Shelly needs professional photos for work and boudoir shots for her husband, I hope nothing gets mixed up. Hey crew, I totally thought I already posted these stories. Here you go. He loves to steal panties of his family members and jerk off into them and try to get his wife Shelly to wear them. I look forward to hearing what you think and anything else you'd like to know.


“Shelly, we need those professional headshots by Saturday! If we don’t get those then the bosses say it will start affecting bonuses.” He said to her as she came in his office.

“Why is it such a big deal Mike? I mean it’s not like we ever use them for anything except when we go out for sales calls and we haven’t been out for a while.” Shelly replied.

“You’re barking up the wrong tree lady. I’m just a relay for the information. You need to get it done and soon.” He said.

“Fine, I have a birthday surprise shoot for Matt set up for tonight and it probably won’t be an issue getting a few extra shots and I’ll get them to you.” She responded while thinking about her boudoir shoot, she had planned for the last few months. Matt loved taking her picture in various stages of undress and playing with herself. She thought about how horny she got from those little shoots and how great the sex is after they finish.

“Oh Yeah?! Can I get a copy of both sets then? The pro shots for the bosses and the good shots for me?” He asked while looking Shelly up and down as she stood in front of his desk then reached down and adjusted himself right in front of her.

“You’re a fucking pig, you know that?” She asked as she turned on her heel and walked out. “Keep this shit up and I’ll be reporting your ass.” She told him over her shoulder as she left his office.

He kept watching her and yelled after her swaying hips as they sauntered away in her sexy little business skirt. “Who the fuck are you gonna report me to? I AM THE HR DEPARTMENT HERE!” He said in a holler for her to hear every word as she walked away and not in a scream because he was mad. On the contrary if anything he was horny and wanted to see more of Shelly with less on. He knew that he would be jerking off over her professional photos as soon as he got them.

Shelly got back to her desk and checked her calendar then called the photo studio she would be going to that night and after three rings the call was answered. “Bedroom Shoots by Paul, this is Annie how can I help you?” The young ladies voice said through the phone.

“Hi, this is Shelly and I have an appointment for tonight and I was wondering if I could adjust it a little bit.” She told her on the phone.

“All cancellations need to be called in more than 24 hours in advance.” The voice answered in a bored fashion. Almost like she was tired of having to cancel these sessions when the little housewife suddenly got to nervous and chickened out.

“I’m not cancelling, I was wondering if Paul could take some professional photos for my work as well as what he has planned already?” She asked over the phone.

“Let me check.” Annie replied. Annie laid the phone down on the surface of the desk where it sat, and Shelly could hear the ambient sounds of the space where Annie was. She heard muffled voices; a man as well as a woman; she took the woman’s voice to be Annie’s and the males voice to be Paul. After a short exchange, Annie returned to the phone and picked up the receiver. “Yeah, he said he can add that tonight as well. He said he will use it as one of your outfits as well for the actual shoot so make sure that you bring additional underwear to try with it.” She told her over the phone, then hung up without waiting for her reply.

Shelly sat back and felt like she had accomplished something and that she was knocking out two birds with one stone. She opened her email and began working again. She worked absent-mindedly for the rest of the day and finally at the end of the day she got up and left for the day. She got to her car and looked around and she caught the eye of Mike as she saw him walk to his car. His gaze was even more lascivious than it was in his office. “Hey good lookin’, what ya got cooking? How’s about cooking somethin’ up for me?” He yelled to her and smiled broadly.

She was disgusted. Mike was a slob and was horrible at his job. She knew of at least four women at work that complained of harassment and those men were all still on the job and most of them got promotions shortly after the harassment. They were promoted away from the problem.

She rolled her eyes and climbed into her small car. She was acutely aware of her skirt sliding up her thigh and dared not look toward Mike because she knew he would be looking at her and seeing her skirt slide and she didn’t want to be grossed out again. As she sat down and began lifting her left leg to put it in the car and close the door she finally raised her head and sure enough Mike was openly staring at her legs and when he saw her look at him he smiled that disgusting smile and gave her a thumbs up.


She drove home and let work wash away from her. As she neared the house, she noticed that Matt’s car was missing which was fine with her. It would allow her to get the clothes for her shoot and he wouldn’t know what she was going to wear for it. Then she grabbed a dark gray business suit that had a skirt and a pair of pants to choose from and paired with a dark gray blazer. She grabbed both the skirt and the pants just in case. Also, she rummaged through her drawers and found frilly and lacy underwear and brought those as well. With her bag packed for the shoot she quickly undressed and put on a comfortable outfit. She paired a pink sports bra with a pair of Lululemon black yoga pants. Matt always warned her that they were a little see through when she bent over but they were so comfortable that she figured that was just part of the deal. After getting dressed she left the house and once she was in her car, she typed the address into her phones GPS and was soon on her way.

