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I Tested The Strength Of The Bed Frame With My Estate Agent

“I can’t believe you’re doing this to me! Again! You promised you’d be here to see the house.” My fingers clenched the phone while my screams filled the car. Trembling in annoyance and frustration, I met my reflection in the rearview mirror, and I loathed myself for the tears that insisted to flood my green eyes and run down my face.

“I am busy. I have work to do, Natalie. Just meet with the estate agent alone, and if you like the house, sign the papers, and buy it, I will be alright with it.” He didn’t need to be near me to know he just rolled his eyes, annoyed, like he always does. At least when I was involved. I was not so sure he acted the same when that bitch mewled at him for something.

“You have work to do,” I spat with venom. “And that work is called Sarah?”

I knew that she was his mistress. I saw them together a few times, but until now I kept my mouth shut and I tried to save this fucking marriage. I did. I tried my best to understand and show him love. I thought about why he wanted her and I offered him everything he wished so that he no longer felt the need to be with that *****.

Still, he always had work to do. With her.

Last night I saw the message Sarah sent to my husband, inviting him to her apartment for a romantic day, just the two of them. I wanted to scream and cry at the same time, reading her messages, about what she wanted to do with my husband. I offered him all that and even more.

I just hoped with all my heart that my husband would say no to her. That he will fucking choose me. Only once. Did I ask too much?

Probably yes, because he accepted her invitation. And here I was, in the car, waiting for the estate agent to come and show me the house. I hoped until the last second that my husband would be here. But no, he just fucking called me to say he was busy.

I listened to the silence on the phone. After a few seconds, he mumbled some lies, telling me that I’m crazy and that Sarah was just a friend.

“Yeah, a friend you fuck!”

I closed the call and turned off my phone. I didn’t have the power at that second to hear more lies from him. Or his voice. Sighing, I bit my lower lip, melting into the chair, and playing with the fabric of my dress.

“Fuck him!”

I looked in the rearview and fixed my long raven hair and my make-up, wiping away the tears.

A few minutes later, the estate agent parked in front of the house we were going to see. I threw my phone inside the designer purse and got out of the car, quickly arranging the red fitted dress that hugged my sultry curves. I chose that dress for my husband, knowing how much he liked to see me wearing it. I laughed at myself, thinking about what Sarah was probably wearing right now. Nothing, I guessed.

“Good morning, Miss Hill.”

The estate agent smiled at me, and I noticed his gaze lingering on my slim figure. With a feral glint in them, his eyes brushed my full tits, barely covered by the dress, moving down to my legs, taking in my image. Caressing every inch of my body, his lips curled in a lewd grin, and finally, he tilted his head, meeting my gaze.

My green eyes met his mesmerizing amber ones, and an electric shock zig-zagged through my core directly to my clit. Washed in a wave of arousal, I smiled, greeting him. I didn’t remember the last time my husband looked at me with such heat and desire in his eyes. I missed this feeling so much, to be wanted and needed.

My eyes brushed his muscular frame, taking in the image of his tall, powerful, enveloped in an elegant suit that tightly embraced him. Every fiber of me buzzed alive, thoughts about this man ripping my clothes and ravishing me into oblivion running through my mind.

“Damn, calm down, Natalie!”

Shaking my head, I took a deep breath, trying to focus on the house and not on the way my body was screaming and longing for his touch. My cunt protested, and I pressed my legs together, fighting the urge of jumping on him and begging the estate agent to fuck me, like a desperate slut.

“Call me Natalie, please. Miss Hill is too formal,” I giggled, offering him a seductive smile.

“Ok, Natalie. I’m Daniel.”

He invited me into the vast house, showing me the rooms and explaining to me some technical details I honestly was not interested in. But when he wrapped my waist, leading me inside, well, my body was very interested in that. His touch sent a surge of rapture under my skin, and millions of tingles crawled through my flesh, enveloping my mind in sensuality. When Daniel pressed me closer, explaining something about the AI devices the house had, his expensive cologne overwhelmed my senses, and I almost let out a loud moan, inhaling the lascivious, masculine combination of his natural smell and the energizing aroma of citrus fruits with a marine accord reminiscent of fresh oceanic breezes.

His voice, laced with seductiveness, pushed all my buttons, and my entire being pulsed in delicious anticipation.

Looking at his firm grip on the tablet he was using to control the household appliances, my naughty mind was showing me images of how it would be if those hands would stroke my soft skin, bending me to his will. My pussy clenched in arousal, and I bit my lower lip, arguing with myself in my mind.

