Cuckolding Gone Wrong

Did you ever do something that you knew was dangerous but you wanted it so bad that you talked yourself into it? I did. I tried talking my wife of 18 years into trying black cock. Man, I was obsessed with the idea for the last 10 years. It got to where that’s all I could think of when we had sex or when I masturbated. She’s got curly, mid-length, blonde hair and a nice fit body. I looked for women matching her description in the porn I chose.

I doubt I would have ever mentioned it to her if it hadn’t happened that she caught me jacking off to an interracial cuckold video on-line.

She looked in on me just as the black guy in the video was cumming all over this pretty white girl. The girl even sort of looked like Leah, hair and body type. I started cumming too and couldn’t stop when I saw Leah looking at me and the scene on my computer. I think I came a little harder and longer than usual because of that.

She knew that I beat off in between our sexual encounters but that was the first time she witnessed it. I think it kind of intrigued her but the subject matter of the video seemed to worry her.

She walked away and allowed me to clean up. When I saw her in the kitchen, she seemed subdued, thoughtful.

“What’s the matter?”

“Hmm, nothing.”

That means something’s the matter.

“Me masturbating?”

“No…I guess I didn’t know you got off on interracial porn.”

I guess it’s time to tell her.

“It’s actually interracial cuckold porn.”

“What the hell is that?”


So, I spilled it and explained it to her, down to the last detail. I explained that I wasn’t interested in humiliation or being intimate with black guys but that for a long time I had imagined her with big cocked black guys when I beat off. That really surprised her.

“So, what? You mean you’d want to see me with a black guy? While you watched?”

“Yeah, the thought of it is really titillating and turns me on.”

“I agree.”

“You do?” My dick started getting hard.

“Well, I saw what you were watching and it was pretty intense. Kind of hot to think of but if you think I’d ever actually do that, you’re crazy.”

“Oh,” I said sounding kind of depressed.

“Oh? You really want this, don’t you? Did you really think that would ever happen?”

“I’d hoped, you know. Just a fantasy.”

“How could you ever do that? I mean, watch me with another guy, a black guy? I assume you mean with a really big cock and all.”

I was looking down and feeling embarrassed.

“Yeah, kind of.”

“How big of a cock?”

“I don’t know. Maybe…huh?”

I looked up and Leah was staring at me with a little grin on her face.

“How big? Are you messing with me?”

“Kind of,” she said smiling a little broader now and I noticed she was rubbing herself a little through her shorts.

“Are you turned on?” I asked, also noticing she was blushing a little. She does that when she gets horny.

“Hmm, maybe,” she said sheepishly.

My dick was now hard.

I jumped her right there on the kitchen counter. When I pulled her shorts off, her pretty little waxed pussy was juicy and she was ready. I went down on her and she was really wet. I’ve never felt her that wet before and she started cumming immediately. I finished lapping up her juices and thrust myself into her. She came again as soon as I entered her, groaning like crazy. We went at it for 15 minutes or so and I came hard, pounding her mercilessly.

“That was good,” Leah said grinding her warm, cum-filled pussy into my now soft penis.

“Were you turned on thinking about a big, black cock?”

“God yes, who wouldn’t be?”

“You naughty little girl. Have you fantasized about it before?”

“Maybe. Not seriously but it is a nice little side fantasy when I’m feeling horny and you’re at work or somewhere.”

I thought this was going to be hard but now I’m finding out Leah already has a passing fantasy about it. At least that’s what she’s saying. My dick twitched at the thought. Maybe it was more than just a passing fantasy and my dream of her getting a black cock inside her was closer to reality than I ever thought.

So, we talked for quite a while and I found out that it really wasn’t much more than an occasional fantasy when she was needing sex.

“So, nothing too serious in the fantasy department, huh? Still, it makes me hard thinking about you thinking about it, even if it is only once in a while.”

“That could be because I never really considered it, I mean in a reality situation. There’s no way in the world I’d ever think that you would want to watch me doing something like that. Just you saying that sends a tingle down my stomach to my little clit.”

“You said if I ever thought that would happen for real, I was crazy. Is that true? I mean, now that you know how I feel, could you?”

She got quiet and laid there thinking a while. I watched her, waiting for a reply and started playing with one of her rock-hard nipples. She closed her eyes.

“Mmmm, that feels good.”

I pinched it lightly and made her squirm. She reached down and softly rubbed her wet pussy while I played with her.

“You know,” she started. I stopped playing with her nipple in expectation of a response to my question.

“Don’t stop, baby, that feels good.”