A short time later she arrived in the industrial part of town where warehouses were more prevalent than homes. She found the address in a subdivided warehouse with multiple doors but only one said Bedroom Photos by Paul. She parked her car in the nearest spot then sat nervous for five minutes as she thought about the fact that another man would soon be seeing her naked. Now she wanted to call it off and just tell Matt that Paul cancelled it. But if she did then what would she get Matt? She turned the car off and opened the door. With trembling hands, she gripped the bag and walked to the door. As she walked in, she saw a man grinning widely with closed eyes behind a tall desk. She couldn’t see below his belly, but he was swaying back and forth fractionally. His arm jutted forward and down, and it looked like he must have been holding something just under the counter near himself. As she walked in the door chime sounded and this man looked at her but continued to move forward and back slightly.

“You must be Shelly! I’m Paul and my assistant Annie told me you’d be coming in and that we have a few additional shots to take for your job?” He asked and nodded toward the suit she was holding in her hand. “Show me what you brought with you for our shoot.” He told her.

“Here? Shouldn’t I change somewhere, or you show me where the session will take place?” Shelly asked.

“We…sure…can…Just…give…me…a…” he seemed to struggle to say as he closed his eyes tight then released whatever he held below the counter and adjusted his belt before walking from the counter. “Follow me Shelly. Let’s get you comfortable.” He said. As she passed the counter, she tried to figure out what he was doing and to her surprise she saw a young girl stand up from behind the counter. She had a white liquid hanging from her chin and a trail of the same substance that trailed its way from the corner of her mouth. The young girl gave her a friendly smile and meekly waved at Shelly as she passed.

Shelly knew it was cum dripping from that girls face, she had let Matt cum on her face and in her mouth a few times and she knew how degrading it was to be plastered with cum but also how rewarding it was to be able to suck the essence out of a man. She almost felt like it was sucking a part of his soul and ripping it from his body. This idea made her feel like some sort of sexual warrior.

She felt the sexual energy in the office and as she followed Paul deeper into the space, they walked through a large door set in the back of the entry room. Once past the door the space opened up to a large studio. There were different sets around. There was a soft bed with draped cloth surrounding it. There was a plain backdrop with a stool in front of it. In her head she could imagine an actual model standing there taking shots and posing. She felt silly for being there and yet still followed Paul around the space.

As they toured the back part of the studio, she saw a dark mahogany leather couch pushed 10 feet from the back wall and to its right was a false set of stairs and directly behind and to the right was a door. From the way it looked to her she thought of a porn she caught Matt watching once where a girl was interviewed for a part in some event. As she thought about that she brought up images of what she remembered seeing. ‘Young girls stripping down for grotesque men, ha I guess that fits here. I wonder if Matt would like to see that?’ She thought and let herself imagine it was her and Paul on tape making that same video. She was more impressed with the setup than she thought she would be.

“Alright, Let’s see what ya got here.’ He said as he took the bag from her and the suit then walked over to the couch. First, he held the suit up and noticed the pants or skirt option. He tossed the pants to the side.
“Hey, I need those for the professional shoot!” Shelly spoke up as she reached for the discarded pants.

“Do you want to look like a woman trying to survive in a man’s world or do you want to own your space and demand the recognition you deserve?” Paul asked her. She straightened up and left the pants where he tossed them. “Now, these will do quite nicely.” He said as he rummaged through the duffel bag. Shelly felt uneasy as a man was poking through her lingerie and soft underwear. She then looked on as he pulled out a pair of nearly see through panties and held them by the crotch near his face.

‘I swear if he sniffs them, then I am out of here!’ She thought to herself as she watched this happening. But he simply inspected the black panties before returning them to the bag. She took a deep breath and realized that she was just too worked up and that Paul was going to treat her like a professional.

“Alright Shelly. Put on the work clothes first and we will knock those out before we do the fun ones.” He said as he walked to the other end of his studio and picked up his camera. It was a large piece of equipment and she thought that it must have cost him a bit of money. Annie walked in from the front of the office and looked at Paul, “Front doors locked so you have your privacy sir.’ Then she turned and looked at Shelly who stood looking for a changing room or somewhere that felt like she would have privacy. “Oh honey, we don’t have that here. We have a bathroom, but you’d likely get yourself dirtier in there. You may as well just get changed here and I will help you fix your hair and makeup.” Annie told her, then turned and talked quietly with Paul as he was getting prepared.

Shelly sighed deeply then felt resigned to the decision. She told herself it was alright because he was a professional, even though she saw Annie giving him a blowjob at the front. It didn’t mean he would treat her the same way and he hadn’t been overtly disgusting to her yet. She stood behind the couch which blocked most of her lower body and pushed her pants down. She was acutely aware of how the material felt as it slid over her ass and it felt like each inch of material that came down drew tingles of electricity from her skin. She was thrilled to be so ******* to strangers but also scared. As she looked at them, she realized they weren’t looking and didn’t seem to care.

