Cucked by my best Friend --- A Fantasy Only

I have known my best mate for 45 years. He was the best man at my wedding and I have seen his children grow and leave home. It therefore came as a surprise when John told me he was getting divorced because his wife had been having an affair for over a decade. He knew about it and he and his wife had chatted – she was unwilling to give up the extramarital sex, and he wanted status quo with his children at home. In the early years their sex life had improved after she had taken on her lover and my mate had seen the benefit to letting her continue. However, when the kids had left home the sex with his wife abruptly ended and she moved him into the spare room so her lover could say over when he wanted. Initially hearing them fucking was a big turn on but now he felt he was being taken advantage of and he had lead on the divorce.

A few months after his divorce he came to stay with me and my wife and as my wife was working late when he arrived we went to the pub. It was here that he told me about his cuckolding past. He was very open about it and told me the positives, and eventual negatives of another guy fucking his wife. He said he would have been happy for her to continue, but being relegated to the spare bedroom was too much. He wouldn’t have minded it if it was just when her lover was around but she wanted it all the time.

He then said one of the great things was getting pics and videos from his wife showing her with the other guy. However, again these had stopped when she told him to move into the spare room. Without asking he got out his phone and showed me some photos of his ex with her lover. I had always fantasised about seeing her naked and she had a great body and looked really comfortable being photographed impaled on a cock. He took his phone back and started typing on it. My phone then pinged and I looked at my phone and he had sent me a link to his dropbox account. He said ‘you can look through all the pics and vids at your own leisure’. I thought it only fair to reciprocate something and I showed him the few naked pics I had of my mature BBW. His ex-wife was very thin and small-titted, a complete opposite to my wife. John said she looked wonderful. After a few more beers we went back to my house and was greeted by my wife. On one occasion when she left the room, John said that after seeing her pictures he kept looking at her and imagining her naked in the lounge.

John had a good time with us, eating and drinking and sightseeing. When John had gone I had more time to check out his dropbox account. I was surprised at just how many photographs and videos there were of his wife fucking her lover over a 10 year period. I was also amazed to have found a few videos of her taken during gangbangs. One was a full on bareback gangbang and she was left filled and coated in cum. One box in his dropbox account was locked and I was intrigued by that one.

I waited a few weeks to pluck up the courage to send John a few videos of me and my wife fucking and to ask him what was in the locked file. He responded a few hours later to tell me he had just finished wanking over my wife and he had unlocked the file on dropbox. I hurriedly went to look at it and it was full of photos he must have taken of his ex-wife naked and some videos of the two of them fucking. I had seen John’s cock through the years when pissing in the pub loos. It looked thick but seeing it erect it was definitely thick and long. We chatted very candidly over the next few months and eventually the conversation got round to whether he wanted to fuck my wife. He said he would love to but didn’t want it to ruin our friendship. I told him that if the opportunity ever arose the he should take it, but I didnt see when or how it could develop.

Then fate intervened. My wife had to go for a day’s conference in Birmingham. She had only been given 4 weeks’ notice as a colleague had dropped out. I suggested instead of driving home that evening she should stay in Birmingham and I was sure John would let her use his spare room. I called John and asked him and he said it was fine and I handed the phone to my wife to finalise the plans. When she handed the phone back to me she asked if it was OK if she went for 2 nights so she didn’t have to rush up to the conference and John had suggested she use his spare room for 2 nights and it wouldnt be a bother. I said it was ok.

During the next few weeks I kept watching the videos of John’s ex-wife and him fucking her, as well as her lovers. The more I saw how thicker and bigger his cock was than mine the more I fantasised about him burying deep into my wife’s pussy. I think he must have been having the same thoughts as about 10 days before my wife was due to stay John phoned me on my mobile. I was at work and alone so no wife to overhear. John asked me if I had remembered our discussion about him wanting to fuck my wife. I was honest and told him the idea both excited me and worried me. If he approached her and she said no, then it could be awkward. However, if he did fuck her (and with her not telling me) I could either be really turned on, or left really jealous. I said I needed to think about it. Over the next week my mind kept flitting from wanting him to fuck my wife, and then being too jealous to want him to fuck her.

