Susan and I were married 3 months and had settled into a blissful relationship, we had just moved into our new house, not a big house but plenty of room, two bedrooms upstairs and a spare bedroom downstairs that Susan said I could make into my mancave.

I am David, Susan and I, are both 23, we met 3 years ago and fell madly in love. We both love sex. Since we got married Susan has enjoyed sex much more, she is constantly horny and will initiate sex often. Susan also has an extra large clit walking or running will make her want sex, she is outgoing, funny and I suppose a little dominant.

Susan is beautiful, tall, and has a great figure, she has a Brazilian bubble butt that I love to tease her about. She dresses well in a sexy businesswoman style and loves to wear lingerie around the house in the evenings.

Getting back to our house... well, I thought about my man room and choose to get a pool table which was top of my bucket list, also as it was big enough to take one, and room for a little man bar counter and a mini fridge. Susan said as long as I was happy. So I picked up a second-hand pool table that fitted perfectly in the room with enough room around it to play comfortably.

We had many friends and soon the lads were calling to play pool, Susan was not good at pool but would make snacks and chat with the lad's girlfriends or wives, so we were all happy.

One morning we were heading off to work, Susan was ahead of me, when I came from the house she was chatting to a tall dark-skinned man, as I approached she turned and introduced the man as one of our neighbors, he introduced himself as Jason and we shook hands, he had moved here about the same time as ourselves, he was looking about mid-thirties, but dwarfed Susan he was at least 12 years older than us in his mid thirty’s but very good looking and mature Susan looked small standing next to him.

Since we were heading to work we excused ourselves, saying "We must get together some evening." He understood as he too was going to his office. So yes we would get together. "Do you play pool?"

"Yes, I love to play as a pastime,"

"Good, you must come over I have a table,"

I saw him a few days later and stopped to invite him over that evening for a game of pool, I told Susan, she was happy, that I was making friends in the neighborhood.

When Jason arrived he had a suitcase of beer, we had a few beers as we played. Susan made snacks, Jason was a reasonably good player and we were pretty evenly matched, it was an enjoyable night. Susan came in to watch. "Would you like to play?"

"No, I am not good at pool,"

"Maybe you need a good teacher?" I explained that I had tried to teach her but gave up. I suggested that he could try but not me, no way. Susan said I make her nervous, and that she can’t relax with me teaching her.

Ok, Susan the next night I come over I will show you how to play, and if I don’t succeed to teach you how to hit the ball, then I will be like David and give up. We all were laughing and I said fine we will see how long Jason takes to get you to hit a ball. We all agreed tomorrow evening they would start.

We retired to bed, Susan asked Did I enjoy having Jason come over? I told her yes as it was midweek and my mates only came sometimes at weekends so it was nice to have someone to play with midweek. She said she was happy for me and she thought he was a very nice man.

It turned out he had lived somewhere else with his girlfriend. They were going to move here when she got very sick and died. He was over it now and was trying to make a new life here. We both felt sorry for him, and Susan said he is welcome here anytime. He moved here 6 months ago. He was only renting the home next door and it was quite expensive.

Jason was taller than us both and 10 years older. On reflection, he was quite A good figure of a man, he worked out at a local gym and was very good-looking.

The following evening Jason came over and we played pool for an hour or so, we had a few beers. Susan sat in the front room with a bottle of wine. I called Susan for her first lesson with Jason, she was a bit reluctant but came for her lesson. She kind of shocked me when she told me to leave the room. She said she could not learn anything with me watching her, I agreed and so did Jason. I gave them both a drink before I went to watch TV.

I was watching a program on TV I like, at the break. I thought I would sneak outside and as it was dark I could see into the pool room without them knowing. On arrival I see her with a pool cue lining up to take a shot, she hit it very well and it almost went down. I heard Jason say, very good now get In position again. He put the balls back where they were, she bent down to take the shot and then he came close behind her and bent down in the same position almost touching her, they were close together, he was towering over her she looked small against his size, he put his hand on her waist and his other hand on her hand holding the cue, it looked sexy, I heard him say relax your body, look at the ball and let’s move together and push the cue straight at the white ball driving it forward to hit the black ball, can you see the line, I told you about?

The contrast between the color of their skin was obvious, he appeared Bigger and darker next to her. So then something started happening that I could not understand until days later, just watching my wife with Jason in that position I started to swell up and got an erection! I got an unbelievable hard-on quickly, "What the hell! What brought that on?" I kept looking and all I could see was a black man almost on top of my wife, as I looked I noticed his thigh touching her ass, she must have been aware of it and did nothing. I said to myself she won’t be taking any lessons again. Oh was I wrong?

I put my hand on my bulge and could not understand why I was so hard? I slipped back inside and watched the rest of the program all the time feeling very excited! When the hour was up I went and knocked on the door. Jason said, OK come in, I asked how the lesson went? They both said, fine. Well, Jason, are you going to give up is she a lost cause? No, they both said together. I learned a lot David, Jason is going to teach me, I look at Susan, her eyes were glazed and watery like when she is sexually excited, What the hell the lesson made her aroused?

"So you want another lesson, Susan?"

"Yes, David, Jason recon’s about a week of lessons and I will be able to beat you, so are you OK with that?"

"Yes, Susan, but no way will you beat me!"

"We will see about that." She turned to Jason, "Thank you for such a lovely lesson, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening for lesson #2. Now, boys, you can play a few games, and then it will be bedtime.

I found it strange to comprehend why I had gotten so sexy and the same thing happened to Susan. Jason and I played a few games and he retired back to his house. We are not long married and another older guy is making her feel aroused.

I went to the front room to join Susan. She was In a joyous mood the full bottle of wine was now empty, she grabbed me and kissed my lips off saying take me to bed, I want you, her hands going to my cock which was hard instantly. We went to bed and we had great sex, she was very excited and she was very horny, "Fuck me, hard darling!"