She kicked off her sneakers and pushed her pants the rest of the way off and then pulled out her skirt. She stepped into the skirt and pulled it up around her waist. Once she zipped it up and smoothed it out with her hand, she then turned away from them and faced the wall where she lifted her arms to her chest and pulled off her sports bra. With one hand she crossed her chest to block her breasts from being bared in front of them and with her other she rummaged through her bag for a bra. “Don’t need a bra for these shots. Just put the shirt and jacket on.” The voice of Paul carried across the studio and she looked up to see them both walking toward her. Confused, she looked back at them but followed his direction and grabbed her white blouse and put it on quickly then her suit coat. She buttoned the loose jacket and then stood in front of them like she would stand in front of her coworkers.

“Don’t forget the heels Shelly.” Paul told her. She looked in the bag then realized the only shoes she brought with her were the slutty pumps she brought for the boudoir shots.

“All I have are these.” She said as she held up the large platform shoes with the clear sole.

Paul inspected them from where he was, and Shelly could see his wheels turning in his head. Then watched as he leaned over and shared more words with Annie who simply nodded and quietly spoke back to him. “That’s fine dear. We’ll just not have your feet in the picture for the business shots. Go ahead and setup on the stool with the back-drop.”

Shelly left her bag where it was on the couch and walked over to the stool where she leaned against it as she sat. As she leaned against the stool to sit, she felt it shift under her and watched as the material under the feet of the wooden stool bunched up a bit. She sat on the stool, her long legs reached down, and the nose of both shoes were able to touch the ground easily. Paul raised his camera and began taking shots of her. “Back straight” CLICK, “Turn this way,” CLICK, “Raise your leg” CLICK, “Look over this way,” CLICK. He continued his instruction as he moved around the room and took multiple shots. He then stopped and walked up to Shelly, who was still on the stool, and pointed the preview screen at her to see what shots he took.

He quickly scrolled through a handful of shots and seemed quite satisfied with himself as he then walked away. “We will clean these up and will get them where they need to go. Will you want to take these separate or would you rather we send them for you instead?” He asked her.

“They need to be there by tomorrow so would you be able to send them? I always get too busy and forget things like that.” Shelly said as she reasoned it would be super easy for him to just forward those pictures for her over to Mike.

“No problem, we will have them out tonight. Make sure before you leave, that you give Annie the details on where they will be going.” He told her. “Now let’s get to the pictures you’ve been waiting for. Come back over to the couch and lean against the back.”

“Should I get changed again?” She asked as she walked over.

“Nah, I think that your husband will love these as well. Now bunch your skirt up and hold the hem just below the crotch of your panties. We want you to really showcase your long legs for these shots.” CLICK. “Lose the jacket and lean over toward me,” CLICK. She watched as he danced around her taking pictures from different angles before changing her poses. Sometimes he would be far and sometimes he would be near, but he always seemed to be taking pictures. “Now unzip your skirt and slowly let it fall to the floor.” CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. She heard his camera rapid fire with clicks as he got an entire series of her skirt coming down.

She then stood in her white blouse and beige panties right in front of Paul. He looked at her and was staring at her panties and looked unpleased. Then he walked towards her and over the couch to her bag and grabbed the black panties he saw earlier. “Put these on and we will do that again.” He handed her the sheer panties and walked back to his previous spot then began taking more pictures as she shyly pushed her beige panties off then pulled up her sheer ones. Then she stepped into her skirt again and pulled it up. Finished by zipping it before looking at Paul.

“Alright, Now lean back on the couch and lift one of your legs so your foot is resting on the top of the couch and lean toward that foot like you are fixing your shoe.” He directed her. She obeyed and lifted her foot. She had to bunch up her skirt in order for it to fit and as she lifted her leg, she could feel a shot of cool air as it brushed against her. She felt her nipples stiffen under the blouse and she felt tingles in her body. As she lifted her leg, she realized that Paul and Annie will be looking right at her panties and wondered how closely they looked as they were taking photos. Her thought was quickly answered when she watched Paul reach down and push his growing erection to the side. It made her feel strong and guilty for being able to turn another man on. She heard him click his camera as he took a series of pictures and got into a rhythm where she only listened to his directions.

Once he was done with the couch she was still fully dressed, and he brought over a wooden chair. He directed her to lean over the chair to undue her shoes one at a time. As she did so he got close to the top of her blouse and she peeked down to what the shot was and realized that he was going to be taking pictures down her top to her breasts. Then he had her sit in the chair backwards causing her legs to open and her black panties to become visible again.