By the time my wife left I still hadn’t come to any clear idea in my mind. John texted to ask my wife want time she would arrive and she said it would be early afternoon. She texted me at 2pm to say she had arrived. John texted me 90minutes later to say they were about to go out and he would fill me in when they got back. At 8pm I got a message from my wife saying she had had a relaxing afternoon and was about to go out for Dinner with John, just at the local pub we had been to a few times – and close enough to walk to so they could both drink. I told her to enjoy herself.

A few minutes after I received her message I started to type a message to John. But his message beat mine. He said they had been out to a nearby venue and asked if I had seen the sign to the naturist spa about half a mile on the road his house was. I said I had and had jokingly said to my wife one day as we drove past that we should give it a try, but she had cut me short saying she would not be going nude in public. John replied that he had managed to convince her to go … might have been the wine he had given her when she arrived reducing her inhibitions. He said it was great seeing her naked in real life and being around her naked as well. He said he noticed that she kept looking at his cock. The next message included 2 photographs he had managed to take without her knowing in the spa garden, showing my wife lying naked on a sun lounger. I messaged both of them to tell them to have a good meal.

I was in bed when I got a message from my wife saying she was in bed and was wishing me a good night. I then got a message from John. He told me they had a great night, and the conversation had gotten round to his divorce, and him living as a cuckold. She was fascinated by the idea and said she thought he was a strong guy and wouldn’t have been a person she saw in a subservient position of a cuckold. John then surprised me by saying that my wife had walked around his house naked, between the bathroom and bedroom, and when John saw her she had said it didn’t matter as he had seen it all earlier.

I laid in bed feeling jealous, but also turned on by the thought my wife was being happy seen naked by John and was wondering how far she would go. I was woken up next morning by a ping from my phone. I looked and there was a message from John. He said that I thought I needed to know what had just happened. He had gone into the spare room with a cup of coffee for my wife. He was naked and my wife was already awake. Her tits were on to show and he said he hoped she didn’t mind his state of undress with the coffee … she said she would let it go this once as she was desperate for the coffee and laughed. She made no effort to cover herself up. John said as he stood there his cock started to rise and my wife watched it grow to its full size. She had said that something must have got him turned on and smiled. He told her it was seeing her bare tits. She then offered him to touch them and as he touched them her hand gripped his cock and she stroked his cock until he shot his load over her tits. She then said she needed to get ready for her conference, and had gotten out of bed and he watched as she walked naked to have a shower with his cum dribbling down her front.

I texted back asking how he had the nerve to walk into the room without expecting to get yelled out. He then said he had a secret. His home had a home security camera system and the night before he had watched my wife go to bed and almost immediately she wanked. He said he felt that it must have been everything they had done the day before. He said he gambled on the idea that his body had turned her on, and it proved it had.

Later at work my phone pinged. John had sent me two videos he had downloaded from his CCTV system. The first showed my wife lying naked in bed and wanking. The second showed John entering the room in the morning and then everything he said had happened unfolded on the film. John then texted saying he hoped I liked what I saw. He then asked if I would be OK if he tried to go further that night. I asked how far he wanted to go – he was very direct ….. he wanted to taste my wife’s pussy, have her suck his cock and then pump his cum into her pussy. I was getting jealous, and turned on and took a few minutes to reply. In the end I said ‘Ok – she how far she lets you go’

I texted my wife to ask how things were going, and was hoping John was being a good host. It took a while to get a reply and she said he was the perfect host. I asked if she had plans for the evening and she replied John had just texted her saying he would prepare dinner for them.

About 7.30pm I got a text from John. It said that he was cooking dinner and my wife had just agreed that when she had finished her shower she would come down naked and they would eat dinner naked and have a naturist evening. I said that it didn’t sound like my wife, and he replied saying she seemed to be losing some of her inhibitions. An hour later I got a photo. John had secretly photographed my naked wife sat in the lounge. This was followed by a message which said ’I am about to try and seduce your wife and I hope it ends with me fucking her. Are you OK if I try? If not say so and I will stop with naturism. If not I will warn you that my goal will be to fuck your wife’. I didn’t know what to reply. It must have seemed like ages as I got another message accompanied by 2 photos. The first was another one of my naked wife in the lounge, the second was his thick cock resting between two large glasses of wine. The message this time said ‘As I haven’t received a reply I assume you are not sure and therefore I won’t go ahead, which is a shame as I think the pictured cock would look very good inside your wife’.

