J Has A soft spot for shy guys, many are afraid to make a move because they think girls wouldn't want to be around them, J always feels a need to help them.

I was talking to a somewhat odd/shy guy named Stan at our hotel bar while waiting for J. When she arrived he shut down for a good 30 minutes. We tried to get him to feel comfortable, J kept him in beer and her in wine as I went off on my own. By the end of our evening, he had started talking. Stan told her that he was shy around women and had been his whole life. Toward the end of the night, J told him we would go out and find him a date sometime.

During the evening I saw her ***** slide her hand up his inseam a couple of times, it was comical how big his eyes got and she was impressed as she would smile at me with the holy shit look!

The next evening we were sitting around our Cleveland hotel. Having turned the blinds mostly open (We are exhibitionists) and chilled the wine for the evening things were looking good. I had on baggie shorts and an old t-shirt, She had on a light white T-shirt and night shorts. Seated on the couch I started rubbing her back under her shirt. I worked her shirt up to show anyone outside as this is something J enjoyed. When her shirt was up to her neck in the back, then slowly I moved around and massage her breasts, this would get her worked up.

That is when there was a knock on the door, J got up to answer the door finding Stan had come to see us. J grabbed him around the neck hugging him. When she finally turned to come back into the room. I noticed how see thru her top was and wondered if she was aware?

Stan just stood there in the doorway watching her tits and ass jiggle back and put her hand in his to lead him in. She sat him in a chair across from the couch and dropped down on the couch next to me. Stan wanted us to take him out to find that date J had promised but could see we were not thinking of going out this night. J told us the next night was the night to go out this made Stan sad as he was to return home the next afternoon. "He gets a rain check then." she gave him our number so we could stay in touch and told him "You will get your night out, I promise,"

J suggested that maybe he would like some wine and to hang out and talk about going out and stuff? J offered to get the wine, as she was walking back to us with wine and glasses, I noticed that Stan was trying to look at her nipples discretely, but he failed. Knowing he was watching her tits through the shirt and remembering J's holy shit look at the bar this got me going!

I pulled her next to me and asked her "How would you get him a date?"

"One way or the other."

As we continued to drink and get to know each other. I decided to resume her back-rub with Stan sitting 3 feet in front of us. Curiosity on my part wanted to see what she and he would do. my hands started moving around her back and waist under her shirt as more wine flowed and more laughs I began reaching around to massage her breasts more and more.

During this time I found, I could make eye contact with him and then glance at her tits just as I jiggled her for him. He tried not to make it obvious but his eyes smiled at me, as every joke also made her jiggle. With A little more back rubbing I had her leaning more forward with her elbows against my legs, "More wine?"

My hands now had very good access to all of her back and the front. I slowly rub her from top to bottom, front to back while talking. She brought her arm down on my hand, not enough to stop me but to slow me down. I know our friend saw what was happening because he was looking at her, then me, then back to her. So I started rubbing and moving around the breast area. I knew if I went too fast she would stop me. I noticed her headlights were full on and I loved it and our friend liked it. I don't know how much of this was evident to my wife at this point! "More wine dear?"

It was now about an hour into the visit and we all had enough wine. I started to work her like we had a window open and were alone. I kept rubbing her back and began moving her shirt up. We kept talking as Stan and I kept looking. J would sit forward and hold his hand then lean way back and push her headlights to the sky. It was at this point she used her arm to hold down her shirt. She scooted her butt more forward toward Stan so now I can rub her back with both hands while we talked.

As our wine was getting low and her shirt was getting high I asked if she needed more wine? I started to get up for the wine when our friend said don't move I'll get the wine. I looked up from behind her and smiled at him, he smiled back and got up.

When he was in the kitchen, I looked behind me and he had a great big grin on his face. J was now leaning forward so I could continue rubbing her back. But would she let me continue with the show? While looking at him in the kitchen, I moved the back of her shirt up to her neck and was now rubbing her bare back with harder and longer movements that kept her shirt moving up a little more by the minute. I knew how to massage her and when I did it perfectly she would not tell me to stop. Usually, when I start rubbing her nipples, she gets so hot I did not have to worry anymore about her stopping me. Just how do I get to them with someone in the room?

We are laughing and telling stories as I move my arms around her waist, tightening my arms around her. She likes it and leans back on me. I believe this will give Stan a look up her shirt or at least he can see the bottoms of her breasts and maybe her nipples through the light shirt.