So, I rolled her nipple around between my thumb and forefinger, and she squirmed again, playing with her pussy lips.

“You know, the idea is hot. I really like sex, you know, and I’ve never had a really big cock in my life. Some of my girlfriends have had black guys and they couldn’t stop talking about it, I mean the size, the sexiness, the taboo of it. What about you? Why would you really want me to?”

“God, I don’t know. I mean, the idea of watching a big, muscled black guy giving you a good, hard fucking just turns me on. The contrast in skin color and yeah, the size and it’s one of those things that’s always seemed out of bounds. But still, the thing that has held me back is the old saying…”


“You know, once you go black, you can never go back to just having white.”

“Oooh, that’s enticing.”

“No, I’m serious. I could never go ahead with it if I ever thought I’d lose you. Nothing is worth that.”

“Oh, come on, honey. That’s just hype. I’ve used a big dildo before and it did feel extra good but I would never leave you for it. We’re in love. That would just be sex, right?”

“Right, I guess.”

“So?” she prodded, seeming pretty anxious to get my approval.

“Well, we’d have to have some ground rules between us and with the guy. You know, like no kissing. And I want to be there to watch, you know not just for pleasure but to make sure it goes as planned.”

“Yeah okay, though it might be weird with you watching.”

“No, I gotta be there. I won’t get involved but that’s a must. You know, I gotta get something out of this too. Not just you getting the big cock of your dreams.”

“Okay, hot dog. Another rule, no anal sex. I don’t think I could handle that, especially if he’s as big as the girls said and what I’ve seen on your pornos.”

“And it would only be a one-time deal. No giving out numbers or e-mail address to contact each other.”

“Yeah, no way. And I’ve seen some of those pornos where the guy cums on the girls face at the end. I don’t want that. I really don’t like the idea of someone cumming on my face.”

“And he’d have to wear a condom.”

“Definitely! I can’t imagine getting pregnant or getting some STD. So definitely, he has to wear a condom.”

“What if he won’t do it? I mean, I hate the things, and some guys are really adamant about not wearing them.”

“Well, we’ll just tell him. Explain it to him. Must wear a condom. If not, we won’t do it. I’m sure he’d understand.”

“And we should talk about it right afterwards.”

“Talk about it?”

“Yeah, to settle out any problems we may sense or just talk to keep connected. Who knows? It may be great but it also could be a little upsetting or traumatic, depending on how everything goes.”


“Well, you know, mentally distressing. We’ve never done anything like this before, so I like to talk it out afterwards.”

“Okay, we’ll talk. Oh yeah, and we need a safe word.”

“Safe word?”

“Yeah, something I can say so you’ll know if I want to stop, in case it gets carried away and you’re not sure if I’m just talking or really want to stop.”

“You mean like the Pledge of Allegiance?”

“No, stupid. Just a word. Something that would never normally be heard in that type of situation. So, if you hear it, you’ll know I’m in trouble.”


“I don’t know. Let’s say…California.”


“I don’t know. Shit. Yeah, can you imagine that being said during sex in any normal situation?”

“Nope, actually not.”

“So, it’s California.”

“California. And I stay out of it no matter what’s happening or being said unless you say that?”

“Yes, exactly.”

“Are we really sure about this? We’re really going through with it?”

“I’m willing to try it once if you are,” she said starting to rub herself again.

“Who’s going to find the guy?” I asked.

Leah thought for a while, still massaging her pussy.

“I could ask Carol. She said she did it a couple times. Maybe she can recommend someone.”

“Okay,” I said.

“Okay? So we’re doing it?” she said rubbing faster.

“Yeah, we’re doing it. We’re getting you fucked by a big, black cock!”

“Ohhhhh,” was all Leah said as she came again right in front of me.

God, we were really going to do this!


Carol came through for us. She recommended a guy named Isaac, who she said had a big black cock ‘to die for’ and he’d go along with almost anything we wanted. So, Leah asked her to have him call me since she wanted to be totally surprised by the whole thing.

He called and I met him at a nearby bar. He showed up on time and didn’t look at all like I expected. He was tall and lean muscled but he was dressed very nicely, I mean, not thuggish at all. I guess I’m stereotyping but all the interracial porn we watched featured guys who acted thuggishly.

We talked a while before we got down to it.

“So, what are you guys looking for?” he asked very matter-of-factly.

“Before I tell you, you’re not going to be offended by what I say, are you?”