I was split. The idea that a fantasy of mine could be fulfilled tonight – my wife fucking another guy – was both very exciting and a massive turn on but at the same time I was very jealous and was thinking of all the negative outcomes. Dammit I thought. I responded by typing ‘go ahead. I will let tonight go as far as my wife wants it to. If she wants you to fuck her then go on – enjoy my wife’s body --- but I don’t think she will go the whole way’. John replied ‘well let’s see about that- I will give you updates when I can’

Once I had said yes my cock hardened and I was sat at home wondering what was going on and if my wife would let John fuck her. An hour later John sent me an update. He was now getting her a third glass of wine. They have been talking about his ex and her affair and he told her that she would send him videos. She has now asked to watch some of the videos. I replied asking him if anything had happened yet and he said no, but the conversation has become sexually charged.

My mind was working overtime imagining what was happening. I didn’t want to cum, but my cock was rock hard and bursting. It soon passed midnight and I thought I had better go to bed. Even though tired I found it hard falling asleep. For all I knew my wife was in bed asleep with her pussy unused. Alternatively she could be riding John’s cock. It was about 1am I got a message from John. He asked me what I had thought had happened. I replied saying ‘nothing as beneath everything my wife is a prude, but then again I wouldn’t have thought she would ever get naked in front of him’. He replied ‘Really – so how much detail do you want?’. I was very nervous – it was now a point of no return, I couldn’t unread/unknow what John was about to tell me. Even so I replied ‘Everything’.

It took a few minutes before I got another message, and it was very long. John started it by writing ‘well you asked for everything so here it is. We started off naked in the lounge and it was your wife who brought up the conversation about my ex-wife and the lifestyle we lived before we split. She seemed very fascinated why a guy would allow another guy to fuck his wife. I told her in the beginning it was a massive turn on sharing her, and reclaiming her pussy after her lover had fucked her. I then told about the videos she would send me. After the second glass of wine she asked if she could see some of the videos so I set up the TV to play them. As we watched my cock got rock hard and she noticed and asked me if the videos still turned me on and I said yes. She asked if I had any videos of me with my wife so I showed her some of those. In the end we spent over 2 hours watching porn and she kept commenting on the size of my wife’s lover’s cock and my cock. I then said to her that she had seen it shoot a load this morning but I would really like to fuck you, to feel your pussy wrapped around my cock. She looked a bit shocked but then agreed to sucking my cock. She sucked on my cock for nearly 10 minutes, licking off the pre cum – she really like rolling my foreskin back and forth over my knob. Whilst she was sucking me I started to play with her nipples and got no resistance and eventually I asked her If I could suck on her nipples. She stopped sucking me and agreed so I played with her tits for a while and her nipples got really hard. As I played with her tits I was able to put my hand between her legs and found no resistance. In fact she opened her legs and I was able to finger fuck her to an orgasm. When she recovered I put my face between her legs and licked her clit to bring her to another loud shuddering orgasm. I sat back watching her orgasm. When she opened her eyes she seemed a little embarrassed that I had been watching her, so I moved forward and started to rub my cock on her pussy lips as she sat on the edge of the sofa. She said nothing as my pre cum came out and covered her pussy lips. My knob was getting to go just inside her lips so I asked if I could fuck her, and she said yes. I said I didn’t have a condom and she replied that was OK and she said she didn’t want me to pull out when I start to cum as she wanted to feel me filling her with cum. Her pussy was so wet it took the whole length of my cock in the first thrust. As I slowly fucked her I was able to finger her clit. I knew I wasn’t going to last long so as I speeded up so did my finger action on her clit. When her muscles started to clamp on my cock as her orgasm started I thrusted deep and hard and pushed my cum as deep as I could into her pussy as she cried out in her orgasm. We cuddled for a while with my cock still inside her and I then lent back and pulled out watching my cum dribble from her. I was surprised that she didn’t move and sat there, legs wide open, cum dribbling from her pussy as she picked up her glass of wine and we continued to chat as nothing had happened.’

