It was about 1 AM Sunday when the tall slender black woman my husband had been talking with at the club for several hours asked him if he could give her a ride home?

As he had spent a couple of hours watching the "society men" dance with me, make out with me, and grope me while putting my hands on their cocks, A couple of them had fingered me to orgasm while I danced with them and about an hour ago one had taken my panties. he figured this was going to go on for a while as the club does not lock its doors for another hour and that is when the real action started, he agreed to the ride. He came onto the dance floor to tell me that he would be right back, but all he saw was me walking away with two black studs, and one of them had his hand up under my dress, caressing my naked butt.

I knew the woman she was a Domme and a friend of the bartender who had arranged this for my sweet, loving, and supportive husband at my request. My cucked husband was going to get a treat here in Vegas, something special, I was almost jealous! It felt SO good to see him on his way to a night and now I was here to enjoy mine.

This club is on the Westside (the black side of town) only the women and men single and married into the interracial lifestyle and cuckold lifestyle knew of this place that what happened here after closing time was only rumors around town and you had to know whom to speak to in the local community to find the establishments location.

So at closing time, I can have my fun with the other women in the club, Latin and white women here, and about twenty or so black men! To be clear the club was not actually closing no bar in Vegas closes just at 2 AM by law they lock the door and you have to use a buzzer to get in. The bartender has cameras to see what is going on in the parking lot and who is at the door buzzing to get in.

The bartender here could also broadcast the images from the parking lot on the big screen TVs around the club and did so at this point as my husband was now on his knees in the parking lot kissing Mistress Susan's boots! A riding crop came out of one of the boots into Mistress's hand and he was punished for an unknown displeasure to his Mistress! Inside the club we were all watching this on the big screens, the music had stopped and no one was talking as we watched my wonderful and loving cuckold husband begin a night of debauchery that he had earned many times over, Vegas what happens here stays here!!!

We all returned to dancing and partying as the pool tables were cleared and set up for us. Those men continued to tease me and the other women mercilessly until last call, then we women got together at a large booth to disgust our history and experiences and to encourage those with the jitters to not depart as we watched the men working together to prepare the club for after hours, the pool tables (3) where cleared and set up with cushions, handcuffs and other toys along with many bottles of lube.

Suddenly a man's voice came over the sound system. "Doors are locked! Undress those bitches, and let's party!" I looked around and noticed that there were five other women, two Hispanic, an oriental woman, and two more white girls all unescorted, the tables would be full tonight.

This is where the night got fun according to the rumors that had brought us here. What happened now is the ladies are escorted to the pool table stripped and displayed two to a table. The women were not put on the pool tables at the top and bottom but on the long sides one from the left and one from the right so they could look to their left and see the women they shared their table with.

If there was a Latin or white boy here they were escorted out unless they had brought one of the women, then he was allowed to set at the back of the room and watch. If there were black females still in the club they could take any women from the pool table or any of these boys and use the large tables at the booths to play with them.

The men moving toward us at our booth had big smiles and were visibly excited! One of the men said, "We've been waiting all night for this!" A couple of the men I had been dancing and having fun with the last few hours were waiting for me and pulled me to them as they kissed me from all sides and their hands were all over me removing my clothing before I realized it, I was naked. Looking over I saw one of the Latin women on the other side of my table, she would be my companion on this night, it was so beautiful to see the big smile on her face as the men stripped her, there were hands all over her also and I hoped that I had such a lovely, heavenly smile of delight on my face as I saw in my Latin Sister as they laid us down on the tables!

Here on the table, it was easy to understand why the women were placed on the pool table in the manner we were. looking at my Latin companion it was clear that we were close enough to hold hands and we could see each other, look into each other's eyes and offer emotional support as the extreme sexual activities to come in a setting like this can become very emotional for women and sometimes overwhelming. For me having this beautiful Latin woman to share my table with will make this night all the more special.

As the interracial cuckold lifestyle has grown and expanded to include women and cucks from other races we women embarrassed our sisters of all nationality into the lifestyle and felt the empowerment of the women in the community as a whole knowing that all like-minded women could now openly fulfilling their destinies!

The largest of the men who had collected our purses and phones brought my phone to me and answered it as I lay on the table now covered in oils with hands all over my body bringing arousal to me and said, "TOM?" It was Mistress Susan's voice coming over the phone.

"Dear your boy is here with me he is not in a position to talk or much of anything else at the moment!"... "I have been telling him of what activities were happening at the club now, what you were up to as he suffered so beautifully at my hands! I would like for you to confirm for me what I have told him?"

