P1080774 x 800.JPGMy wife had cheated for 25 years without me finding out. I never suspected anything and only once was I even suspicious. We'd only been married a couple of years. She was working as a private duty nurse, taking care of a couple's young son with a brain disease. The husband and wife worked different hours so at least one of them would always be home with their son. My wife's shift was at night when the husband was home alone.

She started telling me about how nice he was and, how he did things for her such as taking her car to be gassed up so she didn't have to stop by herself late at night. He gave her some seemingly trivial gifts like a key-chain. Her attitude struck me as a little naive but I wasn't suspicious of her behavior, or that she had done anything. I merely warned her that he was doing what he did because wanted to fuck her but she didn't seem to believe me.

One day we were driving past a restaurant and out of the blue she looked out the passenger side window and said that's where TG likes to go for lunch. (We call him telephone guy now because he worked for the phone company and I don't think she remembers his actual name or maybe just won't say). Her actual statement was not remarkable but she uttered it so wistfully that I immediately thought she must have fucked him. She denied it of course, and I had no evidence, so it was soon forgotten.

After cheating for the next 23 years she apparently decided that she'd stretched her luck far enough and it was time to settle down and be the faithful wife she'd intended to be when we were married. Ironically, at about the same time I finally had become very aroused by the thought of her fucking other men, and worked up the courage to tell her so. She was offended. She said she didn't understand why I would want that if I loved her, that she wasn't interested in other men, and that she could never break her vows. I persisted for awhile, assuring her that I loved her more than ever but it soon became clear to me that it she was completely unreceptive to t he idea and I dropped it.

She claims now that for the next 10 years she was faithful and intended to remain so for the rest of our lives together, and that brings us up to the weeks prior our 35 year wedding anniversary. We had just moved for what we planned to be the last time before my retirement and she found herself in a new place where she didn't know anyone. Not exactly new since we had lived in the area when we first married, but new in the sense that everything was vastly different and all our old acquaintances and family had moved on.

She had a hairstylist she liked at our previous location but after we moved didn't know where a good place to go would be and put it off until her hair was driving her crazy. When she'd finally suffered with it long enough and on her way back from a doctor appointment she pulled into a walk-in hair salon she spotted on her route home.

While waiting for a free stylist she got talking to some other women in the salon and made new friends -- Dee-Dee, 55, divorced, and Becky, 59, married 38 years. Dee-Dee was a short chubby and somewhat voluptuous peroxide blond dressing a little younger than her age. Becky was a tall thin brunette with graying hair, a little flat-chested, and elegantly dressed.

Dee-Dee was a local, but Becky was what we used to call a Snowbird.....a winter tourist down from South Dakota to spend the winter months in warm South Texas. Her and her husband had been making the trip to Florida for years but that year had decided to give Texas a try.

They agreed to meet on Sunday two days away for brunch and get to know each other better. I was surprised since my wife and I have never been big on brunch and I couldn't even remember the last time we'd eaten at one. Apparently Dee-Dee was very persuasive and the driver behind the brunch idea and as it turned out many other things. I was just happy my wife might have made some new friends.

I think the best way to tell the story at this point may be through the two different versions of events, one as told to me at the time by my wife, the other as told to me by Becky's husband, and later admissions of my wife after being caught.

Sunday as told to me by my wife:

They enjoyed their time together on Sunday and agreed to a girl's night the following Monday to have dinner and talk. My wife had never been much for girl's nights either. I think she had maybe five over the previous 35 year period. Becky was the same but again Dee-Dee was very persuasive.

Sunday as it actually happened:

Sunday was the one day my wife told me an accurate version of events.

Monday as told to me by my wife:

Their dinner was convivial but uneventful. Dee-Dee suggested they stop by a bar she frequented for a drink. Becky and my wife were a little reluctant and told her they had to drive home but Dee-Dee insisted one drink wouldn't hurt, that they would like the place she had in mind, and the two wives ultimately conceded. They had a drink and came home.

My wife pulled into the garage at about 8:10, earlier than I'd expected. She told me about their dinner and drinking afterwards, but she didn't mention the young men.

Monday as it actually happened:

Their dinner was convivial but uneventful. Dee-Dee suggested they stop by a bar she frequented for a drink. They were shortly approached by three young men who Dee-Dee invited to sit with them, making Becky and my wife a little uncomfortable. They didn't turn out to be pushy or aggressive and after a bit my wife and Becky relaxed. The guys offered to buy the women another round but the two wives said one was enough as they had to drive back home.