I replied I didn’t believe him as that didn’t sound like my wife. He replied quickly telling me to hang on as this was just the first part. A new longer message appeared. ‘she eventually said she needed to have a pee and I suggested it was bed time as she had to drive home in the morning. She said it was a shame the evening was coming to an end and left to go to the bathroom. I tidied up downstairs and wen t upstairs about 5 minutes after she had done. I found her lying on my bed naked, legs wide open. She said she would fuck me again for a guarantee that I wouldn’t tell her husband. If only she knew I had already shared the information. In any case we were soon in the 69 position tasting each other and eventually she rode my cock, taking full control and telling me when I could cum inside her. After I had unloaded inside her, she rolled off me and we cuddled for a shortwhile before she went back to the spare room. I hope you don’t mind are not angry that I have satisfied your wife tonight and fulfilled my fantasy of fucking her’.

I replied to say I was a bit shocked by her actions but it was clearly something she wanted to do. John then said that my wife had tired him out and he needed to go to sleep. Before I could sleep I had to cum imagining what my wife had just been doing. The next morning I was woken by phone pinging again. There were a couple of more messages from John. He was informing me that he was awoken this morning by my wife sucking his cock. They had fucked again and she was now in the bathroom showering as she put it ‘she cant go home with another guy’s cum inside her can she ?’

90 minutes later john texted me. He said that my wife had changed her mind and they had fucked again. She had remained dressed, bent over and he had fucked her standing up. After he had cum inside her she had just pulled up her knickers. He said that to be honest there was not very much cum this time. He said that she had just left. I then got a message from my wife saying that the break had completely relaxed her and she was on the way home.

An hour or so after My wife had texted me to say she was leaving John’s and was on her way home I got an email from john. It included several links to a file sharing server. I turned on my computer and accessed the site – the message read ‘Just in case you don’t believe me about last night and this morning’. There were a load of films captured on his home security camera system. I downloaded all the videos and started to watch them in order, knowing I didn’t have much time. I had to fast forward through them all and I was shocked and turned on by just how much of a slut my wife had been with my best friend. He had been absolutely right about all the fucks especially how she had just pulled up her knickers after the last one.

I waited for my wife to get home. When she opened the door I took her bags off her and put them down and gave her a big hug. She said she needed a shower and I followed her upstairs carrying her bags. However, when she started to go to the bathroom I pulled her to me and kissed her passionately, and told her how much I had missed her. She said she needed a shower but I pulled her dress over her head. I noticed the smell of cum but said nothing. I quickly pulled off her bra and pants and pulled my jeans down to reveal a rock hard cock. In recent months I hadn’t been able to get really hard so my wife was surprised - I told her it must have been her absence. She said she didn’t want any oral sex as she was really sweaty between her legs but she laid on the bed and I pushed my cock deep inside her. All I could think was that a few hours earlier my friend had dumped his cum inside her where my cock was right now. I didn’t last long and came inside my wife and she said it looked like I really needed that. She went off to have a shower. I picked up her knickers and looked at them, they were crusted with John’s cum.

Over dinner I asked her what she and John had gotten up to and she said nothing really just sitting and chatting. She then asked if I had known John’s ex wife had had a lover for a long time and John knew about it and accepted it. I said I did and that he had split from his wife when she insisted he move into the spare room so she could spend more time with her lover. To test the water I then joked that maybe my wife took on a lover – she replied straight faced ‘I couldn’t do that as I wouldn’t want to hurt you’. I replied ‘what if I said it would be ok’ and again she replied that she couldn’t hurt me. She then told me that John had told her that it had been a big turn on knowing another guy was fucking his wife and sometimes how good it had felt to reclaim his wife’s pussy afterwards. I suggested my wife should think about taking on a lover and she looked at me and said it would never happen ……. If only she knew I had watched the videos of her and John.

