participants walked into the building and didn’t notice our position because she was engrossed in a conversation on her phone. I lowered her to the ground softly then looked down at her as her eyes were just peeking out of the hem of the shirt that had fallen up her body from that position. She didn’t make an immediate attempt to pull her shirt down and instead she looked at me staring at her face then her breasts and finally between her slightly parted legs.

I held my hands out to her and she took them in hers and as I lifted her up, she bent forward with her hips then I pulled her to her feet in a squatted position where her face was level with the crotch of my pants. I wanted her to remain here for as long as I could, to allow her time to stare at my cock and make her think about it. Finally, I pulled her all the way to a standing position.

“Do you ever do private lessons?” She asked me. I told her that I did do private lessons and that if she liked I could come to her house and perform them there. She was sheepish at first and explained why, “My husband knows I come to your classes, but I don’t know how he would feel with you in our home with me alone.” She said as she gathered her stuff up again.

“I understand his position and we could do it while he’s there if that would be more comfortable for him. Here is my direct number. Discuss it with him and know that you would need to pay me double for a private lesson as you do for a class as it would be 1 on 1.” I told her as I wrote down my number on a piece of paper and handed it to her. She reached for the paper and allowed our fingers to touch as she took the paper from me. I felt her fingers slide along mine and as I looked her in the face, I saw her biting her lower lip as she looked at my hand and hers touching. Once she held my note, she gathered her things in her hands and retreated out of the building.

I resumed the rest of my day and once my classes were complete for the day, I retrieved my phone and saw that an unknown number had called and left a voicemail. “This is Ann, I asked today about private lessons and my husband Nick said that he would be OK with you teaching me this time. Please call me back so we can schedule a good time.” The voicemail said. Her voice sounded giddy and excited and I returned the call.

We scheduled to have me arrive at her home the following day at 9am.

The morning we were to meet, I called her an hour before I was set to arrive. I told her that I needed it to be a peaceful environment and that meant it needed to be just the two of us in the room and if possible, in the entire house. She seemed reluctant but agreed to my request. For my plans to work I would need to have her to myself. During the previous interaction I would have been able to go much further without any interruptions and I wanted this to go smoothly for me.

When I arrived, I noticed that their home was simple and understated, even for the LA area. I grabbed my yoga mat as well as an 8-ft long yoga strap and 2-blocks to aid in the different positions. All of these items I fit comfortably inside of a duffel bag at my side. Before I had the chance to ring the door bell, the door opened, and an older man held it open wide and quickly assessed the man in front of him. “Why is it that I have to leave?” He asked with a quizitive look.

“The balance of energy needs to be correct. If you are in the house and are watching TV, reading a book or just sleeping then that sends a vibration through the house and she would be unable to reach the transcendence that many private practitioners search for.” I told him and stepped into their home. Don’t worry, I know that everything I told him was a load of bullshit, but he’s got a gut, probably can’t touch his toes and won’t know the difference. As I walked into the home, I saw him grab his keys and walk out the door.

“BYE HONEY, I’LL BE BACK IN AN HOUR!” He yelled into the void of the house.

“Love You!” Came a feminine reply from the back and as I turned to look, I could see Ann make her way out of one of the rooms. The front door closed, and I was now alone with her. Ann wore a pair of bright pink tights and large glasses I hadn’t seen her wear before. She had her hair tied in a loose ponytail atop her head and her top was a thin t-shirt with the arms cut off. I couldn’t see from my vantage if she was wearing a bra or not, but I was guessing she wasn’t because of how her nipples were pressing against the fabric. I moved my hand to the crotch of my pants and didn’t try to hide the fact that my dick was straining against the material of my shorts. I even caught her eyes look down and watch my actions.

With her help we moved the furniture around the living room to make room for our small intimate practice and soon I had her performing different moves. After the third move I knew with certainty that there was definitely no bra keeping her breasts bound to her chest. I knew this because as I had her moving from downward dog to warrior one, I caught her breast escape momentarily out of the cut armhole. She kept fidgeting with the shirt, and I decided to use that as my excuse.