I moved my hands Slowly forward and let my fingers slide between her legs. I wiggle them down as she allows her legs to part slightly. I think she saw his eyes watching her breasts a while back but kept it to herself. Moving my fingers I was feeling a little moist. She is smiling and looking over her shoulder with glassy eyes I knew so well. I wiggle my fingers and she smiles, after more fun, she gives me a big old kiss over the shoulder with her eyes closed.

Seeing this he stopped talking and smiled. I continue to kiss her and move one hand slowly around the inside of her shirt. The other hand is still working her down low. Stan is watching lustfully and I am wondering how far this will go?

I started caressing her nipples lightly as she is leaning back kissing me. J has gone on her sex trip at this point so I decided to go for it. I glance over and move my eyes to motion for him to get closer. He gets on his knees right next to her as I put my hands under her breasts and point them at Stan he leans forward and kisses her nipple softly and retreats to see her reaction.

Then I put one hand low and the wiggle begins again. I again look at her for a reaction and then at him. I am wondering if she is counting the number of hands on her? He is moving slowly as she looks at me with a smile and kisses me. I take it she is happy and then when her hands start to move around and she starts rubbing my dick on the outside of my shorts, I start thinking?

Stan is watching and smiling, then he moves his head in close and puts his mouth on her nipple tongue first. She moans as she works my dick and Stan pulls her top off her and allows it to fall to the floor. J only has the sleeping shorts on now and Stan is working her breast as I am fingering her, to me it is like she is not aware that he is there but he is sucking her breast, I'm sure she knows?

Then my shorts get a big tug and I lift my ass to let them move down so she can get to my dick. She slides down off the couch and rolls over on her knees bending over me while holding my dick in both hands. Stan had to move for her maneuver and is now waiting for his opportunity to re-engage, I think she is acting like he is not there but?

J begins to suck on me nice and sexy as I like it. I am rubbing her back while she is sucking on my dick. The guy is touching her all over but not trying anything. Stan has moved to where he can play with her muff and ass. He looks at me and mouths the words "Can I put my fingers in there?"

I smile "Go ahead and see what happens" Can't believe I said that out loud. J pulled off my dick and looked at me with a puzzled look? I smile, then she sort of smiled when she felt what "Go ahead and see what happens" meant. I could feel her pushing back onto his fingers as she went back to sucking me.

Hey, what's going on here, he is undoing his belt! I shouldn't be surprised. There went his pants and shirt! While his hands were busy for an extended period and not fingering J, she looked up at me and then back over her shoulder at Him, now she turns a little more to get a better look. He still has his underwear on but there is a cock sticking its head out to see what is going on here. I'm thinking about what I should do then I realize it is not my decision and that she has complete control.

"Thank god he is not bigger than me!"

Now I get a really puzzled and a little disconcerted look from my almost naked wife about the almost naked guy behind her as she sucks my dick. While she is looking at me he puts his fingers back in and she smiles as she gets that glassy-eyed look again and we are back on track. He finally pulls his hands away from behind her and I see him move to the side he is getting under her and starts sucking her tits from below as he moves around to get his legs between hers and takes a position on his back completely under her.

So now I notice there are lights on in the other hotel room some 60 yards across from us and the blinds are still mostly open. Our friend has gotten into his position completely under her, she has straddled him as he is working her breast with both hands, He is in a position to do any number of things now. As he is massaging her breasts he starts swapping hands as needed to remove his underwear and tosses them aside just as she catches him with one of his legs bent at the knee against her ass and now is grinding on his thigh while still sucking my dick. Seeing this I am impressed with her control and now I am not sure what to do?

I knew what he was going to try! So I pull her up to me stopping her grinding on his thigh and kissed her. Looking into her eyes I could see she was OK, "She was" now she looked a little puzzled and angry as to why I had done that? So I kept her up near me thinking she would say something but to my saving grace, I believe what I did put her pussy directly over his face and he did not hesitate to dive in. I did not do it on purpose, but when her eyes got suddenly bigger she realized why I had pulled her up and started kissing her and that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

She looked around and saw he had his face bared in her pussy! She closed her eyes and I started kissing her again and pushing her back onto him. a few minutes later I felt her moving around as she opened her eyes, I hoped she had just had an orgasm? He was getting up now and came around and sat next to me on the couch. She smiled at him and me as she began moving from one to the other sucking cock and stroking the other. I am thinking that I need to go behind her and fill her love tunnel before he tries to. When she moved her head to his cock I begin to move away she opens her eyes and watched me move around her before closing her eyes to give his cock her full attention.