The large black man replied on my behalf, TOM, We're experimenting here!" With that, he pulled down his pants and flopped out his semi-hard 9+ inch cock, and laid it across the top of my thigh. "We're gonna see how much black cock your fine ass wife can take, you okay with that?!"

There was some talking on the phone I could not make out and then Mistress Susan came on "I think from the excruciating rise to his member which is in chastity causing so much sweet pain as a gift to his new Mistress that I had to stick a gag in his mouth to be heard that he is fine with your experiment and wishes you all well!" The line went dead.
I felt myself dripping now and the smell of sex was pungent within the club as sweat was on everybody despite the A/C being on. the sounds of the women giving all they had and the men conversing as they rotated through in their use of the women moving from one table to the next. a pinch of a nipple here, a slap in the face there, a hard black cock inserted in a vacant mouth, sucking on a nipple to heighten the experience for the woman being used showed that the men in the club that night were experienced to say the lease at using and abusing the women now displayed before them.

The large man with my phone, his sudden aggressiveness on the phone, his cock laying across my thigh dripping pre cum that was running down my leg told me that my first ****** for the night would be him! I could feel his balls and cock move off my thigh as I licked my lips in anticipation of where they would go next.

As I stared at the big man now towering over me like a giant. a stream of my wetness escaped and ran down my thigh between my legs, I reached down and gathered some of my juices and wrapped my hand around this giant of a man's cock, it felt like it was getting harder as I pumped his already hard member spreading my juices over him. A pair of hands were massaging my breast with some force and a pinch on my erect nipples made my anticipation of the giant's cock unbearable! The man above my head with his own lovely black cock in my face and my chest in his hands could see my impatience for the large man's attention, laughing he kissed me and squeezed my nipples making me moan and orgasm providing more lubrication for the giant.

"He likes to torment women before taking them but I have not found a woman that complained at the end of the night so wait it is worth it I promise."

I looked up at the giant now between my legs. He looked into my eyes seeing my pain and desire for his attention he smiled and inserted his middle finger into my love canal it felt like my husband's cock it was so large. I came, no sprayed on his finger and hand making the two men using me belly laugh so loud it echoed through the club!

I felt a hand on my left forearm looking to my left I saw it was the beautiful Latin woman with whom I was sharing my table she was in full-service mode one large black cock looked to be at least 10" was hammering away at her while a second black stud was shooting a load he could not hold back any longer all over her breast and tummy. I adjusted my arm and held her forearm as her head was turned away from me and a third stud was using her mouth in a fit of lust that showed he had lost all control.

I looked down between my leg as my Giant removed his finger from my pussy with a POP thinking I was going to get it now as he had noticed me watching my table mate and us holding each other at the forearm but he motioned for the man at my head with my now well-used breasts in his hands to come around and have a good. As they exchanged places I heard the man in my table mate's mouth say "OH, GOD" I looked over just in time to see him pumping his load down her throat with his left hand holding her head, pulling her head into his crotch so she could not pull away, it was a thing of beauty seeing her not lose a drop of her reward being feed to her and then the 10" guy between her legs seeing his magnificent site moaned and let go it was amazing my lovely Latin table mate was being filled from both ends simultaneously!!!

Turning my head to the right my Giant was there I opened my mouth hoping he and his friend now deep inside my pussy and working me hard would spitroast me like the Latin beauty next to me? As my Giant inserted his massive cock into my mouth

"Does anything not turn you on?"

The man between my legs was no slough. I did not see him before he penetrated my pussy but he had to be 9" and a lovely diameter of a quarter of that. with my Giant in my mouth, I came quickly and immediately felt another orgasm building quickly and asked the man inside of me to go harder and faster he complied and within five minutes we orgasmed together my orgasm was so hard my body went into spasm, my Giant had to hold me to the table so I did not fall off! The spasm brought on by my orgasm was so intense the wonderful black man between my legs could not pull out or move as my body was milking every ounce of black seed from him to the point that he was tender and sore when he was finally able to extract himself a few minutes later!

I felt a squeeze from the Latin beauty next to me on my forearm as we had both maintained our grip on each other without realizing it. I turned my head to the left as my Giant returned to his rightful place between my legs to see two different men using her unabated. she smiled at me and mouthed the word "fabulous baby" before turning her head away from me as her eyes rolled back in her head and her hands reached out for the second man's enormous cock!

My Giant was now my man I had decided that way back with the phone call and I was angry with my new Owner as he worked himself into me I rolled my hips to assist the bastard in sliding his now fully erect 12"+ torpedo shaped cock into me.

