It was a Friday night; we'd been drinking quite a bit, pretty much fell into bed around midnight, and were out like a light. She was wearing a nightgown, and I was in house pants, effectively pajama bottoms, and a t-shirt. Apparently, wasted as we were, we forgot all about locking the house up before we went to sleep, and about 2 a.m. we woke up to a couple of guys in our bedroom.

They could have left without ever coming in to the bedroom because they'd already ransacked the place with us asleep, but I'd left my computer on my Flickr page, and they saw it. They checked out the photos of my wife and decided they were going to fuck her. I was really out of it because they'd also gotten into my tools and found some big plastic ties, and I woke up groggily to find my wrists and ankles bound and the two of them working on my wife. When they noticed me struggling, one of them came over to me and added duct tape to the ties around my wrists and ankles.

They put duct tape over our mouths. It was really too dark to see her eyes, but from her body language, I could tell she was scared. While I struggled, one of them worked his way underneath my wife and was holding her wrists over her head, while the other was using his knee to force her thighs apart, making their intentions obvious.

One of them said to me, "May as well relax; we're going to fuck your wife, and we're going to be awhile. Don't worry, you can watch!" and laughed.

They took turns fucking her. The first one to fuck her came pretty quick, and his buddy took his place between her legs. As he fucked her, he told her she had a damn tight cunt for a mom. He lasted a lot longer than his buddy, and then he told him to get his phone so they could make some memories, clearly amused by his wit.

His friend just laughed and said, “Good idea, bro.”

“Are you ready to find out if this whore can suck a cock?”

When they took the duct tape from her mouth, my wife immediately started talking. She promised she'd do whatever they wanted if they just promised not to hurt us.

“But not here,” she said, “not with my husband right here.”

They said. “No way, we're not leaving him in here by himself. You'll do what we want right here, or we will fuckin' hurt you and fuck you both up. But if it makes you feel better,” and one of them removed a pillowcase from a pillow and pulled it over my head.

"That's better, baby?” He asked, “You better fuckin' be nice to us.”

“Now show us what you can do, honey; it's time to suck some cock.”

I couldn't see anything, of course, but I could still hear.

"Oh, fuck yeah,” was the next thing I heard from them. ”Throat it, bitch!” was the sound of my wife gagging.

“That's it, honey. Check that gag reflex. Oh yeah, fuck. This bitch could suck a golf ball through a garden hose. Maybe we should take her home with us.”

I could hear one of them rummaging through my nightstand, and then he said, “Fuck, check this shit out. Somebody likes their astroglide (I had an open bottle in there and two fresh bottles still in their packages. What can I say? I love to edge).

I heard the other one grunt and say, "Fuck, I'm going to cum.” My wife was gagging a little again, so I assumed he had his cock down her throat.

“Damn, that was good; you gotta get some of this,” he told his friend.

“Later,” he replied, “right now I'm going to put this lube to use and fuck the whore in the ass.”

I could feel him climb up on the bed and then say, “Hey bitch, be a good girl and lube up my cock so I can give that big ass a try.”

The next thing I heard was, “Oh fuck, the shithole on this slut is tight." He said, “Her cunt was a little loose for my taste, but her poop chute is wicked tight.”

“Don't make me do all the work now, bitch; you need to be nice to us.”

“Your turn now; work that ass on my cock; get your groove on. Push back on it.”

I could hear her grunting in time with his thrusts. “Oh yeah,” he said, “the slut has done this before.”

“Work it, baby. Oh, fuck, this shit is tight. Mmmmm like that baby!"

Since I couldn't see, I only found out later that he had started to finger her clitoral area. “Tell me you love it; tell me. Tell me you love my cock up your ass.”

“I love your cocking up my ass.” she said unconvincingly.

“I knew you would be a nasty whore.” he told her.

He had pushed her down onto the bed, topping her, one hand under her finger, and I could hear the bed springs start slowly squeaking while he mercilessly pounded her ass. “Like that, honey?”

“Oh!” was her only reply.

Then “Oh no, oh no oh my god no... oh fuck!" she moaned "Oh god no!” she moaned again, clearly on the verge of cumming.

“Oh god oh oh oh oh oh,” she chanted. "Oh god YESSSSSSS!!!”

Then from him, bed squeaking rapidly. "FUCKKKKKKKK!”

“Get off her, it's my turn.” I heard the other one say.

“She loves it up the ass.” his bud replied as I felt him getting off the bed.

“Fuckin' slut loves it up the ass. Did you see how hard the whore came?"