Dee-Dee made out with one of the guys and encouraged the wives to do the same with the other two.
There was a lot of banter and laughter that eventually turned, or more accurate, was steering by Dee-Dee into sex talk. With Dee-Dee's encouragement the other two guys got my wife and Becky to sit on their laps.

They both got up when the guys got a little handsy, playfully told them hey were being naughty, and said they had to go. Dee-Dee laughed and told them it would be rude to leave without at least a goodbye kiss. The guys took their hands and pulled them back into their laps straddling them. My wife and Becky looked at each other, shrugged, laughed, and then give each a sloppy wet kiss. The guys tried to hold them there but they got up and left.

Becky and my wife talked later on the phone and both admitted how aroused the scene at the bar had made them. Becky told my wife she hadn't been that wet in years. Both wished they could have stayed longer and had a couple more drinks. They discussed maybe meeting up with the guys again to see where it goes and agreed they should. Becky called Dee-Dee and asked if that might be possible. Dee-Dee was happy too say yes and encourage them.

Tuesday as told to me by my wife:

The three of them met again, this time for lunch. My wife left around noon and was back at 2:30. While I found her meeting three days in a row like that a little unusual I didn't think much of it. She said she had a nice time.

Tuesday as it really happened:

The guys were construction workers in their 20's. They were renting a mobile home in the Bayview area by a resaca. They were in between jobs and had plenty of time on their hands. The women met up at their mobile home and never even considered a restaurant.. Drinking gave way to sex talk. My wife and Becky were charged up from the day before. With Dee-Dee's guidance and encouragement everyone paired off and started making out. Dee-Dee and one of the guys headed off to a bedroom as did Becky and one of the others.

My wife and her guy made out and ended up fucking on the living room sofa. Afterwards my wife suddenly felt guilty and headed home. Becky and Dee-Dee stayed and spent the rest of the afternoon having sex with the guys.

Becky called my wife that evening and told her it was crazy, but she loved it and didn't want to stop. My wife told her she loved it too, but was afraid of getting caught. Becky said Dee-Dee promised to cover for them and while she agreed their husbands might be suspicious, there was no way for them to find out if they were careful.

Becky told Dee-Dee and my wife that it was her first time cheating in 38 years of marriage and she wished she'd started long ago. Becky told her that like Dee-Dee said, they'd been good wives and mothers for decades and deserved to have some fun of their own. Still, Becky was very worried about being caught and losing her husband and family.

Dee-Dee counseled Becky on how to play it if she did get caught. First of all she said, don't admit to anything. A lot of his suspicions could likely be explained away. If he had evidence of something that couldn't be explained any other way, admit to only what the evidence proved. Say it was the first time, it was a mistake, she regretted it, she loved him, and it would never happen again.

She promised Becky if she was careful her husband would have no way of knowing everything she did so the best tactic was to minimize as much as possible. She told her that even if she got caught after cheating ten or one hundred times, to say it was the first time and she didn't know why she did it. She called it good damage control. She assured her that there was no way her husband would throw away 38 years of marriage for a single “mistake.”

Wednesday as told to me by my wife:

Wednesday afternoon my wife told me she was going to dinner again with her new friends. I'd eaten a meal by myself now every day for three days in a row and dinner would make it four. That had never happened before in 35 years of marriage and I couldn't hide the fact that I was annoyed, probably more than I'd normally have been as it was the week of our 35th anniversary.

She played the guilt card. She told me I was right, she was just excited she'd finally met some other female friends and gotten carried away. She'd tell them she couldn't make it and stay home if that's what I wanted. I told her to go of course and she practically vaulted out the front door at 3PM, an odd time for “dinner.”

“Hey,” I called after her, your car is in the garage, where are you going?”

“We may do some drinking this time so I called an Uber,” she said as she rushed off, “Love you.”

I didn't hear from her again until she got home around 10 PM, visibly *****. She apologized for drinking too much and said she just wanted to shower and go to sleep. If she noticed how miffed I was she didn't say anything. At this point I was seeing red flags and starting to wonder what the fuck was going on.

Wednesday as it really happened:

My wife went straight to the guys place. Dee Dee and Becky were already there. They were getting ***** and making out with the guys. Dee-Dee said it was time to have some real fun. This time no one went off to separate rooms. Everything was out in the open. The guys spent the day fucking them in rotation. All three guys fucked all three women.