“You know Ann, usually when I practice I do so in the nude. Would you like to try that? If not, then I completely understand but would you mind if I removed my shirt and these baggy shorts?” I asked her. She stood up from her pose and bit her lower lip and held the hem of her shirt with both hands in an uncertain manner.

“I don’t mind you being comfortable, but I don’t know about being naked. It’s just this shirt.” She said to me.

With her agreement I quickly removed my shirt and pulled down my black shorts. I wore a pair of tighter boxer briefs that I knew would display my entire length to her. She didn’t disappoint when I stood before her in just my underwear. Her eyes seemed almost glued to the front of my briefs. I placed my hands on my hips, putting my package on display for her. “Well then, how about we start with just removing the shirt?” I asked her.

I saw the thoughts in her head as she weighed the pros and cons and how Nick her husband would feel about it. Eventually I saw her make up her mind. She quickly pulled her arms into the sleeve holes then lifted up from inside the shirt and turned away from me as the top slid up her back. When she turned back to me, she covered her breasts with both hands and her ring on her left ring finger shone brightly. Once again, she was lightly biting her lower lip and it seemed that she was searching for my approval.

I reached out to her and moved her hands away from her breasts. As they came into view, I saw her tense up until I had them fully at her sides. I then had her close her eyes and take deep cleansing breaths. As she did what I told her to do I took this as an opportunity to set up my camera and begin filming her from a discreet location by my bag. I then enjoyed her small teardrop breasts with quarter sized pink nipples as they raised and lowered with each of her deep breaths. The two gold chains she wore around her neck would occasionally reflect the light coming in through the window and her nipples were so hard that it looked like she had goosebumps circling the bas of her nipple.

I moved closer to her and placed my hand between her breasts against her sternum and let it rest there. “Do you feel the heat that is building in your chest?” I asked.

“It feels like my entire body is on fire. Is this normal?” She kept her eyes closed as she breathed out a sigh, shivered and asked that question.

“Yes, that is very normal. In fact, many people gain great emotional, physical and sexual awakenings from a focused Yogi encounter. Do you feel your sex heating up?” I asked her.

She stood a moment in silence then said, “Nick would be so mad but yes, is it alright if I take off these pants? They are suddenly too hot to be in.” She told me before placing her thumbs into the waistband and once again turning away from me. As she peeled the tight material down her ass and legs she bent at the waist and it seemed that she was pushing herself back towards me. To my surprise she was wearing a very small tan G-string panty beneath the material of her pants. She then removed the pants fully as they sat in a pool between her feet and kicked them to a corner of the room. This time when she turned to me, she wasn’t trying to hide her breasts or her newly uncovered panties.

All she did was look me in the eye and urging me with her eyes for my approval. I looked unflinchingly from her eyes and scanned down her body to the nape of her neck then to the swell of her right breast then over to her left breast. I moved my sight still lower down her midsection that I could tell she worked hard to maintain and then came her hips being bisected by that string and the small triangle of cotton covering her pussy. I licked my lips and grinned like a Cheshire Cat and once again adjusted myself. My cock was beginning to swell more and when I looked up, I saw her staring at my cock as it snaked down my left leg. It was still a few inches from the leg hole, but I knew from experience that it would find its way out of that hole and that’s usually when the fun begins. “You already seem more comfortable. Shall we try a few poses?” I asked her. She nodded her head.

I moved her through a series of poses and kept myself professional through many of them. I allowed my camera to capture her in each pose. As she transitioned from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2, I decided to have her then transition into Dancer. In the Dancer pose you stand on one leg and hold one hand forward of you while the other grips your toes and tries to lift your leg into a standing split. When I saw that she struggled with this pose I walked up behind her as she faced my camera and helped to lift her raised letup and slid it inside her upper thigh. She remained quiet and didn’t move even as I slid it higher and allowed my pinkie to rest on the small amount of fabric covering her pussy. Through the fabric I could feel that she was burning up and slid it back and forth. She shuddered under the pressure.

I then removed my hand and stayed directly behind her and moved her into the forward fold where she bends at the waist and as she was transitioning, I pulled my cock out of my tight shorts and let it point directly at her. I then stepped forward and pushed the head of my cock between her legs and it slid effortlessly along the damp crotch of her panties and I felt the heat emanating from her. “Oh my!” She said from below me.