“No, no. That’s not what I want.” He said with a thoughtful expression. Then he returned to her bag and looked for a few moments before coming back with a small black shelf bra made of lace and matching thong panties along with a pair of thigh-high stockings. This photoshoot was going from sexy to obscene, but Paul was a professional and she just had to trust his process. She stood up after taking the small articles from him and they led her over to the bed scene and she began undressing. First her white blouse came over her head. She heard the clicking of Paul’s camera but continued on. Then she again unzipped her skirt and let it pool at her feet. Finally, she pulled down her panties and handed them to Annie who stood very close as Paul continued his photo assault.

She quickly got dressed with her back to Paul and Annie and then shyly turned around at the foot of the bed. Paul had her pose in different spots and many poses. She began to forget that he was a stranger and simply did what she was told. “Pinch your nipples for me Shelly!” Paul said to her. This broke her out of her trance and she once again became worried that this was too much. She tentatively reached up and with the index finger and thumb of each hand she cradled the nipple of each breast and gauged that they were already very excited.

“They’re already hard Paul.” She told him matter of factly as she stood a few feet from him. Her legs spread open shoulder width. Paul took his pictures from different angles and ignored her comment. Shelly pinched her nipples as she was told and felt a tingle of pleasure shot from her nipples to her pussy. Paul captured the movement in her face as he caught her in a soft moan.

“Now release a nipple and put your hand in your panties.” Paul told her.

“You want me to play with myself in front of you? I can’t do that.” She said back.

“I want it to look like you are. You don’t actually have to do anything. This is for your husband to see, remember?” He said as he kept shooting his camera.

She quickly reasoned with herself and soon Paul watched as her hand snaked down her stomach and dipped below the hem of her panties. She left it there and looked at Paul’s camera.

“Now, act like you are excited and you are trying to orgasm.” He instructed to her. Shelly tried to make her face look like she thought it does when she’s cumming. She could tell that it wasn’t what Paul was looking for. She had a bad idea and slowly lowered her hand down further until she could feel her pussy lips. She was surprised at how wet they were and slowly she ran a finger back and forth along the slit. She noticed that Paul was becoming more active and even saw him adjust himself again. She smiled to herself as she kept sliding her finger back and forth. “Would you sit on the edge of the bed while you do that and put one leg up on the bed and the other on the floor.” He instructed her. She stepped back and sat on the edge of the bed. It was easy to hike up her leg but found it odd to push her hand down the top of her panties.

She pulled her hand out and told Paul how she wasn’t comfortable with that pose because of the awkward angle to get into her panties. His solution was that she could slide her panties to the side and put her fingers over her pussy that way. She briefly thought about that and reasoned that it would likely make for a very sexy shot and she would still be covered. She pulled her panties to the side and felt her face flush with embarrassment at having these two strangers seeing her whole body. She quickly covered her pussy with her hand and began slowly sliding her fingers through her pussy lips. She closed her eyes lightly and briefly forgot where she was as she dipped one finger into herself then a second followed that shortly after.

She began masturbating in earnest until Paul got her attention. “Shelly, I think we are done, and you are getting over excited. If this keeps up, I won’t be able to concentrate on a good final product.” He said remorsefully as he held his cock through his pants. Shelly stood up and raced back to her bag on the couch and quickly put back on her yoga pants and replaced the shelf bra with her sports bra. Now that she was covered again, she returned to Paul and Annie who had already found their way to a computer. Shelly handed them payment as well as two separate emails. The first email was hers so she could give Matt this present when it was time and the second email was for Mike so that they could email the professional shots to him. She then relayed what pictures went where and left them.

As she left, she looked back in time to see them both stand up and walk to the back, undressing as they went. Shelly was proud of herself because she thought that they were going to fuck because she got them to excited to concentrate.

After Paul was finished using Annie, he told her to send the quick edits of her Pro shots to the second email and the RAW shots of the rest to the first email to see which ones she liked best and wanted to process further. Annie walked naked and dripping to the computer where she looked at the emails and set up the correspondence. She sent them out and both Paul and Annie cleaned up for the day and left.

When Shelly got home and checked her email, she was pleased to see that Paul had already sent over her work photos and they looked great. She looked professional and beautiful. She immediately replied that she loved the photos and thanked them for emailing them over to her work. She wasn’t expecting a reply but shortly after sending that email back to Paul and Annie she got a call. It wasn’t from them but rather Mike. ‘Why in the world would he be calling me at this time of day?’ She thought as she picked up the phone and held it to her ear.

“Great shots Shelly. I gotta say, when I told you pro shots, I didn’t think you would send Pro Pornstar shots.” He told her as she could hear him breathing heavy.

“What are you talking about?” She asked, but even as she asked, she knew what happened.

“I especially love the look you make when you are fucking yourself and pinching those fantastic nipples. Matt is a lucky man and soon I will be to.” He told her. She heard the triumph in her voice and she quickly ended the call and turned off her phone before she began crying. She didn’t know what Monday held for her, but she knew it wasn’t going to be good.