I was thinking of Jason almost on top of her and touching her and I did, I drove into her so hard, she screamed a massive orgasm that went on and on into a rolling multi orgasm. I came at the same time! We both collapsed. "I see you enjoyed your lessons with Jason?"

"Oh, yes darling thank you." We fell asleep...

The next evening Jason came and we played a few games for about an hour Susan was upstairs when Jason asked me to get her, please and I will see you in an hour. "Yes Jason," I was going out when I suddenly realized what Jason had said and how I replied, on reflection, he was been dominant and I replied in a submissive tone without thinking?! "Susan," she was upstairs and called out Coming in reply... I told her Jason wanted her, she came down looking beautiful she had on tight white shorts a belly top, and slippers she looked so sexy, a little sluttish, and she was fully made up. As she passed me, I could smell the overwhelming scent of perfume. "You look gorgeous!"

"Thank you, Jason told me to dress like this as it was in keeping with a pool image,"

"Well yes, I suppose so? It does look like a bar, or pool room outfit.

"He promised me when I was good enough to beat you he would take me out to a pool bar as a reward."

"Oh, I look forward to that."

"No darling, not us, just me, he is going to take me out. Now David go watch TV while I spend an hour with My teacher, and don’t disturb us until the hour is up."

"OK, you know there is a lock on the door you can lock the door if you like, it is not going to bother me."

This angered her, "OK David, I will!" and she did. Heading for the TV I suddenly thought that the two of them were trying to dictate to me?!

She was now in the pool room, I ran around to the back of the house to look in, she had just come in Jason's look was open mouth in amazement! "Well, is this the bar look you wanted?"

"Turn around," she did, "Hold it right there like that, now bend down a little like you are taking a shot." (The white shorts cut into her ass cheeks.) "Turn back, OK beautiful you have beautiful breasts but in the bars, you have to show them better, you need a better bra, you need plenty of lift."

He walked behind her, told her to look down, and lifted the shoulder straps of her bra which lift her breasts up and out making them look bigger and more pronounced. "Do you see what I mean?"

Yes, tomorrow I will go after work and get a few new good bras."

"For now let’s adjust these a little he pulled the top off one shoulder and tightened up the strap lifting that breast, and then did the same with the other.

I was watching amazed at how he had taken control of Susan. He let her straps go and said you smell wonderful that’s a beautiful perfume, still standing behind her he put his face into her neck and took in the aroma, at the same time his hands were on her naked waist, "OK, time for your lesson, you have learned one lesson today. The way you dress will distract the opposite player. When I take you out to a pool bar I want you to look sexy, slutty, and single you have a beautiful body I want the pool players to be distracted by you. Susan, do you have any mini skirts?"


"Tomorrow night, I would like to see your outfit with the new bra and a mini skirt, the shortest one you have, please?"... "Susan, you locked the door why?"

"David suggested it so I could be more relaxed, I am always worried he is going to walk in."

"Well yes, it is a good idea, we can feel a lot more relaxed and private."

Looking in at them through the gap in the curtains I was rock-hard again, I could make out that her eyes were glazed already even from this distance. I went back into TV and had a job not to masturbate, it eventually went down.

At the next break, I went out again and peeked into the room, she was bending down to take a shot and it turned out to be a good one. She sank the ball, started jumping around, and jumped at him with excitement!

"Well done," He caught her by the waist and held her. My erection went rock hard instantly... "Susan, you are doing so well." He let go of her. He set up another two balls and she sank another ball.

He was behind her pressing against her and he was holding the cue with her again. He took away the white ball. "Slowly now get used to holding the cue move your hand up and down. Slide the cue through your fingers, and grip it gently." It looked like she was masturbating the cue. "You must treat the cue with love it’s going to make you a great player, make love to the cue."

"I could see he was hard, his bulge must have been against her ass and she accepted it. He put the white ball back and said now slide the cue gently through your hand and drive that ball home." She hit the ball down the hole and again she jumped up in the excitement and fell into his arms. "Your my girl, a great student, he held her close and she did nothing. He must have taken it as a sign and lifted her face to his and kissed her deeply, she kissed him back, his hands on her ass, "Sorry for kissing you, I could not help it."

"Back to the lesson, Susan, have you ever been with a black man?"


"You will enjoy it Susan it’s different, is that the first time you had been kissed by a black man?"

She looked down submissively, "Yes"

"Before we started, I want to ask you something?"

"What Jason?"

"I think David acts feminine, am I right? I mean does she cross-dress or wear your lingerie, I think she acts feminine?"

"no Jason, at least I don’t think so but he is submissive to me and I have often thought that he has feminine mannerisms."

"Susan maybe you should test her to see if he would like to wear lingerie, panties? I have a couple of married friends, she made her husband a sissy cuckold and they use to have great fun, as it turned out her husband loved lingerie."

"He was very like David, there is just something about him that I see as feminine?"

Ok, let’s get on with the lesson you have to beat her, then I will be taking my little slut out to a pool bar. Jason, you said beat her, oh Sorry I meant him, David. It’s just I see him as being feminine.

So the hour ended and I knocked on the door again, one second David... "OK, you can come in now, David."

"They were standing close together at the other side of the table when I walked in, she look so sexy, and judging by how much her eyes were glazed she must have been wet. "So how is it going guys?"

"Great Jason"

"Jason, Susan said you were taking her out to a pool bar when she beats me?"

"Yes, I am, you don’t mind do you, David?"

"No of course not, good I knew you would be happy for her to go out on a date with me. I hope you will help Susan to dress nicely for our date?"

"I have been teaching her how to dress already for that night, as you can see."

"Yes, indeed Jason that is the pool bar girly image. She is nearly there, she has to distract the opposing player, it is an old trick.