“That’s impossible to say without knowing what you’re going to say but I can pretty much guarantee I won’t. I’ve heard a lot of crazy stuff in this lifestyle. And I don’t offend easily at all. Your friend Carol was pretty crazy and she was outta control with her desires, so I think you’re safe.”

“Okay, well then, I think Leah is already pretty juiced up about it. She’s never had sex with a black guy before and she’s pretty eager. She wants a hard fuck.”

“I can do that. I can guarantee she’ll have a memorable experience that will curl her toes and short circuit her brain. She’ll want more too. And we can make this a regular thing if you both want that.”

“I don’t know. This is our first time so we don’t know how we’ll react to it. That’s one thing I wanted to make sure of. Everything after the first time will be a joint decision on our part. I don’t want you guys contacting each other behind my back. This will take some thought on how we proceed after the first time. Okay?

“Yeah, sure. Whatever you guys decide. Anything else?”

“You gotta wear a condom.”

“Hmm. I really don’t like them.”

“Well, it’s wear a condom or this won’t happen. We can’t risk her getting a disease.”

“I’m clean. Promise.”

“Yeah, but we don’t know you. Also, Leah is really fertile during her time and we can’t have a black baby, you know.”

“Yeah, okay, got it. I’ve impregnated several women so that is a strong risk.”

He stopped a second and looked pretty hard at me.

“But what do you want out of this?”

“No individual contact afterwards and wear a condom.”

“No, I mean, the husband usually has some erotic ideas on how he wants it to go. You said Leah wants to get fucked hard, my specialty, by the way. But what would you like to see?”

That was really uncomfortable. My personal desires and fantasies are just that…personal and I wasn’t sure about revealing them. But he seemed really approachable and open so I decided to cut loose.

“I want to see her get fucked hard too,” I said, thinking how to phrase it, “you know, legs in the air, shaking uncontrollably, screaming ‘Fuck me with that nigger cock!” I said watching for his reaction.

He smiled.

“You’re not the first.”


“Nope, very common actually. And I’m not offended. It’s obvious that there’s a very racial side to all this. I can make her scream whatever you want to hear.”

“And I’d like to have her overpowered to some degree, you know, like being fucked hard but maybe not that severe. I’d like to see her struggle against you.”

Fuck, I can’t believe I just told him all that.

“And Leah wants this too?”

“God, no! Or at least I don’t know if she does. It might be a total surprise to her. We have played around with dom and sub sex when we have sex, but never as far as simulating a ****** experience. I don’t know how she’ll react. If she doesn’t like it, you’d have to be ready to back off. Right?”

“Yeah, definitely. But somehow, I think, when we really get going at it, she’ll fall right into it. I’m a little dominant anyway when I fuck, so I won’t have to pretend much.”

“Holy shit, that’s hot. By the way, we have a safe word, so if she starts yelling that, I’ll have to step in and make sure she’s alright.”

“Yeah, got it. That it?”

I was exhausted going through all that.

“Uh, yeah, I guess.”

“And you don’t want to be involved with touching or caressing at all, like a three-way?”

“No, not planning on it. Unless she says she wants some. And you gotta wear a condom.”

“Right, got it, unless one of you says otherwise, I’ll wear one. Anything else?”

“This is awkward, but…could I see it? I mean, just so I know it’s big enough. That’s something we both are wanting to make sure of.


God, this is really gonna happen!

By the way, it was big enough. Way big enough. I just stared. Leah is in for the fuck of her life.

“This is really going to happen?” Leah asked, trembling slightly.


“Did you see it?” she asked shyly.

“Uh, yeah. Baby, you are in for one monster fuck.”

“It’s big?”

“Yeah, like as big or bigger than most black porn stars we’ve watched together.”

She visibly shook, sitting there on the couch. And a large smile crossed her face.

“Are you gonna be okay with this? I mean, watching me get fucked by another guy? What I really mean is a black guy with a large black cock? I may say stuff in the throws of orgasm. I’m not sure I can control myself.”

“I’ll do my best. Remember, I want to see this too. And I don’t want you to control yourself. This is about you getting rocked, sexually, the hotter, the better. I just want to make sure we talk it through sometime shortly afterwards. It’s gonna be exciting but maybe troubling as well, who knows, so I want to be sure we’re alright as a couple afterwards.”

“Okay. God, my pussy is tingling just thinking about it. You?”

“Yeah, I’m sporting wood.”

“And California is the safe word,” she said.

“Yeah, California. It’s all set for this Friday night at a suite in Sheraton downtown.”

“Oooo, I can’t wait!”

We were really going through with this.