Shelly stopped crying in time for Matt to come home and she acted as if nothing was wrong as she got his dinner ready and plodded around the house. Eventually she said she was tired and headed to bed. Lying in bed she turned side to side then repeated it. She felt like she couldn’t sleep or didn’t want to sleep. ‘What was that creep Mike going to do Monday?’ She asked herself before turning toward the clock and watching it. Gradually sleep overtook her and she slept a dreamless sleep and woke up to Matt saying that she got a text from Mike at work and that it was important.

Shelly already knew what was so important that he would contact her on a weekend. She took the phone from Matt and looked at the screen. “Contact me back as soon as you see this. It’s very important!” Mike had written to her.

She thought for a moment about what he said just yesterday and allowed her mind a moment to put her thoughts together. She eventually decided that it would be best to act as if nothing had happened and trust that Mike was going to be professional. “What’s so important that you need to reach me on the weekend?” She asked him in text.

She stayed in bed and got a response moments later. “I need to know whether to send this shot…” Here he inserted a shot of her in her skirt and blouse with her leg hiked up and her panties in center focus. Shelly looked at her phone in disbelief. Those panties really were transparent in the flash of Paul’s camera. She could see all the hair covering her pussy and the beginning of her slit that even in the small picture looked excited. “…or this one?” The second photo he added was actually her professional shot.

She was slightly taken aback by his question and quickly replied. “The second one of course you sick asshole.”

“I was hoping you would say that. Now how about we agree on the terms of that being the picture that the bosses and the company see. What are you wearing right now?” He responded.

“No fucking way. You absolute creep show. I’m married and what you are doing is sexual harassment and I will have you fired for this.” She told him.

“No, you fucking won’t. For one, I didn’t steal these pictures you emailed them to me. If anything, you are the one that will be seen as sexually harassing me. And two, this pussy looks to wet to not like this idea. What do you think?” He answered then added a string of four pictures. Each one was a series of her hand in her panties, then sitting on the edge of the bed, followed by her hiking a leg up on the bed, and finally with her panties pulled to the side and her fingers glistening as they pushed inside of her. As she saw the pictures, she was first amazed at how beautiful and for a brief moment she thought about how excited Matt is going to be to get them. Then she was horrified at who actually already had them.

“What do you want?” She typed and sent as curtly as possible.

“What are you wearing right now?” Was the answer she got.

“If you must know it a purple negligee with lace trim around the neck with matching panties with black outlined flowers.” She sent in reply, then wished there was an unsend button because why would she give him so much detail?

“Show me!” He answered a moment later.

“No. What if Matt sees me?” She said.

“I don’t care. Show me.” He told her. Shelly quickly pointed the camera down her body and took a photo of her in bed. She pulled the negligee down as far as she could but still knew that it showed too much. She didn’t even look at it before sending it to him. “That’s better. Now, how about another one where we get the whole package. Get in front of a mirror and show me those panties.” He instructed.

Shelly climbed out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She listed for noises that told her where Matt was before she raised her foot on the counter of the sink and lifted the hem of her negligee. She took the shot then sent it. Once it was sent, she looked at it and realized that she hadn’t sent Matt anything that sexual in a long time. She felt a pang of guilt but also was aware how hard her nipples felt. ‘It’s just cold in here.’ She told herself.

“Get dressed and meet me at work. I want you in some yoga pants I know you got and no panties. And I want you in a loose top. Get here in 20 minutes. The longer it takes you the worse it will be for you.” Mike had made a demand and Shelly stood at the sink for a moment thinking about her life the way it was and what could happen. She imagined Matt finding out and leaving. She imagined the entire company seeing the pictures and she imagined her losing her job. She left the bathroom got dressed in the clothes Mike told her to wear and walked out of the bedroom. As she passed Matt she lied and said a client needed something in the office right away and that she would only stay for a bit. She then leaned over and kissed him and started to walk out.

“Why aren’t you wearing a bra?” Matt asked her as she was walking away.

“I was in a hurry and didn’t think to put one on. No one’s going to be there, so it won’t matter. I’ll just pop in, send them what they need and be home before you know it.” She told him.

“Take your time. Joe came down and he wants to take me out to a golf course.” He told her. Shelly had no idea why her sister’s husband would be in town with her sister and without warning her. But she didn’t have time to deal with that right now and instead just waved to him on her way out. She got in her car and before she knew it, she was pulling into work like it was an ordinary day. Except it wasn’t ordinary and she knew it.

As she approached the door Mike was already there waiting for her. He had his phone pointing at her. “Show me inside your pants! Show me that you listened to me!” He said, through the glass of the door.

“I can’t. What if someone sees me?” She pleaded with him. Mike just stood there pointing his phone at her and smiled. Shelly turned around and pulled the back of her pants down. She figured that showing this creep her ass was better than willingly showing him her pussy. She heard the suck of air as the door opened. She quickly pulled her pants back up and walked past Mike through the door. As she passed him, Mike reached out and brazenly groped Shelly’s ass and gripped it tightly.