So Jason said he had to go now as he had to get an early night but would be back for another lesson tomorrow, he was looking forward to it. He turned to Susan "Practice what we talked about, promise?"


Susan took me straight upstairs and said "Strip!!!" then when I was naked she commanded "Strip me now!" I took off her top and bra, her nipples full were sticking out. I took off her shorts, leaving her panties on, she was so wet she was dripping through her panties, She pushed me onto the bed.

"You love my girly panties, don’t you?"

I thought about what he had said to her before going home and thought I would play along. "Yes, Susan they are nice and silky and so delicate and pretty."

"That’s nice David," She jumped off the bed and came back with a pair of silky pink panties and slipped them up my legs,

"Lift your bottom." I did as she asked and she pulled them all the ways up. Now you have your own panties you like them, darling, yes Susan but they are girl knickers? "They do feel so lovely and silky, and funny enough I did like them."

She laid down next to me and massaged my cock through my panties. "David they suit you well you have a lovely girly ass, I want to dress you in lingerie, like a girlfriend?"

"Are you serious?!"

"Yes, I know you will like it. Do you think you will like silky satin underclothes?"

"I guess so, Susan?"

"David get behind me leave your girl panties on slip your cock out the side and fuck me doggy style," she knelt up and pulled her panties off to let my cock slide into her, oh god David you look such a girl, you are so feminine? Do you like that David? Fuck me harder bitch!"

"You are so wet Susan."

"Yes and so horny, tonight when I was with Jason I noticed he has a huge cock I saw it press out his trousers, I think it’s true what they say about black men." I came then so hard and strong. "Talking about Jason made you come!? Now go down on me bitch and bring me to an orgasm with your mouth!... good girl David."

"She put panties on me and called me a good girl, what was happening with us? Was it Jason, if so why did it make me so excited? I'm not gay and I don’t think he is either. could it be that he is excited that my wife and I enjoyed it... must be? Should I stop it?"

"Leave your nice panties on, my baby girl, I think I am getting you some nice lingerie."

The next night Jason turned up and everything went as normal. We played pool for an hour and then like clockwork he told me to bring my wife to him, not Susan “My wife?" Again, I obeyed, I went to the front room, she was ready to go to him, "Jason wants you," I noticed her breasts look much bigger, no sagging, her nipples hard and showing through, she wore a short mini, Her long legs which were visible all the way up but not quite to her pussy the mini was so small.

"You look different, oh your breasts look bigger?"

"I got a new bra with more lift it makes them look bigger."

She was all made up and smelled beautiful, she had put on high heels making her look taller and showing her breasts off better. "Come on, he told me to bring you to him." We went to Jason.

"Thank you, David, now go watch TV for the hour of our lesson." OK, see you later guys as I walked out I heard him say you look, wonderful darling. ( I thought now he is calling her darling.) lock the door sexy girl we need our privacy

I ran around to the window as she went up to him. "Susan, I can see you got the new bras, let me admire you." he walked up to her, standing behind her, he leaned in taking in her perfume's beautiful aroma. He placed his hands on her hips and turned her around to face him. "See how your breasts stand out now? I noticed your nipples are excited, you got the bras I suggested with holes for your big beautiful nipples to come through unobstructed."

He was standing close enough to her now that her ******* nipples in her new bra were just rubbing against his shirt. "Susan, they are such lovely excited nipples, see how they reach out to me, they seek to be touched." She was transfixed to the spot unable to respond. "Susan, are you excited to be dressed like that?"

"Yes, I feel sexy and women like that" He lifted her chin with the back of his hand so they looked into each other's eyes. "Susan when you go to the pool bar with me you will be my date you will be single for the evening, that means no wedding ring... I think it excites her you are going on a date with me Susan?" He kissed her softly, "We will be a couple and we must show affection for each other like a couple which means we will have to kiss and hold hands, hug ETC.

"Yes, Jason."

"You will wear a micro mini skirt, you will go shopping again. He kissed her again as his hands caressed her ass, you like that don’t you?"

"Jason stop, we shouldn’t, I am married."

"It’s ok beautiful babe... we have to practice kissing as we will on our date? So who is going to own you when we are out on our date Susan?"

"You will Jason,"

"You want to be my slut, don’t you?"

"Yes, Jason." She kissed him as his hands went under her mini onto her panties. They stopped kissing, (I was so excited.) "time for lessons."

"I went back before I came and tried to calm down, I was jealous and sexually excited! I knew I wanted to see this go on every night. I wanted to watch her progression toward total submission to his dominance. It was exciting to have this older black man control my wife!"

"I found something very exciting about myself. I like to wear panties, and being referred to as effeminate, and girly, why did none of this ever surface when I was dating?"

At the next break, I went back to the window, they were just inside when I arrived. He sat on the side of the pool table. He pulled her in between his legs, her breasts were against him, and he closed his legs around her. "Tell me about last night?"

"I did as you told me, I put him in panties, he loved them! It was quite a surprise?! Jason how did you see that in him, I never realized he had a liking for lingerie, he was happy to wear them."

"Did you get intimate with her?"

"We made love with the panties on him but it was very quick for him."

"Yes, Susan that’s because he was so excited with the silky satin panties."

"No, it was because I started talking about your cuck."

"Susan, did you think of me when she was fucking you as I told you to do?"

"I think I answered that with the last question?"

Did you buy him his own panties yet and the long nightie I told you to get?"

"Yes, Jason they are on his pillow waiting for him when we go to bed this evening.

"So at bedtime now, tell her to go to bed and get into the clothes on his pillow, and when you go up if she is in her nightie and French Knickers, she has accepted being a sissy and fem and you are in control. You will then have a beautiful sissyfied submissive husband or should I say, girlfriend."