All sucked the guys cocks, also in rotation. Becky said she'd never done anything like that before and had only been with her husband. That statement provoked the guys to make her airtight while Dee-Dee and my wife watched and encouraged her.

They took a break from their little sex party and ordered pizza around 7 PM. They got the party started again with Dee-Dee doing a line of coke off the best hung guy's hard cock. Dee-Dee said she'd seen video of women doing that and had always wanted to try it. All of them encouraged my wife and Becky to try it. My wife was a little reluctant but Becky was all in.

Later, after her husband caught her, Becky claimed she only very reluctantly allowed herself to be involved and regretted even meeting Dee-Dee and my wife. She said she didn't really like it and couldn't explain why she did it. She told her husband about all the things Dee-Dee and my wife did, but omitted a lot of what she had said and done herself.

The coke had made them all extremely horny and it became an evening of new parings and combinations. Dee-Dee and my wife while the guys watched and one fucked Becky. Becky and Dee-Dee as one of the guys fucked my wife. Then the guys took turns making each woman airtight while the other two watched. The women were helping the guys to live out every fantasy the three of them could satisfy.

Thursday as told to me by my wife:

Thursday morning she apologized again and said they'd had dinner, gone to Dee-Dee's place, got to drinking too much and talking and lost track of time. I didn't say anything, but to me that 3PM departure left a big gap in her account. The Uber was reasonable if she'd planned on drinking but she'd never ordered one herself,and until that very day hadn't even had the app on her phone. When she then told me she was going to lunch again with her friends and they might do some shopping afterwards but would be back for dinner I started to become increasingly suspicious.

She had never spent so much of our available time together without me in such short order. I started to see the red flags piling up when I realized that I had to take her word for where she went in an Uber but her car had a dash cam. I wondered if the Uber was an indication she had expected to have something to hide and was covering her tracks? Another red flag popped up when she told me she was going to take an Uber to lunch.

“Why are you taking an Uber to lunch when you may go shopping afterwards” I asked her?

“I want to relax, enjoy myself with our anniversary coming up tomorrow, so I'll probably have wine with lunch and don't want to drive.”

“That doesn't explain shopping by Uber,” I responded.

“Oh, that” she said, “Dee-Dee agreed to be the designated driver so Becky and I can drink. If we go shopping it will be in her car”.

True to her word she was indeed back home for dinner.

Thursday as it really happened:

They spent the afternoon with the guys again. This time they all paired off and spent the afternoon exclusively with just one of the guys. The women chose partners. To my surprise now my wife chose the guy who was the best kisser and not the guy with the biggest cock.

After an afternoon of sexual fun my wife said she had promised to be back home for dinner and left. Dee-Dee stayed. Becky got home just before her husband.

Friday, the day of our 35th anniversary:

Friday was our 35th anniversary. Unfortunately we weren't able to do what we would have preferred due to other obligations, so we'd decided on a nice anniversary dinner and in my mind a hot night at home afterwards celebrating our many years together.

We started the afternoon off drinking and found it necessary to Uber to the restaurant where we had reservations. We had a great dinner and I was filled with expectations, so imagine my surprise when we got home my wife said she was going to go meet her friends.

“What is going on,” I asked, “it's our anniversary. I thought this was going to be our night.”

“We had a great dinner,” she said, “and I really love you, but Dee-Dee and Becky want to celebrate our anniversary with me too. I'll be back in a couple of hours.”

In spite of my obvious obvious consternation she summoned an Uber and left. At that point I wasn't just suspicious, I was frustrated and angry. She wasn't back in a couple of hours. I called her at midnight. When that got no response I texted her asking where she was, and if she was ok, but I didn't expect a response but she she doesn't like to text. I left a voicemail reminding her she said she be back in a couple of hours. No response. I kept calling her throughout the night with no response and I finally fell asleep about 5 AM. I woke up when I heard her come home around noon on Saturday.

“What the fuck,” I said, “that wasn't any two fucking hours, where the fuck have you been?”

Friday as told to me by my wife:

“Oh my God, I'm so sorry” she responded. “We were at Dee-Dee's and drank way too much. I fell asleep. I woke up with a massive hangover around 1130, saw all your text messages, but wanted to talk in person.”

“What the fuck is going on,” I asked, “you've never done anything like this before, much less on our anniversary. I was ready to call the police and report you missing. Are you fucking someone? I'm not buying your ***** story”.