I placed my hand on her back and pushed her down and then slid my hand back and forth from her lower back to each of her ass cheeks. I allowed my fingers to slip under the fabric of her G-string and push and pull it in different directions. “I apologize for this uncivilized action of releasing my large cock, but I didn’t want to ask and break your concentration, but I also wanted to be able to move closer to you to ensure you maintained the correct posture.” I lied to her. I then kept sliding against her pussy and as my hand moved around her ass, I was able to hook her panties around my thumb and they slid across her ass and ******* her protruding pussy lips and winking asshole to my gaze. I took this opportunity to pull my cock back further and when I pushed forward, I felt myself slip effortlessly into her.

I looked between us as it happened and her lips gently parted and inch after inch my cock disappeared into her. She sighed heavily but didn’t say anything or move. I then began slowly fucking her. My hands gripped her hips and pushed her forward then pulled her back roughly. She placed her hands on the ground for balance and I began to hear her breathing grow deeper and more labored. She then started to moan. Eying the couch I momentarily pulled my cock out of her. As I did so I heard her whimper softly. When I sat on the couch, she turned to face me on the couch with my cock pointing up towards her. She eyed me warily, “Was your plan the whole time to come over and fuck me?” She asked.

“Yes, it was.” I told her flatly and began stroking my 8-inch cock as I kept my eyes glued to her. Her panties remained askew from where I had held them, and her pussy lips peeked at me from the side of her panties. She curled her thumbs under her panties fabric then rolled them off her hips. She then walked to me on her couch as she began to kneel between my legs, I stopped her. I then maneuvered her body to where we were in a 69 position while I sat on the couch. “This vertical 69 will help your chakras balance out as I fill your mouth with my cum.” I told her.

“You can stop the bullshit lies now. We’re already going to fuck; I can’t let this beautiful hard cock of yours go to waste.” She told me before lowering her head onto my dick. Right away she was a masterful cock sucker and it took a lot of effort to not cum right away. She opened her legs for me, and the smell of her wanton pussy was fragrant and enticing and I quickly lowered my mouth onto her. I began licking along her lips and let my tongue tuck under the hood covering her clit and began manipulating it quickly then slowly then varying the speed at which I lashed at her erogenous zone. She began to wiggle as I continued, and I sat deeper into the couch and pushed my cock up into her expert mouth. Her clit extended slightly and poked out from the hood of her pussy and when I saw this happen I leaned into it and took it lightly between my teeth and lightly nibbled on it as I also flicked it, this drove her wild and she came off my cock momentarily to scream as she came over my face.

With my face covered in her juices I pushed her to the side of the couch then pulled her light body, so it straddled my legs and she moved a hand between us and guided my cock into her. She then grabbed the back of the couch and began forcefully riding up and down on me like a wild animal. Her breasts bounced in my face and at once I felt like I was in charge and completely at her mercy at the same time. She neared another orgasm and when it landed, she sat heavily onto my lap with my cock buried deep in her as she shuddered. I then reached around her and gripped the cheeks of her ass and stood up with her still impaled on myself and walked her to a wall and began fucking her against the wall. Her head bounced off of it lightly and a picture came loose from the wall.

When I looked down, I could see that it was a photo of a date that Ann and her husband had gone on. I looked from the photo to her then down to her breasts as they shook up and down, left and right and reached a hand up to her breasts while the other remained glued to her ass. I fondled her breast and pinched her nipple hard then released it and did the same thing to the other one. I then pulled her tilt towards my face and took her nipple in my mouth and sucked on it hard. I felt myself nearing an orgasm and pushed into her for the last time and remained still.

Her arms wrapped around me and held me equally as tight, “I think I need more practice in Yoga.” She said. Then the door opened, and Nick walked into the room. He saw us against the wall and as Ann was trying to wiggle free, she saw a stain on his pants. “Did you cum all over yourself from watching us fuck?” She asked him. His sheepish look gave him away and he hurried past us to their bedroom where he closed the door.

I set Ann down on shaky legs before I pushed my spent cock back into my boxers’ briefs. I then found my shorts and slipped them on. I found the rest of my gear and retreated from her home. She called me up the next day to setup another lesson but that’s a story for another time.
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