Drunken Prick Grabs Your Wife at a Party
by Gustav Jorgenson

"You don't mind if I steal a kiss from your wife, do you, old man," he asks you as he rudely gropes her. "She is just too irresistibly gorgeous!"

"Oh my!" gasps your wife, blushing with pleasure as he pulls her close to him. "That's very forward... I really couldn't..." she says with a nervous laugh, looking into his eyes with interest.

You are annoyed at how flattered she seems. She doesn't even try to withdraw from his embrace.

He doesn't wait for your response and just locks his mouth onto your wife's in a fierce kiss.

“Alright, that’s enough!” you say, annoyed. You reach over to give him a shove, but your wife is responding and putting her arms around him. “Jesus, honey, what are you doing?” you ask her petulantly.

She pulls her mouth away and gasps for breath, but doesn’t release him from her embrace. “Wow!” she says, blushing. “I don’t normally get that reaction from strange men.” She is stroking his shoulders fondly.

“Yeah, that’s rude,” you say, embarrassed at how excited your wife is. Some of the other partygoers are glancing over oddly and then the hostess, Gabrielle appears.

“Oh, Ingrid, you’ve met Carl I see,” she laughs. Then she notices your discomfort and puts her arm around you affectionately. “Don’t get bent out of shape, Jason," she tells you. “Carl is a terrible flirt but he’s harmless.”

“Uh-huh,” you say, putting your arm around her back hesitantly. Gabrielle is an old friend of you and your wife, so you don’t want to make a scene.

“Why didn’t you introduce me to Ingrid earlier?” asks Carl, gazing at your wife’s face lustfully. “Such a gorgeous woman… look at her porcelain skin,” he is still holding her in his arms and running his hands up and down her back in a more-than-friendly way.

“Oh my gosh,” laughs your wife, blushing madly. “Stop it, Carl, you are making me blush.”

“Carl, have you met, Jason, Ingrid’s husband?” asks Gabrielle significantly, patting you on the shoulder.

“Err, no, I don’t think we’ve been introduced,” says Carl, pulling your wife close to him with one hand and reaching out the other to shake. “Carl Ascot, I work with Gabrielle at McKinsey.”

You grit your teeth and smile fakely as you shake his hand.

“Carl is a top business strategist,” beams Gabrielle proudly.

“How wonderful for him,” you tell her sarcastically.

“Oh Carl, see, you’ve made my husband jealous,” says your wife, making herself comfortable in his tight embrace.

“I know, I know,” he tells her, putting his face close to hers, “But I just can’t help myself. Besides, he must be used to other men throwing themselves at you by now, surely?”

“Ah, no,” stutters your wife.

“Jason, I am going to steal your wife away,” he tells you casually. “Just for a few minutes, I simply must get to know her better. You don’t mind, do you, Ingrid?”

“Well, no…” says your wife, eyeing you guiltily.

“You go have a little chat,” laughs Gabrielle. “I will keep Jason company.”

Carl doesn’t waste another moment and sweeps your wife away toward the French doors leading out to the patio. Carl whispers something in her ear and she giggles, slapping him on the chest and waving to you distractedly as they depart.

“Ah, really?” you ask Gabrielle. “I don’t like that guy, Gabby.”

“Don’t be like that, Jason,” she says, pouting prettily at you. “He’s always been a perfect gentleman. He’s just playing around. Wives are always flattered by a little attention from a man other than her husband.”

“Uh, huh,” you say, looking over suspiciously as Carl gets himself and your wife a couple more drinks and heads out onto the moonlit patio.

“Why, I like a bit of attention myself, you know,” she teases, wrapping her other arm around you and looking up at you seductively. Her eyes are a bit glassy, and you can tell she’s a little *****. “But you don’t see my husband getting all jealous and trying to pull you off of me, do you?”

You feel your penis stiffen in response to Gabrielle’s flirtation. She makes no mention of it but embraces you more tightly so that the lump in your trousers is pressed firmly against her thigh.

“Gabby, I’ve known you and Sam for years, I should think he would trust us together,” you tell her with a little smile, loosening your arms around her, but not wanting to push her away for fear you might embarrass her.

“Well, I’ll vouch for Carl, OK? Now give me a little kiss,” she purrs.

You bend down and give Gabrielle a quick kiss on the lips and she seems satisfied, though you are sure she rubs her thigh deliberately against your hardon as she withdraws from your embrace. “There you go, now come along and let’s go mingle.” She takes you by the hand and draws you into the dining room as you struggle to rearrange your erection so that no one notices.

You get into a conversation with some other friends but your jealousy of Carl keeps eating at you.

“If you’ll excuse me, folks, I am going to go check on my wife,” you tell the group as you head out to the patio.

“Yeah, I think you’d better, Jason,” sniffs your neighbor Jennifer. “I saw her chatting quite intimately with a strange man out on the patio.”

“Uh-huh,” you say, your pulse quickening with anger.