"LOL, you think him wearing panties or a nightie for me, his wife means that he has accepted being fem and that I am in control?... LOL. I was and am dominant in control before we meet."

"Susan, I suggest you masturbate her from now on no intercourse until I tell you, do you understand me?"

"LOL, I will fuck my cuck when I want!... I am starting to think you are showing a lot of interest in my cuck and not me... would you like to tell me something?"

"No intercourse for a while will help you to see if he is feminine, to make her into a woman."

"You think cutting a male off from sex will make him feminine, into a woman?"

"Susan do as I say, I own you now, do you want me to stay or will I stop coming to visit and leave you with your sissy husband?"

"Oh, No please stay and come to teach me, Jason."

"Then do as I tell you,"

"Ok, Jason do you know what sarcasm is?

Susan, you are my married girlfriend now kiss me, she moved her mouth to his and kissed him. She stopped "Do you like your girls with or without?"

She was very excited! She kissed him hard their tongues in each other's mouths, his hands on her little bubble ass pulling her tight against his hard cock. She pressed tight to him, her hands pulling his head to her, whispering something in his ear.

"He owned her, he has her, I needed to stop this but I want to see more. I was so hard at seeing another man touch my wife. This black man was almost making love to my wife and it just made me rock hard, why!!!

His hand went to her pussy. "Girl, you are so wet for me you want me, tell me now my bitch say it."

"Yes, Jason... but David he is my cuck, Jason, I am married."

"Yes, you are, to a white small cock sissy boy. You need a man lovin you, now kiss me. She kissed him hard, his fingers must have gone inside her, knowing how horny she gets, she was jerking against his fingers and moaned

"OH, fuck, fuckkkkk" he stood off the table and lifted her onto the edge of the table, pulling her panties down. Her pussy was open and wet. I still did not believe he was going to fuck her, he slide her out a bit on the pool table's edge. She put her legs around his waist, holding onto him.

She moaned, "Oh Jasonnnnn, oh fuckkk me!"

He kissed her hard and her arms went around his neck as they kissed hard, I could see his hands pull his cock from his pants. A black cock with large veins was huge twice my size with a mushroom head. Christ he was going to fuck her no please don’t please that’s my wife. I was now taking my rock-hard cock out,

"Susan I am now going to fuck you.... once you take black cock you know you will never go back to a sissy white little cock. So be prepared to be my bitch! I will own your white married pussy, it will be mine, you want it inside you don’t you Susan?"

"Oh fuckkkkk yes Yes, Jason."

I could see his cock go for her wet open pussy. "I thought, he will never get that monster into her!" I watched his mushroom head slide in past her pussy lips, it pushed the hole open wide for what was following. I was in a trance watching my wife's pussy devour his huge cock! "Slut hold me tight with your legs."

He pulled her off the pool table and she sank the rest of the way down onto his cock, it was beautiful! I could hear her moan. “OH fuck, fuckkkk Jason no we shouldn’t, OH fuck so good... so fucking big... Jason!"

"Yes, babe you have a beautiful young, tight pussy... cum babe, cum for your master!” This set her off, I saw her hold him tight as she rode his cock while she had what appeared to be a massive orgasm?!

"Good girl, that’s it you needed a good fucking from a black cock."

“Oh, fuck Jason so good, oh fuck!“ she was still cumming....fuckkkkk me, oh fuckkkk!!!"

"Susan, you were use to a small white cock now you are blacked. You will only want my big cock, black cock filling your pussy, you're mine now."

She started to bounce up and down on his cock. It Looked like he was 10 or 11", how the hell did it fit in her? Her legs were around his waist and her arms were around his neck she was tied to him, he held her up with his cock. Her head went back in passion as she was pulling him to her hard! She lifted her pussy up and down riding him, I was watching her face and the pleasure was unbelievable, she was in another world, he bounced her up and down on his big black cock, her mouth wide open to get as much air as she could, Jason oh god, so big! "OH, fuckkk, fuckkkk cumminnngggg!!!"

"Who the fuck owns your pussy Susan.... oh you do Jason oh fuck Jason so good... Yes, babe, you will want black cock only now."

"OH, god so good so big yes Jason. I need your black cock baby, I love it!!

He bounced her harder "Cum again for Master babe, cum bitch!" then she exploded hard on his cock again, and she had another multi orgasm. "Do you wanna make a baby or are you on the pill?"

"I am on the pill, Fuck me hard, fuck me!"

"OK, we will sort that out soon. It's coming, I'm going to fill you like your husband never could! It’s going straight to your egg hold on and ride me as you have never ridden before, I am your new stallion!" They came together, she sucked his mouth as her pussy sucked his cock dry.

"Do you feel it filling you?" She jerked in orgasm hard.

"Breed me black Jason."

"I Intend to babe, I am going to breed you soon."

He sat her back on the table, "I must go to the bathroom, you got me so wet!

"Yes, let’s not wet the table. when I heard that I ran to the TV, I got there just in time as Jason came in, hi David I have time for a few games if you like?

I asked as we played "How did it go, is she getting better?"

"Yes, she can put the ball in the hole now, she loves it, here she is now." She was in her dressing gown.

"You changed?"

"Yes, I needed to use the loo, so I had a quick shower."

"Susan, I was just telling David how much you love getting the ball in the hole."

"OH, yes, I am good at it now David I love it... especially the black one."

We played a few more games as Susan watched, then she said "Bedtime, David you go to bed while I see Jason out, put on the new nightwear I bought for you today as a present it is on your pillow."

Jason said, "You are such an obedient husband."

"Yes, I am training her well, as I told you she is my cuck and she loves it, she loves me, don’t you?"

"Yes, Susan."

She had called me “her” in front of him and she said I was hers and it excited me. I headed for the stairs as she walked with Jason to the front door, at the top of the stairs I stopped as I could just see them at the door.