Shelly turned on her heel and slapped Mike across the face hard. “Don’t Touch Me!” She screamed at him and gave him the most menacing stare that she could.

Mike looked at her with indifference. He knew the power he now held over Shelly and he was going to enjoy it. He stepped close to Shelly and in a low voice he told her about the control he had. “I will destroy your entire world unless you do exactly what I tell you to and you will not stop me from doing what I want either or your perfect life will be in the trash.” As he spoke, he reached out again and gripped her ass tightly in his palm. This time Shelly didn’t react. Her eyes grew big in realization and fear. Mike then placed his other hand on her waist and moved it up to her chest. “Well isn’t this a surprise. No bra. How utterly slutty of you. Does Matt know you left the house like this?” He asked her.

“Ye…yes. I told him I would be quick, and no one would see me.” She told him quietly.

“Well that’s somewhat true. Today will be quick. Now, get on your knees.” He told her. Shelly looked at him scared and stayed still for a moment trying to will herself to run away. She didn’t go anywhere and as Mike moved the hand that was on her ass to her shoulder and began pressing down, she obeyed him and sank to her knees. Mike then removed her loose shirt and groped at her newly ******* breasts. “Ever since you started here, I’ve always wanted to see and feel these tits of yours. You are always flaunting your body around us and I was so sick of it.” He said as he groped with one hand and unzipped his pants with the other. Shelly looked on as he unzipped then reached in and pulled out his thickening cock.

He held the growing monster in front of her face. The head was inches from her lips. “It’s not gonna suck itself now is it?” He asked, then put both hands around her head. His fingers laced in her dark hair and pulled her face toward the bulbous head of his cock. It touched her lips and she opened her mouth slightly. As his head was entering her mouth, she opened her mouth more and more and he easily slid into her warm wet mouth. “Suck that cock you cunt!” He demanded. Shelly thought that if she could get through this, she would be safe. She reached up and held his cock gently with her hand and began stroking his shaft and sucking his cock like she loved him.

‘If I can’t get out of the situation, then I might as well get through it as quickly as possible.’ She bargained with herself as she tried to give the best blowjob she had ever given. She was sad that it was going to be wasted on this piece of human trash instead of Matt, but she needed to get this done quickly. She wasn’t disappointed with her prowess as she felt Mike jerk after only five minutes of work and to her surprise Mike held her head tightly as he shot cum in her mouth. She tried to push him off as he was spraying the inside of her mouth, but he held firm and soon he was done and deflating. He waited until his cock was fully limp before pulling it out of her mouth. Then he watched as she swallowed what remained in her mouth which wasn’t much. Most of his cum had already slid down her throat into her stomach.

She breathed deeply once his dick was removed and felt sick from his smell and what she had been made to do. She looked up at him with hate. “Shall we go home then?” He asked her laughing.

“I’m going home but I don’t care what you do.” She told him.

“You misunderstand Shelly. You can call it blackmail or coercion, but the fact is that you will do exactly what I want until I am done using you. Then if you have pleased me then maybe I will let you go.” He laid out his plan of her abuse and constant use and let her know that he would take her when and where he wanted to. He told her that they could be out at a business dinner when he would push his finger up her cunt or maybe fuck her in her own bed at home while Matt was off at work.

Shelly’s mind was reeling. She didn’t even notice that Mike had stood her up and pushed his hand down her pants. She obediently opened her legs and he quickly found her wet slit. “This pussy doesn’t mind a little blackmail does it?” He asked as he pushed two meaty fingers inside.

“Fuck…you.” She said as she felt his thick fingers spread her. He then began speeding up until he had her bent over panting and screaming as a ****** orgasm rocked her body and she felt her knees go weak and she fell back to the floor. He picked up her shirt from the floor where he discarded a few moments earlier and tossed it to her. It landed in a lump on her head as she was panting heavily for air. She was exhausted physically and emotionally after just those few minutes. She started crying as she put on her shirt and slowly stood up again. She made sure to keep her distance from Mile and walked to the door.

Mike followed behind her and locked the door behind him as they headed toward the parking lot. “You’re going to tell Matt that you ran into me at the grocery store when you were picking up dinner and that we got to talking and you invited me over to talk. Got it?” Mike said to her and raised his eyebrows at the question he placed at the end. She nodded meekly and climbed into her car. Mike followed Shelly out of the parking lot and across town until she pulled into a driveway in front of a large home. It was the kind of place Mike expected a woman like Shelly would live in. He parked on the curb and met Shelly as she was coming up the sidewalk to the front door.