“Please believe me,” she said, “I'd never do anything like that to you. I realize I've been acting off lately, it's just I've gotten wrapped up in my new friends. I'm so sorry. I can understand why you are suspicious but I love you.”

“Just tell me the truth,” I told her, “what the fuck is really going on.”

“Just what I said, nothing is going on except my bad judgment. I feel like I messed up our anniversary and I'm really sorry. I've been drinking too much and I just wasn't thinking.”

At this point I didn't believe a word of what she was telling me but what could I do, I had no evidence of anything, just a lot of red flags that had made me suspicious?

Friday as it really happened:

She may really have intended to be gone just a couple hours but after she'd had a few drinks and was a little buzzed the guys, along with Dee-Dee and Becky, pushed her to try some molly. They told her if she'd never tried it, never had sex on it, she owed it to herself.

The six of them had sex all together in the living room in various combinations and they once more paired off into different rooms. The molly had intensified my wife's sexual and emotional responses beyond anything she had every previously experienced, even though none of the three men were equal to some of her previous lovers by any measure except perhaps their youth.

She stayed high throughout the night and rotated individually through each of the three men, making love as if each man and her were the only two people on the planet and nothing else mattered. Her promise to return home in a couple hours was long forgotten.

She woke up sober about 11 AM and realized her and Becky were likely to face some seriously angry husbands but she put it out of her mind when her partner turned towards her and kissed her. She told him she absolutely had to go but he ignored her and she thought, one last time isn't going to change anything, and they fucked.

Becky woke up in a panic shortly after as my wife was getting dressed. She ran into the room freaking out. What was she going to tell her husband she screamed? My wife tried to calm her down and they concocted the story that they had gotten carried away with their drinking, gotten really *****, and ********** at Dee-Dee's. When they got home they would apologize profusely, promise it would never happen again, the beg to be forgiven.

Saturday's Fallout:

Becky's husband, I'll call him Bob, had gotten suspicious earlier on than I had. He started checking his wife's phone but Dee-Dee had warned her not to leave anything on it that was incriminating. By Tuesday he'd already ordered a tracker from Amazon and paid for expedited delivery. He got it Thursday morning and installed it on his wife's car. Becky was still driving her own car out to their place and did again that afternoon.

Bob was semi-retired, working part time as some kind of engineering consultant and had to meet with a client that afternoon so he was unable to follow his wife to the location on the tracker. When she left on Friday, she took an Uber, like my wife had been doing, but he assumed she was probably headed to the same location. He waited awhile then went to find out what his wife was up to.

They had started just making-out and fucking in the living room. That is apparently when Bob showed up. His first impulse was to burst in and confront his wife but he thought their kids would never believe their mother was capable of what she was clearly doing and decided it would be better to collect incontrovertible evidence.

The trailer was out in the country on several acres so they hadn't felt it necessary to be particularly discrete about their sexual escapades. Blinds were open, as was the solid front door. That left a glass storm-door through which he had a great view of the events in the living room, albeit at risk of being seen.

He started at the living room window and took photos and video with his phone then moved to the front door not really caring at that point if he was spotted. He wasn't, they were too wrapped up in their fun. He didn't stand in front of the door but held his phone out with one hand and just let the video run.

The video showed his wife riding the cock of one of the guys while she sucked the cock of a second guy standing in front of her. My wife was on the sofa being fucked by the third guy, her arms around his neck and their mouths locked together in loving embrace.

Bob was waiting for his wife when she got home. He told her he'd been worried sick about her and asked where she'd been. She burst out crying right away and started apologizing forgetting about the story they'd all agreed upon. She actually dropped to her knees and wrapped her arms around his legs begging forgiveness. When he asked her what she'd done she said something terrible. She kept begging him to forgive her, he kept asked what he needed to forgive her for?

She said she'd cheated on him.

“Is that what you've been doing all week,” he asked her?

“No, she said, oh God no, last night was the first time, I'm so sorry, please forgive me.”

He told her that any chance of that depended on her telling him the truth about everything, no more lies. He asked her how long she'd been cheating, with who, and how many times. She told him it was just one night and one guy one time. She was ***** and she fell asleep and woke up realizing what she'd done.

He asked, “then what about this?” showing her the video, and she completely broke down. The emotional damn burst. She told him everything, or at least her version of events, no doubt skewed to minimize her own culpability.

By the time Becky was able to call and warn my wife, I'd already left to meet Bob. He had called me, told me who he was, and said he had important information about my wife.
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