Daniel led us upstairs and showed me the large and bright rooms, and I gasped when I saw the master bedroom, spacious and with an immense bed in the middle that begged to be used. Washed in desire, I thought about being thrown on it and fucked senseless. Not necessary for my husband, as he was busy with Sarah.

“The bed is made of a strong material, but surely you and your husband can test its strength whenever you want,” Daniel joked, making me laugh.

My heart sank for a few seconds, thinking about how our relationship looked like in the last months. He barely touched me, and when he did, he focused more on his pleasure than on mine. Poor him, always too tired. Of course, he was tired. Sarah squished the last drop of energy out of him.

My eyes flickered in Daniel’s direction and my heart skipped a beat, seeing the lust that burned in his eyes. A traitorous thought gnawed at the edge of my mind, and I turned around, fixing my gaze on his, playing with the fabric of my dress and offering him an even better view of my deep cleavage.

“I believe you when you say the bed is strong, but I am still not sure enough, and I would like to test it. Still, as you see, my husband was busy, and couldn’t be here to help me. But maybe you could,” I purred, closing the distance between us, lingering my fingers along his muscular chest, feeling it like a marble under my fingertips.

The feral hunger in his gaze woke every neglected part within me, and I leaned on him, feeling his powerful heart beating with power under my palm.

“You’re sure about this, Natalie?”

“More than sure,” I purred, lingering my lips over his, grinding against Daniel’s body.

A squeal left my lips when his brawny arms pressed me closer and his mouth captured mine in a possessive kiss. Our tongues found each other in a wild dance, while our hands undressed one another with eagerness.

The sound made by the rustling clothes filled the room, and the fabric of my dress brushed me when it fell on the floor. Daniel ignited a fire inside me everywhere he touched my skin, and our moans and groans danced around us, louder and louder with each second.

I gasped when I found myself thrown on the bed with a rough, swift move, the mattress shifting under his weight when Daniel crawled over me. His lips explored my body, leaving a fiery trail behind everywhere he touched my skin, making me squirm in delight.

“Fuck me hard,” I whimpered between moans, clenching and twitching under his fiery kisses.

His tongue flickered my nipples, while his hands squeezed and pulled mercilessly my tits, drowning me in pleasure. Crawling, Daniel opened my legs with a rough move, a wild, low growl leaving from the back of his throat seeing my glistening cunt.

Grabbing my hips, he slammed inside me without warning, pushing a loud cry of pleasure out of my hot mouth. Starting to thrust immediately, he pounded me mercilessly, ramming without mercy into my pussy.

My body jerked helplessly, my moans dancing with his groans on the music created by our bodies slapping one another. Lifting my hips and meeting each of his powerful thrusts, I felt the pleasure building fast inside, wildfire scorching me from within.

Daniel fucked me like a beast in heat, his growls and grunts meeting my broken moans and whimpers. I clenched my fingers around the bedsheet, crossed by waves of blissfulness and I squirmed powerlessly, begging for more.

Our gazes met, and the feral lust-filled eyes that locked mine added another layer of pleasure to me. It felt so good to be wanted and desired like this. And fuck, the bed was doing its job perfectly.

Trembling uncontrollably, enveloped in rapture, I let out a loud moan, clenching around his cock. Fucking me through my orgasm and pushing me further into the realms of pleasure, Daniel pounded me relentlessly, his dick throbbing violently inside me.

A powerful groan echoed inside the room, and the estate agent dug his fingers into my soft flesh, keeping me in place while he exploded inside my cunt. Hot, thick, and sticky ropes of cum covered my inner walls, and for a second, the realization of the fact we didn’t use protection crossed my mind.

“Well, fuck it!”

Daniel leaned near me, dragging the panting, whimpering mess I was at that second into his arms, and I moaned softly, cuddling into him. Listening to our labored breaths, with my eyes closed, I lingered my fingers along his chest, mewling softly.

“You were right, the bed is durable,” I laughed when I was finally able to speak.

Chuckling, he pressed me closer, kissing my hair, the touch of his fingers on my back sending goosebumps down my skin.

“If you want more tests, you can always call me, Natalie,” he told, pressing his lips to mine.

“I will. I definitely will!”

Note: All characters in this story are 18 years old of age or older. This is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and dialogues are pure imagination and are not real. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is completely coincidental.
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