Shelly had stopped crying and cleaned up her eyes by the time they got home. She looked at Mike and he carried groceries with him. “I may have had a plan this whole time.” He said in response to her looking at his arm full of groceries. Mike saw a small defeat in her eyes like she was hoping that his lie about picking up dinner would have failed until she saw his groceries. Turning away from Mike she opened the front door and walked in.

“Matt, honey I’m home!” Shelly called out with the sweetest voice she could. “I ran into Mike from work and he said he wanted to make us dinner.” She hoped that Matt would come to her aid and save her. Shelly hoped that Matt would already be making dinner. But Matt didn’t do those things.

Matt came out of the kitchen with a huge grin on his face. “Hey there Mike. Haven’t seen you since the Christmas Party huh?” He said as he shook the hand of the man that was fingering his wife a little while ago. Shelly felt shivers of disgust run through her body and turned away from them. She felt that if she had to watch this then she was going to be sick. “So, what’s for dinner?” He asked Mike.

“We’re gonna have Lasagna! Where’s the kitchen?” Mike said excitedly. Matt waved his hand in a way that motioned-Follow Me- and Mike followed him into the kitchen. It was well laid out and easy to navigate from the fridge to the oven. Matt opened the fridge and grabbed a few beers and handed one to Mike after he opened it for him. Shelly watched this all happen and was mad at Matt for being so nice to him. She kept telling herself that if Matt knew that his cock was down her throat less than an hour ago, he wouldn’t be handing him a beer and laughing at his jokes.

“Shelly, why don’t you go get comfy and we will finish up dinner.” Mike said to her. She left them in the kitchen and walked to her bedroom to hide. Mike unloaded the groceries and then said. “Looks like I forgot garlic. Do you have any in the house?” Matt shook his head no then said they needed beer as well. “Would you mind running up to the store and pick up more beer and garlic for our dinner and I can finish everything else from here?” He said as he handed Matt his keys and turned his back ending the conversation. Matt walked out and he heard him leave the house.

Mike walked to the front window and watched as Matt drove away from the house. He then turned and walked through the house and opened the bedroom door. He saw Shelly on the bed crying and took up the entire space of in the door frame. “Matt left to pick up some supplies. Come help me in the kitchen.” He told her, then stood there until she began moving from the bed and walked up to him. “Without the shirt or pants.” He said.

“No fucking way!” She yelled and tried to slam the door. He stopped it easily with his arm and grabbed her around the waist and put his face close to hers.

“Just be a good wife and do what you are told. One night of this can’t be that bad can it?” He asked her. She looked at him and saw his lies but also saw that he would indeed share what he had with anyone he chose if she didn’t play along.

“Turn around.” She told him at the door. Mike turned and heard her removing her clothes behind him. “Now what?” She asked.

“Now we go to the kitchen. We need to get done before Matt gets back.” They walked to the kitchen with Mike in front and Shelly following behind. Mike glanced back and glimpsed Shelly’s pale skin in reflections of her family photos on the wall. Once he reached the kitchen, he asked Shelly to pull the Mozzarella from the fridge where he put it. He watched as she walked to the kitchen and opened the door. She felt the cold hit her as she opened the door. Her nipples hardened almost instantly. She looked for it but couldn’t find it. She looked back at him and he saw the confusion on her face. “I put it in the bottom drawer.” He told her. Without thinking about what she wasn’t wearing she bent at the waist and opened the drawer.

As she reached for the cheese, she felt Mike behind her. His cock quickly found its way between her cheeks and directly in her pussy. She almost fell into the fridge and had to grab a shelf inside the fridge. “You… I…We…I’m married. This wasn’t part of the deal!” She screamed as he began fucking her hard. He Gripped her hips with such strength that she felt him wrap his fingers around her the edges of her pelvis bone. “This hurts. You are hurting me! Don’t you even care?” She pleaded with him as her head was pushed in and out of the fridge.

“I’m sorry, let me just pull out then. I figured you wouldn’t want Matt to see us fucking but if you would rather wait for him to come home, we can do that.” He said as he pulled out and she crumpled to the floor. Mike pulled a chair out and sat facing her with his cock still erect and pointing at the sky. “I’ll tell you what, I’ll delete everything in my email and on my phone if you fuck me until I cum.” He told her.

Shelly sat looking in the fridge and thinking about her options. ‘I already swallowed his cum and he already fucked me so it wouldn’t make much of a difference now would it?’ She bargained with herself. She lifted herself off the floor and approached him in the chair. She reached down and gripped his cock in her small hand and slowly straddled him. She placed his bulb at her entrance and slid down. She began rocking up and down gently then started to speed up and felt herself getting worked up. She felt him groping her breasts and pinching her nipples like she enjoyed, and it seemed like she was cumming instantly. Mike pulled down and gripped her hips and pushed her up and down on his lap then held her down tightly to his lap. “You did not just cum in me, did you?” She asked him.

“It was your fault. If your cunt wasn’t so tight it wouldn’t have milked me dry. How about you give me some time and we do it again.” He asked her with a Cheshire Cat grin on his face.