John and I would contact each other every few weeks for a catch up and John would always ask if I would want him to fuck my wife again. I said yes but was sure my wife wouldn’t do it. Then one week out of the blue he texted me to say my wife had called him and they had chatted for about 15 minutes. It started with the usual pleasantries then he said my wife told him that she had been thinking about his cock and she was wanting him to fuck her again. I texted John to tell him that he could arrange something ….. but then said I had an idea.

A few days later I told my wife that we should invite John down for a long weekend. She agreed and we phoned John to invite him down and for him to suggest the best dates for him. He was to come down on the Thursday night and I told my wife I would take the Friday off work and we could arrange to do things on the Friday and Saturday with John. John was to travel up from work on Thursday so would arrive late. When I got home on the Thursday I told my wife something had come up at work and unfortunately I would have to go for the whole of Friday. She appeared angry that I had agreed to go in, but I said She and John could easily find something to do. When John arrived I suggested we all go to the pub but my wife said that we could go without her as she was sure we had a lot of catching up.

At the pub I laid out the plans for John. I told him I had secretly installed a CCTV camera system in the main and spare bedroom so if he gets the chance to fuck her then make sure it was in one of these two rooms. I was going to leave for work at 8am and he could then do whatever he wanted to my wife if she agreed. I would be at work, but no one else would be so I could watch the security cameras and watch him live as he fucked my wife. We then got up to leave the pub but both of us needed a pee so wen t to the toilet together. At the urinal I looked at John’s cock and he noticed. He finished peeing and then waved his cock round. He said ‘I see you looking at it, just imagine this time tomorrow it will have been inside your wife’.

Back home we joined my wife in the lounge. I told her that I wold be leaving at 8 in morning and I would give her a call when I thought I was going to be able to get away from work. In bed that night I made moves on my wife but she told me to stop as she was too shy and didn’t want John hearing us.

In the morning I dressed and left, feeling very apprehensive about what might happen. When I got to work I went to my office and locked the door. I put on the cameras on my phone to see what was happening. The drive to work had been 20 minutes and I was surprised at just how fast things had progressed at home. John was already naked in our bed, face buried in my wife’s crotch. I rewound the video to the point john walked in and heard what he said. He was naked and rock hard and just got in our bed saying ‘we shouldn’t waste any time if you still want to feel my cock inside you.’ My wife laughed and said that was an awful opening line but threw off the duvet and started to stroke John’s cock. I hadn’t really noticed last time, but this time they were kissing passionately. I fast forward so the camera was live again and watched John Lick my wife’s pussy to orgasm. John then asked my wife how she wanted his cock and she got on all fours so he could fuck her doggy style. He fucked her for a while and I could hear my wife groan each time his whole length filled her. He then said he was about to cum and my wife loudly told him to pump his cum deep into her pussy. I could tell when he was shooting inside my wife and soon after he had cum he pulled out of her. They both collapsed on the bed and just laid there talking.

My cock was hard from what I had just watched and it as so sexy seeing my naked wife with my best friend, well and truly fucked and lying chatting. My wife then suggested they go and get some breakfast and they left the bedroom. For the next 90 minutes I saw and heard nothing. My wife then entered the room and removed her dressing gown and was naked again. John soon followed naked and they started kissing and fondling each other. I watched again as they fucked and it ended with her on top riding his cock. She had a massive orgasm as he filled her pussy. She rested on him for 5 minutes and then rolled off him and laid next to him. I now felt very mischievious. I picked up my work phone and called home. On the CCTV I could hear the phone ringing and my wife reached over and answered it. I said that I hoped I wasn’t disturbing her and John but thought I should let her know that the problem was being resolved faster than expected and I would be home in about 90minutes. She said that was fine, and whilst I knew that I was talking to my wife with her pussy freshly filled by another guy, I asked her what John and she had been up to she answered ‘nothing much, just chatting in the lounge with coffee’s’. I then said I had to go, told her I loved her and she replied ‘love you to’ and hung up.

I carried on watching and there was no urgency in the bedroom, they remained there cuddling and chatting for another 30 minutes until she got up and went for a shower. When John left the room I called his mobile and when he answered I asked if he was free to chat. He said yes. I told him I had watched everything and hoped he had enjoyed himself. He said he had and had found my wife very accommodating. When I got home they both behaved like nothing had happened. I said I needed to go and get changed and in the bedroom I quickly looked at the bed sheets --- there was the evidence …. Dried cum on the sheets. That evening we chatted as normal and when we went to bed I suggested to my wife that we fucked but she said she was too tired. Nothing happened during the rest of the stay.