I smiled at Stan as I began to push into her and was rewarded with J moving her legs for me. He started to try and kiss her, but she would not do that with him, she refused to be removed from his dick. She now had a rhythm allowing my thrust to drive her mouth down on and back off from his dick freeing her hands so she could rub her boobs. J placed her hands on his thighs to steady herself and looked around at me as if to say something but only gave me a look as she turned back to Stan and kissed him a lot while holding his cock in her hands.

I saw her eyes and the look was there. She was in that zone and I knew I needed to fuck her now and hard so I increased my rhythm A little at a time. She pushed back at me, back and forth Her head went up and then down, up and down each time on his dick again I remember thinking "So spitroast is the theme tonight then?"

J was now licking his head which drove Stan wild throwing his head back as she looked back at me and smiled "See what you started?" then turned back to him. They began kissing and she held his dick stroking it now. I was ready and she knew it and pushed against me as I let loose with my load. I fell back butt on heels. I was now looking at her butt I put my head on it and looked at them kissing as she had his dick in her hand she was completely lost in him, enjoying everything, I could see J was not slowing down so I went to the window and looked out seeing no one near us, I rested at the window breathing in the fresh air after a while I went to the light by the couch and turned it on before getting close to them again.

I was watching in amazement. She looked at me for a long time then she reach for me and pulled me in for some kisses. She had his dick in one hand and kissed me. I still could not believe this was happening. We were kissing and she had his dick in her hand. My head was not far from his dick. J was frenching me a lot! Slow and deep, I could taste Stan. Then she slows down and opened her eyes looking into my eyes for what seemed like a minute or two. I thought she wanted to say something, "What is it?"

"I want him"

I did not get what she meant. So I just shook my head slowly up and down to signal yes. She smiled and put her arms around me and began to kiss me again, she also reach down and began to massage my dick.

So now we are on our knees kissing, and he was setting on the couch looking down at us. I felt him reach for her, taking her from me as she pulled away from me and slowly turned to him. She started kissing him and fondling his dick without resistance indicating that she was his, she wanted it that way. J stood up and pulled him up to her. She started to kiss him as he grabbed her butt cheeks. I thought about getting in there but knew better. She moved with him near the window to the chair he had been in at the start. J is in control now. She moved him to the chair and sat down pulling him to her and began licking the head of his dick. After a while, she started bobbing her head on his dick. He was having trouble standing still, all he could do was hold her head. I then went over and began rubbing her back and watching my wife. I felt that she did not know I was there now. She was total concentration on him and went on and on and on, they didn't want this to come to an end. She sat up and leaned back allowing him to tit fuck her with licks on his head each time his dick came up to her. After a while, he got down on his knees and they locked eyes as he maneuvered his dick into her. She put her hand out and I took it kneeling next to her as he worked himself into her and bottomed out she let out an audible moan, closed her eyes, and began kissing me.

"Holly shit! I need to be ok with this and fast!" J was OK with it! J rolled her head away from me and back to him. He is between her legs enjoying her, J was now kissing him they held onto each other for the ride. Facing each other her on the edge of the chair, him on his knees it seemed to be a little awkward for both of them but he was making it work. From a kneeling position next to her in the chair, I could see him pumping in and out of her and hear her moans. Her tits were right there for his pleasure as he slip out and J put him back, she is into this and I am into this more than expected kneeling at her side watching a stranger yesterday take complete control of my wife, not just control but right now she is devoted to him and that more than anything made me scared and hard!!

So I am hard again but I have nowhere to put it, so I start working on it myself right next to them. I see he fell out again. J reached down but he stopped her. Stan stood her up and turned her around in the chair. She is standing over the chair with her hands on the top of the back butt toward him. Stan leaned her over so her hands are now on the seat cushion and puts his dick in from behind. They start again, Bam Bam Bam, her body bouncing as she fucks back against him. I always love to watch her tits sway so I went behind the chair to look into her eyes as this guy was giving her an extraordinary evening. J opened her eyes just as I got in front of her! I think I smiled at her because she blew me a kiss before dropping her head back down! He finally shoved it into her and held it in her while he unloaded, After a few minutes he pulled out and laid his cock on her butt then he leaned forward and laid on her causing her to collapse to her knees with her head on the seat cushion.

"Is that what you wanted all along?"

"You bet but please don't say we are done,"

"Take your time because I'm not done either."

I looked at them with a confused look on my face, J smiled, I think I smiled at him. she said to get ready for some more fun!
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