“Let me join you, Jason. I could use some air,” says Gabrielle urgently, tagging along as you walk briskly out onto the patio. It takes a few moments for your eyes to adjust to the moonlight, but then you see Carl and your wife embracing against a tree in the yard. They seem to be kissing again and you rush over with Gabrielle trailing behind and making small anxious sounds. As you get closer, you are stunned to see that Carl has your wife’s blouse open to her waist and is kneading her large breasts and pinching her hard pink nipples while he kisses her lustily.

You grab him by the shoulder to pull him off of her and then realize that his fly is undone and your wife has his cock in her hand and has been stroking it while he felt her up.

“Oh boy,” gasps Gabrielle behind you with concern.

“Holy fuck!” you shout. “What the hell are you doing?” you demand of your wife.

She is confused by alcohol and lust and it takes her a moment to respond, she just stares at you disoriented, still tugging on Carl’s stiff penis.

“Look, it’s not what it seems,” says Carl, not looking at you and continuing to pinch your wife’s nipple. “We were just talking.” Then he grunts and starts spurting semen all over the front of your wife’s blouse and skirt.

“Oops,” she says, finally releasing his cock from her grip. “That’s going to leave a stain…”

You snap out of it and punch Carl abruptly in the mouth. He staggers back and you are about to pounce on him when your wife and Gabrielle intervene and hold you back.

“Jason, please!” shouts Gabrielle. “Get a grip on yourself,”

“Honey, I know this looks bad, but I can explain,” shrieks your wife.

“Stay away from me, you brute!” shouts Jason dabbing at his bloody lip as more people gather around.

“What the hell?” cries Gabrielle’s husband, Arthur. “Carl, put your johnson away for Christ's sake.”

“That animal punched me,” shouts Carl in response, wagging his limp dick around as he gestures angrily at you. You are annoyed that several of the women are staring at his ******* member in fascination.

“You were… molesting my wife!” you shout in reply, straining to get at him as several more men intervene.

“Well…” he says, settling down some and zipping his fly back up. “I think molesting is too strong a word. We were just chatting.”

“Chatting with your cock out?” laughs a man from the crowd.

“Yes, well… Ingrid is quite… friendly,” says Carl squaring his shoulders and straightening his tie. Several people laugh despite themselves and then look over at you guiltily.

Ingrid breaks down in tears and Gabrielle leads her away as she clutches the front of her blouse closed.

“Ok folks, I know that this is quite interesting, but please break it up and go back inside. We need to sort out a sensitive situation here,” says Arthur shooing everyone away. He puts his hand on your shoulder and says, “Sorry about this old man, but it’s just the sort of foolishness that happens when people drink too much. Don’t make too much out of it.”

“They were going at it, Arthur,” you say glumly.

“Ok, well, go check on your wife. I will get Carl’s side of the story,” he says soothingly.

“Side of the story?” you ask, incredulous. Then you shake your head and walk inside.

Gabrielle intercepts you in the living room.

“Oh Jason, she is too upset to talk right now,” says Gabrielle breathlessly. “I gave her a valium and the poor dear is laying down. I think she should stay here tonight and you two can work this out tomorrow morning in the light of day.”

“But…” you say, then close your mouth. “Maybe you are right, Gabby. I’m too upset right now to talk this over properly.”

“Good man, you are such a sensible fellow. Let me call a car to take you home, I don’t want you driving in this state,” she says rushing off.

You stalk over to the bar and get another drink to steady your nerves. After a few moments, Arthur comes to join you.

“Where is that bastard, Carl?” you ask testily.

‘Well, he’s too ***** to drive, so I put him up in one of the guest rooms,” says Arthur, shaking his head. “He is a cocky fellow. He doesn’t seem to get what the fuss is about and he’s threatening to press charges against you for assault over that fat lip you gave him.”

“Wait, what?” you squawk. “He can’t stay here, Ingrid is staying here!”

“Eh?” asks Arthur confused.

Just then Gabrielle shows up, “Jason, a car is here to take you home, now come along.” She starts bustling you toward the door, but you resist.

“Wait Gabby, Arthur just put Carl into a guest room to stay overnight. I am not leaving Ingrid here in this house that guy!” you stammer.

Gabrielle and Arthur share a look of concern, then he holds up his hands, “Look, Jason, we will make sure no hanky panky goes on. I am sure Carl and Ingrid are both too upset and worn out to try anything further…”

“She’s sound asleep from that valium,” says Gabrielle with a weak smile. “Nothing will happen. Now off you go.”

You let them shepherd you out the door and walk slowly over to the waiting car where the driver is holding the car door open for you. Then you heard the distinct sound of your wife’s voice calling out. You glance back at the house and see that the upstairs guest room window is open. You stop and motion to the driver to wait, then walk back under the window to listen.

You hear your wife call out, “Oh Carl!” Then you hear the unmistakable sound of a bed creaking and a headboard tapping the wall rhythmically. Your blood runs cold as you stand there frozen. Gabrielle and Arthur see you standing there and come out to see what is the matter. They hear the sound of Carl grunting and your wife gasping as the headboard taps out a staccato against the wall and they look at you with chagrin.

“Uh, I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation,” says Gabrielle putting her hand on your shoulder gently and smiling awkwardly up at your stoney expression.

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