We settled into a good life. We meet John 4 or 5 times a year and I made sure there is always the opportunity for them to fuck without my wife suspecting I knew. John always tells me what has happened and we find some way to film it so I can watch. John has also told me when he and his new partner are fucking so I can watch that … but he is unwilling to share her with me.

Then I became a real cuck. John came to stay with us on his own. We had all gone to bed, but then my wife said she needed to get something. She was gone for about 5 minutes but I then heard her and john laughing in his room. I waited another 5 minutes and I thought I could hear the 2 of them kissing. I was intrigued so went to investigate. I peeked through a gap in the door and my naked wife was sat on the bed, with John stood in front of her and she was sucking his cock. John said something and my wife said very loudly …… ‘You better come in and watch’. I entered and she said ‘Do you think I am a fool? I knew that you had known I was fucking John for several years now and enjoyed knowing that John was sharing videos of us with you. However, I want you to be a real cuck and watch us for real.’ She then barked at me ‘sit in that chair and do not move. You can wank as you watch John use my pussy, but you cant join in’. It was different watching them for real. The sounds and smells but also the better view of John’s cock sliding into my wife and then watching his cock slide from her and his cum ooze from her. As I watched she held her pussy lips open and told me to take a deep look. She then said to John ‘I think it is time the cuck got to taste your cum…. Come over here and lick me clean’. I wasn’t sure I wanted to but she ordered me again and I found myself complying and burying my face between her legs. it didn’t taste that bad and my wife made sure that not only did I clean her up but also made her orgasm. She told me to stand up and looked at my erect cock. She started to stroke me but then stopped and she ordered me to return to our bedroom while she stayed with John for the night.

I went to bed and listened to them playing for quite a while and then fell asleep. I was awoken by my wife coming into our bedroom. She told me to lie on my back and then she knelt above my face. Cum started dribbling onto my face and she told me that John had awoken her by pressing his big thick cock into her back so they had just fucked and when he had cum inside her she decided I needed to be in on the ‘fun’ and clean her out. I don’t know why but my cock hardened as I cleaned her pussy and to my surprise when I had cleaned her up she turned round and lowered her pussy onto my cock. As she slid my cock in she asked me how it felt as my cock went into her freshly used pussy. I said it felt good and then noticed John was in the doorway watching as she fucked me. I didn’t last long and as soon as I had cum she got off my cock and said she was going for a shower.

Over breakfast she told me that John and her were going to have a new arrangement. They would be meeting once a month for a weekend. Sometimes I would be invited to watch or join in, sometimes it would just be her and John. They would consider sharing videos of their meetings with me as it appeared it turned me on (and her as well). John was going to become her bull and I was a full on cuckold. She said I had no choice. She and John went out shopping together and on their return she told me to strip in front of them. She pulled a box out of her back and took out the contents. It was a cock cage. She put it on me and licked it. She told me that whenever John was there or they were together I would have to wear the cage. She pulled out another device and plugged it into the cock cage. She got out her phone and after downloading an app she pressed a button on her phone and a vibration went through the cage. She told me it was now set up with our wifi and Bluetooth and was linked to hers and my phone so as long as I was near to either phone it would work. She said she would vibrate the cock cage whenever she and john was about to fuck and again when they had finished so I was always aware of when John’s cock was using her pussy.

She told me that we needed some food in and sent me off to the supermarket. It was a 5 minute drive away and just as I entered the shop my cock ring vibrated – I knew my wife’s pussy was about to be used by John. It was fun walking around doing the shopping knowing my wife had John’s cock inside her. As I drove home my cock ring vibrate again --- I knew John had cum inside my wife and they had finished fucking.

When I entered the house carrying the shopping from the car my wife was sat naked on the stairs. She told me to pit down the shopping and she held her pussy lips open. She told me to lick her clean which I did. She asked me if the cage had vibrated and I said it had. From then onwards it appeared my wife’s pussy belonged to my mate John.
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