We got this suite and set the room up just right: Magnum condoms on the nightstand along with lube, bottles of water and some hand towels. Just in case, I brought along some handcuffs and some ties to tie her to the bed if things went that way.

We walked to the downstairs bar, Leah wearing a short black sequined mini-dress, no bra or panties and knee-high black velvet boots that I got her for the occasion. She looked steaming hot and she was giddy as hell.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” she said trembling.

“Me either but it should be memorable. You okay?” I asked looking at her.

“Yeah, I’m just nervous and on the verge of orgasm.”

“Want me to go down on you in the elevator?”

“God, yes, but I should wait in case he wants to lick me,” she said giggling.


We met in the bar and it went well. Isaac was smooth and Leah let herself go. She was all over him, grabbing his bulging crotch and kissing his neck.

“Maybe we should head upstairs,” I said watching her.

Isaac nodded and they headed off ahead of me, arms around each other’s waists. He reached under her dress, as we waited for the elevator, and grabbed her bare ass. This prompted her to lock him up in an open-mouthed kiss standing in the hallway.

Hmm, we had a rule about no kissing. But I’ll let it go.

Another couple walked by as we waited for the elevator and they smiled knowingly, watching Leah and Isaac fondling and kissing each other.

Upstairs, I unlocked the door and they nearly burst through the doorway, heading for the bed.

“Do you two want to shower first?”

A ridiculous question I came to discover. Leah already slid to her knees and was frantically trying to take off Isaac’s belt and pants, as the door to the room clicked shut.

When she got them off, his semi-hard black cock sprung out and slapped her face.

“What a beautiful cock!” Leah said aloud, kissing it. She tried to engulf it in her mouth. Isaac groaned and grabbed the back of her head, pulling her further down his massive shaft. She only got about half of it in but he kept pushing her head down on himself. His meaty black cock swelled, pushing against the back of her throat and slobber spewed from her mouth. She pumped his cock with both hands, the black, leathery looking skin folding at the opening of her mouth. He was pushing and she was trying to stuff it all in herself. She didn’t fight him but her face was turning red as he tried to push it deeper.

She groaned out loud and expelled his cock from her mouth, her saliva making his cock shiny and saliva dribbled down her chin. He still had both big hands entwined in her curly blonde hair when he said…

“You ready to get fucked, lady?”

Leah smiled broadly and nodded to him with his cock bouncing off her face.

He lifted her off her knees and removed her dress with one smooth move. She stood there wearing only the black velvet boots and she was gorgeous. Her pink, hairless pussy looked exquisite. Isaac picked her up under her arms and threw her on the bed. She grunted and lay there spread-eagle waiting for him. With his pants already off, he tore his shirt off and climbed atop her, his rigid black cock standing out like a sword.

“Fuck me,” Leah said in a voice that made my cock stiffen.

Isaac leaned forward to obey but I interrupted.

“Condom,” I said. Isaac gave me the evil eye. “Sorry, remember, condom.”

Leah reached over and ripped open a package and with practiced smoothness, she slid that big condom tightly over his turgid cock. It barely fit. Leah looked at me.

“Now baby, I’m going to get fucked hard by a big, black cock and I think I’m going to like it, so unless I scream ‘California!’, stay the fuck out of it. Now sit back and watch your pretty, white wife’s pussy get blacked.”

That sounded ominous but it made my dick hard as a rock. Properly chastised, I sat back and pulled my dick out and watched.

Isaac didn’t hesitate.

He moved between her legs and thrust into her…hard.

“Oh God!” Leah screamed. She didn’t even realize that it only went in about two-thirds of the way.

And he pounded her like a *****. He slammed himself forcefully into her making her grunt and scream with each thrust. I didn’t see how it fit in her pussy, but it finally did, all the way in, and she was loving every stroke. He started sweating and his glistening butt muscles contracted with each lunge.

Sitting there, watching, I whacked away at myself.

“You like that black cock, baby?” Isaac asked her.

“God, yes! I love your black cock!” she said grunting to his thrusts.

They kissed, open mouthed, deeply. His hips moved rhythmically into hers, pounding his big cock home with each thrust.

“Are you my slut?”

“I’m your black cock slut! Fuck me hard, you black bastard!” Leah screamed as she started to cum.

That surprised the hell out of me. She’d never talked like that before

“Your pussy belongs to me, now.”

“Yes! It’s yours!” she shouted in full orgasm.

“Tell your husband.”

“What?” she asked, gasping as she came.

“Tell your husband who owns your pussy,” he said pounding away with his cock.