"You Bastard! I have been yours since Mistress Susan called! You could have had me all to yourself, do anything with me you wanted, in my mind you're my owner, my Daddy, My Giant, I want to be your white bitch, plaything, and property, and you're just now getting around to fucking me at 4:30 AM?!"

"Bitch I saw the look in your eyes when I laid my cock on your thigh while talking to your husband on the phone. I knew then that you were mine and I have been doing with you exactly what I wanted!!!"

Now in the pre-dawn hours, I was about to get a lesson in power and domination as I had angered my Daddy in thinking what I wanted meant anything to him!

My Giant began to work my pussy without concern for me moving at an ever increasing rate and squeezing my already tender breast with such force I yelled out and sobbed.

"Hands under your ass plaything!"

His force and rhythm increased until I found it hard to beath and had two orgasms in the first 5 minutes of what would turn out to be a 34 minute slaughter of my vagina by a King Kong of black gods, a true Giant. My Giant! He was pounding on me so hard I lost track of anything around me, my brain went into survival mode and went to pleasant places in my mind as the pain and pleasure mixed to the point of insanity and still he continued a machine in a man suit!

I opened my eyes it had to be 20 minutes into my lesson wondering how much more of this, how much longer could he keep up this pace and force only to see him at what appeared to anyone looking on to be a relaxed pace, so relaxed her was drinking a bottled water someone had brought him WITHOUT BREAKING HIS RHYTHM!!! I noticed men were standing around those that had ejaculated in or on one of the other girls and were taking a break to get hard again had gathered around to watch the white bitch understand who mattered. Each one was hard as a rock from the demonstration by my Daddy but most were so taken by the display many had not noticed, while others were breaking off to break another one off in one of the girls!

His pace was maddening still going I was crying and had lost track of how many orgasms I had, the cream pie on my Giant's cock must have been a sight to behold, all around me I heard the other girls still going, giving all they had and then I felt my owner tighten up and begin to breath heavy preparing to fill me with his seed to mark me forever as his property. When he came I swear to you I could taste it, that is how powerful it was! My Owner stayed inside me for several minutes making sure I had received all he had for me and then pulled out, turned his back to me, and walked away.

"Take her, boys"

I was not angry or disappointed as he walked away without looking back as he gave me to the men. I understood him, he was testing me right here, right now after my lesson would I think what I wanted mattered or would I do as my owner wanted and submit to his desire to see me service these other men?

It was now about 5:15 AM the doors would remain locked until 10 AM this being Sunday morning there were still 4 more hours before we had to clean up and get the place presentable for the reopening. During these hours all the men that I had danced with and fondled so long ago yesterday evening had their turn with me each saying in turn "WOW, you two need to move here!"

The cooks and waitresses were coming in the back door watching the festivities as they got the kitchen ready to open for the post-church rush to sin for some and to have breakfast at the club for others as it was known for great food.

When the house lights came up the fucking stopped and food was set on a table for us and drinks we all ate and arranged tables, and chairs to present a normal bar environment. We girls rotated through the ladies to clean ourselves and dress in some way from the clothes we had left. I think, I left with my shoes and top but someone else's skirt that did not match? In the end, we all got something to wear.

During the night I had noticed that the men that were on a recovery break were watching the big screen TVs, in my fog I assumed they were watching interracial porn to help with their recovery but as we filed out the back door at around 9:40 AM my Latin beauty makeup and clothes disheveled as much as any of the rest of us girls told me what was on the big screens was us, the bartender had turned on the internal camera's and filmed everything from multiple angles!

We all said our goodbyes and went our own way except my Giant who drove me back to my hotel ( my now lost in the city cuckold had our car) on the way I restated my desire to be his property, I offered to divorce and come to Vegas to be his? As he pulled up to my hotel.

"When your husband arrives and you two have talked about your evenings and if you still want me to own you, to submit to me call me."

My cuck did not show up at the hotel until 1 PM Monday more than 24 hours after I had arrived back at the hotel. He was tired and sore he dropped to his knees and laid his head on my lap setting on the couch and started to fall asleep without saying anything. I got him up and to the bed, before he **********, undressing him I saw the marks, the bruises on his feet, the back of his thighs, his ass there was not a spot not red, his back was no better. His wrist and ankles had bruises from his restraints and he had on a lovely red cage with a silver heart shaped lock and a tag affixed "A gift for a special boy!" this made me smile I was so proud of my cuck husband he is such a good man and loves the lifestyle as much as I do, maybe more?

Going through his clothes later as he slept taking inventory I found his wallet and money, all the credit cards, his phone, and in his jacket pocket was a note from Mistress Susan "You two need to move here!!"
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