He kissed her and opened her gown as she kissed him back. I heard him ask her "Will she (“meaning me”) go to bed now?"

"She will, yes."

"You will call her, she from now on?"

His hands were at her pussy when I saw the gown fall to the ground, "Be careful"

"It’s OK, she will go to bed now in her nice new nightie. He sucked her nipples and said I want you bitch."

"I know Jason, I want you too, so much."

He took out his cock through his pants and turned her around telling her to bend over she did and he slipped his cock into her pussy. "OH, Jason, David might come."

"No, he won’t babe." He was fully in her now holding her hips and pulling her onto his cock. He had stretched her much easier than the last time at the pool table.

"Jason, breed me, fill my cunt."

"I will, you have a new husband now a black one, who owns you!"

"You do Jason. So big so long, fuckkk, OH, fuck me. Yes, fuckkkk me." he was holding her hips as he drove into her hard. "Harder Jason, fuck me harder!" pulling her back onto his cock.

"Cumming now Susan bitch take it deep, your new husband is going to breed you!" I saw him go deep and hold inside her as he unloaded into her. She was vibrating from another orgasm, as he filled her pussy driving deep into her womb. "Bitch turn around and clean your new husband's black cock."

"Yes, Master," She knelt and took his cock into her mouth and cleaned him. She rose with her gown he kissed her good night. She put her gown on and headed for the stairs.

I ran into our room and undressed fast! I was excited to see the new nightwear but I needed to get changed and into bed fast! I put on the French Knickers and the nightie, oh god they were beautiful and the French Knickers were way bigger than panties. I got into bed as Susan came in.

"Did you put on your nightie and your knickers?"

"Yes Susan, ... I like this playtime, Susan."

"It’s not playtime David, this is the new you, as my cuck, my sissy cuck! You are such a good sissy cuck, did you like your present?"

"Yes, Susan,"

"Good, I will buy you more soon." She went to the bathroom, and when she came out she had on a nightie and knickers, no intercourse tonight.

She slipped into bed and cuddled up to me. Her hand went to my cock. "Do you like your new knickers and nightie,"

"Yes, I love them but I'm a man, not a man girl."

"It's Sissy cuckold and we will discuss that later. She continued caressing my cock, I want a big cum from you in a moment sissy but wait until I get a towel, we don’t want you coming on your new lingerie."

She went to the bathroom and brought back a towel, "Susan, can we fuck?"

"No darling, you're my cuck, my sissy, I decide when we fuck and when we are like girls and use toys, our hands, and mouth. "You are not very hard tonight did you masturbate while you watched TV?"

"I lied, No Susan."

"I was thinking about Jason he is doing well teaching me, I like him a lot and I think he likes me. I have a confession, I did so well I got excited and I jumped on him and kissed him, he kissed me back and he touched me on my ass."

"I will tell him off!"

David, you are my sissy cuck you do not "tell him off"... you do not tell anyone off! You are feminine or I, we are making you feminine that is what all this is about! So no don’t say anything!!"

"David, I got excited, it was nice, I wanted more, I like him a lot."

I was so hard now my cock was throbbing. "See, David I see you like the idea of me kissing Jason. You are rock hard and throbbing? This David is what I expect from my cuck."

"Well, it sounds exciting you kissing a black man, so yes it turns me on, I can’t help it."

"I can understand it, David, we are only just married and I let another man kiss me and caress my ass, and I loved it. and so do you Lisa, my sissy."

"Lisa, would you like it if he kissed me again?"

"Yes, Susan I would like to hear about it. Do you want him to?"

"Yes, Lisa, I would not love you any less as my cuck but I would love the excitement of him touching me!"

"God, Lisa are we crazy or what? Do we need this excitement?"

"Lisa, I think you will be a great fem, sissy, I want to call you Lisa in the house, in private, it is a good sissy name?"

"Susan are you serious,"

"I think you will love it, Lisa, please trust me when you are farther along in your training as my sissy and cuck, make me happy darling? let’s play girls like now dressed in our nighties and you are Lisa?"

"Well OK, Susan I love you so much so if you want but only in the house."

Lisa, there will come a time in your training as my sissy, cuckold that you will respond to Lisa like you do David. You will wear panties, knickers, skirts, dresses, lingerie, ETC, without thinking about it, I will teach you to walk in heels when you come to me and ask me and you will because soon you will realize what I am doing is bringing out your nature, the true you and you love me and will love me more when you understand these things, tomorrow I will buy you 12 new panties and I think I will get you suspenders and stockings, you are going to love them!"

"Susan, you are making me a girl?"

"No, you are a sissy, an effeminate boy, you are submissive and like submitting to me, my dominant nature. You like, no love that a black man is pursuing me and that I want him, it makes you hard. You ARE girly, my making you my sissy is only me bring your true nature out that has been hidden and denied by male privado."

OK, let’s look after this little clitty now, you are nice and hard now Lisa all that must have gotten to you, look?!"

I laid back and relaxed as she kissed me and massaged my cock with the towel around it. I was rock hard and I knew after what I saw tonight in the room and the front door I would cum quickly.

I knew what she had planned for me I should be fighting against but I want it! The question is do I want it because she does and I love her or is it my true nature... does the answer matter?

"Lisa, I like Jason a lot he is the first black man I ever kissed, it made me so wet and sexy, I want to kiss him again, I want to touch him, I want to feel his black cock. Lisa, he made me so wet and then when suddenly he said he wants me in our bed, just think babe in this bed he wants to be with me here! I thought he was joking! Babe, I know you like me to be happy don’t you Lisa?"

"Yes Susan, I do." I moaned oh my god agggghhhh Sussss I’m cummmmmm, and then I exploded hard.

"Yes, yes Lisa! Cum babe, cum for your Mistress! that’s it you would like me to sleep with him then? Say it my sissy bitch?!"