“Fuck. I'm still hard; I can't decide if I want a throat or a cunt now.”

“Bitch can suck some cock. Just fuck her throat for now; we'll DP the whore later.”

My wife was gagging again, more now than previously, and I heard the one in her mouth say "That's it, gag on that cock, you fuckin' whore. Oh yeah, that's it, suck it. Fuck, does your mouth feel hot? Now suck my balls. That's it. Get them both in your mouth. Oh yeah. Fuck, does this whore know how to work a cock?" he cried out.

"Look at this chick swallow my fuckin' cock!" he said to his buddy. "I'm all the way down the slut's throat. We may have to come back and get some more of this bitch. Fuck, is this good?"

The way they had the bed squeaking, I thought it might break.

“Bitch can suck a cock, can't she?" the guy fucking her ass asked.

“And you weren't shitting me,” he chuckled. “Her shit tunnel is wicked tight. “Fuck,” he said, “feels like I'm having to drill this tunnel out; it's so fuckin' tight.I don't think I'm going to last very much longer.”

Ughhhh... ahhhh!” he moaned shortly after.

“I was going to cum down the whore's throat,” said his friend, “but I think I want another round in her cunt.”

“Yeah, we need to take a break,” his bud replied. “The bitch is milking us dry. Let's have her bring us a couple drinks.”

“Good idea, get us something slutty. You got vodka? Tequila? Rum? Whatever, just bring us something and be smart; remember, your husband will be back here with us, and we will fuck him up if you pull any shit.”

Next thing I know, they turned the TV on. “Netflix and chill,” said one of them, and laughed.

“Wish we had some porn.” said one of them.

”Got any porn?" they asked my wife when she came back with their drinks.

“I'm sure my husband has some on his computer.” she told them.

“Fuck yes, he does,” they laughed. “We already checked some of it out. You're one of the stars. Why do you think we stopped to fuck you? There's no point in jacking off to some photos when we got you right here to fuck.”

“Come sit here by me and my boy,” he told her, patting the bed. “Let's get better acquainted; maybe we can be friends. We'll take it a little slower this time. Get to know each other.”

“You like to make out, baby? Show us some love, get our cocks nice and hard again, and we'll fuck you; we know you love it. But this time, you're going to have to ask nicely. Beg a little for us to fuck you. Bet hubby has never heard you beg for his cock. It's only right he gets to hear his wife begging for some cock, don't you think?”

I couldn't tell exactly what was happening. No one was talking, but I could hear what I guess you would call sounds of passion, and they were apparently taking turns making out with my wife and sucking on her big tits.

The silence was broken by one of them saying, "I love your big titties, honey. Would you like to have them sucked? I'm not a lip reader, baby. You like your titties sucked, so say it. We need to hear it. Say it. Hubby wants to know too, don't you?"

Finally, after a little more coaxing, I heard my wife utter a quiet “Yes.”

“We can barely hear you, honey,” he chided. “Yes, what? Tell us what you like.”

To my surprise, she said yes again, followed by “Yes, I like my tits sucked.”

I was later to have my suspicion confirmed that, at this point, my wife was on top of him. She had straddled him earlier in order to make out as he commanded. He was playing with her tits and sucking them. I had no idea how much time had passed, but I sensed she must have been making out with him and having her titties sucked for quite some time. There wasn't much talking, but I could hear the unmistakable sounds of kissing. The friend I now know was between me and them on the bed, just watching and stroking his cock.

Finally, I heard him say, “It looks like you may have found yourself a new girlfriend.” the reply to which was, even by just the sound of it, a smirking “Sorta looks that way, don't it?”

The friend then said, "Yeah, motherfucker, get a room.” and laughed.

My imagination of what must be happening with my wife was running wild.

I heard, “Oh no, you heard what I told you.”

Next, it sounded like my wife whispered something, and I heard, "What, honey? I can't hear you, and neither can anyone else.”

Then my wife said aloud, softly but still loud enough for me to clearly hear, “Will you fuck me?"

"What?” he said in reply, "what? I still can't hear you.”

My wife said, “Fuck me.”

I felt a wave of something like nausea because she sounded sincere, and I wondered if she was just a better actress than I ever realized.

“Is that any way to ask for a favor?” he said. “Didn't mommy and daddy teach you any manners? What do you say?”

"Please." was her reply.

"Please, baby.” he said in return.

“Please fuck me." she replied.

“You're going to have to do better than that,” he told her. “Let's hear a little more sincerity.”

“Please fuck me,” she pleaded. “PLEASE.”