She looked under his muscular arm and stared me in the eye.

“My pussy belongs to Isaac now, honey,” she said, then to Isaac she said “Goddamn that’s deep.”

“No more white dick for you, slut. Tell him.”

“My pussy only gets Isaac’s black cock from now on. I love his giant black cock, baby. I’m his!”

That hurt but I realized she was in the heat of monster sex so I can’t blame her. And my dick was still hard.

He was pounding her harder than ever. I was in a perfect position sitting in the chair to see his shiny, condom covered black cock thrashing in and out of Leah’s pussy. It was an amazing sight. I knew she must be in heaven. He was giving her the fuck of her life as she grunted and squealed with delight.

I was beating my dick like crazy watching the scene in front of me.

He’d really built up a rhythm, jamming his big cock into my wife, her grunting with each thrust. He was pounding away, when he stopped and looked down on her.

“I’m really close. You want my cum inside you?”

She didn’t hesitate in response.

“Yes,” she whispered to him.

“A black man’s cum in your sweet married pussy? You want that?”

“Yes,” she said in his ear again, louder this time.

It scared me and it was against our rules. But I figured she was just talking dirty and wouldn’t actually let him cum inside her.

“Then take this damn condom off me so I can give it to you,” he said pulling his cock out of her. His big cock hung like a black bat, a black bat with a condom on it.

She reached up and pulled the Magnum off his cock with a snap, and threw it on the floor in my direction.

“Uh, baby, the rules…remember?” I asked her.

“Don’t listen to him. Put my black cock back so I can cum inside you,” he demanded. She did as he said and he pushed it all the way in.

“You know what I’m going to do now?”

Her attitude changed immediately, almost like flicking a switch.

“You better not cum inside me, you black bastard!” Leah said a little too loud. She wanted to make sure I heard her.

“This big black cock is going to flood your pussy with black man’s cum. You’re going to love it.”

“No! Goddamnit! My husband told you no! He’ll come over here and make you stop.”

Isaac looked back at me whacking my dick and chuckled.

“Baby, look at him. He’s not going to stop me. This is exactly what he wants to see. He wants to see his wife’s pussy full of nigger cum.”

I didn’t say anything but he was exactly right.

Looking back to Leah, Isaac said “Go ahead and scream, bitch. It just makes my dick harder and makes me cum more.”

“You fucking nigger! My pussy is his! I won’t let your big cock cum inside me!” she said slapping his face. He chuckled and grabbed her arm and pinned her hands together over her head. She was helpless. She looked to me, begging with her eyes as Isaac continued fucking her.

“Baby! Help me! It hurts!”

I could tell it didn’t.

“My God, he’s ****** me! Make him stop. Oh God, help me!”

I stood up but she shook her head no. I sat back down.

The sight of my precious wife, naked, covered by a large black man, his monster black cock buried in her pretty, pink married pussy and his large black hand covering her mouth as she screamed was too much. Cum erupted from my dick as I stroked it.

Pinned to the bed as she was, Leah was the perfect picture of a damsel in distress and I just watched, cum dribbling onto my belly. She was putting on a helluva show.

She started struggling underneath him. Isaac tightened his grip and pushed his big cock in to the fullest. Leah groaned. I realized his black cock head must be jammed against her uterus. Her hips undulated erotically as he thrust into her in earnest.

His cock thumped ferociously into her body and she grunted in response. As he fucked her, he let go of her hands. She immediately grabbed his glistening black ass and pulled him in deeper with each lunge. His black hand covering her mouth as his meaty cock intimately violated her was the most erotic sight I’d ever seen. He thrashed away at her pussy, the bed’s headboard banging against the wall like a jackhammer, and her nails digging into his ass…she screamed gutturally into his hand like he was killing her.

I listened for the safe word but her mouth was covered by his muscular, black hand.

Finally, he started grunting as he pounded her. He uncovered her mouth as he started to erupt inside her and her next words were branded in my brain.

“Do it!” she growled in a husky voice, her back arched, as cum started oozing out of her pussy around the swollen black cock that was filling her.

He thrust hard and deep as she screamed beneath him, sounding like a wild animal, legs shaking in the air as his big cock nailed her to the bed. His last thrust slammed down into her and he held it there as cum leaked out of my wife’s filled, abused pussy. Her hands still grasped his ass, holding him deep inside her, making sure she got every drop. I could see his swollen, cum-covered cock spasming as it dumped his remaining load into her…my wife.

Never once did I hear the word ‘California’.

Cuckolding Gone Wrong, Part 2 coming soon
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