OK, Yes Susan... I want him to do all kinds of things to you and then for you to tell me all about it, like this with a towel over and over!!! I was still cumin hard, she was in complete control and was still pulling me hard milking all I had out of me! She said she loves me so much for letting Jason sleep with her in our marriage bed.

When I finished, I felt completely drained. "Lisa I am going to make you such a lovely sissy girl and cuckold. Your Mistress is very happy with your lovely cum Lisa, it is your best ever! You sleep now Lisa and dream of me and Jason in bed playing."

The next morning I was getting dressed and went to get boxers but there were none only a pair of panties. "Lisa, after our girl talk last night and your enthusiastic response in supporting me and my happiness, our happiness I decided that you deserve to take a step in your sissy training. I threw out your boxers, and put those in there for you today. I told you last night that today I was going to go get you a dozen pairs of your own but I was so proud of my little cuck and his attitude toward the things that are going on I gave you a pair of my older panties so you could have the joy of starting a day earlier."

"Susan you said only in private, only at home?"

No, Lisa, I said I would only refer to you as Lisa in private and at home. You will be wearing Panties all the time, from now on, even under your suit for work, no one is going to know and you will start to set when you pee even at work. This part of your sissy girl training Lisa you only have panties. Wear the pink ones today no one will ever see them. Ok, Susan. Tonight I will have new panties for you and I will put your suspenders and stockings on you to see how they look?

I was home at the same time as Susan and she went to our bedroom, I went also to have a shower after work. When I came into the bedroom Susan was sitting on the bed and called me over. I was a little excited from the shower and she caught my cock and pulled me closer, then she sucked me and I got rock hard and started moaning.

"That’s my good girl Lisa, I love you so much my sissy, follow me, she walked to the spare bedroom as I followed naked, there was a suspender belt on the bed with other lingerie, "Now Lisa please your Mistress and say nothing until I am finished." she put the suspenders and stockings on me and clipped them into place, then she sucked me some more. "Now sit down here, Lisa you have beautiful legs. How do you like the stockings, how do they feel?"

My cock was really hard and she sucked it some more. I can see from your reaction that you like the stockings and how they feel, Luckily you have very little hair on your legs Lisa so I have made you an appointment tomorrow with my laser hair removal salon for your first treatment.

I noticed my nightie and French knickers were on the pillow of this bed in the spare room. It did not take long for me to figure out that she had moved my stuff to my new room to prepare the Master bedroom and bed for Jason.

"Lisa, did you always feel feminine?"

"Well, yes Susan I did not know what to do and just left it hidden inside."

"Lisa, you poor girl, we are going to change all that from now on you are a girl in this house, you are my sissy and you will dress and be treated like a girl. I got you a nice pill today at the chemist to help stop hair growing on you, it’s just a hormone inhibitor pill and will help to make you happy to be a girl. I know you will like it once they take effect and you see the changes start." The bottle of pills was next to the bed with water she popped 2 in my mouth and said two every day for the first week and 1 a night thereafter I swallowed them down with water.

"Now stand up and let’s get you dressed for your first evening as a girl." I stood in front of the mirror "Lisa you look so good, now stand there." She came from what is now her room, with a skirt. "Lisa step in," She pulled it up and zipped it up... "Lisa that is beautiful! Now this little bra." She put two false silicone breasts in the bra and put me in a lovely satin see-through top. The outfit made me look so effeminate!? "Do you like the outfit, Lisa?

"Yes, Susan."

She kissed me and said I love you, my sissy girlfriend."

"David this room is yours now. We will keep all your fem clothes in here, did you notice, I did it up in pink colors and satin sheets, so you can sleep in here, whenever you want, it’s your sissy, girly room."

She went and dressed quickly in a belly top and a micro mini skirt panties and heels. Now let’s go downstairs and feel like two women we can have our dinner as two girls. "It will be great to have a sissy girlfriend to help with the housework, we will discuss what our best likes are, I will still do the cooking and you can do things like the laundry but you must wash our lingerie by hand, you will learn quickly, Lisa."

I was looking at my young wife of 23 and thinking about last night when she sat on Jason’s cock. She looked so beautiful as he filled her and how she is now owned by him. Then it struck me, I had forgotten about Jason! "Susan is Jason coming tonight?"

"Yes Lisa, he phoned me at work to say he would be over, he told me how much he enjoyed kissing me last night, I told him it was nice and you did not mind him kissing me."

I got up to get a drink and my hard cock was bulging in my panties and skirt. "Lisa your clit is hard thinking about Jason kissing me. Come here Lisa stand next to me." I did, I am sorry until we get this under control I will have to take better care where and when we talk about Jason and me." She put her hand up under my mini and caught my clit, you like being sexy Lisa?


"Yes, what?"

"Yes, Mistress,"

"That’s better now Lisa hand me your dinner and put your hand down on my pussy," I touched her panties and she was wet and soft and her pussy was open. "See Lisa thinking of Jason makes me wet also. So we are so excited about him aren’t we Lisa?"

"Yes Mistress," Jason told me he still wants to take me to our bed, he is so funny as he said he was now my boyfriend, Lisa. I like him a lot, I told him I would see if he could be my boyfriend, can he?" I came right then she still had my cock in her hand as I moaned she stopped pumping me and did her best to distribute my cum over my dinner before setting it back on the table. "Good girl... now sit down and finish your dinner Sissy girlfriend."

We finished and washed up and then Susan came from upstairs with a full three-quarter length beautiful pink satin dressing gown. Now, Lisa, this is for you to wear in the evenings when we are relaxing in our undies after dinner. go upstairs and change and come watch TV while I am in the pool room with Jason."

I had not heard the front door open and now Jason was standing in the front room, saying good evening all. "OH, god Jason?! I did not hear you knock?"