“That's better,” he said, “now tell me you love me.”

“What?” she said.

“You heard me; tell me you love me.”

There was a long pause before my wife said, “I love you baby, please fuck me.”

Then, to the surprise of all of us, I think even his friend, he said “No.” followed by another long pause before he said, “But I will let you show me how much you want it by fucking me. I want to see those big tits while you ride my cock. You do all the fucking while I just lay here.”

There was movement on the bed, and I heard my wife moan 'ahhhh' as she apparently sunk her married husband down on his cock, and once more, the bed began to squeak.

“Oh yeah, honey, that's it. Ride that cock like the slut you are.”

“Get in here and get ready to take that ass.” he ordered his friend. “This whore wants to be doubled. Don't ya slut?”

The bed continued to squeak, but my wife remained silent. “I asked you a question, whore,” he shouted. “You want my friend to take your ass while you ride my cock?”

“Yes.” my wife answered.

"Yes, what whore?” he asked again.

"Yes, I want your friend to fuck me in the ass while I ride your cock.”

“You heard the whore,” he said. “She wants your cock in her ass, so let her have it.”

“Oh my god, oh fuck.” my wife moaned.

“You like that, honey?” he asked.

“Oh god.” she moaned.

"She likes it,” he said to his friend, and she laughed. “If the cunt's husband could see the look on her face right now, he'd shit.” he said, laughing some more.

“Hey hubby,” he directed to me, “your wife ain't acting; she's got two cocks in her, and she's lovin' it. You married a huge fucking slut.”

My wife didn't say anything, but I could hear the noises she was making. I had been telling myself she was doing what she felt she had to do, but I could hear the sounds of sex: wet sloppy sounds, skin slapping, and the bed squeaking out a steady deliberate rhythm, and I began to think he was telling the truth. In spite of myself, I found the thought tremendously arousing. Not being able to see for myself because of the pillowcase over my head, the sounds poured into me and were amplified by my imagination.

Then I heard my wife get vocal.

“Oh fuck yes, oh god yes,” she said. “fuck me.”

I could hear the smug arrogance in the voice that next said, “You don't want us to stop then?

There was a rising crescendo and increasing rhythm from the squeaking bed, and my wife said, “No, I want you to fuck me harder; I'm going to cum, fuck me harder.”

Before I could turn away to hide my arousal, I felt the cold bedroom air on my now stiff cock and was flushed with shame and embarrassment, knowing that my cock had escaped my pajamas. I waved to anyone who looked at my own involuntary complicity in what was happening.

Afterwards, my wife rolled off and ended up lying right beside me.

“I'm sorry,” she said. “I couldn't help it,” sounding like she might be crying a little.

The bed was still for several minutes, then one of them, I guessed the less dominant of the two, rolled off the bed on the other side and said to his friend, “We need to get going. It's going to get light out pretty soon.” The more dominant one appeared to be still lying on the bed, my wife between us.

He said, “Ok, get everything in the car and wait for me; I won't be long.”

I felt movement again on the bed, felt extra weight on my side, and knew he had moved on top of my wife. The bed was still for a moment and quiet. Then I felt a weight on me and a steady movement, and I realized that my wife had opened her leg's for him and he was fucking her. With his weight on her, she couldn't scoot away from me and couldn't open her legs to him without draping her right leg over me. Every thrust into her cunt transferred the movement from her leg to me and made me an inadvertent partner in their coupling.

The steady, slow squeak squeak squeak squeak of the bed was the only sound for a while, until I began to hear a high-pitched but low-volume “oh oh oh oh” in time with each squeak. Her elbow bumped my head as she moved her arms, and I realized she had wrapped them around his neck and pulled him down to kiss her. The "oh, oh, oh" was louder, but muffled now by his mouth upon hers.

I felt her begin thrusting back at him. My cock was again stiff and poking out of my pajamas into the cold bedroom, but I didn't want to move away from my contact with her body.

The oh oh oh morphed into mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, and she moaned out “Yes, that's it, yes, oh god, fuck me, oh god, I'm cumming, don't stop,” and finally cried out like I'd never heard her before, her whole body shaking, “ugh, ugh, gawd, oh gawd, oh fuck, yes, yes, yes, aaahhhhhhhhhh.”

Shockingly, though she was spent, I realized she had again pulled him to her, and they were making out in post-coital bliss. It was her kissing him like this after everything that had happened that sent me over the edge. Unable to contain myself, my cock, without ever being touched, spurted out four ropes of cum in response.
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