“This will never happen again. You can believe that!” She told him.

Shelly’s eyes got big and she got mad. She reached around behind her and down under her where Mikes cock was deflating. She wrapped her hand around his balls and squeezed tightly. “DELETE THEM NOW OR I WILL RIP THESE OFF AND HANG THEM FROM MY REAR VIEW MIRROR AS A TROPHY!” She screamed at him. Mike was in ecstasy from cumming inside of his work crush and now in severe pain from her vice grip. He pulled his phone out of his pocket and showed her the screen of him deleting the emails and the photos he had on his phone. Once deleted she released his balls and stood up. She could feel his cum inside of her. “Now clean my cunt of all of your nasty cum.” She told him as she lifted a leg over his chair and pulled his head to her cunt. Shelly put her pussy directly in his mouth and made him suck and lick as much cum as he could out of her. Shelly then looked out the window and saw a Mikes car pulling into her driveway again.

Shelly ran to her room and closed the door leaving mike in the kitchen. He stood slowly from the chair and gently cradled his balls to make sure that they were still intact and then gingerly put them back in his pants. He zipped up in time for Matt to walk through the door with the Garlic and beer. “Mike, you alright? You look like shit.” Matt said to him as he put the beer and garlic on the counter.

“Yeah, I hit my balls on something real hard.” He replied to him and stood up. Matt and Mike worked together and talked like old friends. They shared beers and cooked lasagna. Once it was done Matt went and called Shelly out of the room. She was suddenly beaming and looked on top of the world.

“There you are babe. I thought you were hiding.” Matt told her.

“Nope, I just wanted to relax all by myself.” She told him as she strolled into the kitchen and grabbed the last beer and opened it. As she was throwing the bottle cap into the trash it bounced off the top of the bin and fell onto the floor. Shelly faced away from both Mike and Matt and bent at the waist pushing her ass towards them and reached for the cap. Mike watched as her loose shirt opened up from underneath to ****** her breasts to them. Mike smiled lasciviously and glanced over at Matt that was seeing the same thing. Matt went red and looked at Mike. He opened his mouth, but words wouldn’t come out.

Mike leaned over to Matt and whispered quietly, “your wife’s body is unbelievable. Thanks for being cool with me seeing it. I bet she can get nasty, can’t she?” He asked. Matt just nodded silently.

“What are you two whispering about? You are acting like a couple of schoolgirls.” Shelly said as she stood up. The three then went and ate at their dinner table. Conversation was sparse while they ate and afterward Matt and Mike went out on the back patio to nurse the end of the beer and talked more.

“I would love to see some more of your Shelly than just those tits I saw with you. You got more of her?” Mike asked him.

“You’re not supposed to ask a man to see his wife naked. I’m supposed to be really offended by that.” He said to Mike.

“But you’re not are you? The way you reacted when she bent over and shoved that ass back and those tits of hers came peeking out, you loved it.” Mike replied back. Then he drained the rest of his beer and stood up. “Think about that and I’ll get a hold of you tomorrow. Maybe we can work through those issues you have then. Then he winked at him and walked through the house and out the front door.

Shelly came out in a white tank top and a pair of small pink cotton panties. Her dark hair wet from the shower and her body glistening. Matt imagined what Mike would say if he could see her right now and his cock grew in his pants. “Is this for me?” Shelly asked as she stepped up to Matt and pulled his dick out of his pants. She began stroking it until it was fully hard. As she was stroking him, she was also guiding him to their couch, and he felt the backs of his heels hit the couch and he lost his balance and sat. Shelly pulled her panties to the side and sat on his cock and closed her eyes. “After today, I just needed to feel this cock. Now make me beg for your cum.” She told him in a husky voice.

Matt’s eyes were wide as he tried to take all of this information and process it. “Mike saw your tits when you bent over. He asked me about more pictures, and I didn’t get mad.” Matt told her as she was riding him.

“Did you like him seeing my body? Did you want him to see these?” She asked as she pulled the thin straps off her shoulder and let her top drop below her breasts where she cradled them in her palms. “Imagine if he got to feel them, if he got to feel my mouth on his thick cock. Would you like me to swallow his load and then let him fuck me? Would you want to watch me take him deep?” As she was saying this Matt could feel himself lose control and jerked violently up into Shelly where he unleashed his load inside Shelly. Shelly sat motionless on top of him and let his load fill her.

'At least if I get pregnant, I will be able to lie to him and say it’s his.’ She thought to herself. Shelly then stood and helped Matt get to his feet. They walked to the bedroom holding hands and Shelly asked Matt, “Are you planning on doing something stupid with Mike? If so, make sure that I don’t get surprised by it and we will be fine.”

With that they closed the door to their bedroom got ready for bed and fell asleep in each other’s arms.
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