"Lisa, it’s my fault I told Jason as we were such close friends now just come in do not bother to knock." Jason looked at me in my skirt and top holding the pink satin dressing gown. "Jason let me explain," she stood next to me. "Jason let me introduce you to Lisa, my sissy girlfriend!"

"Lisa pleased to meet you." he came and shook my hand. Embarrassed I said, "I better go change."

Yes, girl, you do, but you do not need to be embarrassed Jason knows you are my sissy cuck I told him on the phone today, and at lunch afterward, all about the changes going on here at the house and that he must respect us if he wants to continue to be our friend... I forgot to tell you we had lunch today!!"

Came down from my sissy room in the even gown and sat down on the sofa in shock, I was so embarrassed, that I could not even turn on the TV, I just sat there for most of the hour-long lesson. I knew I would not be able to look at Jason when they came out of the pool room.

When it got close to the time for the lesson to end I put on the TV and hoped that they would pass by paying me no mind as Jason left for the evening and I would get away without further embarrassment.

When they did emerge it was more than an hour. They came to the TV room standing side by side his hand was around her waist holding her against him. "Lisa, Jason is so happy for you to have accepted that you are my sissy cuck and that we will be dressing in the evenings around the house. Jason Said, yes Lisa, you look so beautiful!

"Lisa Stand up please, I did not move and she said, "Lisa now stand up please I don’t want to say it again!"

She was so dominant, I never heard her speak like that before, and I stood up, "Yes Mistress?" They both smiled.

"Good girl, now come stand here Lisa," I went close to them, she reached and opened my dressing gown and pushed it off my shoulders so I was *******. "Jason see how much a beautiful girl she is in her lingerie?

"Lisa you look so beautiful, you are going to be such a beautiful sissy girl for your Mistress." Jason was looking at me and I was starting to panic when Susan said, "Lisa is so much a sissy girl."

"Well, yes but it’s this bulge from her clitty that spoils the look." I agree but as I said today she is taking pills that in time will deal with that to some extent and we can get special panties called gaffs that are made for those poor transgender women specifically to hide it... but you are right I must look into that asap we need to get those sent to us asap if possible tomorrow?"

Jason came up to me and put his arms around me and pulled me against him, I could not resist him, I did nothing I said nothing, "Lisa, I love you as much as I love my girlfriend Susan. Susan talks about you all the time while playing pool, how proud she is of your progress and acceptance of your new life, you have no idea how happy you have made her! You both mean so much to me." his hands went to my ass and he caressed my ass and I felt his strength and liked it. He touched my hard clitty and then looked at Susan saying she has a beautiful ass so feminine.

He stood back and Susan said let’s sit and have a glass of wine, I closed my dressing gown and went with her to the kitchen to get glasses and wine.

"Why, did you have to bring him to meet me tonight?"

"What's wrong?"

"I was not ready for this my first night dressing with you around the house. Did it occur to you that I may get comfortable with myself before you ******* me to your boyfriend?"

Silence as we got together the wine and glasses and then before we left the kitchen. "Lisa, I am sorry, you are right, I should have considered and asked Jason to go home and save the introduction for another day... I was insensitive to your needs as my sissy girlfriend... if you would like to go upstairs to your sissy room I will make an excuse to Jason that you were tired from a long day and decided to retire early?"

No, I think if I retired to my room for the night it would only make next time harder. You go set with him and I will pull the cork and bring the wine and glasses in a minute, but would not make this a long evening, an hour or so please Mistress?"

She sat with Jason on the sofa quite close together her little mini showing most of her panties, I came back with the wine and they were kissing passionately. They knew I was there and did not stop, his hand on her inner thigh close to her panties, they stopped kissing and I heard her say “I love you too” and then they picked up their glass of wine. They were like a couple she was snuggled into him fooling around and playing like lovers. "Jason, my husband sorry, my sissy girlfriend said you could be my boyfriend!"

Thank you, Lisa, I will be a good boyfriend.

After the third glass of wine, watching them kissing and touching I was rock hard, there was not going to be any pool tonight it was getting late and they were having fun.

Susan noticed I was rock hard. "Lisa, I think it’s getting late so you should go to bed. I will be up soon to tuck you in and get a towel I will help you to relax so you can have a good night's sleep.

Yes, Mistress." I got up and exited the room as fast as I could happy to be out of there. Arriving in my room I changed into my nighty and knickers when Susan came in, her mini and top were gone. She was in just panties now. I want to show you. She walked to the drawers and open them showing me all my lingerie in them panties, slips, suspenders, and spare stockings, as well as my other things like socks, and a drawer full of my slacks and in the wardrobe was all my trousers suits and some mini skirts also I noticed some dresses, I was stunned. Then she came and kissed me and I found I had a huge hard erection tenting my nightie. "Susan, why are all my clothes in here?"

"Because it’s where you will be sleeping from now on darling it’s easier to have your clothes in your bedroom, this is your girly room and I will be in the marital bedroom with Jason from now on. We had a long discussion today when we met for lunch then we went shopping for your lovely clothes. Jason bought you most of the stuff here."

"Mistress, I want to sleep with you, you are my wife?"

"Now Lisa, you are my cuckold, my sissy girlfriend we will have sex when I say so and in the manner, I say so, you are MY sissy cuckold remember that but I need an Alpha man like Jason in my bed for Passion and breeding."

"You see Jason is only renting next door, as we will be lovers it makes more sense if he lived here with us and contributed to this household instead of the other house. So he will live in my room with me as we will be lovers he will breed me! Lisa are you happy for me? I did not answer, she said sternly Lisa I am waiting... are you happy for me?

"Yes Susan"

"Good girl, she takes my cock in her hand with some lotion and begins working me as she talks. "I also found a finishing school that specializes in sissy and cuck training. Your month-long vacation from work will be spent there. The two of us will go and interview. explain the living arrangements, and what your duties are, we will go over everything with them and they will work with you to refine the training you are getting from me."

"The best part is they have special classes for sissies and cucks to be trained as or to be a nanny, so when Jason breeds me and we have a baby you can be the nanny, we will put a crib in that corner that has nothing and you will share with me as girlfriends take care of our baby, feedings, diaper changes all of it... Lisa that excites you?! The idea of me having a black baby?! Lwherehow hard you got all of a sudden! It excites me too, Lisa it will be wonderful to be pregnant with Jason's baby and have a beautiful girlfriend to help me through the pregnancy!"

"Lisa were is the towel that I told you to have ready?"

"Here Mistress."

"Good girl"

Now darling I have invited Jason to stay the night and he has accepted. So as my boyfriend he will share my bed with me." I came instantly "WOW, Lisa that is another good one that may be more than the last time we were intimate?"

Take your pills and to bed with you, Lisa. We will talk more about this tomorrow." I did as she commanded, I got into bed and she sat on the bed. "Lisa, you are my sissy girlfriend and cuckold. So since I am Jason's now that means by proxy you are Jason's sissy girlfriend, but you will always be my sissy cuck first, how do you feel about that?

"I am not sure Mistress?" I asked if she was saying that someday down the road when things are more stable I may end up as his girlfriend also? She did not answer she reached under the quilt and touched my cock.

"Lisa I just took care of this and now you are so hard! She went and grabbed the towel. Returning she kissed me hard as her hand took hold of my cock. She started pulling my cock beautifully. "Now Lisa, think of his lovely big cock going into my pussy as it will in just a little while, it will be tight for him as I have never had a cock his size." (She did last night)

"When he is living here with us you will see us expressing affection as you and I do. I am concerned about your self-control. You seem to be quickly aroused when we talk about Jason and I being together?" I was getting very excited she pulled me faster, telling me "I know you want me to fuck him in our wedding bed, you want him to sleep with me and fuck me your reaction shows that. Soon I will stop the pill... and take his cum and make a baby as we talked about, now tell me?"

"Ohhhhhh fuckkkk Susan!" I exploded and shot ropes of cum all over my tummy where Susan had put the towel!"

"Lisa, such a good sissy, that’s it cum baby cum, yes cum that is lovely! Jason will do that in my pussy for me later." As the last of my cum came shooting out she kissed me tenderly. "Lisa, you do want me to stop taking the pill don’t you, my sissy girlfriend?"... "Agh yes, Susan yes!"... just as I shoot the last rope of cum... "Good girl, now sleep well sweetheart, you stay in your room, bed now for the night."

She put two fingers in my cum on the towel and feed me before I could protest! "Now babe this is your first taste of cum!... lick my fingers clean." I did and tasted my salty cum, now darling as a girly boy you will get used to swallowing cum and licking cum into your mouth just like a woman. It is a great feeling to take cum into your body, women crave it and Jason has said he would be willing to provide you will a regular supply so you can adjust, so it will become normal for you as it is for a woman, isn't that nice of him?" I licked her fingers, good girl. I love you, only you, my sissy Girlfriend, I don’t love Jason, I desire him and long to breed with him as any woman would with a strong alpha male, but you are still my husband."

"Lisa, Jason and you have the weekend off so you can help him move his stuff over tomorrow, it’s going to be so much fun darling having my boyfriend living with us. He told me he has a good friend that is gay and he thinks you will get on so well with him so he is going to invite him over for dinner some night soon and you can cook us all a lovely romantic dinner, Oh and he is black too."

"NO, Susan I am not gay! I do not want a boyfriend!! I am submissive and I fell in love with a Dominant woman and gave that submission to you. Our relationship has led us to you making me your cuck. As a submissive, I like the idea of you fucking men and having a boyfriend, as my arousal to it shows each time we talk about such things."

"The idea of one living with us I am working on, I did not expect this at least not this soon. I thought you would be dating men, going out, and coming home with great stories to tell to make cum on the towel or while I hump a pillow for you and we could have our intimacy in that way and others?"

"I never really thought you would make me your sissy, I could see us "playing dress up", the idea of wearing a skirt and stockings or cutoffs and heels for you as your submissive is a turn on and something I was looking forward to. Where you have gone with this is way more than I expected. I have to say, I am enjoying the freedom that I feel in panties and stockings and like how I looked in the skirt and top that I wore at dinner tonight and I am looking forward to my laser and wearing shorts and skirt for you but I am not gay!!

"Lisa, what is it that you do want, then?"

"I wanted to be my wife's cuck and sissy. I wanted to see her dating men and us having our time together. Our mistress, submissive relationship has not really gone anywhere and you are having someone move in and now want to tell me I am gay? As a cuck, your cuck we barely have an understanding of our role in our marriage. You have not taken me to any playhouses to experiment and you have not made me your bitch and fucked your boy, cowgirl, or amazon, you have not used the restraints we purchased and ***** your sissy boy into submission to your dominance? I think we should have been going to playhouses and getting more involved in the community here so we BOTH could learn!"

"Here you are with me telling me about having your BF move in and how you want to breed with him and claiming that you have not even had him yet which is such a lie!"

"How do you know that?"

"I am not stupid, I was watching outside the window each time you had a "lesson."

"If you want me to have a relationship outside ours, I want another dominant female, to do all the things I just spoke of you doing with me and to me but will not because you are obsessed with Jason, perhaps a black female? I find our relationship, and my submission to you enjoyable, and exciting and I had hoped rewarding. Now despite Jason and our lack of knowledge and experience. I think that if anything another dominant female would bring me more of the same joy I feel with you and maybe beyond as I will make sure she is experienced... I am tired now, I came twice and this has gotten me emotional go to be with your boyfriend "for the first time!" and ask him if he has a friend like that for me?!!
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